Jodi Arias Afternoon Session Recap 10/28

Jodi Arias Martinez

And we are back. Nurmi asks Flores again if the bullet is a hollow point. Flores says he would need to review the ballistics report to answer that. Then he questions the sex tape and asks if was authenticated.  Flores says no. Um Nurmi, this is YOUR evidence that YOU brought in. He goes on to talk about all the nasty sex talk and point out how that is not the conversations of  a good moron boy. He talks about Travis wanting to beat up Abe. He talks about Travis wanting to tie Jodi to a tree. Basically, it’s bash the victim time. Martinez objects. Sidebar.

Flores is Mormon so it is determined that he is qualified to testify that Travis’ phone conversation was not acceptable to the church. Nurmi goes over detail after detail pointing out that Travis was not the perfect 30 year old virgin he proclaimed himself to be. Nurmi is asking questions like, Do the  laws of chastity include Travis shooting jizz on Jodi’s face? Juan Martinez is objecting his head off.  Sidebar. Loud and animated. Nurmi wins and has the court reporter read the jizz question back. lol. Who is this new Nurmi?

Nurmi: “Would knowing what a 12-year-old girl’s 1st orgasm sounds like be consistent with laws of chastity?” Objection. SIDEBAR. Animated lawyers on both sides. Nurmi: Detective Flores, you let me know if you don’t understand any of the questions I’m asking. Okay? Nurmi- Is it illegal for anyone to have sex with a 12 year old? Flores…yes it’s illegal.”Would it be legal to watch videos of a 12yo girl having her first orgasm?” OBJECTION SIDEBAR!  Stephens allows Nurmi to ask different forms of the question, over and over. Continue reading

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Jodi Arias Morning Recap 10/28

Jodi Arias Day 2

We begin the morning with a sidebar. Juan has some scheduling questions. Nurmi has some objections, I’d presume. It’s taking a while. I think Juan left the courtroom briefly. The plan if we make it that far is for Nurmi to cross Flores today. I think Nurmi will be playing the sex tape to show that Travis was sexually deviant. Bascially, it will be a blame the victim day, in my prediction.  Yep, there it is. Judge Stephens warns court watchers that graphic video and audio of a sexual nature will be displayed. They should not have a reaction. If they don’t think they can handle it they need to leave. Then the jury is allowed in and Flores takes the stand. The sisters of Travis Alexander opt not to be in the courtroom for this portion of proceeding and wait elsewhere in the courthouse.

Nurmi begins by showing Flores a cardboard box with a mix of blood and water. Then attention is turned to the shell casing in the bathroom. The casing is on top of the blood stain. This has been an issue in every version of this trial. Flores says he is not sure if the casing was kicked during investigation of the scene. Nurmi seems interested in knowing if the  bullet is a hollow point. Flores says he can’t tell from the picture. I’m pretty sure Flores knows if it is a hollow point or not.

Nurmi shows the shower scenes and the time stamps. He says if Jodi wanted to kill him (what?) she had twenty four seconds to do it while his back was turned. He measures off 24 second of silence.  He waits out another 16 seconds for the amount of time between next photo. Nurmi asks Flores if he were to turn his back to him, would he be able to see him? This line of questioning seems pointless. Nurmi is trying to say that Jodi had opportunities to kill Travis that she didn’t take. Inadvertently, he is also saying she wanted him to know who killed him. Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel Rumors…?

bethenny and RamonaAndy Cohen is busting his buttons over his kitchen table talk deal with Bethenney Frankel this past summer. Clearly, he made it worth her while to come back and try to save the half-dead RHONY.  But RHONY has been filming for awhile and there have been no sightings of her filming.

What’s the problem?

Apparently, it’s Jason Hoppy. I’m hearing the real reason that Andy and Bethenny cooked up this little deal and kept it a secret was Bethenny’s divorce. It seems that 50/50 custody has finally been agreed to. we were in the homestretch and everyone was moving forward. Things are more amicable. Continue reading


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WWHL Guest List Updates!

