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Nene Leakes Debuts A Madame in Cinderella on Broadway!

RHOA Nene cinderellla

“Waking up this morning in a daze like what just happened! I stood before a SOLD OUT Broadway theatre screaming my name! The overwhelming amount of love & support brought me to tears! I have so many people to Thank this morning. You might get tired of me today because I will be posting lots of pictures of last Nite. I can’t believe this. Like I really can’t believe this!” ~Nene Leakes

That is Nene Leakes this morning after  her Broadway debut on Tuesday night as Madame in Cinderella. It looks like we have had some misconceptions about the size of the role of Madame. It appears to be the third largest role in the entire play. According to Nene, it has the most lines of any other character. Keke Palmer and Nene Leakes both had their name up on the sign, while I get that both are new, the guy who has been playing the prince did not have his name up. I am getting the feeling that this is an even bigger deal that I originally thought. It sounds like Nene was a huge hit!

So major props to Nene on getting through her first performance and being well received by the sold out crowd! Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Continues To Be Rude and Unprofessional

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The New York Daily News has thrown some serious shade on Nene Leakes!  Late last night well after I felt like giving this news story my full attention, the New York Daily News posted a very interesting post about Nene’s upcoming role in Cinderella. Let’s take a look, shall we?

TV and fashion dynamo NeNe Leakes doesn’t debut for two weeks in “Cinderella,” but she has already put together a starry guest list.

“Kim Kardashian is coming to see me, and she’s bringing North,” says Leakes. “Real Housewives of New Jersey” table-flipper Teresa Giudice will be in the audience, too, before going to the Big House on fraud charges. “Teresa’s bringing her daughters,” Leakes adds. “More celebrities will come. I’m sure.” Continue reading


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More Good News for Nene Leakes!

Nene Leakes Seems Oddly Angry with Sheree and Phaedra

Not only has Nene Leakes landed the role of the evil stepmother in a Broadway production of Cinderella, a new report says that she will make an appearance on the final season of Glee! According to The Wrap, Nene will return for at least one episode to reprise her role as Roz who has been both a synchronized swim coach and cheerleading squad leader on the long running series.

Nene, who is a special pet of Ryan producer , was also cast on his show The New Normal which was cancelled after one season. It seems like I read ions ago she had one episode left on her Glee contract. If I had to make a guess based on absolutely no information, I’d bet my money that she will appear on the final episode when many of the former actors on the show will make a final return. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes, Sherri Shepherd Both Land Role on Broadway

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This is something I did not see coming.  When Nene Leakes and Sherri Shepherd were both rumored to be up for the same part in the Broadway production of Cinderella,  the initial rumors were they were angling for the part of the fairy godmother. In that story, to me the most important point was that Nene was so butthurt over comments made by Wendy Williams she was finger-painting  “Wendell” on pocket books with nail polish.

As it turns out, both Sherri Shepherd and Nene Leakes have gotten the part of Cinderella’s mother to be played across from Keke Palmer. Cinderella has been on Broadway since January of 2013 with a predominantly white cast.  That will all change next Tuesday when Sherri Shepherd and Keke Palmer take over the roles of on September 9th. Shepherd will  be the first African-American woman to play the evil stepmother on Broadway. She will play the role through November 22.  Nene Leakes will take on the role on November 25th presumably playing the role until the curtain falls for the last time January 3, 2015. Continue reading


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