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Million Dollar Listing New York


Sorry I have been terrible at recapping this. For some reason I have decided not to do much on Wednesdays. I am just now getting caught up on the show.


I loved the episodes of Fredrik in Sweden. I was sad that his friend Ana was not willing to be his surrogate. That said, I don’t think it is a good idea to have someone you know be the surrogate.  Fredrick has a really fancypants condo on the west village on a 45 day contract and he is 30 days in. As usual, it’s bit high for the neighborhood. Fredrik is in a panic.

Fredrik goes to meet with his developers and tries to get them to reduce the price. Or at the least get some more time on the contract. The developers are not budging.

Fredrik gets an offer. The buyer doesn’t have a broker and he sweetened the deal to his seller by forgoing the extra $630,000 buyers commission! That was foolish. I believe the guys had already agree to the $21 million sales price! Continue reading


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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: Unfinished Business

million dollar Luis


Our boy Luis finally has the appointment of his dreams with a developer and his alarm does not go off. He is late.  Somehow he makes it on time. All of Luis’s scenes make me anxious. The developer has one townhouse left to sell and Luis wants to do it. He is a huge fan of the developer. He is basically worshiping the guy. Luis is hoping his international connections will be seen as valuable to the developer who has his own brokerage firm.

Luis gets another pitch opportunity with Gerard and two of his top brokers. Luis wants to do a media event rather than a brokers’ open.  It is not going well. The female broker is shooting down all of his ideas. The developer gives him a co-listing.

Luis holds his media event. Things go well until the developer and his two pet brokers walk in and he got a bit tongue-tied. Luis works the room like a champ as the three stare him down. The female broker is breathing down Luis’ neck.  To be continued… Continue reading


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Millionaire Dollar Listing NY Double Recap

mdlny luis


Fredrik’s Time Warner property is not getting any traction at $35 million. When he talks to the owner she wants to raise the price to $42.  Fredrik wants to lower the price. The owner is a nut job.

The owner sent a letter to the office firing Fredrik in a not very nice way. Fredrik’s million dollar plus commission is gone. Fredrik was so proud of himself for getting a listing in that building and for that huge amount. He is heartbroken that the listing was taken away.  Then Derek tells him he is ready to have a baby. And nothing else matters. It was a very sweet scene, even with the staged babies in the park stuff.


Luis is listing a Harlem home owned by the same people he sold a vacation home to in Puerto Rico last year. Harlem has really taken off. I watched Wendy Williams interview Neil Patrick Harris’ husband and he said they lived there. The apartment is stunning.

Luis is going to have block party in the lovely garden and invite all the neighbors so that his open house attendees can’t get a feel for the neighborhood. I would love to crash this party. The food looks amazing. He gets two decent offers. One for $3mil and one for $3.1mil but the buyers will not come off their $3.5 position.

On the next show, Luis manages to find a client who puts in an off of $3.51! They bid over the asking to make sure they got it! Oh no!  The deal has been accepted by the financing is not going through for the buyer.  Luis decides to drop the listing because it’s causing friction with his friends and it is overpriced.

Luis has a date with a very pretty girl. Luis has commitment problems. I still don’t know why he is not with his little brunette assistant. Anyway, the date was very sad and short. Luis basically sends the girl packing before she even gets to drink her wine. Luis has trouble with relationships. He says in his talking head that he is still beating himself up for not getting the $3.5 million for his friends the Jones. But I think it is more than that. Or else Luis has a girlfriend and this is all bullshit. I hope it is the latter. Continue reading


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Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Forced Family Fun

Blood Sweat Heels

I have missed the last episode of Blood, Sweat & Heels because Andy Cohen insists on tacking WWHL to the end of things while kicks this show out of my DVR line up. This week I caught on and was able to tape a repeat.

Mica and Demetria are meeting up for a Bravo lunch. In his case I think it is one of those lunches where both parties are expecting an apology from the other and not willing to give one.

At the aptly named Crabby Shack, the two finally sit down for some crab rolls and conversation. Mica asks Demetria why she doesn’t like her. Demetria says that last season she was very loud and drunk.  Both parties feel like the other has been attacking them. No one apologized but they sort of agreed to disagree. They end with a selfie to document their détente, as is the custom. Continue reading


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Million Dollar Listing New York: The First Two Episodes

mdlny luis

I am two episodes behind on this so I thought I would get on the new season. I’m not going to do an extensive recap on these two shows.  I’ll just make a few comments.

