WWHL Guest List Updated!

andy cohen

Tonight was supposed to be Kim Richards (and a player to be named later) but she is not coming.  I immediately thought of Monty but I don’t see anything from Kim or Kyle to indicate something is going on. I have heard rumors about Kim but I am not going to  go there since there is no way to verify. So tonight we have Vicki Gunvalson!

On Sunday we have Phaedra Parks…. But you will not BELIEVE who they paired her with. Continue reading


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It’s Hanukkah!

Where’s my present?

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: PUMP’s First Gay Pride

Pump Rules Pride

Stassi is such a cuntsicle. Sorry for the lack of introductory commentary but MY GOD this woman is vile. She’s basically telling Katie to tell Schwartz to dump his friends for her, when Schwartz walks in with flowers and Stassi lays into him. I am thinking Katie should just nailgun Stassi to the wall at this point and be done with her. It’s not like anyone would come looking for her. Sorry that was harsh but good LORD.  Why doesn’ anyone want to be around Stassi?

Katie wants to go in on Schwartz for Jax screaming at her and saying vile things and for him not defending her. Stassi calls Katie a lesbian for dating Schwartz. I guess that makes Stassi the gay top in her relationship. I can’t imagine her man being anything but a little pussy boy. Who else would want to be with Stassi? Seriously? I can’t imagine a scenario where a man says, “Ya know what? I’d like to be emasculated and ridiculed by the chick….” Oh wait. I actually can. It’s all becoming clearer now. Nevermind..

Wait. They are at Stassi’s house? Why is Schwartz showing up at Stassi’s house to bring Katie flowers? I agree with the commenter from last week who said Schwartz is likely a trust fund baby that Katie doesn’t want to lose. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias 12/15 Afternoon Session

Jodi Mugshot

Jodi’s wonky eyed mugshot.

I’m reverting back to living on west coast time, eating lunch with the Arias jury and staying up too late. We are back and Geffner is talking about PTSD. I’m pretty sure she has it, FROM VICIOUSLY MURDERING HER SEX PARTNER. I don’t see how they can seriously try to attribute that to any prior trauma. You can’t give a test for PTSD now and prove that she had it prior to her murderous rampage. I’m sure Juan will point that out.  There are lots of charts and graphs but no photog has shown up today. I’m almost as upset about that as Jodi.

Geffner continues to go over MMPI(2) results which I say are meaningless when done after the murder. I’m pretty sure her “extremely low self-esteem” is impacted by sitting in prison for murder. I know I’d think less of myself in that situation. Geffner says that according to his assessment of the assessment, Jodi is submissive and eager to please others. Geffner is laughing on the stand. I assume maybe he is nervous. Tweeters pointing out the inappropriateness of laughing during a death penalty sentencing trial. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Trial 12/15 Morning Session

Jodi Arias Juan 1125

Last week there was a report that Juror #3 was arrested for some reason on the day after Thanksgiving.  That report was from the National Inquirer. BTW, Radar Online and the National Enquirer are owned by the same people so the exact same story ran on ROL. No actual mainstream media in Pheonix that I saw is covering the story. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else about it. Juror #3 was a female who took notes the entire time and everyone suspected she was writing a book. The arrest is not suspected to be related to the trial.

This morning we started with Juan and Wilmott arguing over discovery. Juan is still asking for a copy of the hard drive from the prosecutorial misconduct hearing. That hearing ended last week, or so I thought, although Judge Stephens has not yet ruled. I still don’t understand how porn on Travis’ laptop would have kept the original jury from finding Jodi Arias guilty of first degree murder. The defense is trying anything it can to get the death penalty removed as an option.

In today’s news, Juan is pissed that he got 100 pages of notes from today’s defense witness sometime after 11 pm last night and is requesting time to read them, and he would like to interview him. Good grief can we just get on with the show? Wait, he wants to interview Neumeister, the computer guy from the prosecutorial misconduct hearing.  I guess that is not over. Juan wants three hours with him. Defense is balking about dates and times.  The Neumeister  interview is set for “January 2nd or 3rd.” Because, Arizona. Continue reading


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WWHL With Porsha Williams

WWHL Porsha

Well, it seems they finally found someone to be on WWHL tonight with Porsha Williams. That unfortunate seat goes to Laverne Cox from Orange is the new black.

