Couples Therapy Premiere! Drama on Day One!

Couples Therapy New Season

Juan Pablo and Nikki are the first to arrive. I did not see my headline used in the bio. :( Oh well I still got paid and I guess it could still happen. This will be their first time they live together. This should be interesting. Juan Pablo tells Deena and Chris that Nikki is like having another daughter who is 15.

Next up is Deena who was on Jersey Show for a bit. Her boyfriend Chris is uncomfortable with the financial differences between his income and Deena’s.

Treach and Cicely are next. Treach is a hip hop artist from Naughty by Nature. They have been together for 7 years. Cecily wanted to get into acting and Treach promised to help her break into the business. She ended up having two of his babies and is raising the kids pretty much alone while he is on the road touring. Cicely says Treach is not faithful when he was on the road. Treach says he only cheated when they are not together. Cicely says Treach doesn’t make her feel secure. He says there is nothing going on and she needs to get the fuck over it. Treach is the token angry black man for this season.

When Treach and Cicely walk in Chris is starstuck. Cicely recognizes Deena and she is a Jersey Shore fan. Continue reading

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Big Brother Live Show Recap

BB16 cast2

OMG! I am swamped today. I’ve the exclusives all day on the comings and goings at Phaedra’s house and Apollo checking into jail. It’s been nonstop updates.  Now I have the live big brother show, the Couples Therapy reunion and the First episode of Couples Therapy that will feature a title from one of my blogs in the Juan Pablo bio at 9 pm on VH1.  I am slammed with information to blog and have early appointments tomorrow that have to be kept. Be careful what you wish for, successful blogs are a TON of work.

I’ve decided to go with Big Brother first tonight. I have a feeling I will be up tonight much later than I should be. Victoria and Derrick are pretending that Victoria hates him now for voting him out. She is trying convince Frankie that Derrick has no votes in the  jury house . Frankie bought it.

Christine arrives to the jury house with a tepid response. Donny makes a crack about her needing a lawyer. She admits she was loudly booed when she walked out. Everyone is happy about that. Poor Christine is getting shunned in the jury house. I can’t seem to muster any compassion for her. The jury says it is Frankie v. Derrick in the final two. Continue reading


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Cynthia Bailey Walks Betsey Johnson Runway For New York Fashion Week



I am so behind today and only have an hour and a half until Couples Therapy.  While drama raged on at Phaedra’s house, the fashionista gang of RHOA is in NYC to support Cynthia Bailey’s participation in Betsy Johnson’s show. Confirmed so far are Kandi, Kenya and Demetria.  Clearly Phaedra is not there, nor is Nene or Porsha.  Not sure about Claudia.  Sorry I just don’t have time to research this today. I am doing about ten posts at once right now. Continue reading


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Police Arrive on Filming Scene at Phaedra’s House

RHOA Police arrive on scenePolice arrived at Phaedra’s house around 4:30 this afternoon.  Bravo cameras were still there filming an interior scene with Phaedra. Ayden was wandering around the neighbor’s houses despite his babysitter being on the scene. Ayden has several young playmates in the neighborhood but they are all at school. He is playing with a neighbor’s cat at the moment. I have also learned that Phaedra took the boys and the nannies to the beach when she left last Friday.  The rest of the story is here.

The TMZ story is false. Apollo is NOT at the house. Phaedra has had an alarm system installed that has been malfunctioning a lot lately. The police have been out to the house several times since it was installed as has the Alarm company. There was no screaming, no Apollo, no confrontation. Continue reading


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Apollo Nida Turns Himself In; Phaedra is Already Filming.

RHOA Mexi-Loco

I hope my cellie has a purdy mouf!

EXCLUSIVELY SOURCED STORY: Please use limited excerpts with clear and proper links to this post when quoting. Failure to follow basic internet protocol could result in the unleashing of the seven plagues on your house and your family .  Your courtesy is appreciated.

Oh Look! It seems I am the source for another major websites story again today! Even still the site manages to get things wrong.  Phaedra and Apollo filmed their last Real Housewives of Atlanta scenes last Thursday in a shoot that went late into the evening. The next day Phaedra took the boys and left.  Reports that Phaedra was concerned for her physical safety are not true. In the last few weeks Apollo and Phaedra have been living together without any major incidents and have entertained friends and family who came to say their goodbyes over Labor Day weekend. Apollo spent his last two days home alone without visitors washing his car and riding his brand new motorcycle. On Sunday Apollo, left and headed to Tennessee  where he spent the last two days of his freedom partying in Nashville. This morning he made the three-hour drive to Lexington and turned himself in.  Perhaps that site can make some corrections to its story.



