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Celebrity Apprentice Task #2 Cat Fights & Pillow Talk

Donald Trump

The Task: Create a viral video to advertise Chock Full o Nuts single serve coffees.

Team Vortex

Lorenzo Lamas, Geraldo Rivera, Sig Hansen , Vivica Fox, Kate Gosselin

Project Manager: Lorenzo Lamas

Geraldo is taking over again and Lorenzo could not be any happier. Lorenzo is going to sing the theme song. The viral video will star Geraldo as a million who drinks the coffee over the course of many years. In the 1950s Kate plays his wife. It’s  really hard to describe because we really don’t get a chance to see the whole thing.  In the end Geraldo is in a tux and top hat and has three backup dancers with Vivica, Kate and some random backup dancer.  Poor Sig has nothing to do again. Sig says they use the go pro cameras on Deadliest Catch all the time.

This teams video is the best. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Recap #1 I Wish I Had a Project Manager

Kenya's Winning Task

Kenya’s Winning Task

The Task: The two teams must create a mobile shoe boutique for Ivanka’s shoeline   and create a marketing campaign to attract sales.

Team Infinity

Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville,  Leeza Gibbons, Johnny Damon, Ian Zierling,

Project Manager: Kenya Moore

Kenya takes immediate control. She wants to recreate Nordstrom with a piano and chandelier.  Kenya immediately assigns tasks. Leeza immediately disagrees with Kenya vision saying it to old school and doesn’t speak to the millennial generation that is being targeted. Kenya’s slogan “Power Up Your Sole.” Kenya wants all of the shoe collection on flat screens and tablets. Brandi is still being a drag. Brandi is working her ass off though. It’s raining on the project day.

Kenya’s team has a foot massage dude and green smoothie shots for the Pump Up Your Sole theme. Joan says some nice things about the slogans that Leeeza says she did.  Leeza is the female Geraldo that takes over all the tasks. She did show Joan the entire collection on the tablet. I think Joan was more impressed with Team Infinity. Joan was impressed with the flat screens and the tablet.

Now the important part. Ivanka has arrived. Kenya takes over the presentation. Ivanka and the Nordstrom lady were poker faced. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Recap #2 Say Yes To The Dress

celeb apprentice2

The Task 

Whoever sells the most wedding dresses and raises the most money wins.

Team Infinity

Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville,  Leeza Gibbons, Johnny Damon, Ian Zierling, Terrell Owens

Project Manager: Ian Zierling

Ian wanted this challenge because it is probably the only big money challenge left. He seems passionate about his charity. Ian has a great charity for a little known genetic disease in kids. Ian says he has $185K  lined up. Kenya says she can bring in $10K.  Terrell Owens is slacking.

Ian has design people on standby for interior décor. The stores are side by side and his is clearly the front runner in the staging department. Meanwhile, Brandi goes AWOL saying she is having panic attacks so she went back to her room to lay down. Brandi has a Xanax script.  Nine out of ten panic attacks can be stopped about 20 minutes after taking one. Ian is not happy. Kenya makes sure everyone knows how bad this is for Brandi. Kenya calls Brandi a crazy bitch several times.

The next day, Brandi brought in a ton of money very early. Ian got a check for $165,000. I really want Ian to win. He has really hustled to bring in the money and Geraldo’s charity has already one. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Recap #1: A Family Affair


Team Infinity

Team Infinity


The Task

Develop a four page fitness editorial to be featured in the hot and healthy pages of Cosmopolitan and to be featured on an app. Teams will be judged on creativity, originality and overall presentation.

