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Blood, Sweat and Heels: Glo Lights and Handcuffs

Demetria on Blood Sweat and Heels It's Hell Time

I’m sorry I have been remiss on recapping Blood, Sweat & Heels. I really like this show and need to make it more of a priority, I just finished zipping through last week.  I find myself feeling much different about everyone this season than I did last season. I don’t know how Bravo manages to flip the script like this but they do it to me all the time.  I’m having lots of compassion for Daisy and her fight with cancer. My absolute favorite from last year Demetria seems to have a stick of some sort lodged up her butt this season that I hope is just due to wedding stress and writing and self-publishing another book.  For some reason I felt so bad for Geneva when she went through her arrest that I tweeted her support and y’all know I don’t tweet the reality show participants very often and scold you all when you tag me in a tweet with them. I even find Mica endearing this season. So I am kind of confused about my perspective.

Anyway I loved tonight’s episode on fashion week. Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey were on and interviewed by Daisy at the Michael Costello show. That was a fun cross over even if it was only a “who are you wearing?” sort of thing.  I’m majorly impressed that Geneva is doing a piece for Italian Vogue.  Continue reading


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Blood Sweat and Heels Reunion Recap

Blood Sweat and Heel Girls on WWHL

This photo is from WWHL not the Reunion.

It’s the Prouds on one side and the Louds on the other. I am TOTALLY Team Proud let’s see if the reunion changes everything. I am a bit behind so I am just going to give some general comments and try to avoid a blog transcribing every detail. I still have WWHL to recap tonight!

Well, Daisy got a new wig. It is better but super long. I just can’t see her as the long-haired sultry type. Her dress is a blinding pink with parts of a purple chandelier as a necklace.  For the record, everyone seems to have missed the mark with their outfits tonight, even the always on point Demetria, who looks fine, but has looked better.

Demetria and Melyssa seem to have a friendship beyond the show and are working out a few little things the other said that hurt them on the show and apologize. Everyone says everyone is different when the cameras are not rolling. I believe that. This is season one when people still think they can make a good impression. Brie says she is the same on and off camera. The Prouds gang up on Daisy.

I love Geneva, but the girl NEEDS bangs. If you crossed Geneva’s forehead with Teresa Giudice’s forehead they would both benefit.  I don’t understand the arm pads in Geneva’s dress. At all. Continue reading


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Blood, Sweat and Heels Finale Recap

Mica Blood Sweat Heels



On tonight’s season finale of Blood, Sweat & Heels, Mica is trying to get back into the normal flow of her working life after the passing of her father.  I am still not sure which of these women was cast without a job. The rumor is that one of them was and Bravo had to invent a job for them.  I still lean toward that being Melyssa, but I swear it could be Daisy or Geneva or even Mica really.  The only one we know for sure was working is Demetria. Any of the rest of them could be just playing a role. Does Brie even claim to have a real job?

Mica is doing a fashion shoot to update some of her girls portfolios. There are many odd things about this. First of all, the modeling agency doesn’t do the models portfolios. The models maintain their portfolios and keep them current. The other weird thing is, Mica said “it’s swimsuit season.”  Um, nope, it’s summer. While that is the season one wears a swimsuit, it is not the season when swimsuit photos are taken. If for some bizarre reason Mica wanted to update her girls portfolio for swimsuit season, that should have happened in January.  I just went to look at her business website and in order to see her “models” you have to have a password.  Really? This whole scene is weird to me. Later, she looks at some of the pictures on her laptop and says she needs to send them out to clients. Makes no sense to me. Your mileage may vary. Continue reading


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Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Demetria is ERRYTHANG.

Blood Sweat and Heel Girls on WWHL

Demetria has SEVEN YEARS in as a blogger. AND two successful books. And she is more fabulous than anyone on  the show.  I think she is the bomb. If you don’t, clearly there is something wrong with you. The End.


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Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Exotic Flowers, No Carnations, No Daisies Please!

BSH stupidity

Dear God in heaven the show is almost over and I am just beginning. I am just going to have to set my alarm for tomorrow because it is going to be such a busy day. I am going to make this short and sweet.

Newsflash: I ADORE Demetria. I love how she has a blog full of smart, educated like-minded women. If you guys are going to be on the Mica train then this is not the blog for you. I am team Demetria and Geneva all day long. Deal with it.

Demetria smartly is not inviting Mica to her blog anniversary party. Because, NOE. Did I miss who this little short-haired girl is? I have no idea who she is.  Enlighten me.

