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Vanderpump Rules Did Jax Sleep With Kristen?


The rumor mill is going wild over the issue of Jax and Kristen’s alleged hook-up.  Kristen is in full on denial.  Gay Tom doesn’t believe the rumors.

Lisa is going to hire a secret diner to check out the waitrons jobs skills.

I missed most of Stassi  confronting Jax about the rumors. I am exhausted. Lisa chatted with Stassi about the situation.  I think Lisa believes the rumor. Katie and  Scheana  are not getting along. Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Recap

Vanderpump Rules - Season 1Fine, I admit I am sort of addicted to this bullshit show.  Let’s just get on with it.  Stassi and Katie go for Brazilians.  Katie is a Brazilian virgin.  Katie really needs a brow wax. Katie  quits halfway through. I don’t blame her.

Stassi is still bitching about Jax texting him. Jax has supposedly been celibate for a year, but now that he is sexually active it’s “repulsive.”  Stassi is jealous that Pandora got a blog.  Scheana  asks Stassi to help her proof it? Stupid.

Peter is turning 30. Please let this mean we get lots of scenes with him.

Gay Tom is still trying with Kristen. NOOOOOOOOO! Now they are having date night? Oh Thomas.  She doesn’t deserve you.  Jax is going out on a date again. Same girl I think. Why do young guys put cologne down their pants? Bad idea for so many reasons.  Tom takes Kristen to a Korean BBQ  place.  Yum… Kristen is vegetarian. And a bitch. She can’t even enjoy a date with her man due to her insecurities.  Jax and his date are having a much better time.  LOL. Jax has had sex with seven girls in two weeks. Good for him I say.

True confession: Jax reminds me of one of my favorite relatives. But not the dating part, he’s  happily married.

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