Big Brother Sunday Night Recap: HOH and Noms (Spoilers In Comments)

Gif by Pass the Paxil

                                                          Gif by Pass the Paxil

By Lady Cocotte

Which jury member will come back? Who will win Head of Household? It all depends on who can hang on a rope swing the longest. Add in some giant silver hands to make the houseguests spin and what you get is a pretty quick endurance competition. Swing and smack. Swing and smack. Julia was out during Thursday’s show. Steve isn’t far behind her. Hey Meg, you’re not the worst! And there goes Meg. James decides to crouch down. It’s worked for him before. Except this time everyone follows his lead. Surprisingly, James falls next. And there goes Liz. Vanessa looks like the ghosts of her murder victims are chasing her. Oh, wait. They are! One by one the jurors fall. It’s all down to Vanessa and Johnny Mack. Vanessa promises John safety but he’s not willing to jump. We get a sneaky flashback showing John and Vanessa agreeing to work together if he comes back. So his unwillingness is just a front to hide his alliance with Vanessa? Very tricky, Dr McGuire! Finally, John drops. Vanessa wins Head of Household! Finally she’ll have a stress-free week… Continue reading


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Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Destin-ation Unknown

It's a Wrap for Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding

I’m not quite over seeing little Kane’s split open head earlier this week. Click here if you missed that. But I am excited for tonight’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy because we have cute babies and the beach in Destin!  Let’s see how long this five hour trip takes them this year.  Last year the trip was three times longer than it should have been.

We start with another scene designed to make some of y’all clutch your pearls. KJ is outside the property and he buzzes from the gate to ask to be let in. He says “open the door” several times and Kim says for him to say please. So he says, ” Open the fucking gate, please!” Hilarity ensues.

The gang is planning their annual trip to Destin. Kim tries to explain that she thinks the twins are still too little to go to Mexico.  Tracey, the best damn thing to happen to this show since Sweetie, says to Kim, “True and the child organ trade there is huge!” I don’t believe a word Tracey says.  But then in her talking head she says “truth circle” and well that is like an oral pinky swear so I googled it. And what do you know?  Just another reason to avoid Mexico which have unfortunately doing for a few years now. It’s not a place I feel comfortable traveling to alone and even if I did, you really can’t see the real Mexico as it’s only safe(ish) inside the resorts so you may as well be in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic (not particularly safe either…). Continue reading


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Catfish Season Finale Recap: Brittany & Bryon



I’m thinking this is the finale which means it will probably be a good one. They aired it right before the VMAs started. Britanny is a stay at home mom of three. Bryon is a hot military guy. If you believe his photos are really him, but I don’t. He’s hot and young, and well, she has a tribe of babies.  They talk on the phone everyday but he will not video chat. He says he has PTSD and horrible flashbacks.  Usually, guys don’t openly share that sort of information. I don’t have a good feeling for this one. Perhaps, those three babies won’t be getting a guy with flashbacks and PTSD for their next daddy. :(

“Bryon” is really hot. Ha! Nev basically says, ” have you considered that this guy is way out of your league?”  Nev is getting a little more brutal with these people as the seasons go on.

The boys start their search and quickly find out that Bryon is not the hot Marine. SHOCKER! They figure out that the phone is listed to a girl named Heather in Kentucky.  But this “Heather” person doesn’t seem to have a Facebook. They need to ask Brittany if “Bryon” sounds like a girl.

When the boys update Brittany, she gets very upset and starts to cry.  That’s before they bring up the whole Heather stuff. Continue reading


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Monty Brinson and Kim Richards Hang Out for 2 Days and 1 Night ?


Instagram photo from July 5th

                                            Instagram photo from July 5th

I’m doing some tidying up on my WordPress account today, going through drafts making sure I am not leaving anything interesting behind.  This is a post I have had in the hopper for nearly a week as I keep an eye on Monty’s Instagram for information on how Kim Richards is doing. It’s a very unreliable source,  since Monty clearly seems to be medicated a lot when posting on Instagram. That said, he’s more reliable than that site that rhymes with “Gaydar of Mine”  who apparently is claiming Kim is “missing” based on the links y’all keep sending me. Kim is an adult. She is not missing. She’s just not going to rehab like everyone would like. She was actually on Instagram wishing her daughter Kim a happy birthday on Monday.

