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Project Runway AllStars: Time to Sew Stiches and Cut Bitches!

pras3-promo-600x300It’s the season premiere of Project Runway AllStars. I suppose I will be for Michael Knight since he is a homeboy. I don’t remember if I like him or not. I think I do. I think it was Anthony from Atlanta that I wasn’t particularly fond of.  I don’t recognize a lot of the designers. I missed several seasons when the show moved off Bravo and on to Lifetime.

One designer was a man on their first show and is now a woman. Or a cross dresser. Hard to say. Either way she is a much prettier woman than she was a man. The bad thing about AllStars is there is no Tim Gunn. I actually like the judges better on AllStars though. I am not a big Zac Posen fan. Alyssa Milano is an interesting choice for hostess. Zanna Roberts Rassi from Marie Claire is playing the role of Tim Gunn this season. As if. Continue reading


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