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic.... ShadeByAndy

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic…. ShadeByAndy

Here are the latest updates to the WWHL Schedule.  I like Michael J. Fox. He’s such an inspiration and still funny! And of course Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts and Sarah Paulson will be awesome.  Martin Short and Lisa Kudrow should be hysterical. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Afternooon Update 10/27/14

This is the look Jodi gives to each juror as they walk in.

This is the look Jodi gives to each juror as they walk in.

Everyone is back in court, including Juror 12 and we are back to listening to Flores conversation with Jodi.  Actually, this sounds like the interrogation video. Flores tells Jodi they found the camera. She says she has never seen Travis’ camera, she had recently helped him pick a good one but she is not sure what he ended up with. She says she was not there. Flores says they have pictures of her there. Jodi denies it. He tells her he has seen their naked pictures. She tells him it must be from another time. She denies it is her. She lies and denies like a Below Deck Head Stew. Flores explains he has her hair, a bloody handprint mixed with both her blood and Travis’. Pictures. She’s busted. There is no way out of this. She continues to deny. She utters the famous line, “I would never hurt Travis. If I had done this I would beg for the death penalty.”

Jodi wants to see the pictures. She pretends like she doesn’t know about her nude pictures in pigtails. Flores tells her that everyone says she is obsessed with Travis. She was stalking him. She brutally killed him. It was a fatal attraction.  Jurors are watching video intently. Jodi asks if they found the gun. Jodi wants details of the killing because she has a morbid curiosity.

Jodi draws Flores a map outlining her “trip to Salt Lake City.” She had no GPS and is bad with directions and got lost. Flores says she turned her phone off the whole time she was in Arizona. She says the battery died. He points out it worked again when she was in Utah. Jodi says she is not a murderer. They take a break and Jodi acts very bizarrely in the room alone. Stretching, head stands. laying on the table. Flores returns. She asks what kind of gun he carries (a glock.) She says that if Travis were there she would tell him she didn’t do it.  Flores says it’s his job to speak for Travis now. He knows she did it. Flores shows her the naked photos. She admits it looks like her. And Travis. He shows her the picture of her dragging Travis down the hallway. “That’s your foot, Jodi. Those are your pants. That’s Travis’s body.”  Jodi denies. She says if she were going to kill someone, she would use gloves. She has plenty of them. Flores tells her a neighbor saw her at Travis’.  More lies. More denial. He says even her parent have given statements saying they believe she did it. Continue reading


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Exclusive: Tiny Drop of RHOA Tea…

RHOA Korean Flight

Exclusive: Play nice. Please excerpt and clearly link. Ebola. Blah.  Blah. Blah.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks, Kandi Burruss, Demetria McKinney, Porsha Williams, and Claudia Jordan have left the country.  That’s way too many housewives. SEVEN.  And Nene is not on the trip.  I’ve been working sources for a day or so now and the best I can determine is that the ladies are going to BALI. That is one long ass trip. It’s even longer from Atlanta than it is from Beverly Hills and you know how jetlagged they all were.

The ladies are on a new fangled AIRBUS 380 that is often referred to as a cruise ship in the sky. It’s a double decker plan that holds around 400 passengers. There are three classes. I think the ladies are in the midlevel class which is the complete top level of the plane. That section has a bar/lounge. On the lower deck there is a high end duty-free shop with perfume and make-up and booze. They left on Korean Air’s 15 hour flight to Seoul, Korea. That much I know for sure. That is the only place  Korean Air flies the Airbus 380 to from ATL. From there, I’m making an educated guess that Bali is their final destination. They would have an overnight layover and then fly the next 7 hour leg into Bali. You know how all the franchises end up going to the same places. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Morning Recap For Monday October 27th

jodi arias day3

Well, the Jodi circus is up and running again in Arizona. We begin the day with a motion to dismiss the states intent to seek the death penalty due to state misconduct. Basically, Nurmi got his hands on some texts between Detective Flores’ wife and an unknown party about the forged letters that Jodi had someone draw up in prison that were supposed to be from Travis. I don’t see why the detective’s wife would be prohibited from talking about the case just like everyone else in the free world was doing at the time. I don’t think this motion will go anywhere. Just more paperwork for the appeals.

