Big Brother Sunday Recap And Live Feed Updates: Tarred and Feathered

BB18 all cast

By Lime Brain

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother began with the HoH competition. It was the Black Box Comp where the houseguests have to perform a task in utter darkness. This year, they had to climb through a tar pit and if they roam far enough through box of feathers to collect wooden doughnuts to stack on a dowel. In between rounds they had to stand and hold down a button.The hamsters are calling it an endurance comp because it was a two hour competition. That’s not really and endurance comp, but whatever.

While everyone was talking while holding down the button, Corey is using his long arms to find the disks.

I’m getting bored watching this. They should have had it on the live feeds. We would have had fun watching it live and then BB could put more strategy talk on the show so we know what’s going on in the rooms the don’t show us. I don’t think I’m getting my $6 worth with the feeds.

While this is going on, we have a flashback of Paulie stirring the pot before he leaves. He tells Corey and Nicole to go after Victor and James. Nicole runs and tells Natalie and James that Paul said he was going after James and Victor.  Nat is pissed. Corey had already been telling James that Paul had been throwing him under the bus. James wants to make deal with Nicole and Corey.

In the end, Corey and Natalie ties with ten disks each. It’s a tie breaker. They roll back the tape to see who had the tenth disk first. Natalie wins by four seconds.

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Season 11 of The Voice With Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys Looks Fantastic!

The Voice


Sunday night after the Olympics, NBC ran a special thirty minute preview of Season 11 of The Voice and it was amazing. Two judges from last season are not returning. Pharell Williams to a season off to focus on his other endeavors, and Christina Aguilera left amid a bunch of rumors about her being a diva and having an issue with Gwen Stefani, who is now engaged to Blake Shelton after meeting on her season on the show. Apparently, Christina and Gwen were supposed to alternate seasons giving each a season off to tour and continue their other endeavors.  The rumor is that Christina felt some kind of way about Gwen getting all the media attention during her season because of her relationship with Blake.  Whether she quit or was simply not renewed, I don’t think we will see her back.

With two judges seats open, producers decided to go with two females. Christina was the only female judge ever to win The Voice but that was really only because Alison Porter picked her in the blinds. Alison was Curly Sue in the movie of the same name as was the clear front runner from her very first audition.

The producers wanted to double their chances of a female judge winning, or at the least to give Adam and Blake some stiff competition, so they brought in Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Swimming With The Gefilte Fishes

RHONJ teresa ashlee
I literally had to force myself to wake up from my coma for this episode of RHONJ. I’m pretty sure it is not going to be worth missing any sleep over, but maybe they will surprised me.

Dolores is renovating her house. Wait, no she isn’t Frank her ex husband has completely taken over the project, and he is doing things his way. Siggy seems to be more upset about her lack of input than Dolores is about hers. I really wish I could have my kitchen gutted. I should have done it years ago but I wasn’t planning on staying here anywhere near as long as I have. Now I feel some sort of way about doing it for the next person.  Later the girls come over to “help” with some demo. Delores’s business partner in the gym calls pissed because once again she has not gone in to work.

Since Dolores and Siggy have basically been run out of Delores’ house they head over to Jac’s to find her shoveling her own sidewalk.  Or so we are supposed to believe. Of course it is time to rehash the fight between Jac and Tre. Even production is supporting Jac’s side of the events and actually shows that Teresa started the whole mess by bringing up crap from five years ago that Teresa has agreed to put behind them several times already.  Of course we have the counterpoint over at Melissa and Joe’s, because Melissa has been tasked with fighting Teresa’s battles.

Teresa gets to remove her anklet bracelet. I am so tired of seeing Teresa’s ass in the air. I’m also annoyed that all of Teresa’s furniture is still in her house. Crime does pay.

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Daily Tea (Open Forum) : The Narcoleptic Blogger

Daily Tea


Well we made it through another week. I’d have to say the best show I blogged about this week was Flipping Out. It’s one worth catching if you missed it. We also had two episodes of Real Housewives of Melbourne this week. On Wednesday we saw Gamble’s Wedding, which was quite lovely, and the on Friday we saw the reception and things get back to normal in Melbourne. 

You may have noticed that I have been posting at odd times this week. I have been trying to dig myself out of the hole. I’ve found that eating properly and not drinking much of anything besides water works well in this regard. I’ve even gotten a few walks in with the dog.  However, at the same time, I seem to have developed a bout of narcolepsy. Two days this week a slept in 17+ and 14+ stretches only stumbling to the restroom and back a few times. I think I got up this morning at 4 after going to bed around 11. That means the big sleep is yet to come. And I feel it coming on now.

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(Re)Introducing the Cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2, A Herstory Lesson: Part Two

RPDR All cast season 2


By The Lady Cocotte

Hieeee! Are you ready for the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars? I hope so because it starts this Thursday! Last week I talked about the not so successful herstory of All Stars 1. Well, RuPaul has made some big changes this season. The team aspect is gone (thank goodness) but more importantly, so is the lip-synch for your life. What? The final two lip-synching for their life is practically a national treasure. How will RuPaul decide who to eliminate? He won’t. What?! That’s even more shocking than losing the lip-synch. Sure, the other judges give their opinions but RuPaul always makes the final decision. Instead, this season, the top two will lip-synch for their legacy and the winner will choose who to eliminate. Yowza! That’s a lot of power. Some people worry that things will get cutthroat and strong queens will get eliminated because they’re seen as big competition. Others point out that Drag Race isn’t Survivor; the girls want to win by beating the best. Either way, it’s sure to bring lots of drama. Just the way RuPaul likes it…


The All Star 2 cast is heavy with season five girls but I’m okay with that since it’s one of my favorites. It will be interesting to see the reunion of RoLaskaTox (Roxxxy Andrews, Alaska Thunderfuck and Detox) after three years apart. Will they still be a clique or have they formed closer bonds with other girls on the tour circuit? Are Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese still frenemies or have they healed their wounds? Tatianna and Phi Phi O’Hara are the only girls representing the early seasons which means they’ve had the most time to polish their acts. Adore Delano has been busy performing her own songs. Will she transition back to lip-syncing? Season seven fan favorites Katya and Ginger Minj are the “newbies” but I have a feeling they’re ready for the competition. One thing I can promise you is this cast is going to bring it. These girls have been performing non-stop since their seasons aired. It’s going to be an amazing show. I hope. After the break we’ll take a look at the rest of the returning contestants and how they’ve spent their time since appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race (if you haven’t read part one, you can catch up here).

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Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Tie The Knot


Pump Rules Tom Kate wedding


In other things I have been too busy sleeping to blog about news, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney got married last Wednesday. The ceremony took place in Cromberg, CA at an outdoor wedding venue. Cromberg is a long way from Beverly Hills so I imagine most everyone opted for a flight to nearby Reno, NV rather than an 8 plus hour car ride each way.

Lisa Vanderpump was the officiant.  Stassi was not just in the wedding, but the maid of honor!  Followed by Brittany, Scheana, Kristen and perhaps one of Katies real friends. What? No Ariana?  On the groom’s side, Sandoval appears to be the best man, or perhaps co-best man as Jax was right next to him.  Tamara Tattles spies report that Ariana was actually a groomswoman on Tom’s side. Because, weird.  There is some sort of storyline about how this all gets played out.

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