Married At First Sight: Naked Truth



It’s been a dreadful week. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. I probably shouldn’t say that because I suppose it could be worse.  As I was typing the last post I heard a male voice outside making a loud groan. Looked outside and saw nothing. Both Banjo and I are super jittery today.  And just like Below Deck,  my Married At First Sight recording seems to have stopped and restarted. So let’s see what I’m working with today. I really wish I had a really good bloody Mary.

Lilly and Tom

Things are still sunshine and lollipops for these two. Pastor Calvin goes to meet with the couple together.  Tom talks about Lilly’s focus on the future and how he is not really wanting to prepare for the future. Basically, Tom seems like he doesn’t want to plan for the future until he is sure there will be one.  Basically, both of them are nervous that the other will leave them. Tom says that Lilly putting him in the same category as her father (who left her) is not fair.

He asks them to take each other to a location that is special for them.  They do not get a wedding album.

Apparently, Tom has been hiding a secret talent. He can cook. He makes chicken Marsala for Lilly. Tom talks about never really knowing his father. I like how these two can open up to each other in a natural, easy way.

Tom squeezes the toothpaste from the middle just to freak Lilly out. And it works. Tom takes Lilly to the beach near his bus.  He thinks of it as his back yard. It’s his happy place. He talks to Lilly about his ex. It seems like she dumped him because he didn’t want to plan for the future and planning for kids.  Ut. Oh. This beach is gorgeous and deserted. Tom says he is ready to commit now. But is he?

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Wendy Williams Was Completely Rude To Luann de Lesseps



Wendy Williams was a total bitch to Luann de Lesseps today on her show. That is pretty much my entire take on the subject. Apparently, part of her deal with Bethenny last week included being extremely rude to Luann.  Wendy announced her by mentioning her fiance cheated on her before she ever came out. Luann says the show was filmed eight months ago and she has to keep reliving the cheating scandal over and over. Wendy would ask a question and then interrupt her every time. Then she asks questions and doesn’t let her answer at all.

Wendy tells her odd version of the events at the Regency.  Wendy has apparently watched the season, that she claims she is not watching. And she constantly interrupts. Wendy tells her that she signed up for a reality and she expects to see everything on TV. Luann tries to explain that her issue is not with Bethenny telling her, it was that she told everyone else first. Wendy snaps at her, “I know, we saw that episode!” I would have walked out of this interview. Wendy said “It was so entertaining!” When Luann is talking about finding out. Luann said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was very hurtful.”

Wendy starts asking a question but instead goes on a soliloquy about Sonia and how terrible this must all be for her. I just can’t believe what I’m watching.  Luann tries to respond and Wendy cuts her off again and says, “Luann! Let me explain….” Why did she even have Luann on? Why not just trash her in hot topics if she is not going to let her speak?  Luann laughs and says, “Okay, I’ll explain it to you after.” Wendy just talks right over her about shit she knows nothing about.  Wendy goes on to talk about Ramona and says, “We don’t know whether Ramona slept with him or not.” Finally, Luann gets a quick interjection in to say, ” We do know. She did not.”  Wendy made some rude comment that I listened to three times and did not get and the audience laughs again. I should point out that after every mean thing Wendy says, the audience is cued to laugh. Finally, Luann says that the bottom line is if he wanted to marry one of them he would have asked them. He asked me. And the audience applauds.

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Below Deck: Sierra Needs A Trigger Warning

It was another dramatic evening around here last night. And for some reason, Below Deck did not tape at 10 and the 12:30 showing seems to have only picked up about 47 minutes of the show. This is kind of infuriating because I am hoping once again that the end will be Trevor receiving his ticket home and this is all I have been waiting for all season. Let’s hope the missing minutes come at the beginning.

It looks like I did loss from the front of the show, I’m starting with the normal deck hands doing some polishing and talking about Trevor. It appears they are going to be working the charter without Trevor. Perhaps he has been confined to his quarters again? Ah. It is On Demand. I will be able to see the first part after all.

We start with everyone trying to get home and Trevor being a dick. Trevor says he has a Marine with PTSD for a Bosun. He says that no one cares about his friends that died in the military because they signed up for the military.  They top the bus they are taking back to the boat. Kelly tells Trevor to go get a hotel room because he is not coming back on the boat.

The next morning everyone is still drunk. Captain Lee can’t find his radio. Kate is going to break the news to Captain Lee that Trevor is not on the boat. Oh, actually, Kelly is going to tell him. Captain wants to interview everyone about what happened before making a decision. Everyone tells him the same thing. Ben seems to think he deserves one more chance. No way. Trevor arrives and tells the Captain that basically the problem is “them figuring out I was a hair model.” Captain Lee fires him.  Trevor apologies to Ben and Kelly and does some exit interviews where he says he has no idea who could possibly replace him. It was not nearly as dramatic as I had hoped.

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Real Housewives of Melbourne: It’s On Like Donkey Kong!



I finally have a moment to check in on my girl Lydia just in time to watch her total destruction.  This happened a few seasons ago when she got on the wrong side of Gina (and at that time the wrong side of me as well) but Gina is at least a bit controversial. Chyka is the sane, likeable one and she will have a very hard time recovering from this, if she does at all.  Once again, please do not post spoilers about the outcome of the cast for next season. I don’t want to know until after the reunion, which appears to be EPIC.


Petti says that things with Lydia have taken a tumble so it is important that he relationship with her sister, Gillian is great. Translation, since Lydia is pissed off at me again, I have no one left to film with, so I have to try to be nice to my sister.  It’s just as awkward as the last meeting. And all I can pay attention to is Petti’s purple lipstick. Where does one even purchase such a thing? Do they even have Claire’s in Australia? Petti says that maybe she needs a wake up call about how she treats people. You think?  I don’t believe her.


Lydia’s mother’s birthday party looks very pretty. All of the women are invited. So are a couple of actual donkeys. Like real, live, four-legged, donkeys.  Gina, Gamble and Pettifleur are in attendance. They do not let an older woman’s birthday celebration keep them from coming for Lydia.  I am sure Lydia has gossiped about all the other ladies.  Just like they all have.

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Real Housewives of Orange County: Muddy Waters

RHOOC Cast Season 11
It’s past time for the RHOOC  episode.  Due to an emergency at Tamara Tattles Headquarters yesterday, I was unavailable. You can read all about that in my day long meltdowns at the end of comments here.  We have comedy in the initial post and doom and despair in the comments.  Now on to the show!


Shannon is moving and worried about rat poop and feng shui. I had my eyes on the TV and my ears were working but I tuned out completely. I assume I didn’t miss much other than Shannon hates the rental. I had a really cool dream last night and I keep thinking about it. Sorry. I’ll try to focus.

For some reason we need a montage of memories in the house. Mostly about the affair of course. Later, David and Shannon go to dinner. David looks pained in every scene. David tries to make it clear that he is not supporting her mother’s outburst. Shannon has a smug smile when David tells her that he told his mother she had to respect Shannon or she could not be around the family.  Shannon orders ribs and then complains because they are messy.


Eddie takes Tamra out for dinner. I am not sure what kind of place they are at, but Tamra breaks her training diet for sake. So I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those bait shops folks in California like so much. But then they start eating hot peppers.  Just crunchy hot peppers. Weird. And then the sashimi comes. Which, as I understand it is bait that they sort of cook but not really. I could be wrong. Or maybe all of California is wrong.

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Vanderpump Rules Teaser is Out! Needs More Kristen.



The Vanderpump Rules teaser is out. And if I were awake, I’d love to talk to you about Lisa Vanderpump’s bizarre tone and demeanor as she officiates Tom and Katie’s wedding.

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