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What’s Going on With Andy Cohen & Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper & Teresa Giudice

WWHL Ellen and AC

On Ask Andy recently, he was asked what is going on with him and Kathy Griffin. Did they have a falling out? She is never on WWHL anymore and there have been no new specials.

Andy gives a weird sigh of disinterest and says, ” Yeah I know. (pause) Did we have a falling out? Not that I know of.  (dumb Andy face) Although you never know. /shrug

The chick says “It’s true you never know with her she could be hating on you right now…”

Andy, “I’m sure she is, maybe she hates me… you never know.”  He’s chewing gum. Why does he do that? What is with Americans and their gum?

On WWHL, with Ellen Barkin and Anderson Cooper,  Andy seems to announce that Cooper is a bottom, which I am not sure has ever been verified before. This is a show that Cohen called his besties in for because someone cancelled last minute.  It’s like three best friends getting drunk on TV. Anyway, this is not a show I would normally recap, although it is good, but I think the topic of Kathy Griffin is going to come up.  And I want to know what is going on with Andy  and Kathy, because it seems that AC still loves Kathy, but Cohen perhaps not so much.  LOL someone just checked Andy for only giving bathrobes to his favorites. It’s so true, I can’t believe he read that. Continue reading


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Big Brother :Donny, You’re Out of Your Element! Dude, the Chinaman is Not the Issue Here!

BB16 Can't sit with us

Chop Credit: Unknown?

We are to the Everyone Hates Donny show. But now, they have a new girl to shun in Nicole. Donny and Nicole both know they are in a hopeless situation. Donny gets Nicole up to speed. Nicole is nearby. She leaves to go report the conversation to Derrick and Donny informs Nicole that Victoria doesn’t even know where she is. She’s such a clueless mess.

Derrick is rallying his minions telling them not to talk to Nicole. Christine is not in the room and Derrick says if anyone is going to run their mouths it will be her. He’s already setting her up to go home if they can’t get either Donny or Nicole out of the house this week. He’s three moves in front of everyone in this house.  I wonder if Team America ends if Donny is evicted. If production decides to do that, it could help to get Donny further in the game. However, currently everyone REALLY hates Donny for absolutely no reason at all.  Derrick is the only one to have anything against Donny because he knows that Donny knows Derrick’s exact plan. He explained it very clearly to Cody, but Cody is too stupid to get it.

Please add 3rd degree black belt to Caleb’s list of skills and abilities. Which reminds me we had another Caleb family member visit here today. Continue reading


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Big Brother Live Eviction and HOH: Will Christine’s Boyfriend Leave Tonight?

Such an exciting show ahead of us tonight! The end of the double HOH and the return of an evicted houseguest. I’m so excited! Wow, Julie looks like she has had some work done.

Victoria is mean toward Zach in DR. I thought she was such a nice girl! Oh I forgot, Zach has treated her like a bitch all summer. Donnie is going gray in the house. Donnie promises Zach his vote. I hope he gives it to him even though it will just be one vote. That way if he comes back in the house he might work with Donnie.

Victoria has devised a plan to get back at Zach. He has been wearing her pink hat all season while saying vile things to her. He just kept wearing it every day. Because it is her property Victoria can destroy it (you can’t destroy other people’s property) so she is cutting it up.  You go Victoria. That was your boldest game move yet. You show the guy going out the door who is boss. LOL Victoria says this is the most satisfying thing I have done all summer. So funny. Continue reading


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Big Brother Veto Episode With Zingbot and Kathy Griffin

BB16 Zingbot

The Battle of the Block competition is over and Donny knows that Christine was in on a plan for him to lose veto. Donny is the only person in the house who is on to Derrick. Donny is the only person in the house  that pretty much understands where everyone is in the house. Donny tries to help Zach and tells him to win the veto. Zach and Frankie agree that Derrick wins in a final two with anyone.

Team America’s task is to steal an item of clothing from everyone. They took Derrick’s boots instead of the bunny slippers, I guess because the bunny slippers are Amber’s.

During the Veto player drawing, Donny says he wants to win veto and take some color coated candy and use it to see if he should use it or not. That would be so awesome if he did that at the ceremony with a little speech where he says, “Well you guys have decided that the fate of everyone should be determined by a random candy draw, so if this her red candy is drawn, I will not use the veto, but if this her green one is, I will. Sounds fair right? Except I drew this morning when y’all were all sleeping and I pulled the red one. So the nominations will stay the same. Sorry guys, don’t blame me, blame the skittles.”

Neither Derrick nor Zach are picked for veto. The majority of the house is pissed. Continue reading


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