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Will A New Version of the Real Housewives of DC be the Next RHOA?

Why Do Women Watch Bravo TV? What is Wrong With Us?

Bravo TV (and frankly the bloggers that make their livings blogging about Bravo TV) have been worried for quite awhile. The public is getting sick of The Real Housewives franchises.  For the past ten seasons, Bravo has been adding new franchises while ratcheting up the ratchet on the old ones. After all this time, they see the end coming. It’s Sunday night and most of us will chose NOT to watch Bravo tonight. Why? Because most of us didn’t invest in the second show they tried to replace the success of  black women brawling for no reason on TV. The connection to “medicine” didn’t make the ratchet any more interesting. We’ve been hate watching housewives for a long time. There is not much left to love. A glimpse of a fancy refrigerator here, beautiful ocean view there, nice things like that have morphed into Rosario being told she should be grateful for her handmedowns and to quit her bitching, Heather going on and on about $7,000 sinks, Bethenny whining about her homelessness in the penthouse of the Four Seasons or wherever. We are no longer allowed to simply notice the nice things, they are shoved down our throats in a way that turns us into hate watchers.  We may like their things but we no longer like them.

And if they aren’t shoving their lives of (often pretend) excess down our throats, they are shoving each other. Or screaming at each other for the smallest things. They are being held back at reunion episodes, pushing Andy back into his seat, storming off the set in hysterics or whatever else it takes to get attention. And it works. Each year, Bravo brings back the table flippers, the screamers, and the religious hypocrites. And we hate it. We hate production. We hate the show. We threaten never to watch again, but we do. Continue reading


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