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New Celebrity Apprentice Rumors! Kenya is Evil!


RHOA Kenya Moore

Kenya in her Apprentice Hotel Room

This morning my email box was full of two things. More questions for me in the open forum post (which turned into forum where y’all just pelted me with questions rather than the drunken happy hour I imagined…)  and links to a story on the Daily Mail about Kenya’s outrageous behavior on Celebrity Apprentice!

Celebrity Apprentice is a show about wealthy A-list celebrities who come together to hold hands and sing Kumbaya and pray that the lord will help all the little people with charitable needs. Everyone loves everyone and they work together in peace and harmony for the children with no legs.

Oh wait, that’s not it at all Celebrity Apprenctice is show put together by Donald Trump where he collects together some D-list TV actors and puts them on teams with people he knows they will hate and forces them to work together for a celebrity cause. Notoriously the men do very well in the beginning as the women focus all of their time attacking each other. As the game progresses, The final player try to balance working with people they do not like to bring down the hopes and dreams of the other team.

After each task Donald calls them into the boardroom and rails on them for being such fucktards.  He picks one of the players and screams YOU’RE FIRED!  This happens to everyone except the final winner. It’s how the show works. Sometimes Donald even screams YOU’RE FIRED! at two people in the board room telling them the both suck. Some people like Nene Leakes do not get fired because they throw a hissyfit and quit the show because people are not bowing down to her. But most of the time, the process of leaving the show is “getting fired.” Continue reading

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Nene Leakes Keynote Speaker at Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo

Oh just when I thought this day could not get any better.  Let’s talk about Nene’s gig as “keynote speaker” at, as she calls it “Women Expo.”  It just keeps getting better and better. First of all there are four keynote speakers for the two day event. Jackie Collins, Nene Leakes, Lisa Vanderpump, and Patti Stanger.  Saturday is Jackie Collins and Nene. Sunday is Lisa and Patti.  Tickets are five dollars online and ten at the door. It’s basically a bunch of booths trying to sell you shit. A mobile shopping mall.


Award Winning Actress, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Inspiration to Women Delivers the Keynote Address on Saturday at 1:30


NeNe Leakes shot to stardom as a fan favorite on Bravo’s top-rated reality show, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and I Dream of Nene: The Wedding” and has parlayed her success into a breakthrough reoccurring role on Fox’s hit show Glee. Leakes continued her acting pursuits starring opposite Ellen Barkin on NBC’s “The New Normal.” With her brassy, no-nonsense demeanor and “tell-it-like-it-is” attitude, the New York native has quickly become reality TV’s breakout star and media darling.

She starred with Ellen Barkin? Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Spoilers 2014 Through the Final Task!

Celebrity Apprentice Kenya PM Shoe Task Five

Tamaratattles.com has  some more tea on Celebrity Apprentice, that I have been trying to put together that will answer all of your questions (well most of them). So click through if you want to know how it all ends. Sort of.




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Celebrity Apprentice 2014 Spoilers

Donald Trump

It’s been awhile since I have had a moment to put together all the bits and pieces of information I have on the latest Celebrity Apprentice 2014 Spoilers.  I’ve had some fun putting together clues from the tweeter feeds or the contestants, and still don’t have every detail (which makes it fun).  This is a true spoiler post for the season that will air most likely in December. If you don’t want to be spoiled on many details including who has been fired and who has not, do not read any further. I’m warning you now. There will be no crying later.

I first spoiled the cast here back in March.

Meet the Men’s Team:

Ian Zierling (Beverly Hills 90210), Lorenzo Lamas, Geraldo Rivera, Kevin Jonas, Terrell Owens (Football), Johnny Damon (Baseball), Sig Hansen (Deadliest Catch) Gilbert Gottfried (Comedian)

Meet the Women’s Team:

Keisha Knight Pulliam, Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville, Kate Gosselin, Vivica Fox, Shawn Johnson (Olympic Gymnast), Leeza Gibbons, Jamie Anderson (Olympic Snowboarder)

We began with 16 contestants are we are almost at the end with 6 left. There are a couple of holes in my detective work I hope to fill in later.