In other news, on Thursday, Detective Flores told the media that no other jurors had been dismissed after Juror 17 was taken into chambers to meet with both sides causing the entire case not to be able to go forward on Thursday afternoon. That was a no no. The judge told him not to speak to the media about events that occur in her chambers.

And on we go to the gas cans which seem to be the major focus of Juan Martinez. Nurmi’s constant objections resulting in numerous sidebars continue. Nurmi objected Martinez playing a video of Jodi’s ex boyfriend explaining about the gas cans. The jury is sent out and Nurmi wins the battle. Video is legally inadmissible, it would seem. So Martinez and Flores read the transcript, with Flores reading as Brewer. Seems ridiculous. But, Arizona. We all recall the gas can story. She borrowed a couple from the ex and bought another at Wal*Mart so that she would not have to purchase gas in Arizona.  They go though all the gas receipts, tank size of car, size of gas cans, etc. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Secrets Revealed

RHONJ S6 CastOMG I was bingewatching Bad Judge and time got away from me. Suddenly, I am 9 minutes late into RHONJ and it is NOT taping!  I tuned in  just in time to hear Amber telling Dina about “Alana” the hooker side  of her? WTF? I feel like I missed so much in nine minutes! Did I miss Amber giving head to a bottle? Allegedly?

On to discussing divorce. And marriage. Dina knew her husband since she was 11 and he was 18. Is it me or is that kind of creepy? But Teresa chimes in and says she has know Joe since she was born. They used to play together as kids and Joe was always in trouble and her mother warned her to stay away from him.  Oddly, today? or was it yesterday was Tre and Joe’s 15th wedding anniversary. I’m assuming the ladies are in Atlantic city. When this was being filmed some sent me some information about Teresa winning $1,000 while she was there. I was a bit skeptical because the name was spelled wrong. Maybe we will find out. Continue reading


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American Horror Story: Freak Show

AHS EdwardBy: Urethra Franklin

The American Morbidity Museum is jam packed with memorabilia & specimens of medical oddities of both humans & animals. If you pause & look at the close-ups shots of the exhibit you will notice the inspiration for the haunting AHS:FreakShow opening main title credits showcasing freaky skeletons & a wiggling Lobster Boy doll. Did you see the taxidermic two-headed baby chick? Maybe that is some foreshadowing about the fate of the Tattler twins?  Meep would have had an orgasm in his feathered onesie if he was alive to see it.

The museum is struggling with attendance due to a stale exhibit and the Ed Sullivan show, and it could use some new inventory to bring in paying gawkers. Con-artist Stanley is impersonating a scientist along with Maggie as his fake pupil/assistant, and is waiting for the museum’s appraiser to verify the Sasquatch fetus in a jar. Maggie hints at some sensitivity for the exploited freak human remains that are doomed to be on permanent display, but Stanley disagrees “They were losers in life but at least now they have some value.”

Fake Dr. Stanley is indignant when told that his credentials are just as fake as his baby Big Foot. The curator appreciates his hustle, but if he brought her something authentic & truly priceless she’ll pay him good money with no questions asked.  After learning the going the rate for a conjoined liver is $5000 he starts scheming to find a whole conjoined freak. The curator suggests he goes straight to the source, the Freak Shows of Coney Island or South Florida. I would suggest the Big Brother house. #Shade

