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Big Brother Wednesday Recap: A First Kiss and Clay Nuts Up

Austin Liz Gif

Due to technical difficulties, I’ll be recapping tonight and I’m off to a late start. Sorry for the unavoidable delay. I’m going to make it quick to get this up, ASAP.

We start with Vanessa freaking out about still being HOH.  Vanessa, as a recruit, really doesn’t understand how HOH works. If she talks about blood on her hands, or taking a blood bath one more time I will scream. An equally stupid Clay seeks out Johnny Mack to whine to about having to win POV to get off the block. Jmac is not amused by his anguish considering Clay has asked him to go through this more than once.

Austin is all confused about James throwing the veto. He still believes Steve is the target.  Later in bed Austin and Liz finally kiss. I don’t think that Liz is as against this as she like to put on. I’ve seen her pawing him at night. At the very least, she sends mixed signals. Poor Austin is clueless about her lack of feelings for him. Continue reading

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Big Brother 17 LIve Eviction Recap: Adios, Audrey!

Chop by TrustMeImLying

Chop by TrustMeImLying

Based on a thirty second commercial I saw for tonight’s show,  it looks like instead of 37 dances by the Whackstreet Boys tonight, they might at least briefly mention the fact that Audrey has been drugged out in a dental chair for the last several days. Andy maybe show us WTF she was doing after going to the DR and not reappearing for six hours just before the veto ceremony. Maybe.

Also. they cancelled everyone’s tickets for the live finale and will fill the seats with CBS employees instead who will be told to applaud rather than boo Audrey on her exit. Also, we believe that this live eviction may be being taped before the show airs.

They start right away talking about Audrey’s bizarre behavior and tease us when Julie wonders  if she will show up for the live eviction tonight.

Shut Up Shelli! Quit playing victim. This is not about you. Finally! They show Audrey going into the diary room. They show her laying down on the diary room sofa. Three hours later everyone is speculating that Audrey DORed in the diary room and left. They are showing us NOTHING about what is going on in the DR. That is all we are watching the show for! What the hell happened in there! ? We may never know. They just showed her coming out 6 hours later. Continue reading


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Big Brother Recap For Wednesday: The Audrey Chronicles

Chop by Earthdogg

Chop by Earthdogg

I cannot wait to see how CBS handles their token transgender having some sort of psychotic break and being doped to the gills to sleep in a dentist chair for days. This will be a big challenge even for their spin masters. The casuals never really get a feel for the true story. Here we go…

Did I mention that I really hate Shelli? And she is a hometown girl I should be rooting for. She just reeks of Kate Gosselin to me. She treats Clay almost  like Kate treats that one triplet boy she can’t stand. What? I’m just saying.

At this point in the TV show Johnny and Jason are down and out and both desperate for the Veto, and Audrey still really needs a chin.  Audrey has a talk with James about how Slay feel so entitled and comfortable. James totally goes to Slay and spills the whole story. James so wants to be in with the cool couple that he doesn’t even file this information for himself. Which is great for us that want Audrey out. Basically, James running to Slay is  the catalyst for everything else that happens this week. Continue reading


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Big Brother Sunday Night Recap: Smashing Pumpkins

bb17 shelli mad face

Tell me this doesn’t remind you of Kate Gosselin!

Shelli and Liz won Head of Household. Shelli is like a pig in shit to have all of the power again. Liz goes to the camera and sends a special message to Julia that she won it just for her. Barf. Austin is freaked out that there was an unaccounted for vote to keep Jeff. He brings his concerns that someone “lied to his face” about the vote to Liz (ie: the person who “lied to his face” about the vote). Poor, romantic fool. The best thing for Austin’s game would be for Jizz to get evicted.

Nauseating Shelli and Clay showmance montage.

In the HoH room, Liz’s photos have all been strategically edited to remove Julia. Shelli gets a letter from her dog. Jason jokes that the dog probably writes more intelligently than Clay. Oh, snap! Liz’s mom tells her not to cry because she cries ugly.

Silly (ie: stupid) household hijinks montage. Continue reading


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Big Brother Eviction Night: Vanessa is All In on Getting Jeff Out

BB17 Top Scum Jeff

Chop by Archimedes

This week in the Big Brother houses, lots of alliances began to crumble. Vanessa exposed her crazy when she came down with a serious case of HOHitis.  Austin and Vanessa managed to turn nearly everyone against Jeff. And Clay and Shelli started to figure out that showmances are targets in the house. Silly recruits.

Jackie is upset that Jeff is on the way out, but she really shouldn’t be. When she gets home and sees how Jeff trash talked her she is not going to be pleased.