First of all,  Porsha’s boobs look so much better. They seem to have finally settled and are no longer up around her neck. I love Porsha’s tan dress. It is slit up to her armpit on one side, but she manages to pull it off. I also take back every nice thing I said about her hair on RHOA because Lord have mercy what is that thing on her head? It looks to me like she has shave her whole head a plonked a wig on it only the wig is set about two inches behind her hairline. You can’t tell it in the picture really but the right side she has hair swooping down over her face but on the left side… I mean what is that?

We begin talking about the fact that Sharon has passed. Porsha says she got to know her when she was in Kandi’s play. Porsha talks about her in the present tense.

They talk about Cynthia. Porsha makes no sense. Laverne says that it seems that Peter influences Cynthia’s opinions on Nene. Imagine that a wife who listens to her husband and values his opinion rather than emasculating him on TV. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Make-ups and Breakdowns

RHOA Nene Toodles

First of all, my thoughts are with our friends in Sydney tonight as some sort of terrorist situation is going on there. Everyone be safe.

We are right back where we left last week with Nene running her ugly mouth at Cynthia and Cynthia just sitting there watching Nene implode. I just noticed Porsha’s hair. If that is her hair line it looks like some really good hair. She’s a great spokesperson for the hairline too. The whole find someone pretty and dumb as a bag of weave must be making the company giggle. A lot. Anyway,  Nene screams at Cynthia like a banshee and walks off.

Nene comes back, dabbing her eyes and Phaedra says to Kandi, “Maybe we should let them have a moment.” Which we know really means, “Hey, let’s try to go get a drink before this bar shuts all the way down. I need a chicken wang or somethin’.” (Nightmare recount of filming this scene here.) So everyone tries to make a break for it and leave Cynthia to deal with Nene. Continue reading


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Les Vraies Housewives

Parlez-vous français ? This is old news, I know but I happened to run across it last night and wanted to chat about it. So basically, this is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for France. It has all the same sorts of editing but everyone on the show speaks French.

I watched about the first hour of this and guess who makes an appearance? Mohammed Hadid.  Is there a show anywhere on the globe that involves rich catty women that the is not on?

The other interesting thing at about the 54 minute mark is that one of the housewives is the stepmother of Elliot Rodger. You may remember back in May there was a horrific murder suicide on Ilsa Vista near UC Santa Barbara campus. Some mentally ill kid went batshit and killed his roommates and some sorority girls because he was sure he would be a virgin forever. If your are bored, his manifesto is here. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Lands Cover of Sheen Magazine!

RHOA Kenya Sheen

(December 10, 2014) SHEEN MAGAZINE opens the New Year with the Reality Takeover Issue; the gorgeous Kenya Moore radiates on the cover, former Miss USA, actress, director, producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and star of Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She reveals her truth to SHEEN about what motivates her to keep pushing forward, despite the controversy that comes along with being on a reality show. Kenya is known for her witty saying Gone with the wind fabulous and speaking her mind, but this independent woman has been making a name for herself long before she decided to sign on for a reality television show. The cover story is a must-read for insight on this phenomenal woman. Continue reading


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American Horror Story: Freak Show Episode 9 Two Heads, Double The Fun (Recap)

AHS Freak two head gif

By: Urethra Franklin

Dandy visit’s Maggie at the Freak Show for a fortune reading because he’s having some bad luck with the ladies. She tells him that his voice is very familiar. Maybe if he calls her ‘tiny tits’ again that may jog her memory of almost being sawed in half by him in episode 4. Maggie was less creative this time than she was with Elsa’s reading because she tells him that the crystal ball is clear, and his indiscretion would be forgotten. He calls Maggie his savior & slaps down a Benjamin and startles her by grabbing her hand real hard as he compliments her on her talents. I suspect Dandy knows her reading was a load of #bullshit.

