Better Than A Recap: Xanadude’s Thoughts on Tonight’s Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules

By Xanadude

As much as y’all love this guy would it kill you to follow him on Twitter?

Going in, kids, in the immortal words of Nick Lowe: “Cruel to be kind, means that I love you.”  I wouldn’t be watchin’ and snarkin’ if I didn’t love this show.

Let’s address the big topic straight up: Scheana has been been clued in (either through reading social media, through self awareness, or, most likely, through production) that after three years of her showing up for the first few weeks of taping with visible though not disfiguring injuries, viewers have caught on to her; so instead of her seasonal Munchausen by Vanderpump injuries focus has been shifted to Shay and his “addiction.”  Do I believe Shay has an addiction problem? Maybe.  Do I think whatever issue Shay has Scheana has blown up for a storyline? Yes. Yes I do.


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Jessica Parido Officially Files For Divorce From Mike Shouhed

shahs jessica parido


I have had very regular updates on the issues between Jessica Parido and Mike Shouhed since well before they got married last March.  Back in the summer of 2014 things reached a fever pitch when it came to sources about Mike’s rampant cheating. At that point, I gave up all hope that the situation would resolve itself and released the information in a blind item here.  Mike’s cheating was made a part of the storyline last season. I was told by numerous insiders with access to filming that one or more of these women was coming on the show to confront Mike in front of Jessica. I believe I was told this after the fact. I believe that in some way, production was trying to stop the wedding. And then at some point, the other women were edited out of the season. I think GG was tasked with starting the conversation by bringing up whatever happened between them in Istanbul or wherever two season ago.  I think if production had not prompted GG she would have written the entire incident off as two drunken people who knew each other well becoming a bit inappropriate. I do not think anything earthshattering happened with GG and Mike in the grand scheme of things. I’m not saying GG lied, I do think Mike came on to her. What I am saying is that, GG knows, that is just Mike.  And then allegedly Mike hooked up again with GG’s sister, an old flame right around the time he proposed to Jessica.

I don’t think GG’s intent was to help Jessica see the light. The light could not have been any more blinding at that point. Jessica marched right down that VERY EXPENSIVE AISLE knowing full well she was marrying a cheater. But I think her conversion to Judaism  for her brought a sense of  morality to the relationship, a show of extreme dedication, that she hoped would somehow fix Mike. And obviously that did not work. I did have reason to believe she would not go through with it.  I contacted people right up until the night before the wedding asking if they were really sure the wedding would happen.  Jessica knew full well what she was marrying when she did it. Why would she do that? Continue reading


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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson: What Did She Know About Brooks Ayers Cancer?

WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson

Oh hey! Did y’all know that Brooks Ayers faked cancer on Real Housewives of Orange County? Because we’ve hardly talked about it at all here. Heavy sigh. And it appears we are about to talk about it again. Tonight we are going to hear Vicki Gunvalson try to explain her way out of this.  I am probably Vicki’s best advocate through all of this and I am going to try to give her every benefit of the doubt, but based on some snippets of this show I’ve seen where she claims that make Brooks was drinking Visine or something to make himself sick, I’m  confessing up front, I am going to have a hard time supporting her in this.

Andy starts with the statement put out on November 10th by City of Hope stating they had never treated Brooks.  Okay Vicki is lying. She now says that Brooks called her from City of Hope and said he should be done in about an hour.  When she got to the hospital she called him to ask where to go within the building. Wouldn’t you find this out in the initial phone call?  Something like, “I’m on the third floor as the nurse to take you back, or wait in the waiting room?”  You know how when a guy has been up to no good and give a very detailed accounting of their whereabouts over a period of several hours? Yeah. It’s just like that. “I turned left down the hall and he was sitting in the waiting room.” Um, why is he in a waiting room?  I am not even going to type her long convoluted story. It’s clear to me she is lying. It is a much different story than what she said on the reunion, which was I sat in the waiting room for four hours while he had chemo.  We can basically turn this off now. She’s in on it up to her eyeballs.

