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Leave Leif Garrett Alone!


After my recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills my inbox was flooded with old ladies who apparently still bear a torch for Jimmy McNichol. They were furious with me to an extent for saying he wasn’t aging well, but even more furious at Kim Richards for “making it seem like he wanted to date her”  because he is married to a beautiful woman and everything around is perfect in every way. I laughed and just deleted the comments. Sorry, I should probably have just put them through for you guys to mock them. Don’t worry. I am about to give you something TOTALLY ridiculous to mock ME about.

Apparently, Sharon Osborne, who I used to like, has been trash talking Leif Garrett! GASP! Nobody better open their mouth about Leif Garrett on my watch, sister friend!  Oh no. We do not trash talk Leif Garrett. Ever. Leif has had a very rough life. At age 17, he was the driver in a car accident that left his best friend a paraplegic and it screwed him up completely. He ended up a drug addict and a drifter and even ended up on Celebrity Rehab one season.

I am laying in wait for this interview. Sharon better do some big time backpedaling. I believe what she said on the show initially is that “Leif Garrett lives under a bridge now and there is a spot for Justin Bieber right next to him.” Which means I really don’t need to go in on Sharon because the Bielibers have surely sent a lynch mob by now.  I haven’t watched The Talk in ages so my tolerance level for Sheryl Underwood is low again. Especially since her bit today is farting.  Really? Five grown women and fart jokes? Stop. Continue reading


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