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David Tutera’s Celebrations: JWoww Throws A Surprise Birthday For Roger

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Well, the good news is that JWoww’s tacky demands are not for a wedding but for a surprise birthday party for Roger. That makes me feel slightly better.  David is not thrilled with JWoww as a client or having to go to New Jersey.

Jwoww already seems like a bitch. She want’s drag queens and strippers and elephants, something about people with bologna on their private parts. Naked sushi. A motorcycle. This shit is too stupid to recap. I will try to tough it out but I am not making any promises.

This is the biggest scripted mess I have ever seen. Jwoww has a jersey stylist that is hideous. Jwoww looks hideous. I can’t explain the dress in words. It’ just horrible.

The party was a success. The end. Sorry. I may stop recapping this mess. I think Taylor was the only one we really wanted to see anyway.



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