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Blood, Sweat & Heels Finale Recap: Happily Never After


Blood Sweat Heels


It’s the finale of Blood Sweat and Heels and I’m going to try to keep it short. I am just not in the recapping mood tonight. Essentially, there will be two big event’s.

Chantelle’s Boat Party For Her Business

Chantelle would like us to believe that Forbes and CNN and major media outlets are there for her business. IIRC, her business is naked flash mobs. I’m not sure how lucrative that sort of thing is.  I would image not as much as the geriatric strippers at the Clairmont Lounge make, but what do I know?  Chantelle is annoying. I would not even be watching this but Geneva apparently gives Melyssa the beatdown on the boat. I don’t want to miss that. Here is what I reported in October of 2014 when this was filmed.

The step and repeat that Chantelle is pretending to give an interview in front of about how this is her Flawless Affair has about six business names on it. None of them are hers. Everyone pretends this is Chantelle’s event. They are not good actresses. Her naked girls are part of the entertainment. Kinda like the sword swallower.

Daisy is very sick and needs to go to ER. But for some reason Mica tries to have her lay down on the boat. Bad idea. Take her to the hospital. Mica sits with her and then calls her driver. Continue reading


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Blood, Sweat & Heels Recap: Prayers For Daisy

Demetria is not pleased when the girls tell her about Geneva.

Demetria is not pleased when the girls tell her about Geneva.


I don’t know if I am really liking this season better than the first one, or if it’s just because I watch it after Kandi’s Ski Trip, and it just seems great in comparison or if it really is good this season. But I am looking forward to tonight’s show.


Arzo and boyfriend drop by Melyssa’s place. Melyssa has an eyebrow specialist there to do brows. Arzo tells Melyssa that Geneva called Greg a bitch on the way to the Hamptons. Arzo is such a little bitch ass herself. Both Arzo and Melyssa are over Geneva. Melyssa can’t wait to run to Demetria.


Demetria had a dress made for her wedding. But she fell in love with another dress last week at the bridal shoot. She is trying to get it altered in time for the wedding in three weeks. The dress is between $28,000-$32,ooo but the designer comps the dress to her for promotional consideration.

Melyssa and Arzo tell Demetria about Geneva calling Greg a bitch ass. Really? What are we twelve? Melyssa seems to hate Geneva. Melyssa is really trying to flame the fires. She wants Demetria to dump Geneva permanently.


We start with Mica and her new boyfriend Kevin. She is debating taking it to the next level. She asks Kevin if it is okay if they get tested before having sex. I had no idea you could buy HIV tests over the counter now. Back in the day, you had to go to a clinic and wait two weeks while you are convinced that you have full blown AIDS and will die before the test comes back. That’s one bad thing about the 80’s. Wow apparently now you just swipe your gums with a pad and you find out right away? How much are these because my OB/GYN tests for HPV and HIV with every annual. I don’t need that shit.

Later, Mica’s mother calls to let her know her grandmother fell. Mica was just there to see her grandmother just a few shows ago. Then in a later scene we see Mica getting ready to go home because her grandmother has passed away. Mica was very, very close with her grandmother. Mica lost her sister, then her dad on last season of the show and now her grandmother. That’s a lot to deal with.
Continue reading


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Blood, Sweat and Heels Recap: A Few Bad Apples

Blood Sweat Heels

We are in the Hamptons again. This is not a place where these women have a positive history. Demetria is doing some sort of cover shoot for a bridal magazine. The night before Demetria and Melyssa were extremely rude to Daisy while she was sharing with Geneva about her cancer. Demetria is excluding Geneva and Chantelle from everything wedding related.

Demetria just takes Melyssa  to the photo shoot. It’s at a beautiful castle. Demetria’s mother and Greg are there as well. Demetria feels bad that Geneva didn’t get to go to the cover shoot. The grounds, the gown, the flowers, everything about the set is really, really pretty. Demetria is very stiff and nervous being photographed. But she eventually loosens up. I don’t like the second dress but Demetria loves it and wants to switch her real dress to this one. To each their own. I preferred the first one.

Back at the house, Chantelle apologizes to Argo and she reciprocates. A tentative truce appears to be in place there. The girls head off to an apple orchard while Demetria shoots her cover.  I can’t believe how much I like Mica this season. She is making fun of the apple picking field trip. Daisy is kind of hurt that Demetria has not said anything kind to her regarding her cancer. Geneva says that Demetria just doesn’t handle emotional situations very well. Chantelle says that Geneva needs to stop sticking up for Demetria and excusing her behavior, especially now that she is uninvited from her wedding.  Daisy gets emotional. She says it is hard enough to share without Demetria being so heartless  toward her. Continue reading


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Blood Sweat & Tears Recap: Save The Date

Blood Sweat Heels

Once again I missed a show I wanted to see on Bravo because Andy Cohen has to tack his stupid WWHL show that I am already taping to the end of some Real Housewives shit.

So I am going to share some brief 2 am thoughts on a show I would have watched live if Andy was not such a douchebag, and just happened to catch. Cleary, Bravo does NOT understand that we have shows we watch ON THE HOUR. And if I am already taping two, I can’t watch another one because his ego does not want to wait until the ACTUAL TIME HIS SHOW COMES ON.

Chantelle is already selling “stories” to tabloids you go fame whore girl. I don’t care about your love life. Stop tweeting me about it.  Geneva has some weird knock off Birkin product placement happening. The trouble is no one knows what the fuck it is. Chantelle says she sounds like she needs a lobotomy. No, it sounds like you already had one.

We are going to the fucking Hamptons again.

Daisy is the only person I actually like better when they got cancer. In general, if you were a cunt when you get cancer, you are still a cunt with cancer. Not Daisy. First of all she was not a cunt she was just on the very annoying side of chipper. I thought it was fake. It was not. She is doing the whole “taking it like a champ” thing, which by the way is far more than I would do. If you hate me now, you will REALLY hate me with cancer. Continue reading


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Blood, Sweat & Heels Recap: Turned Up and Kicked Out

Blood Sweat Heels

Time for Blood, Sweat & Heels!  Theses women fight but there is not nearly as much bitching at the RHONY. I’m still not over that episode.


Daisy drops by to see Mica. I am amazed by Daisy’s positive attitude and I love her straight black wig. It’s so …normal.  Mica has a new friend named Kevin that she is going on a date with. Daisy is getting a CAT scan to check for new cancers. I can’t believe I actually like these two this season.

Mica goes on a date with Kevin. They bond over their love for Karaoke. Mica agrees to take him to the book signing.


Demetria and Melyssa meet for lunch in the park. They are discussing their jobs. How refreshing is it to have working women discussing business? Demetria is holding a book launch and inviting all the girls. She is already worried about Chantelle’s behavior. Which makes this feel like one of those scenes that was filmed after the fact. Demetria tells Melyssa she can’t bring a date to her wedding. But she does have a single man in mind for her Continue reading


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Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Forced Family Fun

Blood Sweat Heels

I have missed the last episode of Blood, Sweat & Heels because Andy Cohen insists on tacking WWHL to the end of things while kicks this show out of my DVR line up. This week I caught on and was able to tape a repeat.

Mica and Demetria are meeting up for a Bravo lunch. In his case I think it is one of those lunches where both parties are expecting an apology from the other and not willing to give one.

At the aptly named Crabby Shack, the two finally sit down for some crab rolls and conversation. Mica asks Demetria why she doesn’t like her. Demetria says that last season she was very loud and drunk.  Both parties feel like the other has been attacking them. No one apologized but they sort of agreed to disagree. They end with a selfie to document their détente, as is the custom. Continue reading


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