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Did I Mention Don Lemon Is a Douchebag?



So I gave myself a few hours of “comp time” because I am burning out.  I spent the time binge-watching Hotel Hell (don’t bother, it’s just meh, which is what I needed) and when I switched back to TV CNN was on.  Remember how we talked about Don Lemon being difficult with a cop and refusing to back up like he was told? Then he kept talking about the cop on live TV like he was a dog? Well apparently, that wasn’t enough for Don. He has now managed to get him fired.

One of the idiot talking heads introduces the story. It’s Breaking News! That this officer was fired for saying bad things against gays, women and Obama! Let’s interview Don Lemon who is wearing a fresh dress shirt and his black nerd glasses for this interview. First of all, the reporter wants us to know that they are not trying to insert Don Lemon in the story. Are you kidding me? They do that every night, several times a night.  The reporter says she said when she watched she noticed that officer was “more aggressive” than the other officers.

Don says that this negative video about the officer magically appeared in his email this morning and he immediately called the chief of police. The officer, Dan Page, has 35 years with the force. He has now been fired and will be forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation according to Don. I am not sure your employer can fire you and force you to be psychologically evaluated. Continue reading


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