Frankly, I don’t even want to blog the Mica scenes. Is there nothing these people won’t discuss on camera? Now her mama wants to come on and talk shit about her dead daddy? Um noe. Fast forwarding. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Blood Sweat &Heels Girls: Demetria Lucas, Geneva S. Thomas & Melyssa Ford

Blood Sweat and Heel Girls on WWHL

Demetria is sitting first chair. That is what I wanted to see. I am glad Andrew, RECOGNIZED, because as some little twat just posted I am biased as hell to  Demetria (and Geneva!).  For anyone else who is unclear about how a blog works, I give my opinions here. And my opinion is that Demetria and Geneva rock. Don’t agree? You can give your lame reasons for liking the loud obnoxious drunk chicks in comments. Unless you are banned from commenting, in which case you can suck it! And for those of you who prefer the Louds, things always go to hell in season two and my favorites never fail to disappoint, so if you can hang on til then, I may change my mind.

Moving on… Andy begins by throwing shade at Mica. Her “equine mating call” which I ever so delicately declined to mock on my recap tonight is the drinking “word.” Melyssa is new. As in brand new, if you know what I mean, and she doesn’t realize shade is even being thrown because that is how Andy roles. He really should NOT have put her in the middle of the Prouds.  Then Andy takes the shade farther so the clueless Loud gets it. He suggests that when we hear the equine mating call, that we drink until we flash our lady bits at an Uptown Magazine party. #ShadyBoots

Next on Andrew’s list is the video vixen herself, Melysssa. Andy clearly wants to sit next to me in the Team Proud bleachers.  Andy plays a clip of Sisqó’s Thong Song Video despite his indications that Melyssa did not want him to do so. #PalmTreeOShade .  Melyssa  pretends to be embarrassed rather than, you know actually being embarrassed. Continue reading


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Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Louds and Prouds


The gals from Blood Sweat & Tears are back in the city and hopefully ready for something a little more upbeat than the dying daddy storyline.  Everyone is getting ready to go to the Polo Classic and shopping for hats. The girls are divided into two groups. Demetria, Geneva and Brie, and the lesser idiots. Clearly, DGB do not want to mingle with MMD.  Mica is talking about how she is super woman in her talking heads and talking about cremating her father in the hat shop. Okay, you know what? I don’t care if I am an hour behind on my recapping. I am going to need a glass of wine for this. Please standby. I need to search for a corkscrew.  I’m back. Thanks for your patience. I now have wine and  candlelight (not from an abundance candle, sadly) and am ready to forge ahead.

Daisy and Maisy, I mean Melyssa, tattle to Mica that Brie had lunch with them to discuss Mica’s alcoholism. Daisy and Melyssa name their click the Louds and the sane girls the Prouds. Works for me. The Louds sure don’t have anything to be Proud of.

Demetria meets with Harriette, her mentor who calms her down a bit because her cup runneth over. They talk about how Demetria and Greg want different things when it comes to getting married. Demetria realizes that Greg needs to be high on her list even though she has so many projects going on. Demetria wants to go to the Justice of the Peace and Greg wants a big traditional wedding. Harriette advised Demetria to make time for Greg everyday.  Gurl, if you don’t someone else will! He’s a good catch! And now that you are flashing his fine ass all over the TeeVee? You better keep him happy at home, that’s all I’m saying.

The Prouds are not planning to be anywhere near the Louds at this ever so civilized function. They will not be embarrassed! Did Geneva just say “Twirl on that?” I love it! Continue reading


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Blood, Sweat and Heels Recap: Blame it on the Alcohol

Brie consols a drunken Mica on Blood Sweat and Heels

It’s been two weeks since we have spent time with those yankee gals (and Demetria) up in New York from Blood Sweat and Heels, and I am ready to get back to it. When last we left them, Daisy and Melyssa were still in the city doing their thangs, whatever they are, and the rest of the gang was in the Hamptons.  If you need to catch up on that you can do it here.

Look, I like this show, I think it is one of the best new things Bravo has offered us in a while, and there is less fake stuff in it than most of their shows, which is great.  But this show can be a little too real.  This episode deals a lot with Mica, whose Father has been dying for the past episode or two.  She was not on speaking terms with him and is trying to make amends. You may recall Bethenny had the same storyline on her show.  But I am pretty sure Bethenny took a few days off around that time. Or perhaps she didn’t have a mourner’s meltdown on national TV.  But Mica is about to lose her mind drunk off her ass in front of cameras. I feel sorry for the woman that she has no one in her life to stop her from doing it. It’s painful to watch and not fun to blog.  So I’m warning you in advance I am going to try to recount the episode without all the usual snark and humor.

