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James Radford Jr. Releases Motion for Summary Judgment

Phaedra whore housewife.As I previously referenced here and here  James Radford Jr. has filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in the case of Phaedra Parks v Angela Stanton.  Radford has published the motion in its entirety on his website.  In addition to asking for a judgment in favor of Stanton, Stanton is also requesting legal fees due to the frivolous legal action.

Stanton provides numerous examples of evidence of the close bond between the plaintiff and defendant. Both women it seems have introduced the other to their families and have socialized with each other’s families on numerous occasions.  It seems that Phaedra had been a many of Angela’s family gatherings and attended Angela’s mother’s funeral even though Angela herself was incarcerated at the time of her mother’s death. To be fair, Phaedra does love her a good funeral… what? She does! Continue reading

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Motion For Summary Judgment Filed in Parks v Stanton: James Holland Deposition

Phaedra ButtermilkThis morning James Radford, Angela Stanton’s attorney filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in favor of Stanton. They are asking for all charges against Stanton to be dismissed. Based on Stanton’s own deposition and the two I have posted today, all the evidence on record supports that the information in Stanton’s book is true. Phaedra Parks has REFUSED to give a deposition according to my sources. A motion for sanctions against Phaedra for refusing to give a deposition has also been filed, according to my sources.
How the heck can you refuse to be deposed about the claims of your case? I mean she is the PLAINTIFF for crying out loud! Why would you not want to make your claims under oath and on the record? Very Odd.
A courthouse source has provide this deposition, and another that will follow in the second part of this series of posts exclusively to Tamaratattles.comPlease be professional when referring to this post and provide the appropriate credit and links! Thanks.
This second deposition was taken last December by telephone. James Holland is the father of one of Angela Stanton’s children and is currently incarcerated. I am bemused by the fact that the term “head doctor” was used in an actual deposition. Is that wrong? Continue reading


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Parks v Stanton Justin Cody Deposition


This deposition of Justin Cody, a father of one of Angela Stanton’s children, was taken by James Radford, attorney of record for Angela Stanton,  as part of pre-trial discovery.  The deposition was taken at Robert A. Deyton Federal Prison last November. It’s full of interesting information that appears to validate the information in Stanton’s book, Lies of a Real Housewife.  Cody states that Phaedra Parks was a participant in and perhaps the mastermind behind, a serious of criminal activities for which Stanton was prosecuted and convicted. A courthouse source has provide this deposition, and another that will follow in the second part of this series of posts exclusively to Tamaratattles.comPlease be professional when referring to this post and provide the appropriate credit and links! Thanks.

Many of us felt that the tone  Stanton’s book had the feel of a “scorned lover.” It is interesting to read the reason Cody cites for his breakup with Stanton. Continue reading


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Phaedra Parks V. Angela Stanton Case Update!

Kile Glover Funeral Service (Usher's 11-Year-Old Stepson)

UPDATE 2: Here are the on air interviews with Angela Stanton they are very similar to the off air interview in the link in the previous update.  But just in case you are interested.

UPDATE : Video of Angela Stanton Interview  with Sasha the Diva today:  Must view video!  Angela talks about seeing Phaedra at the depo ( she would not look her in the eye) and the fact that the Secret Service wants to meet with here for information on Apollo with regard to her current charges! Blockbuster news! Says Apollo contacted her!

I have spent countless hours over the past couple of weeks delving into the arrest of Apollo Nida and the subsequent events that followed as a result of that arrest. On of the topics covered here included taking a fresh look at Angela Stanton’s claims against Phaedra that at the time none of us took very seriously. As I was doing that, I ran across someone on Twitter who seemed to have the inside track on Angela.  She presents herself as a PR person and her Twitter history showed that she was a long time supporter of Angela Stanton.  I decided that her information was credible enough to use on the blog. I made a comment or two either in a post or comments or both that there was a hearing on February 4th (today) regarding Angela Stanton’s counter claim against Phaedra Parks.

