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Flipping Out Recap: Hostile Work Environments

Flipping out I just watched last week’s episode where Jenni came back to work. Thank God she did because they can’t have this show without her. I imagine they just shut down production for a couple weeks to wait on her return. Her “Head of Human Resources” schtick this season is hysterical. I love her deadpan talking heads where she solemnly discusses the infractions she must handle as head of human resources.  Megan Weaver and her giant beaver are not doing a damn thing for me. Even Jeff seems over her hungover ass. Wait, did Jeff fire her at the end of the last episode? I kinda tuned out a bit and was making a salad. I have forty-seven million shows to watch between now and Saturday when I change providers and get an DVR! Bye Bye to my huge collection of No Reservations episodes! I will miss you the mostest!

Jeff is back on the landscape project with that bitch Lisa and her poor husband. Blech. Neither one of these people can make simple decisions when presented with choices.

Zoila is learning to twerk. The head of human resources is not amused. Fuck. Megan is there. Why? Jeff loves mocking Jenni about her clothes and telling her she should stick to maternity wear a while longer. Jenni looks great by the way. Continue reading

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Flipping Out Recap: It’s A Girl!

flipping outJenni’s due date has come and gone and she could pop at any minute. So Jeff & Co being the good friends that they are mercilessly teasing her about her perineum tearing completely making “two holes become one.”

The clients this week are a celebrity couple  (Zack from Saved by the Bell? and his wife) who need a nursery and that bitchy, shrieky, Lisa woman they worked for last season who is a bitch to Jenni. The only person who is allowed to be a bitch to Jenni is Jeff. Continue reading


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Flipping Out! Zoila Killed Lupe!

Jeff Lewis Colors

I somehow managed to get two episodes behind on Flipping Out. I love this show! I’m not interested in doing a full on recap of the episodes, but I did have a few things I wanted to share with y’all as talking points.

Zoila killed Lupe! I thank that is just fantastic! From the day she arrived, Lupe was trying to get Zoila’s cushy job with benefits like a Mercedes and a full body lift. Don’t come between a woman and her gay best friend bearing gifts. RIP, Lupe.

I’m experiencing some cognitive dissonance over the pleasure I get from watching everyone torture Andrew. I’m usually very upset by one cast member getting psychologically tortured and bullied by their cast mates.  This stance makes me feel all morally superior to the rest of you assholes. This show has cast my moral superiority aside and replaced it with heaping helpings of schadenfreude. I am a bad person.

I still do not like Meagan Weaver or her big beaver.  I also did not find the sommelier to be particularly attractive. Continue reading


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Flipping Out is Back! YAY!

flipping out

I love Flipping Out! It’s one of the few “reality shows” left that is actually fun and funny!  No table flipping, no wig snatching and no federal indictments and yet, we still watch!  On the down side, Andrew is there. He is the person everyone picks on BECAUSE HE IS AN IDIOT!  But rather than fire him, Jeff likes to grind his organ (see what I did there?) while Andrew dances in a paint can outfit.

Because Jenni is knocked up and about to pop, we needed a new Jenni. Jeff has chosen Megan. I hate Megan within ten seconds because she is not Jenni. This is never going to work. Hopefully one of two things happen before the end of the episode, either she quits or Andrew poisons her. Whatever it takes works for me.

Jeff is buying Vanina a set of boobs because he ruined her relationship and the guy dumped her. Andrew is jealous. Jenni is perplexed. Jeff is shopping for the best deal. He’s found a doctor that has tits on sale. It’s all perfectly normal for this show.

Rats in the attic. National Geographic boobs. Let’s move on. I am particularly sensitive about both of those issues. We shan’t speak on this further.

Gage and Jeff are still together. This displeases me. Gage is kind of a goober. Continue reading


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