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How To Get Away With Murder: I’d Recognize That Dick Anywhere

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I have a confession to make. I ventured out in the world yesterday and it was tiresome. I haven’t had much recapping mojo lately. So last night I made the very conscious decision to cheat on you. I watched HTGAWM without you. I didn’t recap. I didn’t even make mental notes of clever things to say. I sucked down copious amount of wine, and just watched the show. As retribution for this indiscretion, I’ll do a post that is not the usual recap and just share the thoughts I can remember with you today. Ready?

Connor is a versatile little man whore.

He’s a top! He’s a bottom! And apparently he’s great at tossing a salad! In this episode,  Connor um, went to the ATM to uh get to the bottom of this weeks procedural case. Connor knows no bounds when is comes to kissing ass. And Annalise repays him with the murder weapony statue this week.

Meanwhile, Oliver his innocent IT lover ain’t happy. When he finds out that Connor has tongued another, he dumps him. And yet, on the night of the murder, Connor go straight to Oliver. Connor has a full-blown meltdown and confesses to Oliver over and over that he “screwed up.” Clearly, he is talking about a different kind of screwing. But what does it mean? Why does Connor seem to be more freaked out by the murder than all the other little lawyer wannabes? Did Oliver take Connor back since his other lover killed himself right in front of him? Or is this the first time Oliver has seen him since the night his tongue wandered into another man’s nether regions? Continue reading

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How to Get Away With Murder: Smile or Got to Jail (Recap)

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We flash forward to Homecoming night right away. We learn some new information about the night Sam was murdered. It looks like Rebecca did the dirty deed. Wes comforts Rebecca. There is a shit ton of blood. Michaela is not handling things well. Connor is once again very angry at Michaela, seemingly for being such a wimp. She seems to be losing touch with reality. Who can blame her? There is a man losing an AMAZING large amount of blood on the floor next to her. She is crouched down clutching a bookshelf. The camera keeps doing a close up on her engagement ring. Wes is comforting Rebecca who is sitting in Annalise’s chair behind the desk. My first thought was that Annalise has developed a sexual relationship with Wes and convinced Wes to convince Rebecca to kill Annalise’s husband. She has promised to get her off. Because, How To Get Away With Murder.  Wes’ whole personality shift has occurred because Annalise has groomed him into her sexual minion. Just my initial response to all this. I really have nothing to back it up.

Flashback two months prior. Michaela is in bed in a torrid sex scene with her fiancé.  After sex he suggests quitting his job that paid for a very nice engagement rock to move to Philly and be trophy husband. Michaela says she is not interested in being married to a loser. Plus the nanny will take care of the kid. She only wants one, he wants more.  The fiancé walks Michaela to work because there is a murderer or two on the loose and he meets the other interns. Connor seems to know him very well.  He whispers to Michaela that he guesses they have more in common than he thought. Oh so Connor use to fuck Michaela’s fiancé when they were in boarding school together. That explains the animosity. Her finance is gay and using her as a beard. Although he did seem into the sex with Michaela so I guess he is bi. This is all news to Michaela.

Annalise is asked to take the case representing the athlete who is on trial for killing water tank girl. But before she takes the case she needs to know that Sam is not the real killer. Nate checks out Sam’s alibi, a speaking engagement out of town at Yale. He never showed up. He claimed to have food poisoning. This caused him to lose his job offer to teach at Yale. Continue reading


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How To Get Away With Murder Recap: It’s All Her Fault!


We start this week with a flashback to the murder scene. Michaela screams the line that becomes the title for the episode, “It’s all her fault!” Previously, I think most of us supposed that she was referring to Annalise, but now, after watching the episode once, it’s most likely she is talking about Rebecca.  How the hell did Rebecca get four (maybe five, we still have no idea what Asher was doing on the night of the murder) law students to hide the dead body of their law professors husband? What the hell goes on between September and December. I am dying to know.

