Cissy Houston Seems Ready To Accept That Bobbi Kristina Is Brain Dead

If you missed our discussions on what likely going on with Bobbi Kristina and who has reason to keep her alive, click here.

Now can someone translate exactly what Cissy calls the “rehab” place?  It is promising that she says “we’ve” moved her as if there is some agreement between Bobby Brown and the Houstons.


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Dance Moms Recap Double Feature: Nia’s Last Chance and Abby’s Trash is Cathy’s Treasure

Dance Moms Maddie

Oh Crap. I just realized I am two episodes behind on Dance Moms. Sorry. I’m catching up now. I am not excited about the title of this one. It’s time for pyramid and everyone expects it to go well because they beat Cathy and the Candy Apples the week before. However, there pyramid has everyone on one row except for one top spot. Lord knows the top spot will be Maddie and the last spot will be Nia, so lets just see what happens in the middle.

This week the moms are pushing for a non-lyrical routine. This is nonsense because we know that Abby already has the routine selected. Apparently, the girls were asked to list pros and cons about Jo Jo being on the ALDC dance teams. The girls basically tell her that she is loud and sometimes her timing is off, that she takes things away from other dancers. Jo Jo stands there and takes it. Abby gives her an ALDC jacket and promises to let Jo Jo be on the team for the rest of the season. Spoiler Alert, she went to Australia so she is also on the team for next season.  Everyone is on the same line of the pyramid because they all did well on the group dance.  Maddie is on the top because she is better than anyone in the whole world.

This week they are going to Philadelphia. This competition critiques the performers live on the stage. The group dance is a musical theatre piece called Decadent Darlings. The three soloists are Maddie with a contemporary solo, Kendall who also has a contemporary solo, with a prop. And Nia has a solo called The Color Purple. If she does not place, she may never see another solo. She should do fine, she has a lot of experience with ethnic dances. BECAUSE THAT IS ALL ABBY EVER GIVES HER!

OMG All the girls carry in Louis bags to the competition. Finally, I have actually seen more than one bag in a scene. This has been driving me nuts. Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel’s One on One With Andy Cohen

Wow, Andy Cohen is not pussy footing around his BFF, Bethenny. I figured this whole show would be a waste of time (lol, like the other shit we watch isn’t) with Andy doing his usual genuflecting and sucking up but right off the bat he says that she is returning to the housewives on the heels of two big failures, her marriage and her talk show. That seems kind of unnecessary, but hopefully it means he will ask some good questions.

Bethenny says that she really can’t talk about the talk show being a negative experience because it would make her seem ungrateful for the experience and she is not. She says she didn’t enjoy being a talk show host. That seems like an odd statement I hope he follows up on. Bethenny says everyone wants a talk show, and everyone thinks it is so easy.  She says particularly “housewives” want a talk show and it’s not easy.

Wow. Bethenny and Jason are STILL not divorced. Bethenny doesn’t answer the question about where she lives because she can’t say she doesn’t live in the apartment with Jason because that would allow Jason to say that Bethenny has abandoned her residence. I had heard that Bethenny had purchased an apartment near to the one she technically shares with Jason just to have a place to go. However, it seems that she has to overnight in her place with Jason occasionally for legal reasons. Bethenny says we will see her living situation play out on the show. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kyle Richards and Jerry O’Connell

WWHL Kyle and Jerry


Jerry O’Connell is such a good person to be on with a housewife. He is almost as into all this nonsense as Jeff Lewis. Before we even get started Andy is catching us up on some Tweets. Camille tweeted that nothing happened with her and the skeevy pseudo prince. She is also friends with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick now. Oh Camille. Really?

The night before on WWHL with Brandi, Brandi said that she ran into Kyle at Sephora and Kyle ran out of the store. Kyle says that Brandi is a lying liar who lies from her liar hole. Kyle says Brandi is the one who ran out and Kyle was there 20 minutes after she left.

Andy loves to replay the fight scenes from housewives shows. He shows Kyle running out of the restaurant in Amsterdam. She says she yanked off her mike and ran out because shit was getting crazy and she didn’t want to stick around to find out what happens next. Then he plays a clip from the reunion of Kim saying that if Kyle and Kim decide to work on their relationship they will need to do it in a therapist’s office, but as far as she is concerned she is just fine with not speaking to Kyle and leaving things the way they are. Kyle told Andy before the reunion that it was her hope that she and Kim would make up, but that didn’t happen.  Kyle says that there was no resolution for anyone at the reunion in any of the situations. Continue reading


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Seriously? They are going to do blondes versus brunettes? Just ridiculous.

