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Sherri Shepherd Doesn’t Want Surrogate Baby!

Photo: ABC

Photo: ABC

Things in the divorce between Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally continue to get worse by the minute.  Back in May, when I first reported on their divorce,  Sherri’s camp seemed to indicate that Sal was not working and had not worked for the entire marriage and Sherri was on him to get a damn job.  At that time I found it odd that Sal was the one who had left their NJ home and gone back to L.A. to file for divorce.  He also filed for custody of an unborn child we found out about that the couple was having through a surrogate.

Then a week later, it hit the Internet that her first husband, Jeffery Tarpley, had gone to court asking for an emergency modification of his custody agreement regarding his son, before Sal had filed his case. The judge did not grant an emergency hearing but instead set one to happen sometime this month. Tarpley said that Sherri was working too much, and leaving Jeffery with unqualified nannies and it was affecting his developmental skills. Also, it was interfering with his ability to see his son.

Now TMZ is reporting even more shocking allegations from all sides. You may need a drink for this.  As you recall, Sherri had a difficult pregnancy with Jeffery and he was born premature which caused him to have some congenital issues regarding his development. So, “they” decided to use a surrogate. Continue reading

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Sherri Shepherd In Danger of Losing Custody of Both Children?

Sherri Has Removed Her Wedding Ring

Sherri Has Removed Her Wedding Ring

Sadly, Sherri Shepherd’s relationship woes and custody issues continue to escalate as TMZ is reporting today that not only is her current estranged husband, Sal suing her for custody of their unborn baby, but her ex-husband is also suing for full custody of their son Jeffrey.  The bombshell of the story is that her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley filed for custody of Jeffery BEFORE either Sal or Sherri filed any paperwork, according to TMZ.  This does not bode well for Sherri.

That said, the reasons that Jeff Tarpley lists as needing an emergency modification of their custody agreement seem a bit flimsy. Jeffrey was a premature baby who had to fight for his life when he was born. I am not aware of his specific special needs but Sherri has spoken about them on many occasions. He has overcome so many odds to develop into the kid he is today. It is unfair of his father to suggest that Sherri is a bad mother because as his paperwork suggests Jeffrey “can’t tie his shoes” or reads “at the second grade level.” Children with learning disabilities to not progress at the same rate as other kids. There are plenty of 9-year-olds who read at the second grade level that do not have his congenital issues. He also suggests that his hygiene skills are lacking. Perhaps there is more too it than that, but having taught 9-year-old boys, I can tell you that a lot of them have poor hygiene. It’s called being a nine-year-old boy. His case is best made by pointing out that Sherri works a lot and according to him leaves him with “unqualified nannies.” Continue reading


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Sherri Shepherd’s Breakup with Sal Is Even Sadder Than I Thought

ABC's "The View" - Season Fifteen

It took me a while to warm up to Sherri Shepherd when she first came on The View. But during her tenure there, she has grown up a lot. She even understands the earth is round now. She’s endeared herself to me with her reality gossip updates and because of her BFF, comedian Bone Hampton, who I got to know on Twitter when I first started blogging. I try to keep my distance from the people I blog about because it just makes it easier for me to be objective. The situation with Sherri is so personal, it feels weird to even blog about it. So I am going to ask that your comments be respectful on this post.

I’ve been reading the rumors for days and they are varied and mostly wrong I imagine. On site said that Sherri was divorcing Sal because he has not worked since the marriage. I found that hard to believe. I know that Sal was very close to her son and I think Sherri would probably put up with a lot before taking the father figure out of her son’s life. I don’t know what is going on for sure but it must be bad. Continue reading


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