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Mob Wives Boyfriend Gets Sliced and Diced with a Box Cutter

Mob Wives natalie guercio london

Mob Wives returned this month and I have not seen a single episode. I used to watch and blog about the show but it didn’t get many views.  I was not thrilled with the addition of the Philly mobsterettes last season, particularly Natalie Guercio. She was the one with the kid and the mortuary business and the boyfriend named London Rene who wanted the party life while she wanted the white picket fence stable home for her kid.

Well, according to TMZ, the lovely couple was at a club in Brooklyn called Output when some dude that London knew decided to slice him up with a box cuter. He sliced down the right side of his head, his arm and a slice to the gut. Continue reading


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Alicia DiMichele Quits Mob Wives and Withdraws Guilty Plea

Mob Wives In the past few years I’ve practically earned a law degree specializing in federal law. I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit reading court documents on Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice and Apollo Nida alone.  In this week’s episode of my favorite felon, we have two federally indicted  reality fools headed into the courtroom.  Tomorrow, if things go according to plan, Apollo Nida is expected to go to court for what I anticipate will involve him accepting a plead deal. However, one thing I have learned is that you can’t expect for court proceedings to actually occur on the date they are originally set, or if they do actually take place, they don’t always go forward in the way you would expect. That was the case for former mob wife, Alicia DiMichele who was supposed to finally be sentenced yesterday in a Brooklyn courtroom.

I know I have done a detailed post about Alicia’s plea deal but for the life of me I cannot find it. I hate when that happens. So I am going to have to explain this part based on memory, and we all know my memory sucks.  A million years ago, or so it seems, a plea deal was reached.  This means the prosecutor and Alicia’s attorney are in AGREEMENT and they have a deal. I believe the terms of the deal would have given Alicia  some house arrest and she would be required to pay a fine, plus $20,ooo in restitution to the Teamster’s Union who was the victim of her embezzlement in exchange for her pleading guilty and avoiding the expense of a trial.

But then she agreed to be on Mob Wives and this seems to have really fucked things for her. The prosecutor’s panties got all in a bunch because he felt she was profiting from her criminal activity. Alicia was paid $8K and episode for a total of 12 episodes. The prosecutors wanted that money added to the fines.  So there were a lot of delays while her finances were investigated and there was some mention of the total fine increasing to $200K.  Still, the plea deal has to be accepted by the judge and she can pretty much do whatever she wants regarding the fines and restitituion  and technically could give her five years in the big house if she wants to. Continue reading


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Mob Wives New Blood Season Finale

Mob Wives New BloodMy TV guide is not noting this as the season finale but I am pretty sure that is what they said on the last episode. Sorry it has taken me so long to get to this recap, I’ve been super busy!

Renee has been keeping a secret from the girls. She has been secretly writing a sex novel. She reads a little bit of her book out loud. Let’s just say she is not the next Sylvia Plath.

Alicia is very nervous about her sentencing. I sort of feel sorry for her. I get that she committed crimes and needs to do the time, but her sentencing has been dragging out for like a year and counting? I’m sure she just wants to know her fate at this point.

Big Ang comes to her senses about having a baby and tells Neil he will just have to be a grandpa to the two on the way instead. Also they just bought a fixer upper house that is going to take all their time and money.

Natalie finally tells London that her job and her house and her life is in Philly. She wants London to marry her and move to Philly. They seem to be at a standstill.

Continue reading


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Mob Wives Recap: A Whole Lotta Ho Ho Ho(s)!

Mob Wives New Blood

It’s time once again for me to recap the Mob Wives.  It’s the penultimate episode and expectations for drama is high as the producers set up for the explosive season finale next week. Let’s get right to it!

Drita’s Dinner Party

Drita has all the girls over to dinner.  Drita has just finished her home renovations and she dares anyone to get out of line in her house now that she has it all done up. Let’s see how that works for her, because if renovations could stop Mob Wives from feuding, the whole clan should start their own home renovations.  Renee is the last to arrive and is seated next to Big Ang.  Natalie is already feeling bitchy toward Renee. Alicia is hopeful that Renee will stay in her seat and not put anyone in a choke hold.  Plus she is worried about her sentencing that is on the schedule for next week (yet still has not happened IRL).

Alicia basically tells Renee that she feels like their situation is very catty.  She says that Renee spreading rumors is harming her case.  Renee says that Alicia has it all wrong. She is not selling stories to the tabloids.  She may gossip with her friends from time to time but that is it. Big Ang asks Renee if she knows who the leak is. Renee says absolutely not. (heh) Renee says that she thinks that Alicia’s problem with her is really about Carla. Continue reading


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Mob Wives Recap Double Feature!

Mob Wives Halloween 2013

I have been so very busy with the blog lately I have totally gotten behind on Mob Wives. I am barely awake and making coffee so I can make it for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics tonight, but first I am going to zip through the last two episodes and give some random thoughts rather than a full recap. I am dying to hear from my Mob Wives watchers, it’s been too long! Sorry for the delay.

The last I saw, Alicia had confronted Renee as her number one suspect as “THE LEAK.” Renee is pissed about it, but frankly, I think Alicia had plenty of reason for her suspicions. Side note: I’ve only been to Philly once and I stayed in a hotel right across from that big clock. It was straight out my window and you could see it from the bed I was sharing with someone I would just as soon forget. Thanks, Mob Wives for showing it every episode. #memories.

Anyway, it’s Halloween. I hate Halloween. Where the hell are these women? I’m forwarding. It looks like Renee and Alicia will be reuniting at a Halloween party in Natalie’s funeral home. How lovely it must have been to have your loved one’s body there while that was going on.

Drita’s scene with Method Man was genuine and adorable. The rap is actually pretty decent.

I am starting to think Big Ang is actually serious about having a baby with a surrogate. If you missed her on Bethenny, her menopause discussion was priceless. Also, Renee, Drita and Alicia were recently on Bethenny as well. Yep, Renee and ALICIA.  The fact that Big Ang was not on with them, coupled this post with (which Renee actually responded to, Hey Renee! Don’t whack me! Love ya!)  makes me wonder if Renee and Big Ang are on the outs, Continue reading


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Mob Wives New Blood Recap: Eat Worms, Bitch!

Mob Wives

Drita wants to record another rap. She goes to her producer and he suggests a song, Money Bags. The producer the producer also works with Method Man and he tells Drita he has agreed to come on the show record with her.  Later, Drita asks her five year old daughter to help her rhyme. Whatever. Let’s get to the Renee and Alicia showdown.

Big Ang and Renee go for a walk to talk about Alicia calling Renee a rat. Drita meets with Alicia. Once again, Drita is supporting someone Renee is on the outs with. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I bet she gets a ration of shit from Renee.  They are discussing things that Renee said that show Renee has been gossiping about Alicia with her friends.

Natalie wants to marry London. Or at least have him move to Philly.  I could never be with someone with those teeth.

Renee got a letter from Junior. He has about a year to go before he gets out. Junior wants to come home Renee when he gets out. Renee will NEVER be a rat.  AJ says he doesn’t want to hear anything having to do with his father.  He has moved on and he doesn’t want to live in the past. Continue reading


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