Dance Moms Down Under Recap: Abby Blows Her Stack

Abby Lee

The girls and moms are all in Australia and Abby has lost her wallet with her passport, license, and credit cards in LA.  Abby can’t get to Australia!  That doesn’t stop her from fucking things up thought. She is dropping a bomb on the girls before they even get out of the airport that only Maddie is going to dance.  Abby says that Nia and JoJo were never invited to Australia. Wow. This is bad, even for Abby.

Holly says she is trying to put a concert together for Nia. Jess has decided not to do anything with JoJo and just enjoy the trip. She looked at putting some things together for Jo Jo but due to the dance community in Australia banding together to try and have Abby’s visa denied, Jess wants to disassociate Jo Jo from the ALDC.

Abby is saying horrible things on the phone in front of the girls. She is being a bitch to the camera man in the car with her also.  She is full blown bitch mode. Continue reading


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Tonight Is The Last Episode Of David Letterman

And Jimmy Kimmel can barely talk about it. I stopped watching late night talk shows many years ago. I don’t know why, really. But I set the DVR and may or may not watch.  It is kind of sad to see it go.

Are y’all as verklempt  as poor Jimmy?


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Omarosa Needs Attention Again

RHOMel Petti gamble


TMZ is running another stupid story today. It amuses me when they run utter crap and main stream media picks it up as a fact. Their story is that Omarosa sent Pettifleur a cease and desist letter over her bitch book.  This is ridiculous in so many ways.

First, you can’t copyright a book title. There are tons of books with the same name out there. There is no copyright for titles. So Omarosa’s letter saying she will be charging $150K for every infraction of her “copyright” is ridiculous. She has no right to ask for Pettifleur’s financials on her book sales.  It’s just all a joke. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Family Matters

RHONY cast

Argh I was busy chatting in email with a couple of people. And did not have time to set up this post so I will be a little late in posting, probably. Apparently, it is still Ramona’s birthday. Still. I guess she wanted presents from people who were not in Atlantic City.  She has a Turtle Time cake. And THANK GOD FOR BETHENNY for squashing the stupid trend of call women MAMA. I HATE THAT. I am no anybody’s Mama. It’s ridiculous and must be stopped.  Bethenny hates the upper east side luncheon birthday party. I can totally appreciate that. Carole and Bethenny discuss Sonja’s psychopharmacologist.  Which is a head shrinker that writes scripts.  Much like most psychiatrists. The are actual doctors who treat mental disorders with medications. Not vitamins.  Meanwhile, Sonja is talking about meditation and abundance candles with some whackadoo.

I do not want to think about Dorinda swinging.

Bethenny is hysterical tonight. Sonja is talking about her swami priestess whackadoo.  It’s hysterical. Bethenny moves on to play therapist with Ramona. Then in the next scene Bethenny goes to therapy with her TV doctor. I really wish Bethenny could reconcile with Jason. But that  is never going to happen and Bethenny feels betrayed  Side note: I saw a video recently of Bethenny and Jason trying to co-parent on Bryn’s fourth birthday. I could not find it on Youtube. But Bryn was having a major meltdown when Jason had to pass her off to Bethenny and was screaming I want to stay with Daddy! Over and over as paparazzi filmed. It must be heartbreaking. There were dozens of paps there. Bethenny is concerned about trusting her judgment. She has recently broken up with (in real time) with her rebound relationship and is already seeing someone else. Bethenny is wanting to meet up with her stepfather John, because she wants Bryn to have some family on here side.  Also, I have to break up with my therapist this week. I really can’t afford her anymore with my unaffordable Obama care. Plus, I think I’ve heard all of her things multiple times, it’s getting repetitive at this point. Clearly, I don’t listen. And I have you guys to tell my troubles too. I’m pretty much an open book. More advice is not going to help. I have to do some work on myself. Plus, I will see here again here and there. I’m too poor to be crazy. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Melbourne Recap: Bye, Bye Bitches!

RHOMel Season 2 cast

Well, I think this was the finale. First of all, no one is watching this show in the US. No. One. They broke half a million viewers on the premeire episode of the season, and it’s been down hill since.  Their lowest week was 312,000 viewers!  Part of the problem is that Bravo won’t run it with the Aussie amount of commercials. This screws up everything on the DVR and the only run the show one time so you  can’t tape it later when it is not buggering up your primetime schedule. I wonder if  Bravo will even air season three at this point.

