Claudia Jordan Involved in 6 Car Pile Up!

Photo TMZ

Photo TMZ

Yesterday, Claudia Jordan was in a six car pile up on Interstate 20 !  Claudia says she was a passenger in the black vehicle above  when they were struck from behind. The two cars in front collided and caused a chain reaction. While the driver of the truck Claudia was in managed to avoid hitting anyone the person behind the SLAMMED into Claudia’s vehicle. A second car slammed into the car that rearended Claudia. The truck was towed and Claudia and her driver were both taken to the hospital. Claudia reports she is suffering from whiplash.

Claudia is grateful that she and her driver were both able to walk away from the incident and the injuries were not any worse.


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Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards Are Thrilled Brandi Glanville Got Fired

RHOBH Lisa Kyle no shit talking

A TMZ photog caught up with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards leaving PUMP together yesterday. The whole video is funny  including the voice of the pap asking the questions.  The photog asked them whether Brandi quit (as she says) or got fired (as I told you back during upfronts) Lisa responds by asking the photog what Brandi says. He tells her she says she just decided to move on to other things.  Lisa and Kyle both laugh. Kyle says she was a pain in her ass. Lisa says, “That’s a crock of poo!” about Brandi’s explanation.

The two are at Lisa’s car and Lisa gets in and cracks the window so she can keep saying “crock of poo” in case it was missed the first three times. Meanwhile, Kyle is on the sidewalk trying to get in the passenger door begging Lisa to let her in. Continue reading


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Big Brother Premiere Night!

I (probably have a penis)

I (probably) have a penis. Chop by UNC

I have been waiting for this night since last season ended. So excited. So of course I am having some sort of weird medical issue. I feel like my blood pressure is high or something and heart is all racy.  So I am just going to hit the highlights.  Find out all about the cast here.

Jace, James, and Meg are introduced first. James is shown being an Asian redneck. Meg is shown being a loud mouth.  Jace is shown being a douche.  Audrey is shown being very girly. Austin is shown being a wrestler. Da’vonne is shown with her baby. Clay is shown being a farm boy. Shelli is shown staging a house.  That is the first group of 8.

DaVonne, Shelli, Clay and Austin go in first. Davonne and Shelli hug right away.  Clay is not so excited about Austin. Both girls are hot for Clay.

Audrey, James, Jace and Meg go in next. James is too stupid to find the bedrooms without asking for help. Did Shelli just tell Audrey that her name used to be Audrey? Shelli is a hugger.

It’s already time for champagne. Shelli’s teeth are WAY WAY WAY too white. Clay and Shelli both like each other instantly. Fastest showmance ever. Davonne lies and says she is a second grade teacher. Austin admits he used to wrestle but claims he has lots of injuries. James thinks Meg looks like Taylor Swift. James has a cut out of Taylor in his apartment. James loves Meg. Audrey admits that she is trans gender and  Clay and Jace seemed shocked. Everyone else thought it was great. Continue reading


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Lawyer For Bobbi Kristina Pursues Nick Gordon For Civil Remedy Involving Her Death

nick and bobbi In more disturbing Bobbi Kristina Brown news, today the court-appointed conservator for Brown, Bedelia Hargrove, has filed a complaint against Nick Gordon alleging that he has stolen multiple large sums of money from her trust fund over a period of time that began in 2012.  In addition, Gordon threatened the trustee of the account (Isn’t that Pat Houston?) with a gun. The trustee was awarded a restraining order against Nick. Also according to the court document, Nick had punched Krissi in the face knocking out one of her teeth and dragged her by her hair in a physical altercation. Days before Krissi drowned in the bathtub on January 31, 2015 she confided in someone saying that Nick was not the man she thought he was and she had planned to meet with that person on January 31, 2015 to talk about her problems with Nick.  Unfortunately, she never made it to the meeting. The filing claims that Brown and Gordon had a loud and violent argument that morning and she was later found face down in a bathtub with another tooth knocked out and a swollen mouth. Continue reading


