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WWHL With Kyle Richards and Brad Goreski

WWHL Kyle and Brad


Tonight on WWHL we have a rather last-minute replacement of Elle MacPherson with Brad Goreski. I guess Elle got a better offer a couple of days ago?  Kyle looks great if a bit understandably nervous. Her hair is STUNNING.

Kyle wants to make a statement right off the bat that she had only set up a massage for the ladies and the hotel decided to go all out. That’s three or four times tonight she has apologized for that. Poor thing.

Next week, Brandi goes back to idiot mode and screams at Kyle that she doesn’t support her Kim ever and Brandi is the only one who is there for Kim. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Can Spin You Fools Anyway She Wants, Really?

RHOA Nene teeth


I sometimes forget that some of you are new, you don’t know me, you don’t trust my sources yet. But really? Do a bit of reading, PULEASE. Nene Leakes has been losing her mind lately. She’s desperate because she has been told this is her last season on RHOA.  That is her only huge paycheck and it’s not anything close to the million dollars she wants y’all to think it is. She’s standing in for a drag queen who is on summer vacation for a week in Vegas. And she is closing out a Broadway show of Cinderella so that the real actress can prepare for her next gig.

She is taking anything she can get. I admit the Broadway gig was pretty impressive from a career standpoint. But Nene’s MONEY comes from Bravo and they are done with her. And she knows it. So all of these rumors about production companies (WTF does Nene Leakes know about running a business let alone production) or replacing Joan Rivers? Stop trying to make the bitch roll over in her grave. Continue reading


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Joan Rivers Dead at 81


The losses of our nation’s great comedians continued today with the death of Joan Rivers. Joan was a trail blazer for female comedians since she first appeared, nearly fifty years ago on The Ed Sullivan Show. Joan’s no holds barred approach to comedy made her a very controversial figure, especially early on in her career.  Later in her career, her red carpet hosting was the reason to tune in to awards shows.

Like many comedians, Joan’s life included a lot of dark periods. Her beloved husband Edgar’s suicide around the time her Fox late night talk show was cancelled was difficult. Joan admitted to contemplating suicide during that time, and her interviews often including her offering support to depressed people going through a dark time encouraging them to push through because things change and life does get better. Continue reading


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