It looks like Fredrik and Ryan are going to be jackholes  to Luis AGAIN this season. This season, Ryan is going to propose to his girlfriend.  I could swear we already did that in a park with an orchestra or something. Am I making that up?

Luis’s problems with the movers and his client being homeless like Bethenny. are giving me major anxiety just to watch. For some reason I really want things to go smoothly for him. I’m already worried that Luis won’t be able to sell the house in two month and his clients will be living under the bridge with Bethenny again.

Ryan and Fredrik are working together on a project needling Luis about it. They are even making fun of Luis’ Maserati !

Luis still needs a girlfriend.  So he is on Tindr. Who is that beautiful assistant he is talking to? Is she single? Oh her name is Ronita. She is perfect. She needs to be single. They are perfect together.

Can someone explain to me why the premier episode was an hour and 16 minutes long? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Melbourne Part 2

RHOMELI’ve been wanting to watch this but had to wait so I had time to recap. I’m still a bit under the weather. So I’m just going to do a quickie. I’m a bit sleep deprived and cranky so don’t expect much.

Jackie talks about her psychic abilities. And we get a montage of the stupid Shine, Shine, Shine crap. It’s fucking annoying.

Oh God. Now it is Lydia’s turn with her Wows and illiterate comments and butchering of the English language. Lydia is trying to explain her stupidity. The dumb host keeps saying how cute her nonsensical blatherings are.

We’re back and the little troglodyte is on the couch next to his psychic wife. I could care less what he is saying. They play a montage of Jackie talking about how much everything costs.

Lydia’s dog came on the set. WordPress magically shut down. I took this as a sign I could lie down, but decided to power through. We’re almost halfway through and nothing has happened. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion: What Language Are They Speaking?

RHOMEL Cast2This reunion seems a bit cooler than US reunions in the beginning. They show all the ladies coming in to the dressing rooms with out make-up. What was on Janet’s face. Why is their hair wet? Janet talks about how bad things have gotten in the press. The announcer says something like  “And now the reunion that the whole of Australia has been waiting for…” And then we see the gaudiest set ever.  It’s like a living room with way too much crap in it and the Australian Andy Cohen is a bald dude of ambiguous ethnicity wearing sunglasses on his head.  Gina clearly scored the best designer to dress her. Her dress is stunning and her makeup is of a color found in nature but her legs remain orange. Janet’s dress looks like she forgot to bring anything to wear and tied a tablecloth under her arms and went with it.

Chyka says she loves everything about filming the housewives. Janet says that she lives in some boondocks area or something and is sheltered from all the public recognition. Jackie has not been doing as many reading because she is busy supporting Ben’s career now. Um, didn’t Ben’s career end in like 1984? The host asks about her reading in the first episode about someone cheating and they seem to be talking about Gina’s boyfriend, sorry, Potnah, already. Gina seems to be deflecting to the other couch where Lydia and Andrea are seated next to Chyka.

Lydia’s face is twice as wide as it used to be. I’m not even sure how that is surgically possible. Andrea is asked about how she is dealing with the press, AKA the fact that everyone hates her. She rambles on about Twitter and how she talks to trolls to enlighten them that they have their facts wrong and most everyone loves her once she does that.  That sounds exhausting. Does Twitter not have a block button down under? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County: Number of Secrets Revealed? ZERO.

RHOOC Reunion

Let’s be honest. Bravo does this to us every season. We are done. We are so done. But there are some things left unresolved. Surely, the will resolve them. We have hope. Yet resolution never comes. So here we go again. All we really care about seeing at this point is footage of the Marry, Shag Kill game at Heather’s Valentine’s Day party. We would be thrilled to just see one hour of that party completely unedited.

But that will never happen. We’re going to see Tamra insults that landed on the cutting room floor because there were so many. Probably more instances where Vicki and Tamra were uncouth in Bali. Likely, a few pretentious thoughts of Heathers. If we are lucky perhaps a loving scene between Christian and Lizzie.  But we will not be satisfied at the end of an hour. 70% will be recycled crap we have covered a thousand times. But there is always that shred of naïve hope that production will surprise us this one time… Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 2: Bitter? Party of One?

