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Catfish Recap: Prophet & Trinity



Well Prophet and Trinity definitely seem like a marriage made by God himself. what could possibly go wrong here? Wait WHUT? it’s PROPHET From Nappy Roots? Oh this can’t be fake at all. /Heavy Sigh

Nev explains why every hotel they go to the have the same pictures. They can’t use the hotel room picture on the show? Are they serious? Copyright laws are that strict? Whatever. Nev’s story is one of the production guys paints the pictures and they take them to every hotel the go to. That is just weird.

Ryan is supposed to be the person writing in. Ryan is Prophet. Trinity is way to hot to be online having a relationship with a random Internet person.  Oh Ryan’s friends say the same thing I just did.  Ryan is new to the Internet. WHAT? How the fuck is that possible.  Let me answer that, it’s not. Prophet just wants to be on TV again. Multi-platinum recording artist or not, he is looking of for some attention. Oh wait, he has lost all his record deals because of some altercation with the po po in Kentucky. This is about public image. He’s pushing a police brutality angle during a time when that is front page news. This is all a bunch of fake shit. She is probably his girlfriend. Nev and Max are being catfished again. Continue reading


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