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The Curious Case of Parks v. Stanton Chapter Four: Remembrance of Things Past

Phaedra face2

In case you have missed any previous chapters, here is a handy dandy link list.

The Curious Case of Parks v. Stanton Chapter One: When is a Deposition NOT A Deposition?

Yet another motion to compel. Phaedra was extremely uncooperative at her deposition.

The Curious Case of Parks v. Stanton Chapter Two: A Tale Told By An Idiot Full of Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing.

Phaedra refuses to answer pretty much every question about Apollo.

The Curious Case of Parks v. Stanton Chapter Three: I Did Know Once, But I Have Sort of Forgotten.

Phaedra has amnesia. She can’t remember she has a workout DVD business with Apollo. She can’t remember her accountants name, she can’t remember her bank branch, in fact she denies every going into a bank.

In this chapter we will focus on Phaedra’s relationship with Angela. In one of the depositions of Angela’s former boyfriends he seems to think that Phaedra and Angela had a more intimate relationship than just friends. Let’s see what Phaedra has to say… Continue reading

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Phaedra Parks Puts Smyrna Home on the Market

RHOA Phaedra's Smyrna HomeI am REALLY getting tired of Phaedra stories and you probably are too, but people keep sending me information and I might as well get it all out there. Phaedra Parks, Smyrna home was put on the marked in the last day or so and listed by Keller Williams. The home is priced to sell at $349, 900. Phaedra paid $322,000 in 2001 according to Zillow. A quick look at the tax records show that the home has always been listed solely in Phaedra’s name and Apollo was not added to the deed when the couple married in 2009.

From the Keller Williams listing, “This charming Smyrna beauty offers 3 finished levels that your most discriminate buyer will adore! Completely renovated, this spacious home features 5 bedrooms, 5 full bath, 1 half bath, gleaming hardwood floors w/an open floor plan and large kitchen that overlooks the great room. Grand 2 story foyer, separate dining room, and a large master suite w/walk-in California closets. The finished basement has an in-law/guest suite, full kitchen and bathroom with a private entrance, it’s the perfect space to entertain! This is a must see! “

It is a lovely home; however, it’s a McMansion neighborhood. I am not sure everyone really gets what that term means in the south. Essentially, it is a development where large homes are built on small lots and they are all pretty much the same floor plan. Here in the south you can get a large, 4,000 square foot five bedroom, five bath house in the high $200 thousands. Continue reading


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The Curious Case of Parks v. Stanton Intermission: Taking A Look Back

RHOA Episode 2: Funerals by Phaedra, Lesbian Pride, and A Birthday Party for KimI am currently working on Chapter Four of the Parks v. Stanton Saga. Before you read the next chapter, which will get to the meat of the case about Angela’s accusations toward Phaedra, there are some other depositions.  In order to be caught up for Chapter Four, there are a few things you should read. So while I am working, I am going to give you a suggested reading list.

Phaedra Parks: Have We Been Ignoring the Signs All Along?

This post contains an interview with Angela Stanton. It outlines the salient points of her allegations against Phaedra. Among other things that led to me finally buying Angela’s story.

Angela Stanton Responds to Apollo’s Arrest

Angela explains how Apollo’s arrest proves her statement in her book are true.

Bits and Pieces on the Apollo and Phaedra Saga

Phaedra’s Fancypants Attorneys jump ship on the heels of Apollo Nida’s Arrest.

Where Exactly is Phaedra Practicing Law?

Phaedra’s association with the fake shell corporations come to light. The allegations about Phaedra being a um..manager for strippers rather than a legal advisor is considered… Continue reading


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Have a Seat And Sip This RHOA Tea I Have For You

Real housewives of Atlanta

I have a fresh pot of EXCLUSIVELY SOURCED RHOA in dribs and drabs and the time has come to share it with you. Please use only excerpts and include a clear link to TamaraTattles.com when reporting on this story! Thanks for your professionalism!

In a nutshell, filming has been weird. I am not sure what it all means. Let’s start with Phaedra. Far from the rumored “leave of absence” Phaedra has been filming a good deal.  She’s filmed with Apollo in Chastain Park the day before she arrived late to Cynthia’s Essence party only to leave when she realized Apollo was there. That seems more and more like planned drama because contrary to before Apollo was sentenced and before RHOA filming began when the two love birds were all touring the country separately, they are currently both back in the house, and filmed a scene in the house yesterday. Phaedra has also filmed with Cynthia that I know of. Fun Phaedra fact: Phaedra lives in a Cul de Sac in a nice part of Atlanta proper. It’s not a gated community but it is rather secured and has a low crime rate if you take Apollo out of the equation. Last week,  Phaedra from some reason decided she wanted to fence the front yard and add an electronic keypad entry gate for the driveway. The neighbors were a bit perplexed by that decision. They were even more confused when the work crew failed to locate the water and electric before digging. And they hit the water line. To make matters worse, no one was home when this happened. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Tea, And Lots of It