That said, Monty has mad several interesting posts lately. Like this one from Friday, August 28th where it  looks like Kim and Monty had a sleepover on Thursday night. I’m not sure that was the best of choices for either of them. But they are both in deep denial about a lot of thing.

montybrinson  I’ve spent the last two days and evening with @kimrichards11 watching a lot of movies, eating a lot, talking about the past years when we first met, lot of laughter. And about the future. A true friend is someone who is there for you when you’re up and when you’re down. If only people knew her as I then they realize what a loving caring person she is. Thought I would put up a pic of us from the past. What a beautiful soul. Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend and happiness to all. #blessed #thankful #family #friend #heart #life #loved #rhobh

See? Kim is just fine and hanging out with her biggest enabler who appears to be on a lot of medication. Continue reading


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Lizzie Thinks Meghan Is an Attention Whore (Is that One Descriptor Too Many?)

RHOOC Lizzie


My understanding is that Lizzie was not willing to be full time this season. I don’t have a very solid source on that, but that is what floated through the grapevine last year, all the way to Atlanta. So as much as I want her to be full-time, she is a busy career woman and agreeing to just take a free trip and attend a few parties makes a lot of sense. Still, I’d love for her to replace the little bitch who showed up this season. Sadly, Andy Cohen’s love for the Cardinals and production’s desire for a villain instead of an actual role model means that is unlikely.

Here’s what Lizzie had to say about the last episode in her Bravo Blog.

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s back to school time so I hope everyone is adjusting to their new schedules. I know most of my mommy friends are looking forward to a little “me” time as their little ones get back to school. I made a decision over the summer to give Preston a bonus year and enroll him in the TK program instead of sending him off to Kindergarten. He just turned five in July and I didn’t want him to be the youngest boy in class. It’s a very personal decision, but I’m confident I made the right one. So my waterworks (tears) will be held off one more year.  

As an educator, I’d have to say that this decision depends on the kid and how much personal attention they get at home. If someone has been reading to Preston, teaching him letters and colors and making sure he had some play dates to develop his social skills, and he is potty trained. I’d say put him in kindergarten. But it really is specific to each kid, and Lizzie knows when her kid is ready. Continue reading


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Should Bethenny Frankel Do Another Season of RHONY?

Gif by T Kyle at

Gif by T Kyle at

I was not excited to see Bethenny return. Her first few episodes didn’t impress me. It was clear she had something in her contract about leaving events whenever she felt like it and passing on the out of town trips she was not down for. Which is odd, because she spends an hell of a lot of time in Miami these days.

That said, she had a nice finish at the end and once she stopped sobbing, she was the voice of reason that was sorely needed around Sonja and Ramona. I’m not even mad at her treatment of Kristen anymore after the last episode of the reunion. Here is what she had to say in her Bravo Blog after the reunion shows aired….

The last of this thriller ride is over.

Ramona took a pretty good beating last time, so it was understandable that she passed out. NOT. You cannot write this sh–. They threw the mold away with Singer, and I love it. To give you an idea of what the reunion environment is like, it would be like sitting in the middle of Grand Central Station on a weekday. To say the least, there is a lot going on. LOL. My goal in life is to sleep on command, so obviously I’m jealous.

I can sleep on command, Bethenny. I can sleep in the middle of typing a post for the website. I would happily trade for all the energy you have, no matter how you get it. Continue reading


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Kim Biermann Had Some Ups and Downs This Week, But Can She Dance?

Kane Biermann

First the bad news, the boy twin, Kane has joined the ranks of his older rough and tumble brothers and gotten his first injury.  It seems he fell and sliced his adorable little face open just above his eye. That’s definitely going to leave a scar! Those green eyes though…

Big Brother KJ has had two broken bones in his short little life.  Kroy blew out his Achilles on the field and is just now fully recovered.  Those Biermann boys play hard! Continue reading


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