Jeff goes on an apology tour. And he has a lot of things to apologize for. Shelli is just such an annoying little twat. She really thinks she runs this whole game. Jeff fake cries to Shelli. She sort of buys it.

What on earth does Jackie see in Jeff? Who told Jeff he was some hot commodity? Because they definitely lied to him!

Austin and Liz are a thing. In the diary room, Austin practically says he is falling in love with Liz. Jeff likes to hit on Liz just to piss off Austin. Liz and Jeff talk in bed under the covers and Austin walks in. It’s Austin’s bed with Liz! Dick move, Jeff. I don’t think Liz is that into Austin. Continue reading


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Big Brother Sunday Night Recap

CHop by UNCDAVID (twitter)

CHop by UNCDAVID (twitter)

By Lady Cocotte

The twin twist is the talk of the house. Jizz can tell people are trying to trip them up so when Vanessa confronts her, Julia decides to come clean. While Julia is relieved to finally tell the truth, Vanessa is all about the cover up. She gives Julia advice on twin “tells” to keep the rest of the house guessing. Vanessa then decides to tell Shelli and Clay because “they notice details more than other people.” Thanks, Vanessa. I needed that laugh. The only details Shelli notices are on Clay’s D. Shelli’s first question is: which one is a Zeta. Both of them! Eeeee! “We’re sorority sisters! Zeta love!” Vanessa tells Austin but he doesn’t believe her. Once she convinces him that Liz is a twin he still doesn’t really get it. “Why does it matter if she’s a twin?” Oh, Austin… He’s definitely shell shocked that his biggest ally is really two people and he never noticed. I almost feel bad for him.

At Gronk’s beer pong, Austin and Vanessa won Head of Household. “With great power comes… Judas.” The house is a little unsettled because no one knows where Austin & Vanessa’s allegiance lies. As usual, everyone hopes they’ll go after Audrey. Austin thinks he’s a big target so he wants to keep Audrey to use as a shield. Vanessa wants to put up James and backdoor Jeff if James comes off. Austin likes her plan but wants people to think he’s not in on it. He even practices his shocked look. Up in the HoH room, Vanessa is very excited to show off pictures of her girlfriend. I’m more interested in her cute dogs. Damn, Austin was an ugly baby. Austin gets a Clay Aiken cd. “His music touches something deep inside of me.” So do the boys in WeHo but that’s another story (NTTAWWT).

It’s time for the twins to swap out. Julia tells Liz that the truth is out and that Vanessa, Austin, Shelli and Clay are working with them. Liz is on “cloud 10” that her besties are HoH. Clay, in his Hugh Hefner robe, assures Liz that he’s protecting her. Vanessa takes gummie bears away from Thickums. Liz sucks up to Shelli for some reason. Austin claims he notices all the differences now. Ok, guy. They name their alliance the Sixth Sense. Continue reading


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Big Brother Eviction/HOH Recap: At The End of the Da’…

BB17 Da'vonne

PhotoChop by Archimedes

It is the biggest night of the week for Big Brother addicts! It a sad hopeless night for Da’Vonne fans. Barring some sort of last minute miracle, she should be evicted tonight.

Oh SHUT UP, Shelli.

They show the #TakeOver twist this week. It’s a red phone booth where Kathy Griffin will call several times to tell the houseguests a joke. The seventh person to answer wins the opportunity to cancel three votes during tonight’s eviction. Jason’s Tip: Here’s a tip. Try to be less annoying. Like way less.
Meg’s Tip: Lose ten pounds.
Jiz’s Tip: Breath mints. Lots of them.
John’s Tip: A little less sun. You look like a suitcase.
Vanessa’s Tip: Try not sucking at competitions.
Jeff’s Tip: Showers are supposed to be daily. Phew!
Da’Vonne’s Tip: (This is #7 the winning tip and Clay wanted it) Start thinking about eviction night, you’ve just won the power of the last laugh.

Please don’t let Clay when HOH tonight. I cannot stand “Shay” getting all of this camera time from the HOH. I hate these two.

At least editing is giving credit to Da’Vonne for figuring out the #TwinTwist. Where the hell was Austin when everyone else in the entire house found out about the Twin Twist?  They show Day approaching Jiz for her vote.

Julie does not reveal who got the last laugh but she does send Becky, Jeff and Jackie  into the dining room where they will not be present for the live vote.  WOW! That was a weird choice. I definitely expected Clay to be sitting out.

Day’s speech said there are people who are strong players in the house and there is a pack of cowards. The cowards are currently in control of the house. If you want that to change vote to save her. Or they can vote to save Meg and let her be the beautiful pawn sitting next to them next week. Meg speech was just bubbly Meg. OMG you guys are so hot tonight kind of Megspeak.

Let us pray. Continue reading


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