Kenya Porsha Cynthia

One of the downsides of having your own website, is that it takes a lot of work and consumes all of your time. It keeps me from reading other blogs that I used to really enjoy, like StraightFromtheA. Michelle is a great source of RHOA tea because she is very active in the ATL social life and runs in the same circles as a few of the housewives. Phaedra in particular. Because of her friendliness with Phaedra, Atlien has been fairly mum on the unfortunate position that Phaedra is currently facing. She did however  post recently about a party to celebrate Cynthia’s spread in Ebony Magazine, that she attended.  She is also the source for the numerous reports you guys a have sent me (thanks!) about Phaedra “taking a leave of absence” from filming RHOA. If you had told me that the story was coming from Atlien I would have investigated sooner. I’ve drilled down all the tea.  Grab a snack and get ready for this because there is a lot to cover. And for me the Phaedra stuff is a mere side order.

I am continuing to research and am not sure where to start. First of all, the party was held on July 17th at Bar One to celebrate Cynthia Bailey’s Ebony Magazine spread. All of the former housewives were there except three.  According to Atlien, Phaedra was en route when she was tipped off that Apollo was there. She opted not to show up. It is interesting that production would not alert Phaedra to the fact that her soon to be ex husband would be at the event.

As you recall, I exclusively reported that the previous day, July 16th, Apollo, Phaedra and the boys were filming in Chastain Park. They arrived in separate cars, even the boys and the nanny had their own car. It sounded like a supervised visitation sort of thing to me.  I speculated that it would be the Phaedra and Apollo breakup scene. Perhaps she presented the divorce papers.  There have been reports of Phaedra filing for divorce this week. I found nothing on the website to substantiate that claim. However, it is obvious that will be happening. My spies in Phaedra’s neighborhood say they haven’t seen Apollo at the house in quite some time. She’s done with him. This is not news. Continue reading


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Apollo Nida’s Restitution Order Is A Bunch of Bullshit

RHOA Apollo Phaedra ReunionWhile Apollo was frolicking in the park with Phaedra today, the court handed down his restitution order. Or perhaps it happened this morning so he could be freed up for his unpaid Bravo job. The court has ordered that Apollo repay $1,948,214.85 to his victims. Restitution is to be paid jointly and severally in accordance with the restitution order to be paid by Gayla St. Julien. Which basically means they are both responsible until the balance is paid off. Payment is due immediately.

Any money he makes in prison (prison wages are as low as 25 cents and hour) will be paid directly to the restitution fund. Upon release, Apollo will be required to get a job and pay back $250 a month plus 25% of any gross income beyond $2,300 a month. Below is the list of his victims, who will never get their money back. Continue reading


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Phaedra and Apollo Filming RHOA Together Today.


It’s a beautiful July day in the ATL!  What a lovely day to take your kids to the park  to visit with the father who will soon be off to the pokey. And of course the Bravo cameras are there to capture it all on film. This afternoon, Phaedra, Apollo and their sons the Mayor of Toronto and the President of Sudan or whatever are at Chastain park having a custody visit. Phaedra came in her car, Apollo came in his car, the nanny came in her car.

There is Bravo crew everywhere. This scene reminds me of the time Sheree and Bob went there to talk and Sheree assaulted him with a drink. Hopefully this scene will go a bit better. Whatever could the storyline be? A divorce discussion?  A scene for Phaedra to deny any knowledge of Apollo’s criminal ways? A scene where Phaedra says she is selling the house and moving to Athens? Continue reading


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Apollo Has a Question For Us! NEW DAY NEW QUESTION! UPDATED!

I prefer the avocado edition of Phine Body

I prefer the avocado edition of Phine Body

UPDATE: Apollo took down the other question and has a new one today!                      


Yes, Apollo, we are positive you are a “thief of that essence” and are going to prison at the end of the day!


Apollo’s lawyer has kept him off of twitter for almost a full month.  Prior to that his twitter had been a fount of hilarity. Apollo tweeted his ignorant ass off about needing to have is account verified since he is famous. He tweeted about his brand. He made random announcement about deadlines for people to ask him to come host an event. It was glorious. Then it went radio silent. There was a series of interesting changes in the design of his twitter page. A few weeks ago, all traces of Phaedra were removed from his site, except for the cover of the Phine Body videos he was still trying to sell.  His “brand” changed from Phine Body to Nida Fitness.  And now it seems he has been told he can’t use Phaedra’s likeness on his site even on “his” Phine Body videos.  They are still there, but only to the top of Apollo’s head.  You really need to go look. But not just yet.  Because Apollo has a question….

