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Is This Perhaps The Worst Christmas Present Imaginable?


Um okay y’all, I have a question for you. The picture above is a Hermes bag that costs about 20k.  The um, art work is courtesy of George Condo. He is an artist of some note who is highly compensated for his work.  I actually like some of his pieces.  However, this one falls into his grotesque demon orgy category.  One that I find rather, um, distasteful. I have a few nudes in my house but they are not accompanied by abstract demon faces.

So if your significant other gave you the Birkin bag above what would you do?  I think I might have to graciously accept with such enthusiasm that my request that it be encased in glass and displayed in one of the least often entered rooms in my  ridiculous mansion seemed like an act of love and protection. Continue reading

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Kim Richard’s Daughter Gets Engaged for Christmas!

unnamed (10)Thayer Wiederhorn put a ring on it!  Who is Thader Widerhorn you ask? He is the guy that Kim Richard’s daughter, Brooke has been dating the last few years. Thad’s daddy is the head of Fat Burger. So he is a good catch!  Kim made the announcement tonight on Twitter/Instagram. Kim is always a proud mama but this news seems to have put her over the moon!

4 hours ago
What an Amazing Christmas!🎅 My BABY GIRL💕 is getting MARRIED!💍& I couldn’t ask a for better Son-In-Law! 💙 I LOVE YOU BOTH!❤ & Wish you ALL the HAPPINESS in the WORLD!🌍

Click though for a picture of the happy couple… Continue reading


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Merry Christmas!

christmas-group-therapyeI love Christmas.  And  as some of you know,  I have a team of Christmas Angels.  These people have fired my old crappy therapist after my rants.  AND HIRED A TEAM OF NEW PEOPLE TO FIX ME.  And boy is it working.  I am off the crazy pills for now, we will revisit that later if I still need them, and it seems I have been going to an electrician (fiddling with dopamine and serotonin) instead of the plumber (fiddling with hormones) that I needed.  If you find yourself going “crazy for no reason” in your forties,  maybe your Mama failed to warn you that getting old is not for pussies.

Anyway, this oversharing post is to let you know that my therapist has a total fake it to you make it philosophy. She wants to “retrain my brain”to like shit again.  So that is what I am trying to do.  I am supposed to be doing what I would be doing if I didn’t find life to be a meaningless pile of horseshit.  And my Christmas Angels pay  almost $800 a month to give me this advice. For real.  So as stupid as it sounds to me, I am thrusting myself into Christmas. Continue reading


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