Vicki has come armed with a folder of documents. One is a text or email from Brooks saying that just because he doesn’t trust her with his medical records doesn’t make it right to accuse me of not having cancer. Huh? When would that conversation have happened? She was defending him up until a few weeks ago. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Porsha Williams and Ja Rule

WWHL With Porsha Williams and Ja Rule


Porsha Williams is on WWHL with Andy Cohen and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say tonight when Andy shows the clip from Lake Lanier.  I like Porsha’s dress but it does look just like the athletic top she wore on tonight’s show at the track meet. She has a really nice waist cincher on underneath there. You can only see it in the buttock region. Check out the tattoos on her wrists are those new?

Andy asks if it was really water in the Moore Hair Care bottles. Porsha said yes and the other products were cocoa butter. Porsha throws some shade about that, and y’all I can’t even stick up for my girl launching a product with no product.


Is Porsha completely ball headed? Did she run out of weave before she got to the front or is there just nothing left to attach it to?  Sheree has had that issue for years, but it looked like tonight Sheree may have enough to stop just gluing a hair bagel on top.

Andy asked them to guess how many times they showed people fanning at Kenya’s launch party. Ja Rule guessed 22. Porsha with her retard mental strength screams no! 100!  It was 25.  Poor Porsha.

Andy is still trying to milk his viral episode where Vivica Fox suggested 50 cent was a bit light in his loafers. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Season One Uncensored

Kyle Real Housewives of Beverly hills Are you fucking kidding me?


Okay what fresh hell is this Bravo? Are we really going to have a show about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season One? It appears we are. I’m in. But this had better be good.

Well, we begin straight off with Kim’s alcoholism.  On the last day of filming, they were at a huge birthday party for Taylor and Kim was wasted. Apparently, someone from production let Kyle know. Because, it’s apparently Kyle’s job to keep him reasonably sober. Kim stormed off the set drunk and went out to the limo to drink. Kyle went after her and that is when the infamous limo scene went down. Kyle says she just lost it.

Andy didn’t want to do Beverly Hills because they were already doing Orange County. Andy thought they would be too much alike.  It all started with Kyle. Kim’s audition tape is all about how Kyle doesn’t think she is good enough. Kim looks 20 years younger. So sad.

Lisa has a signed contract for Giggy. Apparently, this is a real deal. And such a clever way for her to be paid more than the other ladies. Or avoid taxes perhaps. I’m just saying. Lisa also wanted to go by “Pinky” on the show instead of Lisa. The producers told her that Pinky Vanderpump sounded like a bad porn star name and didn’t allow it.

Camille said that she didn’t think Kelsey would want her on the show.  Kelsey called production and made sure that RHOBH hired Camille to keep her out of his affair. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Party in a Sweatbox

RHOA at the Bravo version of Kandi's baby shower

RHOA at the Bravo version of Kandi’s baby shower

It’s time for another episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and I feel like I have sleep 90% of the time since the last one.  I think we will see in this episode that Kenya Moore reevaluates her position with Sheree Whitfield. But the relationship I am most interested in at this point is the one between Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss. I am dying to know if the Feds came and picked up Apollo’s toys from Kandi and Todd’s garage. That is a very interesting situation.

Phaedra Parks

Oh lawd I am already tired of seeing Phaedra Parks on my TV screen. It looks like the religious hypocrite is going for some sort of baptism at a place called Clean Start Total Body Cleansing.  It’s going to take more than that, Phaedra. Okay I am not about to watch Phaedra and Porsha get colonics. No mam. Sorry.


We catch up with Kandi and Todd in their PJs in bed talking about Kandi’s conversation with Phaedra. Todd says that Apollo asked him to store his toys. It has nothing to do with Phaedra. Todd is also still waiting on his check. Continue reading


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