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Real Housewife of Vancouver’s Daughter’s Baby Daddy Killed in Gang Violence!

Jody Claman's Daughter Mia in hospital

Jody Claman’s Daughter Mia in hospital

A long while back, I posted some things about the Real Housewives of Vancouver. See the post HERE. Back in 2012, I was THRILLED to get  51 comments. The reason for all the comments is because I mocked “Canookian Gangs.”  I was new to blogging and people didn’t get I was kidding about “Canookians” but I did sort of mean that Canadian gangs didn’t seem that threatening. Because, Canada. Canada is full of nice people. I’ve been nice in the biblical way with a few Canookians. The concept of Canookian gangs bemused me. But, I was quickly informed IT’S A REAL THING IN VANCOUVER. And that a housewife had a real connection. And I got some of my very first antagonistic comments from “Canonookian Ganstas!” Above is Jody Claman’s (RHOV) kid in hospital after getting shot by gang members. ALLEGEDLY. That was in 2014. Continue reading


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