Some time later that day or the next, I am unsure as I was literally blogging around the clock at the time, I had a twitter encounter with James Radford, who is Angela Stanton’s attorney. When our interaction ended, I wish him “good luck next week.”  He responded asking what I was referring to and I told him I meant at the hearing on the 4th.   He said that they were a long way from trial and was curious to know where I got the information. I referred him to the PR person and he said there must have been some confusion and they were a long way from trial.  At that point, I dropped the issue. Continue reading


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UPDATED: Where Exactly is Phaedra Parks Practicing Law?


UPDATE:  I am sort of over the long explanations here but I have had a few people refer me to THIS LINK  to the Georgia Secretary of State Office where “corporations” (In this case a shell corp) are listed with the state. In this case the company is National Recovery Group Inc .The officers are identified there with Apollo as CEO and Phaedra as secretary as well as a couple other people. I also had a similar link for NIDA GROUP sent with pretty much the same set up. So sadly, it seems that Phaedra’s name is on at least a couple of their fake businesses. On the funny side, this is the website for National Recovery Group. It’s hysterical.  My favorite paragraph is the one that talksa about Oprah! and “The USA Today!” It’s Nigerian emails level of stupid. Don’t forget to pay pal them some money while you are there using the very odd “totally safe and secure” box at the bottom of the site.

Today on Bethenny,  Phaedra went through a long explanation about how her love for strip clubs developed from her long list of clients who are the hottest entertainers in the adult industry.  She goes to see these big time entertainers at the strip club. She says she has been doing this for almost twenty years now.  First of all,  Phaedra was admitted to the bar in May of 1999.  She likely did not start with a firm the day she passed the bar, so she has been practicing for less than 13 years.  Thirteen is not “almost 20.”

We have to start asking ourselves who is making sense in these situations. Does it make sense that a lawyer who professes to represent strippers for a living hanging out in the strip club to discuss…god knows what? contract law?  Or does what Jessica Volker says was going on at that time,  that Phaedra was supplying strippers for parties make more sense?

Let’s take a look at Phaedra’s law career.  According to Phaedra,  she is an Entertainment Lawyer who represents entertainers with their contracts and such. This means she is primarily a civil lawyer. It also explains why we can only find one civil case in the history of Phaedra’s career.  What Phaedra claims she does is represent adult entertainers. This means she essentially negotiates their contracts for clubs and private parties and such. I can see Ridickulous needing a contract for his “performances,” perhaps.  Atlanta does have a ton of strip clubs but I just don’t see the strippers getting their own lawyers to review their employment contracts.  If you want to swing on the pole at the Pink Pony, the owner gives you a form to sign outlining that you are an independent contractor and they basically don’t give you any compensation and you strip for tips. In fact, some strip clubs require the girls to pay the club to strip there. Phaedra is not needed for this sort of employment.

Does it seem more likely that a lawyer would be all up in the strip club? Or someone who manages strippers for private parties?  Continue reading


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Bits and Pieces of News on The Apollo and Phaedra Saga

RHOA Episode 2: Funerals by Phaedra, Lesbian Pride, and A Birthday Party for Kim

One of my super sleuth commenters is very good at digging up information in Atlanta!  I have been keeping a lot of things to myself that people send me because some stuff is so shady I am literally afraid to post it!  Let’s just say that I am becoming convinced that Phaedra was involved with the whole Apollo scene. Allegedly. In my opinion.

With regard to things I am comfortable sharing here,  I have some dribs and drabs of intel that I will post here.  It seems that Phaedra and Apollo were renting their condo we see them in previous episodes. It appears that this may have been Phaedra’s first time as a home owner. Not a bad first time house, right?

