Brandi Does a Profanity Laced Rap On Steve Harvey Show

Four months ago, Brandi Glanville was flashing her lady parts and acting like a whore on Steve Harvey and he saw a ratings draw so he had invited her back to be her trashy, classless self once again. The video about is just a taste of what you missed. A lot of this is as put on as the vocal fry so popular in Southern California. I get that. But why would a mother go on TV and act like a whore with no filter over and over and over again. I’m starting to think LeAnn doesn’t even want those boys. Which is sad because someone needs to raise them.

Last time that Brandi was there, Steve would not let her date either of the men she picked. He is back to try again. Did you know Brandi has an app where you can block yourself from contacting certain people when you are drinking? I need an app that keeps me from drunk emailing. Can someone get me one of those? We should be safe until Easter for that.

They talk about Celebrity Apprentice Steve asks if they have made up. Brandi says, “No, but I think you need to set her up because she needs love more than anyone I’ve ever met in my life!” Steve says she fought with everybody this season on RHOBH, he wants to know why?  She says, ” They fought with me! I think they all sit around pretending to be perfect and it’s an easy bandwagon to jump on so they come after me and I fight back! ”  Brandi needs to sell T-Shirts that say “It wasn’t me!”  Continue reading


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New WWHL Guest List is Amazeballs!

Andy Cohen

Tonight on WWHL we have Scheana Marie Shay talking Vanderpump Rules, posting alert, I will not be recapping Vanderpump Rules tonight. I still have conflicts with other programming and will recap it tomorrow instead. Also I had a rough day out in the world today and with all my Lent obligations, I should probably not fight the exhaustion and just surrender to sleep soon.

As for the WWHL schedule, I am really excited about the line up. Lisa Rinna will be on tomorrow to talk about the latest episode of Intervention, errrr I meant RHOBH. And if it really is live perhaps we will get some insight about the reunion.

On Wednesday, Jane Lynch will be on and everyone needs to send in questions for her about what it was like to work with Nene. I’m dying to know. Kenya, Derek J and Miss Lawrence will be on when RHOA returns next Sunday.

Mark your Calendars for Monday when two bowls of crazy show up at the same time. It’s Kristen Doute  AND GG Gharachedaghi together. I die. I need this show to be an hour already. Continue reading


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Oscars 2015 Discussion: Who Has The Best Gown? Who Will Win?

Ryan Seacrest Oscars 2015 Twitter

Ryan Seacrest Oscars 2015 Twitter

Urethra asked for an Oscars post to chat about fashion and the show tonight. There is no Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight so you might as well join us. The red carpet has already begun on E! and the celebrities are trickling on to the carpet! I didn’t think the show would start until six.

I’m making foie gras stuffed quail with grilled peached and tomatoes (and a couple teeny tators sshh not supposed to be in there)  for my Oscars dinner.  Newsflash: I don’t know how to make quail. I’ve never even eaten quail but everything smells really good!

I better get back in the kitchen!  Hopefully UF will be here soon to host the Tamara Tattles red carpet! I’ll be back ASAP! I will add some pictures if I get the chance.! Tell me what you think of the fashions!



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News From the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion

Andy RHOBH reunion


The RHOBH reunion was filmed on Friday. By all accounts it was a ten-hour ordeal for the gang.  Andy said it was the most intense RHOBH reunion in five seasons and that wore him out.  It seems he placated the Pump though as sources indicate that Lisa was not the victim this season and became quite aggressive with Brandi. Eileen and Lisa Rinna went hard on Brandi as well.  Eileen was mostly composed but not particularly reserved when it came time to go toe to toe with Brandi.  Brandi’s own twitter account says that she pissed off “everybody.” Her fans were delighted by the news.

Despite much online chatter about whether or not Yolanda’s health would allow her to attend, there was never any question in my mind that she would. And indeed she did.  She may have gotten a few accommodations with breaks and such, but she was there. Continue reading


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Bobbi Kristina Update February 22, 2015

nick and bobbi

Edited: Nick Gordon says he did CPR for 15 minutes and regrets he did not get to Krissi earlier.

Nick Gordon CPR for 10-15min responding officer didn’t take over until EMS came it’s like re living my worst nightmare!!!!

Go take a peek at Nick’s twitter. He does have a point about BB. 

Despite there being nothing substantial to report on Bobbi Kristina’s condition, local news continues to run story after story. I get it. People are interested. But do we really need to know every little detail  and rumor no matter how inconsequential or accurate?  Here are the broad strokes.