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The Browns and The Houstons Appear To Have Reached A Financial Agreement; Bobbi Kristina Has Been Moved To Hospice Facility

Bobbi Kriss ans Cissy


Well that didn’t take too long. It appears that the Browns and the Houstons have reach a financial agreement regarding the assets of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate.  If you have not been following the discussions here, the best information comes in the comments.  Essentially, what is going on is that The Brown side of the family wants to keep Krissi breathing until all of her inheritance comes into play when she reaches 30. The Houstons want to pull the plug because Whitney’s brother and mother and that side of the family will get Whitney’s money if Krissi dies before the trust is fully paid.

So the two families have decided to work out a financial deal (ALLEGEDLY, ACCORDING TO WHAT WE ARE OBSERVING) so that everyone gets a piece of the pie and they can finally let Krissi finish dying. Continue reading


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Joe Giudice and the Girls Film Bravo Special

RHONJ Guilt trip gia

Well, we knew this was going to happen. Just in time for Bravo’s Sunday night problem, they have finally hammered out the details for a one hour special with Stay at Home Dad, Joe Giudice and his four daughters. Supposedly, there is something in the contract for the possibility of more shows. Um, Bravo. How stupid are you really?  The possibility of more shows? Like if it pulls in more ratings than reruns of Secrets & Wives? Seriously? MAKE ALL THE EPISODES YOU CAN! MAKE EPISODES TO AIR UNTIL THE JAILBIRD WIFE GETS OUT OF PRISON. Are you out of your mind? This is ratings gold. We will ALL tune in. I get thinking that Joe might suck at this. But really, no matter what he does, we will watch.

Filming began earlier this month. If they are smart they will get this up on Sunday nights ASAP. Continue reading


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WWHL With Sonja Morgan & Luann de Lesseps Singing Live!

WWHL with Luann and Sonja


I can’t possibly skip recapping this trainwreck. I have to stay plugged in for another 30 minutes. They had Luann stand up for this photo and I thought for sure it was to so the absurdity of Luann’s skirt length, but I have a feeling it was because they are trying not to show Luann’s twat. Tonight it is Sonja’s turn to be Luann’s “snatch guard.” Who knew that would happen.

Andy brings up Ramona’s rudeness to the help and the yellow bikini. Andy plays a montage of Ramona apologizing. She really does do it a lot. Andy asks the ladies if Ramona got a boob job. The girls won’t answer so that means yes. I rarely even notice women’s boobs unless they are hanging out.

They play a clip of Bethenny’s intervening with Sonja. Andy asked her why she wasn’t listening to Bethenny. Sonja says last year they said she was all over the place with her business and going to lose her house.  Now she has a huge line of luxury blah, blah, blah and she is still in her house. Both of those statements are debatable. Check here for the latest on her house.  She puts just as much weight in their opinions this year.  Sonja denied several times that she has issues with alcohol.

Amy Phillips does a great imitation of Sonja. Luann says she are Carole are “cordial” when they run into each other. Which means they are not speaking. Luann will be singing the song on a float in the NYC gay pride parade on Sunday!  So regal. So classy. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York: Room Motherfuckers

RHONY  Everybody

It’s time to begin the main trip of the season for Real Housewives of New York as they all head off to Turks and Caicos ! Seven women, one house, one scary island.

But first we have to get through Luann’s fashion launch. I am not a fan of the line. What is it with housewives and uncovered shoulders?  Bethenny and Kristen resume their argument and seem to put it behind them. For now. Sonja seems to be coming for Kristen too. Mostly because the cameras were on Kristen and Bethenny.

WOW! Andy Cohen has a Snapple commercial. That was random. The commercial is cute though. Get those dollars, Andrew.

Carole is filming everything. That would be annoying. Aren’t there enough camera’s anyway?