P.S. I have been adding and removing things from this format for a few days so some things may be disjointed. I just can’t fiddle with it anymore. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Rumors Debunked

Donald TrumpYou know how Oprah Winfrey always asks, “What do you know for sure?” Well when I go to the Church of Oprah on Sundays I always wonder about that question. WTF DO I know for sure?

Well lately, I FINALLY have an answer. What I know for sure is that Radar Online has no source at all for Celebrity Apprentice. I try not to call out other sites, but Radar Online really likes to steal my stories. And I am about to post some HUGE spoilers I have been working on for weeks and I know that they will appear as an EXCLUSIVE on Radar Online within hours. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Spoilers!

Donald TrumpYet another public task going on for the gang on Celebrity Apprentice today. The teams tried to sell 150 wedding dresses in three hours this morning and Brandi Glanville seems to have had a little bit of trouble. She was frantically tweeting for everyone who sent in a credit card donation to please “take a screen shot and resend them!” That does not sound good. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Full Cast List and First Task Spoilers!

Andy Cohen Celebrity Apprentic

Andy and Kristen Visit Pie Face

Okay, I have been working my EXCLUSIVE  sources to death to finally get the CONFIRMED list of who is on Celebrity Apprentice . It wasn’t easy but I have the list.  But first, yesterday was the first challenge. The celebs were divided into two teams by gender.  Keisha Knight-Pulliam took the role of Project Manager for the women’s team and Geraldo Rivera grabbed the reins for the men’s team. Both teams took over a Pie Face location in NYC to sell pies. The guys choose to sell a low-fat chicken pot pie and a desert pie of some sort.  The ladies had two pies as well and sold theirs for $10 and $20.  The ladies also advertised a celebrity pie in the face event. Each team sold their pies from 11;30 -2:30 yesterday.

So who won?

Continue reading


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New Season of Celebrity Apprentice Filming Now in NYC

Donald Trump

What is shaping up to be an epic season of Celebrity Apprentice due to the casting of not one but two controversial “real housewives,” Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville, has begun filming y’all.  Frankly, I am already worried I am going to have to buy ‘rica that house in Scottsdale, Arizona or whatever it was I promised her in a wine infused frenzy the other night.  But before I get to all that, let’s check in with the girls.

Brandi arrived on Wednesday and hit the ground running hitting up Kristen Taekman from RHONY to ensure she shows up to thangs camera ready with a big check from her husband.  It’s no surprise she will end up being at one of the first fundraisers. Next, she focused on the important stuff like her hair. Her poor, poor, hair. She rang up snarky stylist, Mark Hasche who arrived in NYC yesterday.  I hope he was not the one who did her hair for the reunion when it appeared her goal was to look like Wayland Flowers sex crazed puppet, Madame.  These are all good moves, but I take comfort in the fact that she was already tweeting she was overwhelmed on the day she arrived.  Last night, she seemed a bit more relaxed and tweeted “It’s on like Donkey Kong!” at 9:30 pm. I wonder if she has adjusted to the early bedtime, early morning call on the east coast situation. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville Confirmed For Celebrity Apprentice!

Kenya Talking Head 2014

As much as I like to rag on TMZ, they recently had a good long stretch of accurate information on the housewives.  That is until they posted that Porsha was dating the son of an evil dictator. That dude has a public girlfriend, Porsha has made a statement that the story is not at all true and yet they continue to leave it up and running and talk about it on their TV show.  So forgive me for being skeptical of what is being said over there this week.

That is why I have been frantically trying to contact my own sources to confirm the story that Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore are both doing Celebrity Apprentice.  I have now had it confirmed by my our Bravo sources and can tell you that they both will indeed be on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice.  It’s no secret that these two can’t stand each other so you know The Donald will have them on the same team as much as possible. Continue reading


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