Top Chef Recap: “Restaurant Wars Part 2” Please Pack Your Knives And Leave the Gun Fight

Top Chef Jeremy

We are back for the conclusion of Restaurant Wars! After last week’s lunch service, Jeremy and Kwame could be in trouble.  It’s two a.m. and I am exhausted but I want to watch this before someone spoils it for me!  I will probably end up finishing first thing in the morning, but I really need to see how this plays out!

The girls are working together really well with Isaac and Carl. Marjorie is getting FOH staff started off so that Karen can do some prep before taking over as GM. Carl will be executive chef. They are starting off like a well oiled machine. No drama.

The guy’s team is still a mess. Kwame is still pissy about Phillip’s dish and will likely sabotage it Jeremy is worried about his lunch service and not that focused. Anwar is taking over as executive chef. Phillip pulled a waiter in to cut strawberries.

Karen is behind even with Marjorie’s help. Now Isaac has to stuff all 75 of her trout. Phillip is passing out free booze as people enter. I don’t see how he will have time for that once the crowd comes.

I forgot that Jeremy precooked his risotto. Between that and his poor lunch service he could be gone.

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Child Genius Recap: This is An Outrage!



Well this week’s title “This is an Outrage!” has me excited already!  I was also excited this week to hear from a few of my favorite Child Geniuses on Twitter and a parent or two!  Which means I’m going to try to remember what it was like all of those years working in small southern towns with a moral turpitude clause and an expectation to be a role model and behave myself on this post. Hey! Why do you think I am so ill-mannered now? I had years of pent up bad behavior to exorcise !

Moving on. (Sidenote: Project Runway Allstars premiered tonight and I didn’t realize that. I just setup to tape the repeat. I’ll try to get to that this weekend. It’s been a very busy week at TT!)

So we’re down to the top seven and this week’s subjects are advanced math, and speed memory. I’d have to drop out before embarrassing myself with speed memory. As for advanced math, it depends on the kind of math and if I can use a pencil. Because I can no longer remember why I got up of the couch after doing so.  Hmmmm, they probably lost me at negative exponents.

Claire’s parents, especially her father are starting to lose it. Claire generally stays cool and she is adorably wearing mirrored sunglasses inside as her father criticizes her study habits. This way, she can secretly roll her eyes.

It is interesting to note that finding photos for this show is not that easy; however, there are lots of Adrian photos. I bring this up because we are getting yet another montage of my homeboy in some Russian teahouse studying with his mother. Maybe I am just paying more attention to him because he is from Atlanta, but it really does seem like he gets a lot more publicity than the other kids. Is it foreshadowing?

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Married At First Sight: Intimacy Part II

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley

So many people have reached out to me to call Ashley every name in the book this episode, so I am excited to finally get the chance to recap it for you.  I’ve also seen lots of commercials where Sam and Neil seem to be coming together, I am even more excited about that. I’ve been defending Sam all along for the most part and taking heat for it so I am really hoping for a happily ever after for them. On the other hand, a commercial suggesting a happy ending before the final decision is often the kiss of death. Thanks again for not spoiling me on any outcomes you might know of!

Vanessa and Tres

Dr. Logan stops by to help Vanessa and Tres sort things out after Vanessa ran away from home last week.  Tres says all the right things, but I am not sure I believe him. Their homework is to do a romantic thing for their partner.

When Vanessa was sick, Tres brought home some medicine and some flowers, which is nice. But he also brought home sushi. I’m not a fan, but do people who like it really want to eat bait when they are sick?  It looks like he got her soup too, but she is eating the bait. Vanessa has a new job that should be less stressful. They hang the painting the did together in their house. It’s a guitar on two canvases she painted one and he did the other, allegedly. I think she did both. Also she should have hung them with space in between, That’s the whole point of using two canvases.

They were supposed to be five and a half weeks in, but their romantic gesture came  on their one month anniversary. #ContinuityIssues  These two seem great together, but I am still a bit suspect. Tres is already writing a book on how to have a happy marriage. Clearly he is joking.

