Catfish Recap: Whitney & Bre

Catfish Whitney and Bre

I am a week behind on Catfish and almost didn’t recap this one, but then if I watched and it was really good I would have been mad I didn’t recap so we can talk about it. So here goes.  Oh I can already tell it is going to be good. They said in the promos before the season that Catfish gets catfished this season so this must be it.

Nev and Max begin by watching a Catfish puppet show online. Whitney writes in to say that she lives in Brooklyn and works at Wendy’s.  She met Bre on an LBGT website. Bre lives in L.A.   Distance is a problem. They have not video chatted. They are not Facebook friends. She has few photos. They talk on the phone and text. Whitney is average looking and Bre is too attractive to be real. Whitney pretty much supports her family. Bre can’t afford to fly out either.  Whitney makes a point to say the place they came to is not her place, but a friend’s place. Why? It’s not a particularly nice apartment. How bad can hers be?

Bre is an unemployed stripper. She has a tattoo on her leg that says luscious. It’s probably spelled wrong. Continue reading


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Did Kim Richards Have a Fit and Storm Off the Dr. Phil Set?


I am not struggling with my sobriety!

I am not struggling with my sobriety!

The Daily Mail has an exclusive on Kim Richards filming with Dr. Phil.  All the quotes here are from that article that you can read here. Daily Mail frequently pays for stories. They are often non-factual. The last really egregiously wrong stories were about Bobbi Kristina.  This is not really DM’s fault as the Brown family has some folks that love to sell a story whether they have any truthful information  or not.  All of this is me suggesting we take this with a grain of salt, and a purple pen.

Embattled Kim Richards stormed out of an interview with Dr Phil McGraw after a highly emotional discussion of her alcoholism, Daily Mail Online can exclusively reveal. The hysterical Real Housewife broke down in tears and went into full meltdown as observers revealed she bolted from the room where Dr Phil had offered to help place her in a top treatment program. But Richards apparently snubbed Dr Phil’s offer of help as eyewitnesses in the hallway heard her scream ‘F***’, and other obscenities when she ran out of the room and down the hall.

Three of Richards’ children, Brooke, 29, Chad, 22 and Kimberly, 20,  who were there to support their mother, were shell-shocked by their mom’s outburst, struggling to control their emotions as she left the explosive interview. Daughter Whitney, 23, was not at the luxury Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills for the interview.

This all makes sense to me. The omission of a random kid at the filming makes it more believable. This sounds like typical Kim behavior. However, it doesn’t seem to jibe with the other quote about Kim being somewhat accountable. Then again Kim’s thoughts are all over the place. Continue reading


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Why Was Kim Richards Mug Shot Not Released?


For those of us who are anxiously awaiting the release of Kim Richards’ mug shot, it is not going to happen. Apparently, it has nothing to do with any of our conspiracy theories involving Kathy Hilton.  Last night I sent an inquiry to the Beverly Hills Police Department which is the agency that arrested Kim.  Apparently, Lindsey Lohen, Mel Gibson, and all the other celebrities who have been arrested in the area have been arrested by the LAPD.

Because if you get arrested, by the BHPD your mug shot is safe from the public. So much for adding Kim Richards to our collection of “real housewives” mug shots.

Click through for the official response from a BHPD spokesperson. Continue reading


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Daily Tea for Wednesday: Varietal Roma


Thanks to a commenter for the photo.

I’m still up again. I got not a damn thing up today. My days and nights are basackwards.

EVERYONE is required to grow a tomato plant this summer and update us on the Gardening Page (link up top)

I’m thinking of heading to St Lucia. I have got to have a blog break soon.

I just need to find a dog sitter that Banjo will not attack and eat their face off. I love having a killer attack dog until I have to have someone sit for him. :(


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WWHL With Heather Thomson

WWHL with Heather Thompson

This should be interesting since Bethenny is so insufferable toward Heather and Andy and Bethenny are such great BFFs.  Heather’s legs are ERRYTHING.  It’s hard to tell by the photo, but they really are perfection.

Andy Briefly brings up Dorinda’s faux pas. I found that to be very shady editing toward Dorinda and a sign that production doesn’t care for her. I’m sure there were a million other choices for that :40 mark snippet.

Andy goes straight into the “pussy hair” comment and Bethenny’s rude behavior. Heather says that Bethenny sort of flips a switch ( a bitch switch?) at a moment’s notice and you are not prepared for it. Andy asks about  Boutique the meat market for older folks ( I really want to go there next time I am in NYC) and talks about all the hooking up going on. It looks like the Johnny’s Hideaway of NYC!  Andy says that Sonja’s cub from that night will be on many upcoming episodes. They sort of date for a while. Heather says that Luann’s guy kind of sticks around too. You go ladies!  It’s the season of the cougar apparently.

A bunch of housewives tweet in after a game where the guests had to say how much they would pay for certain items involving other housewives. One was LuAnn’s leopard coat. Heather said she was offered it for free and did not take it. I was pretty sure we saw that happen at the tag sale last episode but Luann tweeted that she did not offer Heather that coat. That is a lie #HollaThatFromThe Rooftops!  Heather says that she and Luann are in the middle of a big issue that we are going to have to tune in to see. Heather says she offered it to Carole and she didn’t take it and she offered Heather two chairs which she never saw so we can Holla that too! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH Heather and Luann are so on the outs right now.

At the end of the show, Luann tweets again to say she did not offer to give the coat to Carole or to Heather, she gives her valuables away to charity.  Um, YOU WERE HAVING A PEDESTRIAN GARAGE SALE IN THE FUCKING HAMPTONS, LUANN!  Heather says, “Yes you did! And that is why you are having an Estate Sale, but that’s alright!”

