Big Brother Wednesday Night Recap: Frankie Flops Just Like The Play

BB16 nicole sad

Here we go with the whole Donny is a genius thing again. Caleb says Donny is like Rainman. No, he has issues from serving in the special forces. Caleb says he is really good at reading people.  Caleb is such a boob.

Cody wants to put of Frankie. Derrick nixes that. Cody won’t do anything without Derrick’s permission. Actually, no one left would.

Victoria’s wisdom teeth are coming in. Her face is swollen. She’s in a lot of pain. Victoria passes out in the toilet and Medics have to be called in. It was really scary looking and everyone was effected by it.

Frankie is being a jerk about the Team America challenge. He sat in the diary room literally powdering his nose saying he doesn’t think America would want them to save Donny. Um, hello? America voted for Donny. Ariana Grande groupies voted for you, you douchebag. Frankie wants to do a play,  Derrick’s attitude is whatever they do if it is an America’s vote, Ariana fans will give them the money. I seriously hope Derrick is over estimating how many Ariana fans give a crap about Big Brother. When Derrick was by himself, he cried over not saving Donny. Continue reading

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RHOA Puerto Rico Trip Photo Album

RHOA Puerto Rico claudia, kenya cynthia demetriaThe ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta maybe fighting at night when they all come back together but the day trips seem to be happening in two groups.  The above fearless foursome is seen out and about together without the other ladies. Kenya’s face is unrecognizable. She looks like she has lost a lot of weight! Click through for more photos! Continue reading


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Chelsea Handler Has Everyone On Earth Sing On Final Show

I went through a Chelsea Handler phase a few years ago. Then I took her book on vacation to Saint Lucia for my trashy beach read and HATED it.  And just like that I was over her.  But this clip of seriously a boat ton of people singing her off the show is great. Leann Rimes at the end having issues with everyone being off key was funny.


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Amber Marchese is Crazy.

RHONJ  Amber Tre Valentines

I know all of you are dying for a place to talk about Jim Marchese’s bizarre twitter behavior because you all send me links! It’s just crazy. To me the interesting part is that so many well know twitter lunatics are there chatting with him like everything is perfectly normal. It’s insanity overload for me, so I avoid it all together. But feel free to keep me informed here.

And then there is Amber.  Her blog this week is wall to wall delusion. You should probably go read the whole thing because I left out a lot of interesting fact like the day the White House was burned to the ground.  Or this may be enough crazy for you. You decide. Continue reading


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Below Deck Recap: Mo Mojitos, Mo Problems…

Below Deck Kelly

We start at the point where Kelly cracked his skull on the concrete after falling off the swing. Amy takes her brother to the ER.  Everyone else goes back to the boat where Kat and Ben continue to flirt with disaster, by flirting with each other on national TV when both of them are involved with people on land.  Ben takes it upon himself to tell Eddie he needs a backup plan for Andrew because Andrew sucks. It’s not a casual thing, it’s more of a drunken directive that crosses the boundary into telling the brand new bosun he is not doing his job correctly. Seriously, Ben.  Eddie has enough to deal with without you adding to the situation. Go back to cheating on your girl friend. Kelly shows up at 3:30  am and gets into bed. Ben denies Kat her request for a kiss. Tomorrow is a new charter.

Andrew’s ineptitude is highlighted once again. He is tired and clearly he has no clue what he is doing. He’s not even wearing shoes which causes him to get splinters in his feet. Just then, Captain Lee walks by and says, “What do you think? Deck shoes?” and keeps on walking. Priceless. Eddie asks him to take some things to the starboard bosun locker. Andrew doesn’t know what any of that means.

Kate didn’t seem to take to the down home silliness of the first group of guests, so this new group with black  truffle  on their provisions list should make her happy. Right? It’s an anniversary trip and their first trip without the kids. They are hot and rich and Kate is already jealous.  She is already complaining about making mojitos. This speaks more to her bartending skills than their taste in beverages. Continue reading


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EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives of Atlanta Explode in Puerto Rico

Kenya at the beach in Puerto Rico!

Kenya at the beach in Puerto Rico!

ATTN: This is an independently sourced story EXCLUSIVE to theft of this article will result in bad karma, Ebola virus, and syphilis. Wouldn’t it just be smarter to use a small portion with a clear link to this page as the source?

I managed to get in touch with Source who is in Puerto Rico at the moment.  All of the RHOA flew in yesterday for their girls trip for season seven. The weather may be hot but the fighting is even hotter. Already. On day one.

The premise of the trip is that new housewife, Demetria McKinney has a “concert” this week in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Demetria is an actress and singer and has recently released a single, 100, to coincide with her stint on RHOA.  That said, I can’t find any publicity online for where exactly Demetria is singing.  I admit I didn’t try that hard because it really doesn’t matter. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 1 Beadors Win!

