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The Internet is a great and wondrous place. Everyone can find their niche. Here is a guide to figuring out if this is the place for you. This is a decision you should be able to make for yourself.  If you determine this is not the place for you, there is no need for a dramatic exit. Just head off to find your happy place!  There is no need to tell me you are leaving. I am not going to beg you to stay.  In fact, many people need some help leaving here. I can assist with that if you need the help.  I have a lovely area called the Window Licking Section (WLS) where we will never hear from you again. Here are some ways I will send you looking for a new place to express yourself.

1. Telling Me How to Blog or What to Blog About

This is my site. I decide what I post here.  That said, if you see something you think fits my interests, I love getting emails at I always appreciate a heads up on breaking news!  If you have a link I need to see… email me, rather than placing things in comments.


Words or terms that offend you. I don’t care.  If you are easily offended, this is definitely not the site for you. I’m not here to blog using a lexicon within your retarded comfort zone. See what I did there?

Typos you have noticed. I don’t care.

If you post that you are not interested in the topics we are discussing. Or that the typos are just too much for you,  I will moderate or WLS  your comments.  When recapping shows live, I try to have them up as soon as possible after the show ends. There will be errors. I will mix up some names. I’m writing a 2,000 word essay in sixty minutes while watching the show, adding photos, tags, categories and links.  There is no time to edit. If you know I said black when I meant white, so does everyone else. Sit down.


2. Posting Links to Other Sites or Mentioning Other Sites

Believe it or not the world of blogging is very complex behind the scenes. It’s impossible for me to explain what is okay and not okay to link to so I do not allow links at all. Trying to get around the link rule by saying, “just go Google this set of words” is the same infraction.  Just don’t.  Comment on my post in my comments and what you see elsewhere at that site. If another site has a different information than I do, POST YOUR COMMENTS  ABOUT THEIR INFORMATION THERE. They did their work and deserve your comments. If you don’t believe them, don’t mention it here.  See how easy that is? Don’t drag me in to blog wars, I will not go there. I do not care that you left another site to come to this one. If anything it just makes me think you are going to be a problem.

3. Using Stupid Nicknames for Housewives or Other People We Discuss Here.

I know this one perplexes many of you. Maybe you post at other sites where bloggers never even mention the actual name of who they are being hateful to.  On rare occasion it can be humorous.

4. Illiteracy.

My spam blocker does a great job of deleting spam. I have this feature to keep my comments limited to on topic, comprehensible conversation. I am not the grammar or spelling police. However, your  comments should be comprehensible.

If using punctuation is too difficult for you to do on your phone, don’t post in my comments.

DO NOT POST IN TEXT SPEAK. TYPE FULL WORDS (example: The word is because, not bc; you not u; your not ur) USE NAMES ( actual names not initials) SENTENCES ( that start with a capital letter and end with one  period) OR DO NOT POST.

If you cannot conjugate simple verbs, don’t post in my comments. We all use a dialect from time to time for effect, but if your comments are full of “I seen” instead of “I saw” I lose faith in your abilities to offer any intelligent discourse to the group. I’d rather piss you off and have you leave. We are a reasonably intelligent group here and I’d like to keep it that way.

5. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. I’m Telling This story.

I’m reminded of  my mother recounting her travels with my father, when my father would interrupt with a point she would say, “WHO IS TELLING THIS STORY? ” 

I am the storyteller here.  Your comments should be on MY TELLING. If you want to tell stories, there are free websites you can create.  Go tell yours.  If there is nothing that interests you in MY POST go somewhere else where random babbling is encouraged there are PLENTY of blogs who want lots of comments.  I don’t want multiple five paragraph essays on your thoughts in comments. I don’t need you to come in each week and list all of the people on the show and give your critique. If you have that much to say, get your own website.

Ask yourself. Do I really have 87 comments a day that Tamara wants to hear about? Don’t keep posting your same opinion after ever single other commenter. We got it the first time. And most people skip over your comments as soon as they see your name if you ramble on all day long.

Is that so hard?



146 responses to “Commenting Rules

  1. Great rules TT.
    I apologize for babbling about personal stuff at times. Right after commenting I want to kick myself.
    Sorry also for going off topic too.

    You’ve a great site that I enjoy reading.
    Often you or one of your followers will write a different perspective that I had not considered. I enjoy that.

  2. Really!!!

    I’m fairly new to your site and I find your feedback on the differfent shows very interesting and insightful. I love a sense of humor and some of the statements you make in your feedback are funny. I love that.
    I understand about rules and you’re right….it’s your blog and you can call it as you see it. I would do the same if it was my blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. I love this blog

    “. It’s like the ghetto version of my site for illiterates.” Looooool!

  4. puravidacostarica2

    *sound of applause in background*
    “Multiple User Names” — LOL! Aka “don’t need no batshitcrazy here”

  5. Witchy

    Tamara, I found your blog because I saw you were accused of things that were not true. It did not take long for me to find out what was not true, and that is what prompted my first comment on Tamara Tattles. That with said; I come to enjoy your blog. I do apologize for asking about S.O.D. I was asking you because it’s easy to copy and paste things from other websites, but I knew you live in Atlanta. I don’t need to explain further because I think you get it. :-)
    You’re a nice person, you can try to be as mean as you want, but I see a person.

