The Voice: The Final Battle Rounds


By Erica

It is the second and final week of the Battles!  It might have been my mood or how busy I was for last week’s Battle Rounds , or that I didn’t drink as much, but this week’s Battles certainly kept my attention.  Almost each pair had something about it that kept me riveted.  There were some great performances and some seriously great coaching going on this week.  Charlie even offered up a suggestion or two!


It is pretty clear that at least Adam, Blake, and Miley have a plan and agenda for how they want their team to form. I’m undecided if Alicia has thought this completely through.  I might be having a hard time reading her because she’s more of an introvert.   Miley talks about what she learned from Adam when she was an advisor at one point, and that she has a strategy in who she pairs up and what song she selects for them to sing.   I was hopeful about Miley before the start of the season, but she continues to impress me beyond all expectations. 

I am not sure if any mentor has impressed me more than Bette Midler.  OK, maybe Pharrell.  The specific little details Bette mentions to the artists are very insightful.  She gave advice on specific notes, specific words, specific gestures. I’ve seen her perform in person, and she’s not just a singer, but a performer. She’s a pull no punches kind of mentor, and win or lose, all the artists will be able to walk away with something from her that will help them.  Tuesday’s show opened with a lovely conversation between Bette and Blake, with Bette saying she was a bit nervous because this is so important to the artists and she really appreciates the care Blake puts into the job and helping them.  

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#AHS Roanoke Discussion Forum



Happy viewing tonight to my brave American Horror Story:Roanoke viewers. Y’all are some of my favorite people and I feel like I am missing out. But y’all know I am a fraidy cat and a bit fragile, so I’ll just be happy that y’all are happy!

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Purple Pen of the RHOOC Blogs This Week

Mean Girls.

Mean Girls.

I can’t believe I am even going to discuss the horrendous episode of RHOOC again. But I was dying to see how the women would spin their horrendous behavior.  Interestingly, neither Heather nor Vicki have a put up a blog at all. Shannon is the one with the most to say.

Here are the low-lights…


But what is most distressing about Kelly’s blog is her statement that Tamra hit her. Tamra did no such thing. She pushed Kelly and quickly walked away.

She shoved Kelly and slapped a phone out of the producers hand who was trying to film. That’s two attacks. 

I was a bit shocked with Kelly’s reaction to Heather opening a champagne bottle and bringing Fireball.  We all have a history with Fireball. Kelly didn’t drink at our picnic and neither did I.

Heather has never taken a sip of fireball in her life. Nor has she ever carried a flask of liquor to any filming ever. It was a set up. And it failed. 

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Married At First Sight: Forsaking All Others

MAFS Tom and Lillian


Well, it’s time for the couples to make a last-ditch effort at working things out. It’s the customary second honeymoon. Typically, these scenes have more positive interactions because they are somewhere nice.  I am a bit worried about the bus trip though. Let’s see what happens.

Tom and Lilly

These two get some last-minute advice from Dr. Pepper before they get on the bus. The main problem with these two is that Lilly’s job requires her to be available 24/7.  In fact, the large majority of real estate work happens after hours and on weekends when the clients are off work and have time to see properties.  Tom’s no work after 6 p.m. rule is not realistic for Lilly at all. Lilly agrees to stay off electronics as much as possible on their weekend trip.  Tom thinks living on the bus is his identity. That’s kind of sad.

The good news is they are only going to Key Largo and not all the way to Key West.  The bad news is that Tom didn’t prep the bus for the trip before Lilly got there.  When he turns on the air a ton of foam blows out all over the place. Lilly acts like it’s poison. This is a huge bus.  Lilly was pretty whiney on the bus. In her defense, they are on a bus in Florida that has no air conditioning. I guess that foam party at the beginning was just for a fan.

Tom seems to be okay with living in a house if he can still keep his bus. However, we are starting to get the edit that Tom is not going to stay in this marriage.  In his confessional he even calls Sonia a bit neurotic.

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Queen Sugar on OWN: Marathon of First Half Of Season Running Now



If you are looking for a really great series, I’ve been watching Queen Sugar on OWN.  It is halfway through the season but there is a marathon running that started at 4 p.m. EST today. It’s really great.  It’s about some squabbling siblings all with a heap of problems of their own who find themselves in a situation where they have to farm a season of sugar cane in Louisiana.

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Kordell Stewart Talks To Steve Harvery About Sexuality, Marriage



Kordell Stewart was on Steve Harvey today to promote his book, Truth, that came out in paperback last March. Steve asked about the name of the book and then his very first question was about the ever-present rumors about his sexuality. Kordell says that back in 1998 they lost a game they should not have against the Houston Oilers.  The Tuesday after the game, someone called him and said the guys on the team were saying that he got arrested in the park that weekend while  having lewd acts performed on him by a transvestite.  It would be inappropriate for me to  write the thought I just had in my head about Porsha here, so I’ll let you guys think your own thoughts.

“First of all, when in the world have I gone to jail in Pittsburgh, because there’s no record,” I don’t care if it’s 10, 20, 30 years. If it happened, it would be documented, let alone being with a transvestite. Now, each his own, Steve. Trust me when I tell you, but the life I started and lived with my family, my father, my mother, … being on both sides of the bed reading the Bible, the thing I understood about life was that when God created the heaven and earth he created Adam and Eve. That’s all I know.”

That Adam and Eve comment is what ignorant people say about human sexuality. He should have never said that.

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