The fight for rooms begins. It’s not like there is a bad room in the house.  Ramona and Sonja agree to share a room but they disagree on which one. Both are keeping the other ladies out of the room they are in. Of course Ramona wins. She always manages to get the best room. Bethenny goes in on Ramona for being a bitch about the room. Everyone is pissed at Ramona already. Even Sonja because the room Ramona forced on her doesn’t have a bathtub and Sonja can’t do showers. Seriously? I’d just want my own room and I could care less which one it is. Ramona has someone, perhaps he is a butler?,unpack for her. I can’t even imagine treating people the way Ramona does. Continue reading


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Team Beast Hits The ATL

THOT Party

THOT Party

Just getting caught up on some emails. According to the neighbors, Phaedra had the full glam squad at her house for about four hours yesterday preparing to go celebrate Porsha’s birthday with Nene.  Jesus Christ. It wouldn’t take me four hours to get ready for a wedding. Five cars to bring her mama, the sitters and the glam squad. And this is what she came up with? I mean she looks pretty, but four hours? I guess they were sewing all that hair into her head.

This is the best Nene has ever looked. I love that outfit. It looks like she has long hair too.  But I kind of wonder why Nene is hanging out with them…. makes me worry they are coming back. Why are they all camera ready?


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Bryson Bryant Arrested Again!

RHOA Nene Bryson


Nene Leakes oldest spawn is in trouble with the law again. Bryson Bryant was arrested last week in Douglas, GA in connection with a check forgery case. Bryson did three months of jail time at the end of last year and was ordered to go to rehab this year. Apparently, none of that is taking.  According to and exclusive story by Rodney Ho of the AJC

Bryant, 25 of Duluth, was not charged with check forgery. He had a fake check written to him, but he hadn’t cashed it yet so he couldn’t be charged for that, according to Coffee County investigator Robert Sprinkle. Bryant was arrested only because he provided the cops with a false name, a misdemeanor. Continue reading


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Dick Van Patten Has Passed Away

Dick Van Patten

Photo: Twitter

Dick Van Patten has passed away at age 86 due to complications from diabetes. Eight is Enough was one of the first TV shows I remember watching as a kid.  He seemed like the perfect dad.

I think a lot of us fell in love with his son Vince Van Patten all over again when his wife Eileen Davidson joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Vince peeking in the garage while the women were brawling was one of the highlights of the season.

Thoughts and prayers to the entire family.


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Off to Wine Cuntry!

RHOOC  Cast in white

So I was busy remembering what having a real life was at 9. Now at 11:30  I am about to watch RHOOC. This may be more of a  random thoughts thing than a recap.

Random Thought #1 Meghan is not just a cunt satchel, she’s cunt checked luggage and a cunt trunk. Oh and the show has not started yet. There is still ten minutes of Odd Mom Out.  I am not hating this part of Odd Mom Out. It may grow on me. I didn’t know rich people did credit card roulette. I’ve seen it done. But more often with people not spending $6k for a lettuce leaf and some sake, there is usually a posturing for who “gets” to pay for it because they make more than the rest of us. I love when that happens. Because, peon.

Random Thought #2 Meghan wants it known that she was flirting with David. And she had the balls to call Shannon to ask for her help with a charity event. And she can’t believe that Shannon doesn’t like her.  Meghan’s whole story line seems to be “this one time at a hoe down, I was the hoe so I should so be on this show!”

Random Thought #3 Heather loves pretending she paid for the private jet. #PromotionalScene

Random Thought #4  Well that is a great Christian duo . Tamra “I’m saved so if you don’t like it, suck it!”  And Meghan “If a church sings all the verses, I don’t have time for that, I don’t want to spend my whole Sunday there.”   Sigh.  Sadly, these are the “Christians” of  2015 in the OC. I knew I was going to be bothered by this storyline. Not because I am particularly religious, but because I have great respect for those who truly are. This could be a new low for Bravo and that bar is below sea level. Continue reading


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