RHOOC Reunion double shot

The ladies all arrive to the reunion in sweats without a drop of makeup on. They are filmed getting ready for the day. Heather Dubrow gets a haircut with a completely new style while she is preparing to go on national TV. It’s a good thing it came out all right.  Vicki seems confident going in this season, which is a new feeling for her, but Andy will trip her up and let herself paint herself into a corner over a airheaded gay stereotype from the show.  Heather is there for answers. Shannon’s plan is to stay Zen.  Tamra says she never has a problem owning up to what she has done. I can’t decide if I think she believes herself or not.

Vicki’s boobs are ginormous! Are they new? Vicki says she is trying to buy Andales. I just found out that Vicki’s Mexican apartment is a time share.  They actually had three time shares. In the divorce, the each took one and sold the other. Those have to be new boobs. They are way up high.

Lizzie dated Nick Lachey both before and after Jessica Simpson.

Andy asks Shannon about her saving a nation in a past life. She said that her holistic dentist consulted a panel of psychics and that’s what they said. That’s why he put the jewels in her teeth for free. He’s dead now.  Shannon seems happy and at peace. At least for now. Continue reading


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Looks Like There May Be Drama At Pump Tonight! Or Not. :(


I’ve been told that there is an Emmy party being filmed at PUMP tonight.  It is assumed that all of the housewives including Brandi will be there.  But word on the street is that two other guests will be there as well. And Brandi will not be happy to see either of them.

Ever heard the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend?  Well that seems to be coming into play on the west coast tonight… Continue reading


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Predictions For Tonight’s Orange County Reunion

RHOOC ReunionObserver2 has asked for a spot to discuss what we expect to happen on tonight’s reunion show. Will anyone walk of the set in dramatic fashion only to be hauled back out for the next scene? Will Heather stick up for Tamra or will the entire mob unite against her?  How many times will we hear the word “Brooks” brought up? If we exclude all of the housewives names as possible choices, what should be our drinking word? Continue reading


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Teresa and Nicole Responds to Victoria Gotti’s Comments

NIcole Just Tweeted She and Bobby are headed to Vegas!

NIcole Just Tweeted She and Bobby are headed to Vegas!

So, some mafia princess goes on national TV and says your husband once slept with your mother. How do you respond?  Would your response be louder if it were true or if it was not?  This week, Nicole and Teresa got their blogs up early. Both were a single page, way less than they usually are. There was no gratitude or shout outs to twitter friends. It was, pretty much the least they could do and still blog. Here is what they had to say. What they DIDN’T say may be more important. Continue reading


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Big Brother :Donny, You’re Out of Your Element! Dude, the Chinaman is Not the Issue Here!

BB16 Can't sit with us

Chop Credit: Unknown?

We are to the Everyone Hates Donny show. But now, they have a new girl to shun in Nicole. Donny and Nicole both know they are in a hopeless situation. Donny gets Nicole up to speed. Nicole is nearby. She leaves to go report the conversation to Derrick and Donny informs Nicole that Victoria doesn’t even know where she is. She’s such a clueless mess.

Derrick is rallying his minions telling them not to talk to Nicole. Christine is not in the room and Derrick says if anyone is going to run their mouths it will be her. He’s already setting her up to go home if they can’t get either Donny or Nicole out of the house this week. He’s three moves in front of everyone in this house.  I wonder if Team America ends if Donny is evicted. If production decides to do that, it could help to get Donny further in the game. However, currently everyone REALLY hates Donny for absolutely no reason at all.  Derrick is the only one to have anything against Donny because he knows that Donny knows Derrick’s exact plan. He explained it very clearly to Cody, but Cody is too stupid to get it.

Please add 3rd degree black belt to Caleb’s list of skills and abilities. Which reminds me we had another Caleb family member visit here today. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Roses Are Red, Dina is Blue

RHONJ S6 CastWith little to no explanation, Amber arrives at Melissa’s house with chicken soup of assorted food. Lots of hugs. Melissa’s aunt has died and Joe is very busy with work so she is struggling.  Amber was very sweet. She did have to point out that she had cancer just like Melissa’s mom. How long will this détente last?

Nicole and her mom talk about how they are going out to Vino’s restaurant with the family for Valentines Day. Nicole points out she has been with Bobby for a year. Nicole’s mother points out that he can go long stretches without seeing her. She fears that Bobby may be a confirmed bachelor. Nicole is ready to get married. it seems Bobby is not.

Next we are to believe that Joe took all the girls out for a date night while Teresa stays home and signs books. Melissia came over and they opened some Fabelini  made a fire and watched The Godfather. Teresa explains that it is her favorite movie and holds a lot of life lessons. I assume the main one would be that as long as you don’t get killed, crime pays very well.  Melissa and Teresa seem to have truly made up this time. Maybe. Continue reading


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