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Andy Cohen Discusses His Book “The Andy Cohen Diaries” on Kelly & Michael


For those who do not know Kelly and Andy Cohen are very, very close friends. They frequently schedule vacation time together and travel together. Michael pointed out that when Mark comes he has his own dressing room but when Andy comes he gets dressed in Kelly’s dressing room with her.  Kelly says that Andy punched Michael in the abs a couple of times really hard before the show. Michael didn’t seem particularly thrilled by that. I read a rumor yesterday that Kelly and Michael don’t actually get along. I looked for signs of that today but could not make a call either way. I’ll keep watching and let you know.

Andy’s book actually sounds really interesting. He talked a lot about his trip to Montana to write at John Mayer’s place. You can read my post on that trip here. They hung out in bars and had a great time. People mistook him for Carson Daily.   Even with my poor facial recognition they look nothing alike. John Mayer said he thought they meant Carson Kressley now I am really confused.  He also went to Brazil with Anderson Cooper. Kelly was very jealous of that trip.  You can read my posts on the trip to Brazil here. And Here. She and Andy went to Croatia with Anderson Cooper I wonder if they will mention that. They did not mention that trip but you can read all the tea on that here. I actually had someone IN CROATIA giving me info. I KNOW! Andy says he managed to cause Anderson Cooper to lose his luggage (and his) by mishandling it in an airport and they were without luggage for the first night. In Brazil they did something to figure out which Sex in the City character they were. Andy was slutty Samantha and Anderson was finicky Miranda. Both are spot on but Anderson was unhappy to be Miranda. Continue reading

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