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Juan Pablo. Has there ever been a bigger douchebag of a Bachelor?

Juan Pablo is a DouchebagI am not recapping RHOBH on time tonight because I just have to watch this train wreck of a show. This is by far the worst/best season ever. The season with Ben was pretty bad in a similar way.  I didn’t really get into the the Sean and whatshername episode last season with the whole born again virgin theme.  But just to refresh your memory or explain this season to those of you with the sense not to watch, here is where we are.

One the first night the girl he chose for the first impression rose came very close to rejecting it. Her gut was telling her that she was not interested. But she took it because, well, free trips to many cool countries…

At some point, even free first class travel all over the world was not enough to keep the first impression chick around. She’s  from some other country and a professional opera singer and really didn’t need ABC to fly her all over the place with a bunch of crazy women and a moron. She dumped him because he was stupid. Or whatever nice way she put it. Whatever. She was highly educated and he is…. um..not. Sometimes it is hard to gauge the intellect of a foreign man because if they say stupid shit, you can blame it on a language barrier depending on how hot they are. He wasn’t really hot enough to make up for the intellectual deficient.

Then then my home girl the Atlanta prosecutor,  and presumably the next bachelorette, dumped him right after their fuck card night. This happens when they are down to three or four choices and dude gets to test drive the girls and factor in their love making abilities into the equation. He said something to her that she would not even repeat on air and left.

On tonight’s show, one of the girls tried to bail before the final rose because he told her in a moment when they were not miked that he didn’t feel they knew each other well, but he sure liked fucking her the other night. Actually, now that I think about it, what the Atlanta chick left over was Pablo saying something about using his fuck card on Claire to her while they were having their test drive date.

Now we have Nikki, crying because she is not sure Juan Pablo knows who she is. It’s a total shit storm and I can’t look away.

Is anyone watching this? Both girls cried their eyes out after their final dates with him . I am going to need to talk to y’all when this is over!


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UPDATED: Shayne Lamas Is NOT In a Coma, Loses Baby

Shayne Lama and NIck Richie


UPDATE: Lorenzo Lamas says his daughter Shayne was never in a coma and is awake and stable. She is aware she lost the baby and is very upset but is expected to recover.  I thought TMZ’s report of her in a coma, not breathing on her own, followed by “doctors expect a full recovery” or whatever they said was odd. So glad to hear that she is fine other than the natural effects of losing a pregnancy.

Shayne Lamas daughter of Lorenzo Lamas and best know for her roles on General Hospital, The Bachelor and Couples Therapy is in a coma in an L.A. hospital after losing consciousness in her home, according to TMZ. Shayne was taken to the hospital by ambulance where  doctors discovered internal bleeding near her uterus. Surgery was performed to stop the bleeding and as a result Shayne lost the baby during surgery.

TMZ reports that she is currently in a coma and  not breathing on her own.  The coma is likely medically induced to allow her body time to heal before she is confronted with the news that here baby did not make it. Hopefully, she will fully recover. Continue reading


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