Even though there is a curfew in Jupiter, parents are still too scared to let their kids trick or treat in town so they take them to West Palm Beach instead. The neighborhood looks exactly like the neighborhood I grew up in, except we didn’t have Twisty lurking in yards; but we did have a neighbor we called ‘Nosy Nandez’ because he was a window peeper.  Oh God Twisty even makes standing still in broad daylight frightening. His costume is so dirty & grimy, but after butchering so many people his costume is blood stain free. #Tide. Twisty is stalking a young girl in a fairy costume who is terrified of clowns. Earlier her older brother pranked her while wearing a clown costume. Ummm he will pay for that one later. Stay tuned. Continue reading


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#TGIT Update


Grey’s Anatomy

I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy a million years ago. I remember McDreamy. I remember the Asian doctor whose relationship ended sadly. I don’t remember much else, or why I stopped watching. I don’t recall actually breaking up with Grey’s specifically, I think we just grew apart and sort of consciously uncoupled in an amicable way. But now, it seems weird not to tune in to all three Shondaland shows on Thursday nights. I like it again. But it is still like when you hang out with your girlfriend and she is watching her soap opera and you don’t know any of the backstory on anyone. Was it just me or did the whole mystery sister/daughter line just sort of go away? Did I miss something? Did the love child doctor just leave forever?  Last night I was just getting in to the lesbian marital problems storyline and now they are going to break up? Someone is actually named Arizona? I’m still going to watch this for a while, but I feel like I need a friends chart. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Trial Unable to Proceed After Lunch Break. Juror 17 Is a Problem.

This was Jodi's Day Three Look. It didn't get much use.

This was Jodi’s Day Three Look. It didn’t get much use.


UPDATEE 10/24/14 I just zipped through Dr. Drew and he confirms that he did not put up his tweet until AFTER court was adjourned for the day. Which confirms to me that he booked the old Juror 17 after the new Juror 17 situation arose. He did that because everyone wants to know the deal with the new Juror 17 so he booked the old one to play off that interest. So the new #17 was called into chambers for some other reason.

UPDATED AGAIN: In an odd turn of events, Dr. Drew is interviewing Juror 17 FROM THE ORIGINAL TRIAL, not Juror 17 that is at the center of today’s debacle.  Very sneaky there, Dr. Drew. Very sneaky.  So We are back to the belief that Juror 17 from the current trial has not (yet) been dismissed. Dr. Drew is evil.

UPDATED: It appears Juror 17 WAS kicked off. Will be on Dr. Drew on HLN tonight at 9 During SCANDAL! UGH.

We come back from lunch and Judge Sherry Stephens dismisses the jury for the day. She asks Juror 17 to stay behind. WTF is wrong with these jurors? Can they not stay out of trouble at lunchtime? Do they need to be sequestered? WHAT NOW? Judge Stephens says they are unable to proceed today to an event outside of their control.

The lawyers, Arias and Travis’ sister are all called into chambers. Juror 17 was waiting in jury room. Speculation is she is in chambers  as well. They were only in chambers for a few minutes. Maybe five. Nurmi and Willmott seem “happy” according to one account. Detective Flores told several reporters that Juror 17 was NOT dismissed. But how would he know? He was not present for whatever happened in chambers.

It will remain a mystery until Monday I suppose because there is no court on Fridays. Because, Arizona.


This is just a clusterfuck of a retrial and it’s only day three.


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Below Deck Renewed for Third Season

Below Deck Capt lee dickNEW YORK – October 22, 2014 Fueled by ratings success, Bravo Media has renewed “Below Deck” for a third season as last night’s finale earned the highest-rated episode of the season among all key demos. With over 1.4 million total viewers and 710,000 P18-49, the episode was up 26 percent and 23 percent, respectively, from the prior week (10/14/14), according to Nielsen. On a most current basis, season two is averaging 1.5 million total viewers and 808,000 P18-49.

Next Tuesday, October 28 at 9pm ET/PT, “The Crew Tells All” special takes a look back at lost footage from the first season with never-before-seen cast interviews. Get a closer look at the outrageous hijinks of the charter guests and crew. Continue reading


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