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Mob Wives Drita D’Avanzo Arrested For Misdemeanor Assault


Mob Wives Drita


So it’s been a busy day. Correction,  I’m still bust from yesterday. It’s 4 a.m. here and I have so much stuff in my inbox I may never get to the end. I  got a few questions about the fight that Drita D’Avanzo got into on Tuesday that led to her being arrested and charged with misdemeanor arrest. Let’s get the office version out of the way first, then I’ll tell you what really went down.


D’Avanzo, the 40-year-old star of VH1’s “Mob Wives,” was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly punched a woman in the woman’s Tottenville house, according to NYPD Detective Hubert Reyes.

Where on the body exactly is the woman’s Tottenville house?  Is this Jersey slang for a cunt punch?

The scuffle happened at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday after D’Avanzo and the woman got into a verbal dispute.

When the fight escalated, D’Avanzo allegedly threw multiple punches at the woman. She then fled the scene but was later arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. She was released from the precinct later that evening and has a March 9 court date.

Sources with knowledge of the incident said the victim was Mary Bratti, a former chef at the St. George Italian restaurant Enoteca Maria.

Reached for comment Wednesday, Bratti asked if the Advance would pay money for information on the case. When the answer was no, she had no comment.


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WWHL With Teresa Giudice Part 2: Teresa Really Can’t Get Past Superficiality

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Episode 13027 -- Pictured: (l-r) Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Bravo)

H WHAT HAPPENS LIVE — Episode 13027 — Pictured: (l-r) Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Bravo)

Last night’s mammoth post about Teresa Giudice returning to the clubhouse last night is still trending at number one as I type this post!Tonight, I expect that Andy is going to be asking a lot more viewer questions. This is what he does when he wants  to distance himself from the hard hitting questions. After Teresa’s answer about the Lexxus last night, where Andy was mortified on Teresa’s behalf (at least according to his facial expressions) when she showed zero insight as to why coming home from prison for stealing FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to a six figure automobile in the drive was in poor taste, I think Andy is going to go a little bit harder than he was planning. He seemed a bit irritated with her for interrupting his closing remarks to clap back at Bethenny as well. I am also bringing you some photos of the orange jumpsuit that Teresa wore. It did not look that orange on my TV it was a good bit redder.

Yep! Andy just said tonight is viewer question night. YAY!

Dorinda Medley and Kyle Richards appear to be the only housewives who tweeted nice things to Teresa during the show. I suspect there are not many housewives that are thrilled that she was rehired and overpaid after being indicted on 41 felony charges and serving time.

When you got home, how long was it before you pounced on Joe? Andy says, it had to be the same night, right? (Andy)

Um…uh… yeah. In the middle of the night.

And we begin with a lie. I have just barely finished my last recap of a Teresa interview and shoved as salad down my gullet before recapping this on. ON the last E! interview which was filmed from her home while she was on house arrest, Teresa gave an elaborate story about the kids all sleeping in her bed and well…if you missed it go read it now. It’s kind of a good post. Way better than the E! Interview Part !

Oh wait, now she is telling the all the kids slept with her story. Maybe they got up and did it in the bathroom that night. Who knows, who cares, why am I typing this?

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Teresa Giudice’s Interview With Catt Sandler Part II

RHONJ Teresa Catt

This Felon By Bravo Book Tour is going to be the death of me. One more post Acutally, it’s two more after this one tonight  I forgot about Nightline, which is technically the first one for tomorrow as that show starts at 12:35 a.m. I sort of wonder if I was supposed to have watched it this morning. It’s all very confusing.

Bloggers are always complaining that we either have to much to blog about or not enough. I need to have more gratitude for the bounty of things to share with you today. I just wish it wasn’t five posts about Teresa saying exactly the same thing. But Frankly, February is a short month that started out with a whimper so I need to do all I can to drag you guys over here to read anything I can. Thanks for being so supportive, by the way. I don’t tell y’all that enough. Ugh, don’t let me get soft.

Last night’s post on Part I of Catt Sandler’s interview with Teresa didn’t get nearly as many views as the GMA interview with Amy Robach or last night’s Part I Live Interview With Andy Cohen.  But I think that is mostly because E! is slicing this up into tiny pieces to spread out over God knows how many episodes for ratings. Catt has some good questions coming up, and hopefully we will get there tonight. Last night she had to get the requisite introductory questions out of the way. I just pulled tags from that post and there were only eight comments. I guess there really isn’t that much to say.

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