Flashback to two and a half months earlier. Annalise is very suspicious of Sam. She knows Sam is lying to her about something to do with the dead chick in the water tank.

In the classroom, Anna talks about how to know if someone is lying.  She uses Asher as an example of someone who might have a skeleton in his closet. Interesting, no? She says to the class, “Ask yourselves, do you know who anyone really is? Your instincts better be good, or you’ll find yourself choosing the wrong people to make a study group with, to sleep with, or even marry.” Dun da dun dun… Continue reading


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Random Thoughts on the Scandal Premiere


Was the Gone Girl product placement because the movie is coming out? Or just a pop culture connection to Olivia being on an island and  a “gone girl’?

Did we really need to see the finger banging?

How did Olivia get her hair straightened between the island girl do and the car ride, which appeared to be from the airport?

Who leaves an island with expensive wine deliveries by boat with no one there but your horny finger banging boyfriend to go back for a funeral when you just decided to leave that life forever?

Someone who wants to fuck the POTUS again, that is who? WTF is wrong with Olivia or whatever her dumb name is now? Continue reading


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Viewing Primer For ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder (Episode One Spoilers)

HTGAWMOkay, here is my take on things so far. This may be useful down the road, or not. Your opinions may vary. Please share with me. And forgive me, I’m writing at 5 am because I went into the world yesterday and got hit by one of my narcolepsy things when I got home. I hope I am making sense.  I know this will be the water cooler talk for the day and I wanted to have something up.

Setting: Philadelphia, Middleton Law School, Courtrooms, Good Places to Dump Bodies.


Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) Keating is a law professor and practicing criminal defense attorney. Keatings opening line is “I don’t know what terrible things you’ve done in your life up to this point, but clearly your karma is out of balance to get assigned to my class.” There is an age-old rule given to new teachers, “Don’t smile until Christmas.” It’s generally thought to be a bad rule, but I say from about 7th grade on, it can be useful, if not a bit excessive. You don’t have to wait until Christmas, maybe just Halloween. The point is to be firm and in control until rules are set and behavioral expectations are being consistently met. Only then can you lighten up. I took Keating’s comment to be her version of that. Oh was I wrong. As it turns out, being assigned to her class can be life-altering, and making her short list of five interns can ruin your life.

Sam Keating (Tom Verica) Annalise’s husband who is a psychology professor. Sam is interviewing for a job a Yale.One of his female students  has gone missing and is found dead in a big water tank of some kind that is connected to a sorority house on the first episode. What the heck kind of water tank was that? It was huge and made no sense. It seems like Sam  could be connected to the dead girl, Lila Stangard’s, death. When the couple watch the news of Lila’s death on TV Annalise says, “I betcha the boyfriend did it.” It wasn’t said as a casual comment. The two stare at each other and Sam say, “I guess we’ll see.”   Continue reading


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ABC Thursday Night Lineup! Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, & How To Get Away With Murder!

Kerry Washington ScandalHey y’all. I ran a few errands in the world today and didn’t eat until late in the afternoon. As soon as I ate I fell asleep while trying to catch up on a few things online.  I’m not sure what exactly causes the narcoleptic fits but I’m sure it’s related to blood sugar or something I ate. Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to ABC’s primetime lineup tonight and it’s all recorded in case I doze off again.  I am certainly not alert enough to recap.

UPDATE: Random Thoughts on the Premiere Here!

Scandal with  all of that fast talking the cast does. If you see this in time you can catch some of my old Scandal recaps here to get caught up.

I just watched parts of the season finale and remember enough now to be ready for the premiere, Columbus Short’s character is gonna die Eli Pope is responsible for killing Fitz and Mellie’s son, though most people think it was Olivia’s mom, Olivia’s Mom is thought to be dead but Eli has her in the hole in the ground cell at B613, and Olivia and Jake have flown off to parts unknown, and Huck has just walked up to the front door where his long lost family lives. Continue reading


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