This is The State of America


At a US State Department Briefing today, Admiral John Kirby was addressing the press, and some piece of shit was PLAYING POKEMAN GO!

I can’t.

I’m going to bed.



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Daily Tea: (Open Forum) I Hear You in the Morning, I Hear You at Nightfall

stevie nicks


There is so much going on in the world, (and in my emails from y’all) that I felt another open forum was needed. I’m really in the hole.  I haven’t been this dysfunctional in a while, and it seems like something we are all feeling right now. Our world seems to be a bit crazy. And lots of us are single and dealing with everything alone, so I wanted to put something up where we could all share.  But especially share if things are going great!

I was also kind of unaware of the seriousness of the fires in California and felt bad about not being more supportive of you guys out there.  I haven’t seen much local news lately. When I catch some it is all Trump all the time.  I know I would be terrified in your situation.

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Big Brother Live Feed Update! The Secret Tunnel

BB18 Cast nude

By Lime Brain

OMG! I have officially chained Lime Brain to the radiator! Here is her first BB Live Feed Update!

July 25, Day ?

This will be quick because the HGs are not cooperating with me and sleep when I can watch. I may have my facts fuzzy (are they really facts then?) so, feel free to correct me.

In the morning, Michelle and Bridgette were the first two up and getting ready for the day.  Bridgette tried to talk to Michelle about why Michelle dislikes her so much. It went on for a bit but 3 things were revealed.

1) Michelle holds grudges. No surprise there.  

2) Besides being upset about the shaving eyebrow comment that Bridgette doesn’t remember saying but should have sucked it up and begged forgiveness BECAUSE SHE IS ON THE BLOCK, the main thing Michelle is upset about is Bridgette’s closeness to Frank.  Michelle is jealous and wanted him for herself.  Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have him, Michelle. You are doing fine on your own. Though I can’t figure out your game. Not that I care enough to think about it.

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Shannon Beador on WWHL: Watching Paint Dry Would Be More Interesting

WWHL Shannon Beador


I literally feeling like my brain is decaying. I’m serious. My brain feels heavy in my skull, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open and my eyes are blurry. I think between the heat and all the serious decisions I’ve had to make lately, I have fried and possibly pickled my brain. But I shall try to recap this nonsense as best I can.

Heather can sing? Apparently so. She sang the national anthem at the Angels game recently.

Right away Andy plays the clip of Vicki calling Brooks. I don’t get the big mystery here. She is being ostracized by the group for a situation he is ultimately responsible for, and she loved him even though he was horrible to her. She left a party feeling alone, and she drunk dialed.  Am I the only one who has ever drunk dialed the last person on earth I’d ever want to see sober? I guarantee you before Vicki even open her eyes the next day her first thought was “Please tell me I didn’t really call him.”

Next week Shannon and Kelly get together to work things out argue some more. Shannon denies setting Kelly up with the two bitches at her party. She claims one of the women was instrumental in “helping Heather and her with their HOA.”  The problem they had with their HOA was that everyone hates them for filming in the neighborhood.  It could not be anymore obvious that those two were there to attack Kelly.


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Boogie Fights

RHOOC Cast Season 11
It’s time for another episode of RHOOC and my new laptop just finished updating to all sorts of things I have no idea how to use.  So this may take a bit longer than usual.  Like now, I am trying to do a search in my search box and all I get is a blue circle. Sigh. This laptop was too expensive not to be the fastest thing on the planet. It’s possible things are still updating in the background.

Forgive me for sticking  to the big issues tonight, and I appreciate y’all filling in all of the stuff I don’t spell out here that was of interest to you.  Heather is pissed that Terry has to be out of town on Mother’s Day. She is actually pissed that he is working so much he basically never sees the kids. Which is bullshit. She knew what she was getting into when she married a plastic surgeon in Orange County.  The work apparently never ends.

Jim could not be any more disinterested in Meghan’s IVF.

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Shahs Of Sunset: Til Death (Or Vida) Do Us Part

Shahs cast season 5


It’s the penultimate episode of Shahs of Sunset, and I am ready for it to end, because I’ve had more than my fill of Reza Farahan and his attacks on GG this season.

MJ is having a yard sale to make room for Tommy, but she is having a hard time parting with clothes. I am the same way when it comes to garage sales. If someone wants to buy it, it makes me want to keep it. I still miss my fat clothes now that I am huge again. At the time I just knew I’d never gain weight again.

Golnesa gets acupuncture three times a week for her RA. I am sick of the health stories.

Reza is trying to make Adam take his last name. They find out at the marriage license place that they are not actually married and need to do yet another ceremony. They end up redoing their marriage with just Asa and MJ there and Adam finally gets to say some vows.  Reza thinks Obama legalized gay marriage.

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