  6. Tango

    Numbers 6, 7, and 8 are my personal pet peeves also. Wtf people, if you hate the blog why post to it, and why announce your departure like anyone gives a crap. Just go. And the people with time on their hands to create multiple users…just baffles my mind.

    • Skeeter

      Hi Tango. The multiple usernames get me too, especially when they start “fighting amongst themselves” LOL!

      • Tango

        I know! I think there’s a time or two I have seen a post, a disagreement from another commentor, then another commentor jump in to defend the first post…and after a bit people call them out for being the same person. It’s total cray cray to me why anyone would feel the need to do that!

  7. Brandy Lawrence

    You are awesome! That is all.

  8. Shellbelle

    Love them! I have to say, one of my favorite parts was the #gangsigns. Made me giggle.

  9. vivaladiva831

    I love this blog! I love that there are others like me out there who love to discuss these shows. I love that you actively participate in the communication. I even love seeing TeeCee annihilate the imbeciles. You are spectacular Tamara!

  10. There are two sections of comments for this blog!! Ha! I thought you had deleted my comments.

  11. PlusOneForLuck

    Two words – Fucking Awesome.

  12. Sharnee

    I love your blog it’s my reality show rehab. So, thank you for ALL that you do.

  13. brillke

    People do #8? Damn, that’s kinda pathetic.

  14. Skeeter

    Ahhhh TT – I post here – not a lot but some and I love it. I have read other sites and have removed myself from them because of the ‘gang mentality’ amongst the posters. If you don’t fit in they let you know it! I love coming here. I especially love your interaction with the posters who try to tell you what to do. PRICELESS LMAO! I’m an insomniac and I so appreciate that you recap things right away – it gives me reading material at 3 a.m.!

    • ScrappieOne

      I did the same thing. Used to visit other sites and left I also love that TT will put her foot down and won’t take any crap.

    • Elizabeth Davis

      I read the rules and promise to try to remember all of them, seems like common sense, but then again I am 64 and forget a few things. Of the things I’ve forgotten is NOT proper English,punctuation, or how to curse. Love your blog.

  15. naa

    I’m leaving this thread forever.

  16. ScrappieOne

    Thanks TT. Have a good one.

  17. Dlister

    I think your rules are very sensible. It is not a stretch whatsoever to request common decency and respect from posters.

  18. distressed

    Thanks for the guidelines, I never thought about posting links or “I read somewhere else” type comments in that way at all. It makes a lot of sense now. If I were in your shoes I would probably have the same exact rule.
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. I am officially the president of the “Tamara Tattles Fan Club”. Oh, if only more people would grow a set and be more forthcoming about what they want and how you’re not welcome in their “space” if you don’t respect it.

    Where’s that donate button…

  20. tleighb

    Go girl. Love your honesty and no b.s. style but I continue to read your blog and to comment because of your intelligence and wit. Thank you!

  21. CityGirl81

    It’s sad you had to write this, but TT you have given me many great reads this weekend. Thank you!

  22. MaggieG

    Multiple user names is especially sad. People become expert at spinning the evidence to support any side of an argument. Besides, everyone sees things differently. So what.

  23. Witchy

    I really have to join twitter so I can tweet you.
    I saw you mentioned LSA stealing your content.
    I design sites for a living and while I was designing some sites, LSA came up, this shit has been going on for years. A few bloggers have sent LSA complaints, if you need help, you know where to hit me up at. My Email.

  24. Amber

    For the last month or so I have been trying to think of a way to tell you just how much I love your site without rambling on and on. This is only my second time to comment here but I love reading the comments of everyone else, especially yours TT. You are the most down to earth, honest and genuine blogger that I’ve ever seen and I absolutely cannot stand when one of these ignorant trolls try to criticize you and all of your hard work! I just love how you stay true to yourself no matter what other people think. You’re pretty awesome!

    • Wow! Thanks Amber. You made me smile. I made it over two years without rules! LOL. I hate rules. But sometimes, some people just need them. :)

      On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 6:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • naa

        Oh please. Obviously Amber is one of your multiple personalities. :eye roll

      • Teerii

        I love that you have a standard and are fair with people by putting your standards in writing. You my dear are a Jewel in the universe of Bloggers. I will now make rules for all my blogs. Thanks for Modeling Excellence, Tamara!

      • naa – I thought you left …

  25. Fahlina_G

    THIS^ is why I love your blog TT. You do nice work.

  26. Sunny in the desert

    The only blog I read. I have no idea what the others say and don’t have a need to surf the internet to waste time reading random blogs about people I don’t know and don’t care to know. I do love a good snark so please, please, pretty please still let a few through. Thankfully I don’t feel the need to post much since I’m only a couple generations away from barefoot hillbillies, I may break a few rules. I know that’s not what you mean but still, I have little to add.