Mica arrives to the Hamptons very late and drunk off of her ass. She is skinny as a rail and has been drinking for many, many hours. The sad part is, that the most fake thing about this show is that these women are friends. They were not friends before filming.  They have only seen Mica in the scenes we have seen where she is drunk and obnoxious.  They are not her friends in real life. So what we have here is a drunk woman mourning the loss of her father without a single friend in sight. The bottom line is she should not have agreed to film the Hamptons trip. I think “my dad died, sorry I can’t make it” would cover any contractual obligation. But no… Continue reading


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Blood, Sweat & Heels Recap: Pappa Can You Hear Me?

Blood Sweat Heels - Season 1

And now for something a little bit tamer, I hope, Blood, Sweat & Heels. Can’t Bravo have just one nice show? I’m hoping for lots of tranquil screen time from Demetria.  But no, we start with the three I could do without. Mica and Melyssa go to Daisy’s apartment for a fashion swap. Wow! They all have the same shoe size!  They do more sipping than swapping, but it seems like they had a good time.

Until the three start talking about their fathers. Melyssa’s  father died when she was 16. Mica starts crying and tells them that her father has pancreatic cancer and is refusing treatment and could die very soon. The girls tell Mica she has to go see her father and say goodbye.

Demetria and Geneva meet again. This time there is much less tension. They talk about Mica’s drinking issues. She is falling down drunk at every function. They wonder if she needs an intervention.

Daisy is interviewing for an assistant. I can’t say anything nice about this scene, so I will not say anything.  It’s not really part of the storyline this week.

Mica is struggling with the fact that her father is dying. Terry’s boyfriend is very good at comforting her. I’m not really comfortable recapping such a personal situation.  I really don’t think this is something she should have made “a storyline.” Continue reading


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The Cast of Blood, Sweat & Heels Were One Hot Mess on Bethenny


I know most of us are trying to disengage from the Bravo teat these days, and I was none too keen on getting hooked on yet another show, but I have to say, I am really fond of Blood, Sweat & Heels. Today the girls from the show, ,  , , and   landed on Bethenny’s couch for a Bethenny style interview. Where is ? I very odd that she is not there. Bethenny introduces them as the show that dethroned Bethenny Ever After as the most watched Bravo premiere of all time.

Bethenny asks how they came to be on such a huge hit. Demetria is sitting first chair, as I like to call it and takes the question. She says she they had no idea it would be such a huge success. She says production came calling and they were looking for a cast of black women who were very powerful and who were making moves in the city and their names like rang everybody’s bell.  Really? These girls already have the storyline down.

Bethenny asks what the baseline?  Daisy gives more of the very successful women speech. Really? Demetria is a published blogger with a nice book deal that she got on her own merits without previous help from Bravo.  Mica seems to be running a modeling agency which I find suspect given her drinking problem. One is a washed up video vixen. I’m no sure what most of the others do. Come on now. I like this show, can’t we just keep it real and say it’s a show about six women grindin’ in NYC to support themselves?  I need Bethenny to call them out on this. Continue reading


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Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Too Much Mica and Not Enough Jason

Blood Sweat Heels - Season 1Melyssa and Daisy are out at the park talking about Demetria. Because Demetria is the star and they need something to talk about on TV.  Geneva is talking to Mica about being hurt that Demetria would talk about her recent breakup in her blog. Let me stop right here to direct you to the scandalous blog at the center of all of this nonsense.  No names were used AT ALL. Demetria just refers to the group of women she was having a conversation with about snooping and checking up on your man. Demetria side of the issue is that it wrong and pretty much crazy behavior. And she is right. However, I think everyone in the world (besides Demetria who is apparently perfect in every way) has nosed around a bit on their man at least once in their life. Demetria is not talking about any major scandal. As Brandi Glanville would say, “It’s not like they murdered anybody.”  This drama is unnecessary and ridiculous.

Demetria and Brie are at a restaurant talking about Daisy and Geneva’s reactions.  Demetria acknowledges that Geneva may still be raw from the ending of her relationship. Demetria says that she had no intention of reopening a wound if that is what happened. Brie suggests that Demetria approach Geneva and tell her that she did not have bad intentions when writing the blog.  Demetria acknowledges that Brie is right and says she needs to work through her ego and then reach out to Geneva. What we are witnessing here is two grown women having a conversation, and acknowledging that perhaps some unintentional harm was done, and discussing how to make amends.  I believe this is the first time I have ever seen anything like this on Bravo. Continue reading


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