On Wednesday two things happened.  First, as the three-week point neared, Krissi was prepared to be moved to a long-term care facility. Doctors at Emory performed a  tracheostomy on Krissi. This is a common procedure when someone is expected to be on life support a long time. The breathing tube down the throat has a tendency to become a source of infection over time. A hole is cut in the trachea to attach the artificial breathing machine to the patient. It’s easier to keep the area clean. This information became know to the public on Thursday.  While I was out running errands I heard the story on the radio. It seems that they also swapped out the feeding tube as well.  All of this indicates that Krissi will soon be moved to a long-term care facility.

Also on Wednesday, Nick Gordon’s attorney made the following  statement on his behalf, “Nick has been trying, privately; to do everything he can to see Bobbi Kristina cooperatively.  He has respected the family’s wishes and for that reason alone has not returned to the hospital and risked a public confrontation.  But he desperately wants to be with the one he loves and continues to hope that his request will be granted.” Continue reading


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Australia Wants No Part of Abby Lee Miller And Whatever is Left of the ALDC

Dance Moms Abby Meltdown

Abby Lee Miller’s increasingly bizarre behavior and abusive teaching methods is causing international repercussions. Several Australian news outlets are reporting that Australian dance studios and teachers are banding together to ask that Abby Lee’s visa be revoked for her upcoming trip in March. The teachers have gained the support of Peter Oxford, the child ambassador for the Australian dance industry.  Oxford, claims he has received complaints about Abby’s teaching methods. According to Oxford,  Abby’s abrasive and abusive tactics used to coach dancers is in breach of Australian child employment laws.  Oxford also is the president of the biggest dance competition in Australia.

If you recall at the beginning of this season the girls talked about going all over the globe doing master classes and meet and greets with Abby. Oxford says that he received numerous complaints  from teachers and parents. Some outlets claim that the $200+ dollar tickets were the main cause of complaints.

Season Five Spoilers after the jump! Continue reading


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Brandi Thinks Everyone is Violating Kim’s Privacy…

Brandi At least I'm not doing Chrystal Meth in the Bathroom

Seems like just yesterday…

So next week’s previews showed Lisa Rinna and Brandi chatting about Kim Richards. In this conversation, several innuendos are made. It seems that Brandi is saying that Kim is constantly high on Fentanyl from a patch she is swiping from Monty and  according to Brandi, Kim is suicidal.

So now what? Clearly, Lisa and Eileen decide to forge ahead with some sort of intervention. We all know that doesn’t go well. What I am dying to see is how Brandi comes out of the situation smelling like a rose with regard to Kim. Does Brandi lie to Kim about what she told Lisa?

After the failed intervention, can we go back to some other storyline? We get it. Brandi is a wino. Kim is an addict.  Will we at least be able to enjoy the Amsterdam episodes in peace? Can we maybe focus on the city and see the sites instead of forcing Kyle to argue with Kim on camera some more? I’m not holding my breath. Continue reading


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My Catfish posts may not get a ton of comments, but they always bring a TON of views. This means we are about to have company. Who wants to play good cop? :) It also means I will get tons of people asking me to introduce them to the broken hearted people who got Catfished. Once I thought my site would explode with people looking for “Ellie.”

Well crap. I thought the show was premiering this week. And well… technically I guess it was. But this is some sort of “greatest hits” episode showing highlights from previous seasons. And some teasers for the upcoming season.  Max won’t be on the first five episodes which means they won’t be nearly as good.

See the trailer for the new season and more, after the jump.

Continue reading


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Kim Richards Posts Third Delusional Blog in a Row

GIF BY RealityTVGIFs a blog by T. Kyle MacMahon  on Tumblr

GIF BY RealityTVGIFs a blog by T. Kyle MacMahon on Tumblr

I like to save my Bravo Blogs for the end of the week when other stories start to die  down. Especially this weekend when there is not RHOA episode AGAIN.  I need something to talk about with you guys then, which is why I don’t care for posts about the blogs the second they come out.

Anyway, Kim seems to have a new ghost writer this week. This one doesn’t even try to write in Kim’s voice. But she is expressing Kim’s message loud and clear and that message is “I DID NOT RELAPSE!” There are heaping helpings of blame to go around. Kim on the other hand excepts zero responsibility. It’s just like the time Kingsley bit Kyle’s kid and Kim blamed the kid.

