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  1. iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper) says

    I’m about 85% through the book and I have to tell you I like it. It is an easy and entertaining read and Brandi shows guts for owning up to her issues and how she emotionally handled the whole affair and divorce. She gets major props from me for that. She also quite candidly tells what a shit (my words) Eddie was about the whole thing. What does shine through is how much Brandi loves her kids, how she adored Eddie and the family she had, how devastated she was by Eddie’s betrayal, how much she resented LeAnn’s use of money to buy her kids love and how much she resented that Eddie not only left her but left her in a lurch with nothing and no way to support herself or her kids, a real schmuck for sure. Beyond the salacious tell all I think there is a deeper story. It is the story of a woman who had her world tossed upside down, how she coped (booze, anger and depression) and how she crawled her way out of the hole and came back stronger. It relates to more than just woman and gays and goes beyond the loss of your marriage due to cheating. Frankly you can apply it to any major life loss or failure to realize your dream and how you initially handle the disappointment and then what you learn and how you evolve to something far better..

    For those that think this book is a tool that will hurt her kids, frankly Eddie and LeAnn’s actions in my opinion go much further in doing damage to those kids than Brandi with this book. When the boys are old enough to do a google search on the sordid affair, what they will find is their Dad and LeAnn making out in a restaurant while Eddie was still married to LeAnn. If what Brandi says is true (and I tend to believe her) that she did not talk negatively about Eddie to the boys during this process, it will makes Eddies actions of failing to own up to his responsibilities as a parent and the way he handled his “family” to chase a piece of rich tail to be his sugar momma….well the boys will draw their own conclusions about the character of the players….and I think Brandi will come out smelling like a rose.

    I give the book a 5 star rating and this is the first housewife book I have ever purchased or read. Well I did sit and read Taylor Armstrong’s book in the coffee shop of my local bookstore because I refused to give her a single penny for her BS. And I did read Bethenny Frankel’s novel Skinnydipping from my Library and that was a good book and I will read the sequel (sort of a loose autobiography of Frankel).

    • sandybo says

      I read it on my Kindle in just a few hours. I think it is only about 150 pages so it is a nice easy read. :Like you, iamarealitytvlover(@babstheshopper), I enjoyed the book. I love how brutally honest and direct she is and also quite humble. She puts on no pretensions or bullshit and tells it like it is. I already liked her before I read the book but now I also have admiration for her journey of finding herself again. Like many of us women who have *been there*, the first realizzation of going through a divorce is that you have totally lost “youi.” Her story is one of courage and determination to find herself once again and take care of her two boys. How she found out who her true friends were which were a handful and not near as many as she thought she had. She doesn’t even talk about the tv show except towards the end of her story. I enjoyed every page and I recommend it and give it five stars!

      • Meri says

        I enjoyed the book and find Brandi to be honest and very real. Adrienne, LeAnn and Eddie have done her and her children a great disservice and should be ashamed of themselves. I hope that lots of people buy the book so that Brandi becomes more financially secure.

    • diggitydawn says

      I downloaded it on my Kindle the day it came out – the 1st HWs-anything I’ve ever purchased. I agree with all 3 of you (iamarealitytvlover, sandbo & meri) it’s a 5 star rating! As I’ve said in other forums, although my heart broke for her, I laughed out loud throughout the whole book. She has a way with words, to say the least. I’m gonna purchase the actual book from Amazon & have it sent to my sister as a gift. I know she’s gonna love it as much as I do.

  2. newjerzeyboy says

    I have no interest in reading Brandi’s book, but I wouldn’t read any of the books from any of the Housewives. I hope she makes a nice buck off of this book, but I think you have to be nuts to buy any of the products from these ladies. I do want to read Andy Cohen’s “Most Talkative”, but I am waiting for it to become available at my local library. I’m not giving him any money either.

    • Melissa says

      We’re nuts for buying the products of their that we like, but your not for watching their shows reading blogs and posting about them. #whatever

    • Ms Urethra Franklin says

      Though I love Andy C, I have not bought or read Andy’s book either. Every time I’m in a Dollar store I troll to see if is there.

    • sandybo says

      I may be a little crazy but nuts? No. I am not on here name calling people that don’t want to read or buy her book. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion on a comment site and that’s what it is here for. And to answer Tamaras question(s) that she posts on her blog. So why do people think that entitles them to be an asshole and call people names or degrade or put them down on here? It isn’t just you jerzeyboy there are a couple on here one in particular I would like to punch in the throat she is such a bitch. I lash back when it’s a direct hit and sometimes even when it is directed toward others in such a mean and hateful way I feel compelled to defend the person being attacked. Even if I don’t agree with the person being attacked. It’s the principle of the mean comment. Why do some people feel so compelled to step on others and get nasty when someone thinks differently then they do?