Seriously? They are going to do blondes versus brunettes? Just ridiculous.

I am so fucking behind because Chay Eday sent me this and it was such perfection I had to stop everything to watch. Please follow her on Twitter and Youtube.  She is brilliant.

Anyway, I am in some weird headspace so let’s just get through this recap. I want to be off work and back to just chatting with y’all.  I apologize in advance for being a slackard.

I just zipped through the stuff from first look which was unimportant to me. Normally I would pre blog that but we can skip it.  It does seem Camille could be back though…Thoughts?

I zipped through Brandi and her dad. I don’t give a shit about her. Or her dad.

Now I am watching Kim getting shit tons of makeup applied. I almost want to do that. It’s been years since I modeled. Then I could put up a really sexy hot pic of me, and freak you all out. With all the plaster they put on, I would totally put them to shame with the equal amount of plaster. LOL.  I do believe that Yo likes Brandi’s blue collar dad. I have rich friends that love and care for me.  It happens.

I love how Monty walks in with his current wife/girlfriend/they never mention her  as “Kim’s Ex”  Trust me she is not his caretaker or her significant other. Apparently being on RHOBH is on his bucket list. What? Too soon?

Oh Kim allowing “your sobriety” to be your storyline is fucking ridiculous. A) You are not sober and 2) shut up! Continue reading


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Best Brandi Glanville Video EVER.

You guys are not allowed to view this unless you follow ChayEday on Twitter here And  subscribe to her Youtube  Here

Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Thinks She is Being Wrongly Vilified.

Nene Doesn't want to


Technically it is too early in the week to be paying attention to housewives blogs but I’m getting emails about Nene’s this week and everyone seems a bit worked up about the ghostwriter’s dramatics this week.  Couple that with the fact that I have fallen into a downward spiral of staying up too late drinking and then napping for too long during the day and I am all about taking the blogger’s path of least resistance this week. So let me try to stay awake long enough to get out my purple pen.

Nene’s ghostwriter begins….

Don’t you just love the dramatics of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta? I loved how Dr. Jeff was saying “Nene, you’re going to that place again.” “Nene, you’re getting angry,” as I calmly walked to my car.

You seem very confused about what it means to calmly walk away. Screaming over people as the are calmly talking to you in a therapy session and then jumping up to grab up enough luggage to reasonably request a bell hop to assist you while storming out of the room and then going behind the valet stand demanding “a black Range Rover” all the while suggesting that the therapist license needs to be revoked for daring to allow others to speak in group therapy is not calmly walking to your car. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Mike Shouhed and Brandi Glanville

WWHL Mike and Brandi

I don’t understand why Brandi is there. They could have had someone from Southern Charm.  Or anyone else on the planet for that matter. Oh Andy says it’s because the RHOBH finale is tomorrow. Andy asks Brandi if she has ever met Mike. She replies that Mike just tried to have sex with her in the back. Mike says, “Believe me, you and Golnesa would say yes.”  Frankly, I’m surprised Brandi has not already offered. But we are only 30 seconds in. Brandi says she watched all the Shah’s shows on the plane over.

Andy asks her about the mask she Tweeted herself wearing on the plane and she acted like she did not want to discuss it because she was not being paid. #SMH She seems to think she is Oprah Winfrey or someone.  So I googled and it’s an “illumask” a $30 product from Ulta Beauty Supply that is a light therapy treatment for acne and acne scars. When Andy asks if it does something to your skin, she says, “Yes, it’s for helping you sleep!”  Oh Brandi. You have never been a good liar.

Brandi has new hair. It’s longer and less hay like. During the first game Brandi points out that she thinks Kenya and Apollo worked together on that whole storyline about them trying to get with each other. She bases this on the fact that Apollo is just too dumb.  Well, she’s right about that part at least.