Continue reading


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The Ugly Truth About Apollo Nida’s Lenient Sentence


I’m getting a lot of questions about Apollo’s sentence today. The other post is already sort of jumbled due to the flow of updates, so I will break it down for you here. Despite the fact that many news stations report that Apollo faced “up to 30 years,” that was either media hype or a lack of understanding of the law. The maximum sentence for bank fraud is in fact 30 years, but Apollo was never facing the maximum sentence.  First of all, there are guidelines the judge follows on sentencing that I told you about here.  I told you that there were two factors that are involved on determining a sentence. First, is the Criminal History Category this is a number from one to six based on all of his past run-ins with the law. Each instance results in a certain number of points. Apollo had a total of eleven points for previous infractions. This made him a Category V. Today, the judge did not grant Apollo’s attorney’s request to lower his a Category IV based on so many of his infractions occurring in his early twenties. His ruling was based on the fact that his arrest free decade occurred when he was incarcerated for the majority of that time. So his past criminal behavior number is a five.

Now picture a piece of paper with the numbers 1-6 heading up six columns across the top of the page. Down the left side of the page, you will have lines numbered from 1- 43.  Those numbered lines represent the seriousness of the charges he is currently being sentenced for. I’ll spare you the math and tell you that he was, as best as I can determine, a level 30. So if you put your finger on line 30 and ran it over to the Category V column you would land on a  sentence of 151-188 months (approximately 13 -15.5 years).  That was the actual sentence Apollo was facing. Continue reading


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Apollo Nida Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison!

RHOA Apollo Phaedra Reunion

UPDATE: Phaedra did not go to the sentencing.  Apollo’s mother and brother both made a plea to the court for leniency.  Apollo was described as “calm.”

Apollo’s lawyer did a great job of trying to plea down Apollo’s time. He spoke about Apollo’s upbringing, his lack of education (duh) and quoted statistics that 60% of African-American males who drop out of high school end up in prison.

Apollo’s mother was very emotional. She gave a statement saying that she was not a good mother, she was a cocaine addict who was in and out of prison. She had no husband. Apollo had no father.  Apollo was granted a voluntary surrender so that he can be out until he is assigned a prison. He was also given a drug and alcohol program. This is one of the only ways to get your federal time reduced. Apollo doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem and this is simply good lawyering by his attorney. He attorney also got the promise of placement in a facility as near to Atlanta as possible so that his children can visit him.

This is beyond a light sentence. He gets a reduction for being stupid and black? He gets a reduction for a drug problem he doesn’t have? He gets voluntary surrender so that he can do some season 7 filming?  What is the deal with this judge? He sentenced him as a Category 5 and he gets 8 years? Continue reading


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How Much Time Will Apollo Nida Serve in Prison?

Felons by Bravo

Felons by Bravo

Tomorrow is the big day for Apollo Nida’s sentencing.  It is amusing that I read on another site that Apollo feels like Peter Thomas was somehow throwing shade on a red carpet recently when he responded to a question about Apollo by saying basically that he was doing as well as someone who is about to go to prison can be. Apollo seems to think there is a possibility he is not going to jail. There isn’t. He is going and the only questions are how much time he will get and when he will have to report to prison.

It looks like sentencing is actually going to happen as scheduled tomorrow. On Thursday, Apollo’s attorney filed a motion that is attempting to get a downward departure on his Criminal History Category.  As we learned with the Giudice trial, sentencing guidelines are based on two magic numbers. Criminal History Category and Offense Level. There are six categories for criminal history and currently Apollo is at Category 5, the only one higher is Category 6 which is like the Charles Masons of the world. Apollo’s lawyer is asking that he be moved down to a Category 4. He makes a fairly decent arguments stating that much of applies prior criminal activity occurred when he was 19-23 for probation violations, providing a false name and a DUI. His lawyer made a pretty good case for a downward departure. Continue reading


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Um, Y’all Where is Apollo Nida?

Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled WomanIs it just me, or did Apollo Nida disappear on the day of his financial deposition on June 10th?

For the last few months, Apollo has been on some sort of U.S. Felon Farewell tour while out on a tiny bond, bidding his fan base farewell, and you know, hyping his brand and stuff.  His last tweet. On Monday June 9th, was from Arkansas where he urged the fine citizens, ” ARKANSAS STAND UP YA BOI IS HERE.”  Since that post, there has been no news on whether the folks in Arkansas stood up. However, it would seem that Apollo has finally taken several seats. But where?

The following Tuesday, June 10th, he was scheduled to sit for a financial deposition with the feds with regard to his plea deal. In case you missed it, here is the post that lists all the items he was required to bring in, including a good deal of Phaedra’s financial records.  I’m going to assume he showed up there. Continue reading


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