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Ladies of London Recap: Get Back On the Horse?

Ladies of londonThe ladies are all a bit hungover  the next morning. The awake to discover that Caprice left the lodge and went back to London with Julie and Annabelle. Juliet is bashing Caprice and  Marissa says that perhaps Caprice is hormonal. She’s in her last trimester and she’s probably just getting irritable. Our national treasure, Juliet jumps all over Marissa as if she had just campaigned for Caprice to be prom queen over Juliet. Clearly, Juliet has issues with Caprice and won’t rest until everyone else despises her as well.  Caroline suggest that they all go out for a bit of hair of the dog.

Annabelle’s first scene of the episode is with a horse named Mr. Fickle who she is riding in her much ballyhooed charity race. His ankles are wrapped in purple bandages and Annabelle immediately explains to the trainer that purple is a McQueen color. Dear lord, this woman is obsessed with a dead man. Anabelle is a great rider. Continue reading

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Ladies of London Recap: To The Manor Born (Or Married Into)

Ladies of london

Time to check in with the Ladies of London! We get to go to Julie’s castle or whatever she lives in. This is the first time everyone will be together after the July 4th feud. Julie is worried about Juliet’s lack of decorum. Also Caroline is still pissy with Caprice for not being gracious about her offering her a baby shower.  Annabelle is ever so used to going shooting in Mapperton. Noelle looks like she is making some sort of walk of shame to Mapperton. Caprice admits she feels like shit and is hormonal. Or short version, this is going to be awesome!

Tea and champagne at the croquet field? Um, I’ll skip the tea part of that. It seems like either a one or the other sort of thing to me.  Only Annabelle was deemed fit to actually sleep at the manor. All the rest will be housed off property somewhere amongst the peasants.

The Americans travel together. Noelle is still pissed with Scot. The Brits, Annabelle and Caprice travel together. Caprice trashes Juliet and tells Annabelle she has laid into her on her behalf. Then Caprice trashes Caroline, who kindly offered to host a shower for her in her insanely expensive home. Continue reading


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Ladies of London: Like Chalk and Cheese

Ladies of london

I am so behind on my trash TV watching and blogging! If I don’t get caught up now it is only going to get worse since my biggest addiction, Big Brother has begun!  Let’s see what the Ladies of London are up too! OMG! Juliet’s kids are so adorable! Juliet’s husband is awesome and supportive!

Thanks, Bravo, for reminding me of these ladies’ names. Annabelle and Caroline get together for tea and shade. The shade is for ridiculous American, Caprice.  But there was some left over for Juliet as well. Caroline calls Juliet to tell her to apologize to Annabelle for making a scene on the street. Frankly, I don’t see why she should, but I am American.

Caprice is trying to prepare to go the US to birth her baby and pick up the spare one from the surrogate. But first, she has a lot of horse races and hat parties to go to.

Juliet is having a hat party. I am in love with Pip, the milliner and her dress, and her hats. The rest of the ladies dresses are a bit…um..different. I want the headband hat. Please have it sent. Thanks.  I shall wear it with sweats on the sofa. I’d also like a piece of that fudge.  At the party, Caprice seems angry with Caroline for not being angry with Juliet over the fight with Annabelle and makes an early exit.

Noelle and Scot are still hunting for a place to live. This place is much nicer than the last place and a mere $10K a month. Scot is “bankrupt” until the divorce is over and he can stop hiding his money. Allegedly. Continue reading


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Ladies of London Recap: Red, White and Blue-Blooded

Ladies of london


Juliet and Marissa go out for drinks. I am really starting to become interested in London, and I have always preferred other places as a travel destination. The Yanks are throwing a Fourth of July party. Marissa is already suggesting that Juliet’s cardboard cutouts and party ideas are tacky. They are. Marrissa suggests “jam jars” for the glasses because it is so Americana. Carole is offended by the whole July 4th thing. Of course she is.

Caprice’s publicist calls to tell her she is on the cover of Daily Mail.  What they don’t tell you is that she was a fashion fail and they HATED her bug dress. Gotta love reality TV.

Time for tea and scones with Annabelle (is that her name?) and her granny who is regaling us with fascinating stories about the Queen of Sweden. So cute.

Enough cuteness. Now we have Caroline ruling her office. She’s upset that her “jelly tots” (candies) are not color coordinated.  Dear Lord, the dollar to pound ratio is still horrible. London suddenly looks less appealing again. Continue reading


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Ladies of London Recap: Someone is Not Invited to The Party

Ladies of london

I’m going to be looking back at my blog for the premiere episode a LOT trying to keep the names straight tonight. I wish I had included everyone’s hair color. I’m so bad at remembering faces.

We start with Juliet. I think she is the sort of obnoxious one. Her kids, however, are precious.

Marissa is working at her restaurant. Juliet shows up for lunch. There is a huge party coming up! The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, which is actually a big deal and always full of supermodels and fancy people.

Scot and Noelle sit down to discuss the divorce proceedings. The divorce has been postpones again because his wife is out of funds again. They are paying millions to the lawyers. The wife says Scot is hiding all of his assets. Noelle is upset that things are being postponed. Scot is ready to buy a place together. Noelle wants to wait until the divorce is final. Scot wins the debate and they go looking for a place to live. It’s $6.700 a month. And it’s awful. And it smells like old people. Somehow, Scot and Noelle were not invited to the Serpentine event. Continue reading


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Ladies of London:

Ladies of london

It’s time for Ladies of London! I haven’t seen any previews for this show and I have no idea what to expect, but I am looking forward to a new show. That said, there are seven ladies on this show and to me, that is at least one if not two, too many. It will also be a tough recap senses I have no idea who is who on the show.  Let’s see what happens!

Caroline purports to be true British high society. She claims Brad and Angelina are her new neighbors and she grew up “mixing with royals.”  She has three boys including at set of twins. She runs a business that has something to do with high-end gifts. Her lips are weird.

Caprice is a cover girl from California. She has lived in England for 17 years, she moved there when she was 24. Caprice is famous in England. She has dated Rod Stewart, David Spade and Dennis Quaid. She has a very successful lingerie business. She is pregnant. She seems to be friends with Caroline. Continue reading


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