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Shah’s Of Sunset FINALLY Has a New Release Date!

Shahs Season 4

I am so excited to finally see Shahs of Sunset back on the Bravo Schedule. You may recall that Shahs was supposed to return back in October.  Unfortunately, the post-production editors at Ryan Seacrest Productions went out on strike trying to get benefits and like health insurance and sick days like their non-reality counterparts receive. I don’t know if they were finally successful or if Bravo just hired different editors but the show is now set to premiere March 2nd at 9 pm. I cannot wait. I have so much tea on this show and it’s going to be the best season ever.

First, here is the official Bravo Press release on the show:

This season finds much of the cast in love with success abounding, but when a scandalous accusation shakes the crew, their lifelong friendships may be changed forever.  As the group navigates the most tumultuous year of their lives, it is on a trip to Thailand where they start to understand that their real wealth is each other. Continue reading


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