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Couples Therapy Recap: Releasing Anger

Couples Therapy, John Bluer, Taylor Armstrong, Ghost Face Killah, Farrah Abraham, John GosselinSada and Whitney

Sada is freaking out because her father is coming to the house for a session with her and Dr. Jenn. This is really putting a strain on her already volatile relationship with Whitney. These two try to communicate, they just seem to not hear what the other person is saying.

Dr. Jenn sits down with Sada and her father to discuss Sada’s history of growing up in a loud, aggressive family. Sada’s father says there is a history of violent behavior going back generations. Her father apologizes for hurting her. It was all very calm and emotionless. Sada and Whitney seem to end things on a good note. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Recap: Repeating The Same Patterns

Couples Therapy, John Bluer, Taylor Armstrong, Ghost Face Killah, Farrah Abraham, John Gosselin

This episode of Couple’s Therapy is about repeating the same patterns. It’s a great topic, but I have no faith at all in Dr. Jenn’s ability to explore the topic with any degree of success.  I must have been naïve to think that therapists who come on TV shows are any less attention seeking than the “patients.”  Regardless, I just can’t quit this train wreck, despite the lateness of my recapping, here we go.

Jon and Liz. Part of the whole group therapy thing from my perspective is for people to get an idea of how they are perceived by others. You know, like with that great head shrinker of our time Dr. Phil asks the audience who thinks the person on the stage is full of shit. It’s supposed to make the person realize that the group consensus that change needs to be made. Yet every fucked up person on this show has tried several times to tell Jon that his cowering submissiveness is beyond emasculating and Liz’s constant cracking of the whip and humiliating him is wrong. Yet they seem to be just fine with the power exchange and so why the hell are they even there? Clearly, Jon wants to be the doormat and Liz wants to walk on him. If they are into that? Good for them. But quit trying to pretend like you are there to make changes that clearly you do not want to make. Jon has a history of submission and I suspect Liz has a history of humiliating her partners. Maybe it’s a match made in BDSM heaven. But let’s move on, for fucksake.

Dr. Jenn meets with Jon to explain that he needs to grow some balls. Jon starts right away defending Liz. Jon says Liz is really good with his kids. Didn’t the love profile last week indicate that neither of these two procreators were in the least bit “family oriented?” Oh wait, I remember. He just dismissed that whole thing as television for ratings.  Dr. Jenn says that Liz doesn’t really care if she hurts Jon or not. Dr. Jenn suggests he stop being a wounded animal, take his power back and stand up for himself. Later. Liz seems to be realizing she is a bitch. Progress? Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Recap: We Don’t Want No Crumby Love

Couples Therapy, John Bluer, Taylor Armstrong, Ghost Face Killah, Farrah Abraham, John Gosselin

It’s time for Couples Therapy again. It seems the weeks just fly by these days! I am ready to see what Kelsey and Latrice decide to do about Ghost. I hope they both toss him to the curb. Usually, in these situations, both are hoping the other will walk away. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Yes Kelsey, he has shown you who he really is! Kelsey bolts from therapy and Dr. Jenn goes after her. I was praying for someone with some sense to go in to comfort her, but sadly for Kelsey, Taylor goes to her instead. Dr. Jenn gives her stupid “crumbs of love” analogy again because that was so helpful the first time.

Kelsey wants to apologize to Latrice for interfering in her relationship even though she did not know Ghost was a slime bucket with a girlfriend. Latrice says she doesn’t know if she can trust Ghost. Really? What more do you need to know he is a lying sack of shit? Latrice goes back to the hotel. Kelsey says she is done with Ghost. But is she? Kelsey says she is not going to wait for him to choose. She is not going to share a bed with him tonight.

Taylor says the person she feels the most for and has the most concern for is Kelsey.  Mostly because the TV cameras follow the drama, and she is all about the cameras. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Recap: Get Real

Couples Therapy, John Bluer, Taylor Armstrong, Ghost Face Killah, Farrah Abraham, John Gosselin

Tonight we begin the second half of the debacle known as Couples Therapy.  The title is Get Real and I suppose it refers to both Ghost and Farrah. I doubt either will actually do it. But I am sure that Dr. Jenn will pretend to buy whatever they put up for sale.  Tonight Farrah has an off camera session with Dr. Jenn and Ghost has a three-way session with Ghost Face Killer, Kelsey and Latrice.

We pick back up with Kelsey furious with Ghost. Ghost goes to do damage control. For once Kelsey does not cave. Sada comes out and talks with Kelsey. Sada gives WAY better advice than Dr. Jenn. She says that Ghost doesn’t get to pick. That Kelsey needs to walk away with some dignity. That she is better than this. Later, Dr. Mike’s counseling is basically keep your chin up.

The counselor chick has been tagged as “it.” This means she gets to chat with Farrah over breakfast about her lack of relationships with others in the house. They are all still eating takeout with plastic forks. I hate to agree with Taylor, and certainly don’t agree with the delivery but I would not want to live off of take out for two weeks either. Can’t they get some food in the house? Can anyone cook? Kelsey maybe? Perhaps the living conditions are a bit sub par despite the beautiful interior. Blaring heat and nothing but takeout from Applebees would be some pretty rough conditions. I can see pea green towels pushing me over the edge. Just not on day one after a full night out on the town.  Anyway, the counselor is pushing Farrah to try to fit in. I don’t see that happening in the last week.  Farrah says people are so rude.

John, Taylor, Sada and Jon are all outside talking about Farrah.  Her story just does not add up. Taylor and John make all kinds of fun of Farrah in her talking heads. It’s rude and immature. They are grown adults with grown children and a lost little girl. They have absolutely no compassion for Farrah, which is partially understandable, but to take it to the next level and mock her clothing (Taylor) and her poor conversational skills (John) is pretty reprehensible, especially in the context of group therapy. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Recap: Playa 4 Life

Couples TherapyWe are half way through therapy according to Dr. Jenn.  Sounds like this is going to be a very short season.  Dr. Jenn explains that Liz caught Jon masturbating and he is lying about it. This she claims is the perfect segue into today’s group. I can barely believe I typed that let alone that Dr, Jenn said it.  The topic is sex.

Jon loves sex with Liz.  When she isn’t in the mood he masturbates. Dr. Jenn let Liz have it for shaming him and emasculating him when she caught him masturbating. Liz seems pissed and Jon will likely pay for this later.

Dr. Jenn essentially asks Farrah if guys think she is an easy lay since she is a porn star? The exchange three sentences without Farrah fake crying. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Recap: Fess Up

Couples TherapySorry I am so behind, it’s been a very busy few days here at Tamara Tattles!  I finally have a moment to watch Couples Therapy!  I love this show despite knowing that it is all fake.

Sada and Whitney tell Taylor and John that they watched  Farrah’s porno and it was all “backdoor.” They repeat this several times as if this revelation makes the whole thing more  salacious. Actually, Taylor says if you are going to do one, do it while you are young. Whitney says that she and Sada have done things on TV of a sexual nature. No judgment for that.  But they do want to give her a ration of shit for lying about it.

The group session is about trust and fidelity. Clearly, this is targeted at Ghost and Kelsey. Ghost is a huge player. Kelsey knows she can’t trust him. Ghost asks Dr. Jenn I he is being looked at as the bad guy. No, Ghost, just a guy who can’t keep his dick in his pants. Ghost is sweating and looking for the exit. Ghost says he doesn’t fall in love in four months. He says that Kelsey is one of his relationships. (AKA just another number) and he was surprised at her intense emotional involvement. But he said it all, Ghosty.  Ghost clams up. Kelsey never says a word that we see. Continue reading


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