If you are bored on a Saturday afternoon, give this collection of Kim Richards posts a read. Let me know if you sense a theme. Continue reading


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Captain Lee is Back on Below Deck


Below deck claudia  lee

Captain Lee is back on Below Deck and filming for the upcoming season is almost over. That’s the good news. The bad news is I really lost interest in Below Deck last year as it became a show about trash talking the clients.  Each week I had guests contacting me telling me horror stories. Some guests were speaking for themselves and other guests. It got to the point that I no longer knew how to approach the story. Some people wanted to write things but were quoting people I had not spoken too. It was all an ugly mess and the story truly did need telling but it was becoming way too time consuming and the disgruntled guests seemed to be more disgruntled the longer I dallied in writing the piece.

Another problem I had was I have always liked Captain Lee. And some of the guests had some seriously hurt feeling about the things he said about them in his talking heads. I couldn’t see a way to explain the comment about dragging his dick a mile through broken glass rather than having some guests back on his ship. I couldn’t see taking out his remarks and leaving in everyone elses. It just became a headache. Continue reading


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Kandi Burruss Talks About Her Marriage to Todd

WWHL with Kandi and Todd

This week only THREE of the RHOA posted blogs: Kenya, Claudia and Kandi. I’m actually surprised that Kandi posted at all but now that the housewives have the option of answering questions (which is much easier than writing a blog from scratch) since she has said many times she hates it, mostly because they don’t let her say what she wants to say.

I find it very odd that Nene isn’t blogging especially because she wasn’t on last week’s episode at all, the week before that there was not show, and this weekend there is no show. You would think she would not want her fans to forget about her. Or maybe she does want rating to lag now. She has been busy on the talk shows pretending like she is so over the drama. I finally watched most of her interview on Meredith Vieira the other day. It comes on at 2 am here. It was very odd. That show has changed since the last time I watched it and Meredith seems to be doing a more “serious” interview.  Nene was trying to speak the Queen’s English and over enunciating words like she had just come from speech therapy. The interview was about how ratchet all the other women on RHOA and how Nene is pure as the driven snow.  Nene talked about her being a white, black girl because of her blonde wigs. She doesn’t care what anyone says she is going to stay blond. Then she told her story about being the victim of domestic violence and a single mother who worked the polls to raise her po churren.  So perhaps that is why she is not blogging lately.

Phaedra probably knows this is her last season, and Cynthia has been at fashion week. Continue reading


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David Tutera’s Celebrations: Porsha Williams’ Fake Lingerie Launch

Porsha Posted this today saying that the line will come out in Spring 2015

Porsha Posted this today saying that the line will come out in Spring 2015

I thought that I did a post about this debacle of a show that aired when it filmed but it looks like I could not be bothered and only included it in a WWHL recap with Porsha in THIS POST.  Here is the important part:

Sidenote: Porsha keeps saying how unbothered she is because she is so busy. She mentions her new lingerie line in passing and Andy doesn’t take the bait. Word on the curb is that David Tutera did her “lingerie launch” just the night before last in Atlanta and no one showed up and Porsha was characteristically, extremely late. The only Bravo people who were there were those folks from Married to Medicine (is that still a show?). One of them is apparently a “designer” now too and Porsha wore something she made.  It was a mullet style dress slutty in the front and long in the back, and appeared to have been made from hefty bags. It would not surprise me if this episode never makes it to air. You heard that here first. It was VERY disappointing from a production standpoint. The only people who showed up were people who were looking for their own publicity. I heard the entire thing was extremely unorganized, and the word “ghetto” was used by more than one attendee. And those were people Porsha invited. #TEA

This show is set up as very “Porsha positive” so I shall forewarn all you Team Twirl folks right now. This whole lie begins with David being offered an interview on Dish Nation to talk about his show and what is going on with him. Um, the show is filming not airing this makes no sense. But don’t let that bother you, none of this is going to make any sense.  David agrees and begins to google Porsha Williams. Again, this make no sense. So far he is just going for an interview there will be two or three other guys there.  But that doesn’t stop Montre from telling David all about her. She’s “Atlanta Royality.”  Seriously? Could this get any stupider? We are only two minutes in and it’s already record breakingly stupid.  Oh yes, it gets stupider. He’s reading something about her “selling her Rolls Royce after her breakup.”  David needs to find if he wants to know what is going on with Porsha. Having your pimp take back his Rolls after you piss him off is not “selling her car after a breakup.”  At least David finds her arrest record and mugshots. Continue reading


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