Carole tweeted about how hot Heather looks so it seems they come out of the season okay despite Bethenny.

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Battle of the Brunches

RHONY cast

The ladies are all still in the Hamptons and have been invited to dueling brunches. Ramona is having one and so is Bethenny.  It’s the battle of the OG housewives of New York.  Ramona says she is holding a brunch in honor of her friend Dorinda.  Everyone decides to try to do both. But Carole wants to skip them both and go for a boat ride with the hot young personal chef of Ramona’s.

Luann shares that Ramona borrowed an Herve Leger dress from Bethenny and never returned it. This is part of Bethenny’s problem with Ramona. This is apparently not the first time Ramona has absconded with a dress. Carole says, “That got she would never fit into one of mine!” That is both some cunty shade and ridiculous. If Ramona can fit in Bethenny’s dress she could surely fit into Carole’s dress.  Are Carole and Bethenny both aboard the anorexia train?  The ladies mock Carole’s toe hair.

The ladies begin at Bethenny’s house. Bethenny’s  house is AMAZING! Especially for a homeless person. Carole points out she has been to Oscar gifting suites with less product than she saw in Bethenny’s house. It is Skinnygirl everything on display everywhere.  One of the issues the girls had with Bethenny this season was being forced to go to a shit ton of promotional events for Bethenny and she was never there for their events.  Continue reading


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RHOBH Secrets Revealed

Seriously? They are going to do blondes versus brunettes? Just ridiculous.

Seriously? They are going to do blondes versus brunettes? Just ridiculous.

Every time we have one of the shows I begin by predicting there will be NO secrets revealed. But lord knows this time there are some juicy one out there. I wonder if it was too late to edit this episode since Kim was arrested?

Lisa Rinna wrote a sex book called  The Big Fun Sexy Sex Book. Apparently, Lisa used to have a sex expert come over to parties and teach the party goers how to give really good blow jobs. LVP points out she doesn’t need any tips in that area.  They also replay the scene where Rinna talks about doing Playboy when she was seven months pregnant and when she was not pregnant.

Yolanda claims she is looking to downsize because the house is just too much work. It is odd that the Fosters put pretty much every property they have on the market at the same time. Mauricio takes her to look at properties but she doesn’t like any of them.

Kim and LVP both want grandchildren. And we see LVP in JEANS.  JEANS! Have we ever seen that before? Continue reading


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Southern Charm Recap: In The Cups

Southern Charm Cast

I love how they start the show with Cameran start the show with a sweet but slightly shady recap of the previous episode. And the Charleston scenery is so beautiful to see. But I suppose we have to move on to the fakery and debauchery.

OMG! I am already laughing so hard I could die. Whitney is off to “Europe” for the weekend. Where he might even get to see his “girlfriend” Larrissa. His mommy calls to help him pack, even though he has informed us he does this about every three months. He simply must come to mommy’s to get his tuxedo. As he is relating the information, the camera is panning the room to his guitars and piles of jeans and tees and a ball cap with a rooster and the word cock on it. It seems he is fond of cocks based on those items.  He moves on to let us know that he also enjoying hunting for pheasants among many other “numerous and varied’ pursuits. Ibiza is great in the summer,  Saint Tropez in the spring.  He is going for Winston Churchill’s grandson’s 40th birthday party at Blenheim Palace. This dude is fucking  hysterical.

Meanwhile,  Thomas and Kathryn are shopping for a bed for their new in town home.  Their choice of furniture stores leaves much to be desired at first glance but has a lot of nice stuff.  Did Kathryn select an iron bed frame? I like them but they are bad feng shui. Continue reading


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Daily Tea For Tuesday: No Specials Today


Today is supposed to be the only dry day in nine days followed by more rain. I am still up at 4 am because Monday was a beast. If I get up during daylight hours tomorrow,  I hope to get some gardening done.

I am so far behind. I’ll try to watch Southern Charm and recap it tomorrow.

As always, these posts are for any off topic things you want to discuss. Continue reading


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Kim Richards Has Filmed An Episode With Dr. Phil

RHOBH Kim Richards on Dr. Phil

Photo Credit: Peteski Productions/CBS Television Distribution

So you have gone off the rails, broken your sobriety and gotten yourself arrested on four charges. What should you do? Call a sponsor? Get a 24/7 sober coach for a while?  Go to rehab?

Not if you are Kim Richards. First, you call Kathy Hilton and have her get with her friends at the Beverly Hills police department and stop the mug shot from being released, allegedly. Then, you pull yourself together and film an episode of Dr. Phil.

Because the most important thing in a time of crisis is public perception. Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Recap: An Inconclusive Truth

Shahs GG lie detector

Welp! Nothing like putting a spoiler right in the title. That’s genius right there, Ryan Seacrest Productions. If you have missed any Shahs of Sunset episodes, you can get caught up here.


MJ, Reza and Asa get together to eat and talk about a wedding diet. Asa says she doesn’t diet. Reza wants to lose weight before the wedding. MJ and Asa are not particularly on board. Asifa calls to invite everyone to a Bollywood party. MJ takes a dig at Asa’s weight.

Asifa and Bobby

Are these two full-time cast members? Are we really interested in watching them wash a dog? I wish I had a shower like that to wash Banjo in.

Asifa’s family is practicing Muslim. I believe it must be Ramadan. At any rate her family members are over to break their fast. Asifa does not practice religion at all.

Continue reading


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