RHOOC Reunion


It’s now or never for the RHOOC to get everything all wrapped up for the season. Let’s see if Andy asks any hard-hitting questions.

A viewer essentially asks Shannon if Dr. Moon is fleecing her. Shannon says no, that he has healed her kids by his touch of many things. Um, the way I said that seems wrong. Andy asks her if she is so zen and holistic, why does she seem like a complete stress ball all the time? Shannon says since she came back from Bali she has been much more at peace, and that it is something she continues to work on. She does look happier on the reunion. Vicki is asked if Shannon’s suggestion to feng shui  her office has helped her business. Vicki said yes! She says it went off the charts and continues to go off the charts. Vicki says she just had Elaine come to her home to feng shui it because she believes in it now.  See Vicki? It does work for white people!

Vicki is asked why she was so open to Shannon and so rude to Lizzie, was it because Lizzie is younger? Vicki says she is not threatened by age. There are people older than her and younger than her. She says she connected to Shannon right away and things were a bit awkward with Lizzie. Vicki definitely had a boob job.  The tops of her boobs are nearly to her collarbone. A bra doesn’t do that.

A viewer asks Lizzie when the last time was that Christian threw her over the countertop? Lizzie says that they have a lot of sex now.  Lizzie is going to start trying for a third child in the beginning of next year.  We rehash #birthdaygate .  Tamra’s story for not calling earlier in this iteration is that she was trying to get in touch with her mother to babysit. That’s a new one I think. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 1 Beadors Win!

RHOOC Reunion double shot

The ladies all arrive to the reunion in sweats without a drop of makeup on. They are filmed getting ready for the day. Heather Dubrow gets a haircut with a completely new style while she is preparing to go on national TV. It’s a good thing it came out all right.  Vicki seems confident going in this season, which is a new feeling for her, but Andy will trip her up and let herself paint herself into a corner over a airheaded gay stereotype from the show.  Heather is there for answers. Shannon’s plan is to stay Zen.  Tamra says she never has a problem owning up to what she has done. I can’t decide if I think she believes herself or not.

Vicki’s boobs are ginormous! Are they new? Vicki says she is trying to buy Andales. I just found out that Vicki’s Mexican apartment is a time share.  They actually had three time shares. In the divorce, the each took one and sold the other. Those have to be new boobs. They are way up high.

Lizzie dated Nick Lachey both before and after Jessica Simpson.

Andy asks Shannon about her saving a nation in a past life. She said that her holistic dentist consulted a panel of psychics and that’s what they said. That’s why he put the jewels in her teeth for free. He’s dead now.  Shannon seems happy and at peace. At least for now. Continue reading


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Million Dollar Listing New York Reunion Recap


NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Upfront - 2014

Andy wastes no time in greeting the guys for the reunion and gets right into the questions.

Most embarrassing moments for the guys?  Fredrik says the time he dumped a drink on Luis’s head. He starts to explain how terrible he feels when he sees that. He mentions he is twice Luis’s size and it just made him look awful. Right away Luis jumps in and starts talking about Fredrik always talks down to him like that. It’s sort of out of no where!

Luis says that the fight was his most embarrassing moment also. Ryan says the naked shower scene was his.

Andy pointed out to Ryan that he sold the least amount of real estate this season. Ryan said he was more interested in showing the listing with the most interesting stories. He said the year before he did some really fantastic deals and all people wanted to talk about was the pig. So he focused on the sales with the most interesting quirks and stories. Fredrik says that Ryan has the least amount of sales and that he’s basically “small potatoes.” Continue reading


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Nene Blogs About The RHOA Reunion; Translated by Tamara Tattles


Gif Courtesy of: RealityTVGIFs a GIF blog by T. Kyle MacMahon | The best source for animated Real Housewives GIFs

Back when Real Housewives of New Jersey was on, Teresa Giudice, New York Timers Bestess Saling Arther, used a ghost writer to write her blogs. I used to try to translate them back to the Teresa version before she polished it up. Today, I shall do the same thing for whoever is writing for Nene.  Translations in purple font.

Season six ended just the way many wanted… with foolery and the negativity of women sitting on the same couch belittling each other! Many find it entertaining but I found it negative and sad at times!

The plans I had to bring foolery and negativity to the reunion, totally backfired in my face. It’s not entertaining when all eyes are not on me. Continue reading


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