Continue reading


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Below Deck: Bitchy Resting Face & #PenisGate2014

Below Deck Season 2 Cast

We’re back on the Charter where Kate found her Charter Soul Mate in the primary charter only for him to devastate her by pointing out she never smiles and comes off as a bitch that doesn’t want to be there. Kate gets her revenge by folding his throw blanket into the shape of a penis. Or more of a spotted dick actually. It actually an amazing fold for someone who doesn’t even know many napkin folds. There is a distinct head, shaft and ball sack. Where did she learn to do that? Kat takes a photo to show everyone. Amy is so adorable when she sees it.

Ben is mad because Katie is jeopardizing everyone’s tip. Kate says that the crew is valuing money over her in her talking head. No Duh, Kate. It’s called their livelihood and until you are paying their bills, that is the way it is. Amy is unhappy that it is still on the bed and goes to undo the penis. I hope she wears a condom. If that thing blows….

The deckhands are angry because they are a man down and the stews keep asking them to pitch in and help with their work. Perhaps is they were as good at prioritizing tasks as one of them is a throw blanket origami, there would not be a problem. Eddie tells Jennice she is not to help the interior crew anymore. Continue reading


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Tuesday Night Big Brother?!?! POV Ceremony and America’s Choice Challenge!

Chop by Suckster Johnny Lamb

Chop by Suckster Johnny Lamb

I have a busy Tuesday night even without Big Brother changing nights so this recap is likely to be a quick one. I still want to get through Utopia and Below Deck!  Plus this week is not going to count at all so the main point of watching is to hear the diary rooms and watch the competitions.

I don’t know why people harp on Victoria’s looks. I think she is very pretty. I think it is an American thing. I also think that she has done the best she possibly could with what she had. She laid low, didn’t piss people off, and didn’t pose a threat. She is also smarter than people give her credit for about the dynamics of the house. So this package where they make her say that she played an amazing social game in the diary room and then play clips of her crying and being ridiculous is rather mean. She struck a final two with Derrick early on, and never did anything to endanger their deal. Unlike the other bitches that ping ponged around from man to man, she stayed true to one person in the house. She’s the last girl standing for a reason. Plus, I love that she never quits even when there is no possible way for her to win. So production putting words in her mouth like Derrick is he sidekick and she is the super hero, is just mean. Lay off my girl. Continue reading


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The Shahs Return With a New Girl And A New Drama (Blind Item Revealed)

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

NEW YORK – September 9, 2014 – Bravo Media gears up for #SHAHctober when “Shahs of Sunset” returns with season four on Monday, October 13 at 9pm ET/PT.  This season finds much of the cast in love with success abounding, but when a scandalous accusation shakes the crew, their lifelong friendships may be changed forever.  As the group navigates the most tumultuous year of their lives, it is on a trip to Thailand where they start to understand that their real wealth is each other.

Reza is newly engaged and planning a wedding with fiancé Adam, but with the impending nuptials he starts to wonder if he is ready for a lifelong commitment.  Asa is helping to fund a home renovation for her parents, but as she struggles to deal with them temporarily moving in, she finds solace in a new art project that reaches oppressed women everywhere.  Mike is getting over his fears of commitment and as his girlfriend, Jessica, completes her conversion to Judaism, he prepares to take the plunge and finally propose.  Perpetually single, MJ, may have found Mr. Right with new boyfriend, Charlie, but as she braces him to meet her super protective group of friends and worse yet, her mom Vida, questions about her own ability to start a family arise.  GG is taking a break from men after she split with her boyfriend two days before they were supposed to move in together.  She starts spending more time with her friend of ten years, spitfire Asifa, but it is only a temporary distraction before she gets back into the man game.   Continue reading


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The Dubrows Are Reeling After Realizing Viewers Don’t Like Them

The 3 musketeers. Heather needs a better bra.

The 3 musketeers. Heather needs a better bra.

One of the only few new scenes on that abysmal Secrets Revealed episode was a date between Heather and Terry.  Terry seemed to have forgotten the fake anniversary that Heather had informed him, of leaving him to joke and be silly rather than romantic, as the occasion, fake or not, seemed to call for.  The scene became more odd when Heather presented Terry with a gift.  It was so beautifully packaged.  The exterior was so lovely and formal that Terry asked if the box itself was the gift. Considering that the gift was given between two people who are consumed with being pretty on the outside, it was quite the unintended metaphor of their life. What lied within the box continued to speak to the nature of their relationship. It was a photo album. Was is the traditional housewives gift of sexy photos meant to entice? A family album of how their family has grown since the days they met? Nope. It was photos of the old house. It was their first house in Orange County. Heather pointed out in the letter at the front of the album, that what lies within was not about personal relationships. It was about “securing their rightful place” in Orange County. It was emblematic of their social-climbing and financial status. It was a business portfolio.  It was a reflection of their business partnership.

