Kim Biermann Discusses Her Health Issues on GMA



Kim Biermann took her first flight since her TIA (mini-stroke) to fly to NYC to interview with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America about her recent health scare that knocked her out of DWTS. She tells Michael that she was extremely nervous the entire flight but got through it without incident.

Michael asks about her mini-stroke that knocked her out of the DWTS competition. Kim says, “It was a blessing in disguise. The minor TIA revealed that I have a PFO, which is like a hole in your heart. I was born with it and it never closed. That’s what caused it basically.”  PFOs are not that uncommon in about 25% of people the hole in your heart you are born with fails to grow together and close. That condition can lead to TIAs and strokes. There is not much doctor’s do for it. I suspect that Kim will be taking a baby aspirin a day an hoping for the best. Continue reading


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Are You The One?

Are You The One

I’ve mentioned this show before and it gets little traction here but I am kind of obsessed with Are You The One? Which is currently airing its third season on MTV.  It’s a dating show and a game show all at once.  They supposedly do psychological assessments on a bunch of twenty somethings and come up with what they believe to be ten promising couples.  Twenty kids go in the house looking for the one person they have been secretly matched with. Right away girls get themselves all worked out that the first guy that pays them any attention is THE ONE.  Each week, one couple is selected by the gang to go to the TRUTH BOOTH where they will be told whether or not they are a match. If they are, they are moved out of the house to get intimate in a private location for the rest of the game. Continue reading


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Best Time Ever With Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey and Bethenny Frankel

A housewives fan in the audience of Neil Patrick Harris’ new variety show Best Time Ever  was recently pranked by housewives from three franchises.  And of course the ubiquitous Andy Cohen was there to laugh at the ladies.

Check out the clip above with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. And then click through for a hilarious scene with Kenya and Cynthia followed by the fan unwittingly going off on Bethenny Frankel! Continue reading


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RHOBH Fly to NYC for a Uniting For a Lyme Free World Gala To Honor Yolanda Foster

That's Erika behind Kyle and Kathryn across from Yolanda.

                That’s Erika behind Kyle and Kathryn across from Yolanda.

Yolanda Foster jumped on her private jet with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Housewives Kyle Richards and newbies  Erika Jayne and Kathryn Edwards on Wednesday to fly to NYC for the inaugural  Uniting for a Lyme Free World Gala in NYC on October 8th. Yolanda will be honored along with Carlos Brito, President and CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev, Ally Hilfiger, author and designer, and Thalia, pop star, songwriter and actress for their work to find a cure. All four have (or had?) Lyme disease.

Tommy Hilfiger, is chairing the event to raise awareness and educate the public about Lyme disease.  His daughter, Ally, 30, is one of the honorees.  David Foster is an event chair for the occasion along with, Tommy Mottola  (Thalia’s husband)  Casablanca Records; Brian J. Brille, Crown Sterling LLC; Sabine Chalmers, Anheuser-Busch InBev;  Peter Harf, JAB Holding Company; and Donna Karan, DKNY. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Premiere Recap: Who Are These People?

Couples Therapy Season Six


It’s time for a new season of Couples Therapy. Let’s meet the new couples!

Big Ang and Neil Murphy

Big Ang is one of only two people I know this season. If you don’t know her, she’s from Mob Wives. She and Neil are the first to arrive. Big Ang is not thrilled to be there even before she gets in the house. They’ve been married for six years. Ang seems upset that her husband is a garbage man, he’s lazy and he lies.  Their story seems to be that Big Ang is an abusive wife and Neil is the victim in the relationship

Scott and Jaclyn Stapp

Scott is the lead singer of CREED. Jaclyn is his wife. Scott has had a very serious issues with drugs. He had a drug relapse last year and had a total break from reality. Jaclyn filed for divorce. Scott was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He is really trying to stay sober.


Carmen Carrera and Adrian Torres

Carmen Carrera is transgender. Because transgender is the new black. Adrian has two daughters from a previous relationship.  They are married. She did not start to transition until after the marriage. Prior to that she was living as a man by day and her female self at night.  Adrian is apparently freaked out that she is transitioning and growing breasts. Wait, I thought he was a straight guy. What straight guy doesn’t like breasts?  He cheated when she began transitioning.  I think Carmen was on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  That may mean I can get Lady Cocotte to do these reaps. Carmen is nervous that people will find out she is transgender and judge her. Continue reading


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American Horror Story: Hotel Your Reservation Has Been Confirmed


By Urethra Franklin

Hello guests and welcome to American Horror Story: Hotel. This is a confirmation reminder for your reservation for your stay at the enigmatic Hotel Cortez for the next four months. We hope you are able to remain alive during your stay in one of the mystifying and haunted guest rooms. Just because you check in, it doesn’t guarantee that you will check out.

You might be greeted by The Countess, the fashionable, mysterious and seductive owner of the hotel.  She has a seriously sexy thirst for drinking blood.  How she acquires the vital plasma is an experience that you will have to see for yourself after you check in at the Hotel Cortez.


Your visit may be cut short by the Ten Commandments Killer, a serial murderer that chooses his victims based on biblical teachings. You could end up dead stuffed inside a mattress, but at least your spirit has the option to stay for eternity. Continue reading


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