Team Infinity

Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville, Kate Gosselin, Vivica Fox, Shawn Johnson (Olympic Gymnast), Leeza Gibbons, Jamie Anderson (Olympic Snowboarder)

Project Manager: Jaime Anderson

Good Lord. Jaime is playing for a climate change awareness charity. I hate her so much. Since they have two Olympians on the team they are using that as their theme, “Trained by Olympians.”  Kenya points out that Cosmo is a sexy magazine She wants to have a girl with the words Touch Me and that is the area you will get information on working out. I suppose that is for the app? Jamie says she can teach them how to get the Kenya Moore booty. Brandi says, “You just buy it.”  And we are off to the races. Continue reading


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The Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Shilling “Food Product” is No Easy Task

celeb apprenticd Luvo

The Task: Create a bistro featuring a tasting menu of  Luvo food products.  Food products doesn’t sound very appetizing. They will be judged on brand messaging and overall experience.

The Teams

Infinity: Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville, Kate Gosselin, Vivica Fox, Shawn Johnson (Olympic Gymnast), Leeza Gibbons, Jamie Anderson (Olympic Snowboarder)

Project Manager: Vivica Fox

The ladies get off to a bad start. Eventually, they have a slogan, “Love yourself, one bite at a time.”  The slogan was created by Kenya and Leeza. The ladies decide to play a variety of roles to show the variety of consumer types. I don’t get how that is going to work. It’s a bistro challenge not a commercial. Kenya casts herself as the beauty queen and Vivica kindly allows it.

Vivica’s phone is not working. Shawn has bad PMS. Vivica doesn’t care. Shawn and Kate shop for dishware and such. They seem to have all the time in the world while everyone else is rushing around.  They spend six hours shopping. Kenya is worried because no one seems to think they should rehearse their presentation. Continue reading


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The Celebrity Apprentice Recap: That’s Neat!



Celeb Apprentice full team

After Kate and Jamie return to the group after the boardroom. Kate has a breakdown. She is dumbfounded that Brandi called her lazy. I agree. I saw Kate pretty much take over as project manager and do a ton of the cooking. Brandi (and Kenya) seemed to be doing the pie in the face part of the event (which wasn’t clearly edited. People did donate to throw pies at celebrities). I didn’t see Brandi (or Kenya) doing any cooking. Brandi’s job was to send out a few tweets and call Yolanda for money.  I hate to take Kate’s side, but in this case I am. Then Brandi has the nerve to say in her talking head about Kate. “I’m sure she is very organized in her home with her eight kids, but she’s not a business woman. If she is not on TV yelling at her kids, what is she going to do?”  If you replace “her kids” with “other housewives” you will see this is totally a case of projection. Brandi wasn’t no time in making enemies.

The Task

Make a commercial for NEAT a company that highlights a product to clean up digital clutter and showcases their cloud and wireless scanner. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Premiers With Two Housewives And Tons of Drama

celeb apprentice2

Tonight is the night! Celebrity Apprentice  is one of my favorite shows ever. I know the Donald is a bit evil at times, but I can’t help but enjoy him on Celebrity Apprentice!

It’s time! Let’s meet the teams!

Meet the Men’s Team:

Ian Zierling (Beverly Hills 90210), Lorenzo Lamas, Geraldo Rivera, Kevin Jonas, Terrell Owens (Football), Johnny Damon (Baseball), Sig Hansen (Deadliest Catch) Gilbert Gottfried (Comedian)

Meet the Women’s Team:

Keisha Knight Pulliam, Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville, Kate Gosselin, Vivica Fox, Shawn Johnson (Olympic Gymnast), Leeza Gibbons, Jamie Anderson (Olympic Snowboarder)

I love Kenya’s coat. She looks stunning. The teams break up to pick a team name and a project manager for the pie selling challenge. Click here for the preshow tea. Brandi wants to name the team Team Gold, Kenya wants Team Infinity. They went with Team Infinity. The men’s team tries to select a name and Geraldo really wants to go with Vortex. He was insistent and the guys gave in.  Back on the women’s team, Keisha steps up to be project manager.  Shawn and Brandi are tasked with social media outreach. Geraldo steps up to take the project manager position for the men’s team. Kevin Jonas is doing the social media outreach. Kevin and Geraldo are already butting heads.  Both teams need to make two pies. One savory and one sweet. Continue reading


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