  3. GirlySkwerly (@girlyskwerly) says

    I’m about 30 -40% in and while her story is interesting it is told in such a disjointed way I almost dislike it. There is no timeline and nothing is linear. Very stream of consciousness. Which is what they could have been going for (her ghostwriter and herself) but I don’t like it.

  4. Puravidacostarica says

    About the fees — it is not just the fees to respond to Adrienne’s lawyer’s letter. It is also fees to advise her on how to respond to questions raised during her book tour, etc. And frankly, for those not having the misfortune of being in a legal dispute, $10,000 is chicken feed when billing rates are $300 to $700 per hour.

  5. cherrylipgloss says

    I would’ve done the “pro se” thingy that you suggested too.
    I’m waiting for Brandi to write an honest ot gosh tell all of all the behind the scenes dirt on Bravo….that’s the one I’m reading….

  6. Gwen says

    What is this “pro se” you speak of? Do you just ignore the C&D, or do you respond that you are unwilling to comply? You would think that Ken & Lisa would have advised her. Not that they’re attorneys, but they would know how bogus the whole thing is.

    Brandy needs to learn to STFU. I read today that on one of the shows she said that the thought of Stewart’s son and Adrienne made her “throw up in her mouth”. I don’t dislike her, I just wish she’d tone it down, she’s said enough. More than enough.

  7. Melissa says

    Love the book. It’s sole purpose is not to trash anyone. It is an inspirational story about overcoming a horrible thing when it happens to you. I highly recommend it it is very empowering.

  8. lilmissdiva says

    Adrienne trying to get Brandi fired is a good reason for Brandi to go after Adrienne’s lies, but when did Adrienne try to get Brandi fired? Was it before or after the reunion?

      • lilmissdiva says

        Thanks Vp.

        So Brandi started this mess by throwing Adrienne under the bus at the reunion and Adrienne retaliated by trying to get her fired. Guess it work out for Brandi as she seems to be a fan favorite and Adrienne looks like a fool.

        • Ms Urethra Franklin says

          Yeah it is believed that Adrienne was leaking all those negative stories about Brandi last summer to Radar Online.
          I remember a story about Brandi getting caught have sex in Kyle’s bathroom during her annual White Party. And some negative stories that she was a slutty, drunk, drug using bad mom…I do believe that Adrienne would leak such stories to ROL…..

        • Victoria says

          I think it was more like Brandi would not go along with Adrienne at the reunion and go after Lisa. So Adrienne doing what she does started the smear campaign as a retaliatory move. Like I’ll teach u a lesson…similar to what she did with her ex husband.

  9. Meems says

    It was after the reunion. I remember an interview with Kyle and Adrienne right after the reunion, they were being interviewed on a red carpet, and when they were were asked if they were returning for the third season of RHOBH one of them said (Kyle or Adrienne) “It depends who is returning.”

  10. digal704 says

    As much as Brandi blabs, I’m pretty sure shes already blurted everything that’s in the book. Even if she hasn’t, naw I ain’t buying sh*t she sells. I don’t care for poor pitiful “real and unfiltered ” Brandi. As much as I don’t care for the Kardashians, I would purchase their swag before Brandi’s. Word.

    • Aretha says

      I agree. What’s makes Brandi any different from any other woman that has been cheated on. She put all her eggs in Eddie’s basket and wasnt being an independent woman. She lied to get on RHOBH by saying her and Cedric were best friends and now RHOBH was all she had. She is using this feud with Brandi and Leann to make her relevant. She may complain about Leann and Eddie but she uses them to try to stay in the limelight. She needs to be an example for her kids and get a real job and go back to school or something. Relying on reality TV is not smart.

      • Karma Grant says

        She lied about Cedric when and to who? Backstory is Adrienne got her on so are you saying Adrienne brought her on because she knew Cedric and that it’d cause problems for Lisa? And how do YOU know this info anyway?

        Also, LeAnn and Brandi are using each other to stay in the limelight. Please, if you think it’s a one way street, you need to open your eyes.

        • lilmissdiva says

          When Brandi was first introduced she claimed that she and Cedric were friends for years and modeled with him in the past (hence the reason why Lisa was cautious of Brandi initially). Plus there were all sorts of rumors on several blogs about Cedric babysitting Brandi’s kids. Cedric later said that he met Brandi through the show’s producers and any ties to Brandi were all a storyline. Knowing how bravo operates (manufacturing plots and leaking info), I believe him.

          Personally I wouldn’t say Brandi “lied” about knowing Cedric. She just went along with the story.

        • sandybo says

          I never heard anything about her lying that she knew Cedric. Not that I know everything but when yoiu post something like that please tell where and when you got the info. Otherwise that could just be an assumption on your part.