Gamble is holding a dog race for all of the ladies pets. I predict Figaro will win. Pettifleur doesn’t have a dog. But she stole one from somewhere so that she could get the airtime and free cupcakes.  Gamble has bought little jockeys to stratp to the dogs back. They are really adorable. Somehow Cashew (Gamble’s dog) came from behind to beat out the favorite, Figaro.

Pettifleur is having a 50th birthday party at her home. The apartment is high up with beautiful floor to ceiling windows. Chyka is going to cater and plan the entire party. Both ladies are worried that Gina and Jackie will get into it at the party. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Bubbles of Fertility

Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

For some ungodly reason this show was 76 minutes long last night, which fucked up the schedule for everything on Bravo all night, causing me not to be abled to recap in real time. Good Job, Bravo.

We start with Reza at his flip property. Reza says since Asa did her pop priestess thing on the house, all his problems are gone and everything is working perfectly. Why isn’t Asa mad at Reza for not inviting her to his perverted bachelor party?

Reza goes with MJ to a fertility doctor.  MJ lies to the doctor about age despite going to high school with the doctor. I think it would be weird have a GYN you went to high school with. Even weirder is the fact that Reza is in the room during the exam. He’s actually on the business end of the situation while she was getting wanded.  The doctor says her ovaries are full of fertility bubbles and she is good to go. Now she just has to try to get laid. Oh and wait on the blood test results.

Asa has completely redone her parents house. It’s really pretty. Her parents love it. Continue reading


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Southern Charm: Election Day Blues

This to me says, "Ooops we flipped the golf cart."

This to me says, “Ooops we flipped the golf cart.”

I didn’t recap last night, mostly because I was being lazy but also because the Bravo schedule was all kinds of off and messing up my ability to tape other shows. So today, I will try to get us all caught up. But first, I believe that Craig and Kathryn flipped the golf cart in a drunken accident and that is why Kathryn woke up looking like this. I don’t believe any hanky panky went down.  I think they had two walk back from wherever they wrecked the cart. Also, Thomas and Kathryn were already broken up when they went to Jekyll. Of course these two breakup and makeup all the time, so…

Okay on with the episode. Why is Kathryn acting like she can’t believe this happened ? Why are these people acting like the girl who was attacked is an “opportunist?”  Just to refresh your memory, here is a link to the cell phone video.   Meanwhile, everyone is pissed that Kathryn is not rushing off to be by Thomas’ side. Whitney is tattling to Thomas about Kathryn staying on the island. Craig is the only one who is happy about this. So on to the weirdest salsa lesson ever.

Whitney is completely insufferable. This scene is sponsored by Izod. Continue reading


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Daily Tea for Tuesday

Daily Tea Dogs

I know, I know I did not do one for Monday. I was on Internet vacay because I didn’t want to be spoiled for Mad Men. As it turns out… there was not much to spoil.

Anyway these are ZoeMonster2’s dogs. Or maybe one dog and a coyote. Or half dog half coyote. HOW DOES SHE MAKE THEM POSE? I am jealous of her in every possible way. The dogs, the beach, the cute, kind husband, living at the beach. I am just going to drink and cry myself to sleep now. Continue reading


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Kandi Celebrates Her Birthday and Premier of Kandi’s Ski Trip

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last night all the RHOA including Demetria came out for Kandi’s premiere party and birthday party at Suite Lounge. Well, everyone except Nene and Peachless Porsha. The event started with a premier party and then moved on to a full on birthday party at a second location.

You really must check out the photo of Phaedra with Derek J’s  supposed boyfriend. They are apparently in a contest for worst hairline.  Derek doesn’t really claim to have a boyfriend. But this guy must have a golden dool for Derek to date him.  Phaedra’s hair was Nene Leakes bad. Do pause on the photos. Continue reading


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Wait, The Kardashians want Bruce Jenner Off Reality TV?

The transgender community is getting a lot of attention due to Bruce Jenner’s interviews with Diane Sawyer. If you missed those, you can read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. The comments in both posts are and interesting read.

I can’t imagine transitioning at Bruce’s age. I get when young people do it. And I guess at a certain stage of life we are all doing the things we wanted to do when we were younger, go to Paris, take an Alaskan cruise, buy a really expensive handbag or pair of shoes, backpack through Europe, order the most expensive thing on the menu.  On the other hand, there are some goals that may have to go unmet when you reach a certain age, running a marathon, becoming an astronaut, entering a wet T-shirt contest for example. Continue reading


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Kandi’s Ski Trip Thing

Look if you think I was gonna stop watching this Mad Men marathon for this Kandi spin-off you must be crazy. Did you watch? Should I watch? Let me know.


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