What Real Housewife is Andy Cohen?

Sorry for the lack of blogging today. I left the house just after noon to go find a new laptop to replace the one with no keyboard. I’ve been looking for ages but I have commitment issues. One had a great processor, another great memory, another plenty of storage, another a 17″ screen, but finding more than two or so of those in one laptop?  Insanely expensive. I finally found a compromise today in a Toshiba (sorry Urethra, you can say I told you so later).  I had planned to watch the premiere of Real Housewives of Orange County today and make that the big blog of the day but that will have to wait until tomorrow as it took hours to find the laptop and I am still getting it all set up and fucking with Windows 8, which I hate more than idiots. Continue reading

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Porsha William’s Cousin (???) on Wheel Of Fortune

I can only assume he’s related to Porsha Williams on some branch of the family tree. Anyway. This happened on Wheel of Fortune tonight, and the pride of Indiana still somehow managed to win. Welcome to the great collegiate minds of our future folks. These people were hand selected for their intellect.


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Million Dollar Listing New York Recap: It’s Time To Eat The Fish!

Ryan Glo in the DarkLast Week in Million Dollar Listing New York, we got caught up with the guys and their current properties.  Ryan’s cool apartment with the car elevator is still way behind on construction so marketing is at a stand still. This means he has to go out with lessor mortals and vie for listings. He seems to get his listing price by being extremely cheesey and douche with female sellers. Perhaps it comes across better in person.

Luis, got his dream listing last week with the added bonus of Todd the dorky, and unfortunately licensed realtor, son of the sellers coming on as a co-lister. Todd is very disappointed that his mommy can’t come to the open house. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Confirms What I Have Been Saying All Along

nene lie

Ever since I posted that Porsha was fired from RHOA  the Porsha stans have been blowing up my twitter saying it’s not true and trying to comment here in broken ebonics about her being the smartest person they know.  When I finally addressed the bullshit rumors that people made up about the RHOA all banding together to save Porsha’s job, the Porsha stans on twitter nearly lost their damn minds.  I can’t fathom anyone taking that rumor seriously other than the folks that think Porsha is a smart businesswoman.

So maybe, just maybe these fans can come to a place of acceptance if they hear a bit of news straight from the horse’s mouth. Today Essence ran an exclusive with Nene in which she talks about the physical assault on Kenya that happened at the reunion. And, um, I TOLD YOU SO! Continue reading


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Kitchen Nightmares Season Six Premieres Tonight on Fox!

Kitchen Nightmares season six premieres tonight on Fox! Remember those crazy folks from Amy’s Bakery?  Well, they’re baaaack!  I’m not quite sure if it is a lost clips sort of episode or if they actually went back to the bakery. Either way, I can’t wait. Those people are insane!

The show begins at 8 p.m. Who’s in?


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Hells Kitchen Recap: There is No Egg in a Croque Monsieur!

Hell's KitchenSo I did watch Hells Kitchen last night but I did not recap it because… I mean…. did y’all watch? I love Gordon Ramsey and I am really TRYING to find someone to root for, but this season is just a clusterfuck. I realize that a key aspect of the show is to have a few buffoons that royally mess up service and cause infighting on both teams. I get it. But there also needs to be cooks that can actually cook who are justifiably pissed about having to work with these fools. I am not seeing anyone capable of winning this shit show. Certainly no one capable of being an executive chef.

The women won the memory game challenge because the guys sucked harder at it than the women did. I can’t remember if I fed the dog yesterday or today and I knew where the matches were for that game. It was infuriating. Continue reading


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Scandal Recap: Flesh and Blood OMG!!!

Kerry Washington Scandal

It is near impossible to recap this show, so tonight I just did a bunch of jaw dropping quotes… But OMG! That ending!  We got Papa Pope half dead and Cyrus planning to let Sally Langston, Leo, and all the people attending the dead senator’s funeral get blown the fuck up! And did Eli kill Olivia’s REAL father? Will the DNA test results still happen if Papa Pope dies? I’m on the edge of my seat! I cannot wait a week for next week! Speaking of DNA testing, did they give Mellie the fake DNA tests or the real ones?

I love the creepy sex scenes with Quinn and Huck. I love me some Huckleberry Quinn.

Somebody hold me!

Here were the best quotes from tonight!

All these years of thinking B316 is untouchable and all it takes to kill us is a good quick tug on a zipper. ~ Jake Continue reading


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Lindsay Lohen To Appear on WWHL!

Andy Cohen

Next Thursday, Lindsay Lohan will appear on Watch What Happens Live. Here at TamaraTattles, Lilo has been the source of much discussion and many arguments in the comments sections. If you haven’t read about her reality show, you really should click the link and see how that is going.

So let’s imagine LiLo on WWHL.  Will there be a drinking word? Will there be a bartender? Will there be a bar? Will Andy have to do the whole show sober? Will Lindsay be sober? Is it me or is this going to be really strange. I can’t wait to tune in!

Click through for the rest of the WWHL schedule for next week. It kicks off with Nene Leakes! You can see the teaser for that here! Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Interviews Andy Cohen

And she actually asks some interesting questions.  Is she trying to get on Fashion Queens or something similar?  What’s up with this?

UPDATE! Just saw a commercial for this episode of WWHL and ANDY BRINGS UP THE INCIDENT AT THE REUNION!  Hopefully he lets the Porsha freaks understand she is no longer employed so I can stop getting hate tweets and such. :)


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Million Dollar Listing Miami Cast Includes First Female Agent

It’s time to meet the cast of the newest Million Dollar Listing Franchise, Million Dollar Listing Miami! We have our first and only female Realtor on this franchise.  That’s her in the Youtube above. Isn’t she just precious.  She’s 29 and has three whole years of experience. Oh and she owns her own company. I did wonder if perhaps her daddy (sugar or familial) financed her company, until I got to the website. It’s clear that she is on the show for her desire to be on TV and not for her actual sales abilities.  The two male agents, Chris Carroll and Christopher Leavitt are attached to the huge Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company. Thet both have eight figure listings.  It’s like the guys own Country Time Lemonade and Sam has a lemonade stand in her neighborhood.

Click through for profiles of all three agents. Continue reading


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Joe and Teresa Giudice Prepare to Lose House and Cars

Joe and Tre RHONJ

Is it me or are we in hot water?

Yesterday, I tried to sort out some false rumors floating around. I generally do not address them at all but so many of you were asking it was just easier to make a post or two.  I covered the RHOA rumors here and the RHONJ rumors here.  I was amazed that TMZ would run such a factually incorrect story and was curious as to what this “document from the bankruptcy judge” was really about. Today I know. Continue reading


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Dance Moms Recap: Mama Drama

Abby LeeIt’s time for another episode of Dance Moms. I’m sorry, but I really am going to need for Mrs. Miller to die on this episode. I think it is fine to acknowledge her passing on the show as she was a part of Dance Moms. However, I simply can’t deal with the play by play of each moment of her death. We are already starting with Melissa coming in to let Abby know that she been to see Mrs. Miller. For the love of  God can we get on with the pyramid and the bashing of little girls?

Abby congratulations the girls on their 13 straight wins. Then she asks, “Is that time for your teacher to celebrate? Or time for your teacher to get tough?”  I think we all know the answer to that. When Maddie had a long winning streak, there was cake and unicorns. But since this is the group on a winning streak there will be gruel and dragons. Next week “the new team” arrives. Will we finally see Thalia? In other things I could care less about news,  Mackenzie is shooting her video for her song, Girl Party. Continue reading


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