        • Jarlath says

          I do recall Brandi claiming to be Cedric’s friend. And she was introduced as a friend of Adrienne.

          However, with regards to the lawyer costs, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brandi were misleading viewers just to add to the ‘storyline’.

          • Karma Grant says

            Claiming to be his friend and claiming to be his bestie are two different things which is why I asked when and to who she lied/said that to.

            Lawyer costs add up fast as those who’ve attested to have stated. I wouldn’t know, I avoid the need for those kinds of services.

      • digal704 says

        When it comes to Brandi people dang near lose their minds! Plenty of women have been through and are going through the same situation. Difference is they don’t have this huge media platform. She was singing this same song before she got on RHOBH and apparently until the end of time. Closure, is not in her vocabulary. The kids should definitely be the only priority in this. They aren’t. It doesn’t matter who did what to who, it’s about getting pass it and raising your kids. I hold Brandi more responsible because she is the mother. She does not want LeAnn being a bonus mom, cool. However, be the bigger damn person and quit talking sh*t about your ex and his new wife. So what if LeAnn is starting it, rise above it and don’t accept the bait. I am so sick of this situation.

  11. Alex says

    NeNe co hosted Anderson live with Rosie O Donnell. Anderson show also is over this spring due to having the lowest talk show ratings ever. He brings in a new co host everyday. Didn’t know that was a “big deal” lmaoooo

    • shirley says

      brandis book os 5 star read, ya just a bunch of haters….what she went threw is painful if she wants to vent let her..she trying to make money and recover…so mucho fu*=/=== negativity…gez

  12. sweetnessnbubba says

    I had always wondered why Leann acted so crazy pants and on page 25 of my nook version I figured out why.. just going to paraphrase here… Brandi said Hypothetically, when you want to get revenge, you tape your soon to be ex admitting in a phone conversation that the two of you had sex just a few days before, even though he now lives with the mistress, that the soon to be ex also admits on the tape that he doesnt find the mistress attractive and would dump her if you will come back to him…. Then you send that tape to the mistress…hypothetically…

    Now that rings of a Brandi thing to do, and everything else kind of falls into place. Leann really wanted Eddie, and Leann knows that Eddie at least wants Brandi physically, so she begins to do everything she can to “look” like Brandi. gets really skinny, gets a boob job, wears the same clothes.. etc… and living all the time knowing that no matter what the guy told you to stay in your house, that he would dump you in a red hot second if a better deal came along? It must really eat her up and make her incredibly insecure..

  13. RobynD323 (@robynd323) says

    I pre-ordered Brandi’s book and it d/l on my Kindle Fire. I read it in one evening. It’s a very sad story. Her ex husband is a real peace of work. And it appears there’s not much bashing of Leann Rimes, which I had previously expected. I went to Amazon & gave her 5 Stars and a decent review. I wanted to support her as much as I could. Since Eddie left her with nothing with 2 innocent children to raise alone. The book was decent, but not much in the way of ‘juicy” details in which I was hungry for. Maybe reality TV has desensitized me? ya think? Over all Brandi’s book made me laugh & cry. I don’t believe Brandi needs to keep this constant battle up with Rimes. It takes 2 to tango and while Eddie did leave eventually, for Rimes, it’s because Brandi gave him no choice. Brandi is much better off. I don’t fully blame Rimes for being the home wrecker that Brandi harps she is. Maybe I don’t have all of the facts of what Leann did. But from what little I do know, Rimes isn’t whole heartily the blame. Mainly that blame goes to Eddie for ruining his family not Rimes. It’s not my marriage & I lack the ability to even put myself in poor Brandi’s shoes. The book was good for a quick read of where Brandi’s at in her life today! I’m wishing her well..and Eddie (hell) lol

    • sandybo says

      I just read something extremely fun and interesting. Actually it was more of a picture story showing how LeAnne has morphed into Brandi. She even got her boob job done from the same doctor who did Brandi’s after having two kids, and LeAnne didn’t stop there, she asked for the doctor to give her the exact boobs Brandi got! That really is bizarre. Anyway it show tweets and there are dates of when Brandi bought shoes or a dress even a scarf and a week or a month later LeAnne bought exactly the same ones! She is mentally ill. It must be difficult knowing your husband is more physically attracted to his ex than to her. She is obviously insecure. I mean I can’t even imagine wanting to be around a man who said he found his exx more attractive physically then myself. ICK! Anyway the only thing this blogger blogs about is LeAnne and it is funny too. It’s called Wewe Drama. I don’t think I am allowed am I to post her whole web address on here? I need to email Tamara and ask I guess. Anyway the pictures in order from 2010 right before and the beginning of when LeAnn first met Eddie and up until a while after they got married is pretty telling. Kinda made my skin crawl.

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