When the Dubrows graced Andy with their presence on Watch What Happens Live, they were mortified that they lost the poll question and that the viewers overwhelmingly sided with the Beadors. It was almost as if they thought they had brought the Beadors down! Terry continued to sing the praises of Tamra, calling her a “straight shooter.” Heather continued to blame editing for her treatment of Shannon. It wasn’t until the poll results in the final minute of the show that they realized that the majority of viewers had stopped being supportive of them. When the previous season ended, we still found Terry’s bad jokes endearing, we were angry that Heather had deprived him of onion rings. Terry was riding a wave of viewer support even when Heather’s was beginning to ebb. But on that WWHL show, filmed after the reunion, the waves crashed around them and the ride was over. Continue reading


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Behind the Scenes Drama From Real Housewives of Melbourne


I received an email with a link to this interesting BlogSpot with exactly one entry today. It’s an open letter to Gina Liano from the Real Housewives of Melbourne written back in April. It seems the show was over and the reunion had been filmed and someone *cough* Lydia *cough* was butthurt over editing. Lydia, er, I mean the anonymous author, says the post is not an attack on Gina and then she goes on to insult her hair, her make-up, her pot-nah, her friend Chyka, and her job as a barrister. She seems to think that being a defense attorney is the worst thing in the world. She also calls out Gina for smoking despite having cancer and wearing cheap perfume to cover the smell. No, that is not an attack at all. That’s just being helpful and keeping it 100. Right?

These girls are just green with envy over Gina’s barrister status. Apparently, she represents the lowly “sample people” and ruins lives. The blogger is obsessed with this saying, ” Onto brains, you are a brilliant legal mind! You roped in Foxtel and everyone involved into a neat little contract where you get to behave badly, feed your ego, literally ruin lives and then tell producers…WAIT HERE IT COMES…’I’m a barrister, edit that out or it will ruin my career as a BARRISTER.’I was on the other end of a call the first time I heard that neat little trick. Isn’t that fun? You took responsibility for hundreds of lives the day you forced your hand with that contract. Cast members, staff, down to the person who runs to get coffee on set. That’s cute; you just swooped in and made it your show. Care to deny it?” Yes, dear. She made it her show with pancake makeup and stilettos something you could not do with all the airplanes and cars and helicopter rides in the world. And you’re butthurt. We get it.

Thanks to the commenter who emailed me this, and Michael, I’m not sure if this was on your required reading list or if this is news to you. I filed your email under “important source material to get to ASAP” and now that I have a minute I can’t find it!  Anyway, click the link for the whole blog, and/or enjoy the excerpt below with my thoughts and then let’s chat in comments! Continue reading


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TamaraTattles Has a New Feature: UTOPIA!

Utopia banner

Y’all have been asking for a Utopia forum and now it is here!

Because the show has live feeds 24/7 for 365 days, I thought we would need to spread out a bit!

You will see two new pages at the above the site banner. One is for the cast, which loses and gains one person a week that we can use for reference to keep up with people. That page does not allow comments. (Nor will this post).  The other is for live feed discussion and televised show discussion. I will not be recapping in this forum. We will be recapping as a group to see how that works. Feel free to introduce yourself in that forum once. But then, because of the long run-time for this show, please limit posts to on topic discussions. (I’m looking at you Valerie). We want a place to check in and find out what is happening in Utopia, not in our lives. I’ll try to be good as well. Off topic comments will be removed.


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Real Housewives of Orange County: Number of Secrets Revealed? ZERO.

RHOOC Reunion

Let’s be honest. Bravo does this to us every season. We are done. We are so done. But there are some things left unresolved. Surely, the will resolve them. We have hope. Yet resolution never comes. So here we go again. All we really care about seeing at this point is footage of the Marry, Shag Kill game at Heather’s Valentine’s Day party. We would be thrilled to just see one hour of that party completely unedited.

But that will never happen. We’re going to see Tamra insults that landed on the cutting room floor because there were so many. Probably more instances where Vicki and Tamra were uncouth in Bali. Likely, a few pretentious thoughts of Heathers. If we are lucky perhaps a loving scene between Christian and Lizzie.  But we will not be satisfied at the end of an hour. 70% will be recycled crap we have covered a thousand times. But there is always that shred of naïve hope that production will surprise us this one time… Continue reading


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