Andy is being nice to Brandi. #cuts

Andy plays a clip from the reunion where he says to Brandi, ” Sometimes you are playing and you just take it a step too far.”  Brandi responds with “No, that’s bullshit. I’ve taken enough abuse since I have been here, I’m not taking it from you too.”  Andy says that Brandi was really pissed at him over that comment.  Um, really? That was your super mean girl move with Brandi, Andrew? That has been said by pretty much every sane person who watches the show for several seasons now.  Oh God.  Brandi says  she leaves the reunion feeling vindicated. I am starting to want to cut. I’ve never been a cutter before, but this seems like a good time to start because YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  This is like when my ex tells me he is going to get counseling for his anger problems toward all the multitudes of women in his life (including a wife, btw) and he swears the therapist told him he was too selfless and needed to be more concerned with his own happiness and should try and find a new girl friend (to add to the list?). One can only hope that both Brandi and the ex are equally delusional about what happened at the reunion, and individual therapy respectively. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: The Secret Is Out (About Adam?)

Shahs Season 4


Based on the title I am going to assume that Mike gets confronted about his drunken encounter with GG in Turkey. While I suppose that is necessary for the good of the group working through things, it would seem that there is a much larger situation going on with Mike that occurs frequently in LA during the time this was being filmed.


Reza and GG go to a really cute interior design place. It has a lot of really funky stuff. I need to find someplace like this in Atlanta. I am having the hardest time finding a new couch I want. I am seriously considered having the one I have now fixed somehow. all it really needs is to put some new stuffing in the side my fat ass sits on every day and the leather to be cleaned.  Reza has decided that GG is his little sister for this season. How convenient.


All of Mike’s real estate things in the past have been bullshit. I assume this is too. If it is not that is even more embarrassing.


These scenes of MJ cooking and being happy in her new relationship make me sad. We have already found out that Charlie was full of shit and fucking other people at the same time.

Reza is and Asa drop by to discuss Adam’s 30th birthday. Seriously? He’s only 30? I know in gay years that is ancient, but still. The story line this year is for MJ and Asa to fight over who is better friends with Reza. This is a ridiculous storyline. MJ certainly puts up with more of Reza’s shit and has been friends with him the longest.  Asa doesn’t care. She likes everyone fine but she is so not a vie for the gay best friend’s attention type. She’s no very convincing about pretending to in her talking heads either. WHY CAN’T THE RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS JUST BE WHAT THEY ARE WITH THESE PEOPLE? With the except of the new one, they all know each other. They are Iranian. They don’t need any help having passionate relationships amongst themselves. Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed #Eyeroll

Pump Rules finale pink motel

I’m gonna go ahead and guess that no secrets will be revealed tonight. I plan on having a snack while blogging, which is impossible if something is actually going to happen. These “secrets revealed” shows used to have new footage and show outtakes and shit but lately it’s just more reunion crap we have already heard three times.

Secret One: Jax is a douche satchel who gets chick’s name tattooed on him.
Secret Two: Kristen is obsessed with Sandoval.
Secret Three: LVP has three restaurants and works hard.
Secret Four: Peter’s edit for this season is loser who can’t get laid.
Secret Five: The Toms love each other, and themselves, and having  pictures made of themselves. Continue reading


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What’s Going on With Andy Cohen & Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper & Teresa Giudice

WWHL Ellen and AC

On Ask Andy recently, he was asked what is going on with him and Kathy Griffin. Did they have a falling out? She is never on WWHL anymore and there have been no new specials.

Andy gives a weird sigh of disinterest and says, ” Yeah I know. (pause) Did we have a falling out? Not that I know of.  (dumb Andy face) Although you never know. /shrug

The chick says “It’s true you never know with her she could be hating on you right now…”

Andy, “I’m sure she is, maybe she hates me… you never know.”  He’s chewing gum. Why does he do that? What is with Americans and their gum?

On WWHL, with Ellen Barkin and Anderson Cooper,  Andy seems to announce that Cooper is a bottom, which I am not sure has ever been verified before. This is a show that Cohen called his besties in for because someone cancelled last minute.  It’s like three best friends getting drunk on TV. Anyway, this is not a show I would normally recap, although it is good, but I think the topic of Kathy Griffin is going to come up.  And I want to know what is going on with Andy  and Kathy, because it seems that AC still loves Kathy, but Cohen perhaps not so much.  LOL someone just checked Andy for only giving bathrobes to his favorites. It’s so true, I can’t believe he read that. Continue reading


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