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Phaedra Parks Cancels Book Signing in Atlanta; The Real Story

Phaedra Parks and Mayor Kasim Reed

Phaedra Parks and Mayor Kasim Reed

Just a quick post about Phaedra Parks’s recent cancellation of her book signing at City Hall in Atlanta since I keep getting asked about it and there has been some misinformation in the comments here.  Phaedra is in the middle of promoting her ridiculous book that I will not even acknowledge by title here about her southern graces.  I thought there could be no one more ridiculous to peddle a book on etiquette when the Countess De Lesseps published her little ditty a few years ago, but then along came Ms. Parks.

Anyway, the book signing was scheduled for last Friday at noon and Phaedra cancelled it due to inclement weather.  Several of you found that suspicious. In this instance, I am here to take up for Phaedra. Last week was an icy mess in the city.  All metro schools closed on Friday out of an abundance of caution. Earlier in the week the schools did not close when they should have and hundreds of middle and high school students were stranded at their schools overnight. Other students were stranded on school buses until the wee hours of the morning trying to get home. It was a logistical nightmare.  On Friday morning there was still ice on some of the side roads, so despite the weather warming up by noon, it made total sense for Phaedra to reschedule. Continue reading

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