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Project Runway Recap: Fashion Flip (More Like Fashion FLOP!)

Project Runway Candice Black Leather

                                                                Candice’s Look

This week’s challenge is an infomercial for Mary Kay. The challenge is to put a new twist on a classic look. The challenge is so broad that everyone is just pretty much doing whatever they want.

Blake doesn’t know how to read an analog clock. This is a bigger problem than you think these days. Everyone is raised with digital clocks everywhere.  Amanda on the other hand, doesn’t know what she is doing, again. But she is really good at freaking out and complaining.  Candice is confident in her look and this pisses Amanda off. Lindsay has a great look on a pencil skirt/ shift dress with a coat/blazer. I love her material. Gabrielle waited for Tim to get there to tell her what to do because she is confused and anxious. Her ideas are good but she needs to get to executing.  Tim tells Swapnil that his pleather is tacky and that his look from Breakfast at Tifanny is more like Breakfast in Las Vegas. Ouch.  Amanda tells Tim she is psyched out from being in the bottom two out of the first three weeks.

I’m worried for Homeslice this week. He is doing some sort of zip up jumpsuit. Tim is actually encouraging it. Does Tim hate my homeboy?  Kelly wants to reinvent the basic white t-shirt. So she is making an odd see through type t-shirt. I’ll reserve judgment until I see in on the runway. I sort of think it could go either way with the judges. Tim likes it.

Whatshisname  is using a basketball jersey as his “iconic look of departure.” Really? He is going to go before I even learn his name.  Joseph is doing a dress with a peplum and a pencil skirt with some sort of scuba fabric. Oh Joseph. I try so hard to defend you. Ashley says it is matronly. Again. Tim suggests a very low back.  Blake has nothing on his mannequin and his design makes no sense. It’s not just me. Tim is baffled too.

During construction, lots of people have major problems with their fabric. Except for Blake. He doesn’t even know he is going to have issues sewing together a stretch fabric with a non-stretch fabric yet, because he has not gotten that far. Continue reading


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Project Runway Recap: Shut Up and Sew!

project runway venice loook

The Venice Look

We start off this week of Project Runway on a Celebrity cruise ship. I’ve never been on a real cruise. I did run away from home once and ended up in Florida where I took a $99 day trip to the Bahamas. I won a bunch of money in the ship’s casino. I hated the dining hall personnel though. I was traveling alone and they kept seating me with families with kids. They expected to be tipped for seating me at horrible tables and bringing me a glass of tea. Um no.

But this looks mighty fancy. The designers have to pick a cruise destination to inspire their looks this week.  They have to work in pairs of two representing seven destinations. Teams are chosen by the dreaded button bag. Teams are, Amanda and Gabrielle who choose South of France, Ashley and Candice team up and choose Venice, Lindsay and Jake team up to pick Hong Kong, Laurie and Swapnil choose India, Kelly gets stuck with Blake and choose Greek Isles, Homeboy Edmond, who has immunity gets paired with Hanmaio and they choose the Caribbean, which leaves Joseph stuck with Merline in St Petersberg. I assume the title line of this episode will be screamed by Joseph at Merline, repeatedly.

The designers seem quite pleased with their fabrics. I think they are all very LOUD. Oh okay, all of the solid colors are in the sewing room. Blake hogs all the solid white fabric even though he doesn’t need it all. Lindsay and Jake are not getting along. Lindsay wants to do a kimono even though Jake pointed out that’s Japanese, not Chinese.  Hanmaio is not communicating with Edmond. Edmond wants to do a swimwear outfit. Hanmaio is not listening. Hanmaio told homeboy to shut up!  Candice and Ashley are getting along great, but I hate their fabric and they are using all three patterns. Blargh. Tim tries to tell Hanmiao that they in fact do need swimwear. Hanmiao is unhappy. Lindsay is doing all the sewing while Jake sort of gives up. Hanmaio is a hot mess. Edmond makes a swimsuit because hers is a nightmare. Edmond’s is awesome. But Hanmaio takes the model into the bathroom and sews the model into he suit. It’s hideous. I expect the model to have a major wardrobe malfunction. Continue reading


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Project Runway Recap: The Unconventional Materials Challenge

Project Runway 2

This week’s show was apparently ninety minutes in the first airing and an hour for the later ones. I apparently have a conflict at the original time and am watching one of the later editions. According to a wise guy, um wise man I know it  seems like the first airing had thirty more minutes of Hallmark promotions. Really Hallmark? The regular hour was not enough for you?

If I were doing this challenge, I would totally ignore the cards (while still taking them of course) and choose based on the envelopes. It would seem that one would need a lot of paper with the same color.  There seems to be a lot of yellow, pink and Tiffany blue available. I would try to narrow it down to one or two complimentary colors and if the cards had a cute embellishment, like bows or stones that would be icing on the cake. I have no idea why two idiots wanted those stupid purple sequined cards that said Fabulous! I would not want to work around any words.

I was sitting here trying to like Blake, even though he is and idiot and it is an effort. Then he insults the Indian guy and I felt a sense of relief that I could now just pray for his early demise. His talking heads make me hope that his demise involves physical pain of some sort. Continue reading


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Are You Watching Project Runway?

Project Runway

I’m finally feeling like watching the premiere of Project Runway. I can’t believe it is season 14!  We start with the new designers in Madison Square Garden. There are large pieces of cloth strewn throughout stadium seats and the cloth grabbing begins.  They can make anything they want, as long as they use the cloth that they grabbed. Oddly, three people did not bring any sort of sewing supply kits.  Looks like they will just have to borrow from others. We certainly have an eclectic mix of designers this season.

Merline is on my last nerve. I can’t imagine trying to work near her. I already want to fast forward through her scenes. Merline is apparently sewing Muslims. She said it ten times before Tim finally corrected her.

I’m so glad that Tim Gunn is back rather than those women who have been mentoring the last few seasons. Tim Gunn is the whole point of the show.  When I taught elementary school, I found the phrases “carry on” and “make it work” quite useful. When marching my brood around (I always had a very orderly line) we would stop at each corner and make sure all the ducklings were together, then I’d tell the line leader, “carry on!” in my best Tim Gunn voice. Continue reading


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