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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Daters and Traitors

marriage_boot_reality1-592x330Time to head back into Marriage Boot Camp and check in on the media whores. We left with Roger and Jwoww  at odds and Roger claiming that Jenn is just there for the paycheck and doesn’t want the therapy. Um, Roger, everyone in that house is just there for the paycheck and doesn’t want the therapy, except you. You married a famewhore. This is what famewhores do. How is this possibly news to you?  Roger has a tantrum, and Jenni gets a stern talking to by the guy counselor to “keep it 100% real.” Which is exactly what the scrip writers wrote for him to say.

I find the counselors round table scenes at the beginning to be rather stupid.

But perhaps not as stupid as the activities. In this episode the ridiculousness continues. Didn’t we just do the insult your partners thing? The partners face each other and rattle off how their spouse is not meeting their needs. Gretchen needs Slade to get a job. When Slade tries to “act” his one reaction is to swallow hard. It’s odd.  Trista needs Ryan to trust her. Ryan needs more physical contact. Or physical contact that seems genuine. Tanisha needs Clive to take control. Clive says he needs for her to let him run things. Tanisha says she has not been in love with him in a long time.  Those two argued the longest, so far. Roger needs honesty from Jenni. The male counselor stops Roger from going on for some unknown reason. Later in an interview, Roger is still pissed about this. Jenni wants flowers, a hug, a kiss, some romance. Continue reading

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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

marriage_boot_reality1-592x330I really was just going to watch this show without recapping because I thought I was not in the mood, but we are not even five minutes in and Traci is drinking vodka for breakfast. Straight vodka. Allegedly. Do we believe this is actually happening? Who in their right mind would drink vodka for breakfast at all let alone in a house where they are getting therapy. Wouldn’t one of the therapy drag her by the wig to the nearest rehab? This has to be bullshit, right?

I don’t understand the hot button game. Shouldn’t it just be called scream disrespectful things at your partner. Clive doesn’t want Tanisha to do him so they just let Clive talk disrespect Tanisha. Jenni and Roger are smart enough to refuse to do it. But they get talked into it anyway. Gretchen also refused play the disrespectful game. I don’t think they even asked Trista and Ryan. It was a horrible exercise. The only couple who did the exercise, Clive and Traci are now fighting about the things Clive said. Mainly about Traci’s drinking. Traci is drunk and wants to leave. This is some great counseling! Get the couples pissed off at each other, and then walk away. Continue reading


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Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Reap: Ring of Fire


All the cast mates are really irritated with Tanisha and Clive and their constant bickering. Traci had a “breakfast vodka.” There only breakfast vodka is a Bloody Mary, Traci. It seems that the reason that Clive can deal with Tanisha is because he is deaf. Like deaf, for real.

The couples all have to select magazines with a relationship issue on the front.  I don’t usually comment negatively about people’s appearance but Kevin is sort of scary looking.  Trista and Ryan seem to have the most trouble identifying their issues. Tanisha and Clive take every possible issue. Roger wants everyone to know that Jwoww won’t sleep with him.

Tanisha and Clive have a very loud argument that was headed toward being physical. Ryan steps in to calm things down. I thought that was weird. The two therapists, Elizabeth and Jim, show up to speak with them. Tanisha admits she doesn’t love Clive. Clive thinks his hearing loss is why Tanisha doesn’t love him. Continue reading


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