What her crystal ball didn’t reveal is that Dandy bludgeoned & decapitated the Avon Lady. He then sewed her head onto his mother’s body creating his own “puppet mother” marionette so that he can pretend he’s playing with Dot & Bette. #TeamCrazy

Jimmy is drunk & spoon feeding Ima, The Fat Lady, a big bowl of pudding with so much sexual innuendo & double entendres that it could have been a scene from some ‘gainer porn’.  Google that Freaktards because it’s a freakishly real thang! Ima just giggles with delight as he slaps her meaty ass. #BBW

Even though Chrissy Metz (Ima) is a big beautiful woman, her character is wearing a fat suit to appear larger. Am I the only that notices how awfully obvious it is? The special effects are inconsistent considering something impossible like conjoined twins looks more realistic on camera than Ima Wiggles as a #FauxFatty.

Then Jimmy sees Dandy as he’s leaving & confronts him about the twins’ whereabouts. Plus he accuses him of being a murderer & the second clown in the woods. He throws a punch at Dandy but misses and falls down drunk. Since Jimmy took the twins’ away from him, Dandy vows revenge, “I am your God. You need to suffer. I’m going to destroy you and everything you love. It will be so much fun.”

Elsa & Stanley searched Ethel’s trailer & found a suicide note that she left for Jimmy telling him where the twins were hidden. They found them in a motel in West Palm Beach and tell them lies that a town mob is killing freaks and Ethel was the first victim, and they need to go hide at a safer place. Dot is suspicious of Elsa; but Elsa lies and says that she is fulfilling her wish & has contacted the surgeon that can separate them and he is on his way. Of course Dot be smiling & Bette be worrying. #YingYang

While Desiree searches the camp for the twins with Maggie, she runs into Theo Huxtable Angus T. Jefferson played by Malcolm Jamal Warner. He has come to visit her, but she dismisses him quickly and tells Maggie he is her beau. There was no further mention about him the rest of the episode. Continue reading


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Eileen Davidson Introduces Us To Her Family Dynamics

RHOBH Pay Attention to Me Episode 3 Eileen


I am so happy with the casting of the new girls this season. Though I hated to see Joyce go, and thought both she and Carlton deserved another season to settle in, these two just seem to fit. At least so far. This week, Eileen gives up some insight into her family life and what it’s like being married to Vincent Van Patten!

From Eileen’s Blog:

OMG! What am I wearing at our kids pool party?! It looks more like The Beverly Hillbillies than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Those kids scramble my brains and my fashion choices! Speaking of which, those adorable girls are Jesse’s cousins, Sophie, Maddie, Veronica, and Audrey, and my niece Devon. We adore them and we see them as often as possible. And of course our Wheaten, Charlotte (from Dog Whisperer fame). Continue reading


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Yolanda Foster Shares Her Feelings on Bella’s DUI



(via twitter)

(via twitter)

I think we were all surprised to see that Bella Hadid’s DUI was included in the filming of RHOBH. I’m not really sure that was necessary. It seems that it will be Yolanda’s storyline for the next episode, where we see Yolanda and David discussing the situation on camera.

Here are Yolanda’s raw, heartfelt feelings on the entire ordeal. …

When my phone rang and I heard David’s voice, I knew in my gut something was really wrong. My adrenaline started rushing through my body, and the greatest panic attack of my life set in, like a train ran over my heart. “DUI……….”, “drinking and driving………….” OMG, what if she had hurt someone?! What if she had crashed and gotten killed?! My “what if” button went from zero to 10 in a split second, because my greatest fear is to lose any of my children in a car accident the way I lost my father when I was only seven years old.

All of a sudden this picturesque day on this gorgeous yacht just made me feel like a fish out of water. I have never experienced something like this, so I wasn’t ready to share this news with Kyle and her family until I could understand what was happening and understand it in my own head. I had to get off of the boat and walk and pace until my nerves could calm down. Continue reading


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