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Andy Cohen’s Atlanta Book Tour Tea!

Andy Cohen at The Palm Atlanta

Andy Cohen was in Atlanta for two appearances yesterday to promote his new book. The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look At A Shallow Year.  And a Tamara Tattles Spy was sitting front and center taking copious notes! According to my spy, let’s call her “Queenie,” Andy looks a lot smaller and thinner and better looking in person. She said he was very nice to everyone and quite entertaining.

Queenie and I discussed questions before she went and she was hoping to get some tea who his most disappointing guest was. I told her it was Scott Baio. She decided to double-check. Queenie says, “I was seated in the third row so very close. I asked him who was his most disappointing interview and why. He said ” ugh.. I don’t know” he acted like he hadn’t been “disappointed” but I think he may just always put a positive spin on things. So I said “Scott Baio?” And he said ” yeah ya know I always really liked him. Then I ended up getting in a twitter war with his wife and …” This is the part where I point out I am always right.
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Andy Cohen Is In Atlanta Tomorrow! Here Is The Tea!


Ready or not Atlanta, Andy Cohen will be here tomorrow doing at least two SOLD OUT appearances promoting his book, The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look At A Shallow Year. I actually looked into the one on his website. It’s held and a Jewish Community Center as part of their two week Books by Jews! festival or whatever it is called. They have a statement online that basically says they will tolerate the occasional gentile if they really feel they must attend. But, TOO LATE! Because, sold out. I’m pretty sure that if any gentiles get in they will be marked with a giant “G” on their forehead in black sharpie at the door or something. Which reminds me of this one time when I went to Fraternity Row at UGA and went to a big party that I quickly realized was the Jewish Fraternity. They were all very nice to me in that whole “this poor girl is clearly lost and friendless and POOR” sort of way. But anyway, Mazel to everyone who got tickets! Report back to me!

But never fear, I actually got a super secret invite to Andy’s unadvertised appearance at The Palm for tomorrow afternoon. I’m not going but I will have a super secret Tamara Tattles spy in attendance. And there is supposed to be a question and answer segment where my spy will ask a question. I have no idea what question she should ask! So I need your help. Right now my top question is to ask about the projects his new production company is pitching. That’s something he has not shared yet. I read an AMA on Redditt that Andy did and he really knows how to duck and dive the direct questions like, “How annoying is Nene’s attitude, really?” So we need to be creative. BTW, Andy will be making appearances at all of his “buddy” Bruce Bozzi’s restaurants in the cities he is visiting. Check your local listings.  Also, Phaedra and Porsha filmed a dinner scene at The Palm about a month ago. Just the two of them, to discuss the Apollo situation and/or recap the Puerto Rico trip. This further confirms my theory that Kandi has put some distance between Phaedra and herself. Continue reading


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