Then this little tidbit “I found info on Onyx re: security breach of Maryland residents.  Apollo/probably Phaedra had to have known since 2011 that investigators were looking at his company.  What an idiot to keep doing it.  But, remember what Angela Stanton said.  Even after her cousin was arrested at DMV, Phaedra said to keep moving forward with the “project.”  Click through to read the letter. Continue reading


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Real House Husbands of Atlanta on Bethenny

housewives-of-atlanta-husbands2-570x408Holy crap! When was this filmed? Crap. I have no idea what is wrong with my TV but it keeps going out. It looks like a problem with my dish! UGH. I missed the walk out. Todd is not on the show, It’s just Apollo, Greg and Peter.  It looks like this was filmed on or around January 20th when the WWHL show was filmed.  Apollo Nida turned himself in on January 23rd.  So who knows who knew the arrest was coming in a couple of days.

Bethenny starts talking about Peter and Cynthia’s book.  Bethenny asks how often a couple should have sex. She is obsessed with this question and asks EVERYONE who comes on the show. Apollo says, “whenever the man wants it!” The audience boos Apollo! Bethenny says so how often is that? Apollo says he gets it whenever he wants it. Bethenny continues to press. Apollo says “I mean I’m kinda  busy with criminal activities and all so about 3….4 times a week. ” Gregg says he needs more than that. Bethenny asks how often Gregg wants it and he says, “I’m married to Nene Leakes!”

Bethenny clears up what I have been saying all along. THE HUSBANDS DO NOT GET PAID.  Thank you. Some of y’all refuse to believe that. Husbands and children do not get paid. Continue reading


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Angela Stanton Responds to Apollo Nida’s Arrest

Angel Stanton's Book is Not SellingI went looking for the entire statement that Angela Stanton released about Apollo’s arrest and was completely unsuccessful in find the entire statement all in one place. I also cannot find the original source. Where did she release this statement? Of all the sites where I found bits and pieces of the statement, not one place mentioned where this statement originally turned up.  I have decided to go ahead and publish it and let you all decide if it is legit or not.

In 2012, I released my personal memoir, Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. In the book, I detailed the struggles I faced as a young woman drawn to the temptations of crime and the false glamour it affords. I alone am responsible for the mistakes I made as a young woman. Yet, I have felt a certain sense of anger toward the people who used me during that period of my life. Certain individuals found me at a time when I was vulnerable and searching for friendship, and used those traits to lure me into doing their bidding. Continue reading


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Onyx It’s More Than Just A Popular Strip Club in the ATL, It’s One of Apollo’s Shady Companies!

Because everyone in New Hampshire looks like this. Who knew?

Because everyone in New Hampshire looks like this. Who knew?

First of all if you live in New Hampshire you need to check your credit rating.  Apollo seems to hate women and New Hampshire women in particular. If you are a victim of Identity theft in New Hampshire, please email me at TamaraTattles@gmail.com.  Please and thank you. But here is more.

So many interesting details have occurred after the Apollo Nida arrest story broke I hardly know where to begin. But, My buddy TRHO is not going to shut the fuck up until I address this  one. She looks for a conspiracy under every rock, so here goes. One of Apollo’s companies was called Onyx Collections.  She noticed that someone named Onyx  posting negatively in Atlanta. Continue reading


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Phaedra Parks: Have We Been Ignoring the Signs All Along?


After reading the legal documents available on Apollo Nida’s arrest, it’s clear that the FEDS have the goods on Apollo.  Their evidence dates back to 2009, just after Apollo was released from prison and just months before he married Phaedra.  So Phaedra’s “clean” man has been dirty since she picked him up. The question is, was she blinded by her attraction to Apollo’s good looks? Or have we been over looking all the signs of Phaedra’s complicity or even involvement with the criminal activities of Apollo?

Ever since Phaedra and Apollo have been together, there has been a lot of talk on the streets about Apollo cheating,  Atlanta is full of strippers and gay men and both have been in the mix of the numerous rumors swirling around town.  But to be fair the same rumors abound about Gregg and Peter. Nonetheless, all those little hussies that used to turn up on twitter that we all just dismissed out of pocket, may need a second look. But that’s the least of the problems.

The legal documents make it clear that Apollo loves female accomplices.  And female victims.  All of the people from whom he stole identities were women.  All of his minions who actually cashed the checks were women. Let’s have a look at a few of those. Continue reading


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