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Greggy Bennett on Watch What Happens Live!

RHONJGreggy2Now that I am finally home and happily reunited with my beloved, Vizio, and his massive um, DVR drive,  all is right in the world again.  And that means I FINALLY get to watch Sunday’s Episode of Watch What Happens live, WITH GREGGY BENNETT, the most anticipated WWHL episode EVAH in this house.  Oh. And  Andy seems super excited that Mariah Carey is there. I mean, I like her fine, but she is no Greggy.

First of all Did they get new chairs? And why is Mariah sitting in Andy’s chair and Andy is sitting on the guest side.  I do not care for change. I suppose they did it so that Greg could have a better view of Mariah from the bar. Greg is freaking out over Mariah. Update: I just checked his Twitterline  to see if Greg died from cardiac arrest.  He says she requested it because it shows her “good side.”  God she is annoying. #TeamNikki.

Greg looks hotter than the last time I saw him on muh TeeVee.  Perhaps he is actually doing prison time out there in San Fran. He looks like he has been spending a lot of time in the yard.  Or maybe he’s just a bigger gym rat than he was before. Continue reading


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