    Thank You!

  27. Cammie

    Hilarious! Very entertaining rules, I had no idea that people go to such lengths but I’m completely not surprised.

    Thank you for posting this, although it is all common sense I had no idea what “stupid nicknames” was referring to. I really don’t read any other blogs relating to celebrity news so I hadn’t seen an example. I thought, like really? We can’t call Phaedra phoney? lol

    I do feel that your #7 rule is a bit selfish and unfair, specifically “…fourteen of your “This is my last post!” posts. Make me chuckle. But my readers never get to see them.” I get off on witnessing adults pout and throw temper tantrums (clearly since we are talking Housewives here). Please consider sharing once in awhile, I’m sure you get some really good ones.

    • I just read the Hello Ross post comments and you DO share!! I take it all back, muah!

    • Teerii

      I think you can call Phaedra phoney because that definitely describes her basic behavior……….And you said Phaedra so we would be clear about which
      phoney housewife you were talking about.

  28. peachteachr

    This is my only blog and the first place I ever felt safe enough to share what I thought with others. And, yes, I’ve been called on the carpet and put in time-out, but no hard feelings…at least on my part.
    You would have had to be here during the Travis Alexander/Jodie Arias trial to fully understand the use real names rules. It was a melee at times. Here’s hoping there are enough tweets from the courtroom when the death penalty re-trial starts back up around March 13th or 14th. Since I don’t tweet, I’ll need y’all to fill me in on what is happening.

    • Yep and the trial watchers who watched here with me had a blast talking non stop during the trial. It was all of us spending ALL DAMN DAY AND NIGHT TOGETHER like a huge slumber party.

      That is why we (myself included) have trouble with staying on topic in the “regular ” comments….:)

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 6:30 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jen

        That was a Super fun time. I made snacks n had a blast then. Funny how a trial that was so grotesque, can bring people together. I even bought me flannel Jammies! Ha!

  29. Bruce

    So, how do I get my comments to come up in a nice bright colored space (maybe bright green) like yours in blue Tamara? Hehe. Just kidding. I love the “rules” post. I am surprised you made it this long without one. Your readers must be smarter than average for the most part (or you relentlessly moderate and don’t allow much to slip through)

  30. So a question…
    I left a long winded comment last night in the throes of insomnia on an old post, like well over a year old, but so damn hilarious I HAD to comment. It never appeared. Do comments get closed? Or did I comment a no-no? I did throw down an “I read” but it’s a publicized, old matter (someone got divorced + switched teams) and I didn’t really think of it as a no-no until I came to ask if comments get closed and scanned the rules again.

  31. So a question…
    I left a long winded comment last night in the throes of insomnia on an old post, like well over a year old, but so damn hilarious I HAD to comment. It never appeared. Do comments get closed? Or did I comment a no-no?

  32. Mari Anne Souza

    “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want because this is my blog.”

    Maybe have this statement printed on T-shirts and sell them here and change the eff word spelling to ‘fuhk’ or ‘fork’ or ‘f*ck’. Really!

  33. O.O

    Boy ,I should of read these rules a long time ago . I’m sorry I broke a rule . I called Cordell hammer head and Greg geritol Greg . I’m sorry.

  34. So glad I found this wonderful place. Thanks for all your hard work TT and the awesome comments from everyone else. Hope to get a chance to get to know you all a bit better.

  35. I wonder if there’s a rule about name calling…..probably not since the blogger does a lot of that with people who follow the blog and leave comments.

    • WHy on earth would you think we are equals? We are not. I pay for this site, and you do not. You will do as I say or fuck off to one of the billion other sites. It’s not rocket science, You have no right to post here, and I can call you whatever I like. If you don’t like it the option is not to whine or create a million nics begging to be heard here but to find a board that accepts you. THis is not your place.

  36. JustasIam

    I’m kinda new here. I just reviewed your rules of engagement. I will adhere!

  37. The rules sorta make me want to post here on their own….

  38. Tamara, I am assuming these rules are for the hoi polloi and not meant for me.

  39. I have been living under a rock just happen to crawl out and found TT>Thank you!

  40. I am new to this blog. I look forward to having intelligent exchanges and of course following the rules!

  41. Becky Grey

    Good Morning,
    I’ve read your rules and I’m ready to participate. I’ve been on a few blogs, but they always quote you, so I decided to go to the source.

  42. imagrandma2

    Right on sister!

  43. shea815

    As I read your words I can actually feel myself kinda relax….you are voicing my every thought, seriously. I’ll be following you.

  44. Liz M

    Thanks for the spelling and grammar rules. I get sick of the their and there and your and you’re confusion. I like your blog better than the TV shows.

    • I’m guilty of many spelling and grammar rule violations. It’s the “text speak” that annoys me. :)

      • Meri

        I don’t text, I have no ability to text on a smart phone or anywhere else and am thrilled that text- speak is not allowed here because I don’t understand it. This place is my sanctuary and I would be lost without it. A port in the storm…..Thank you for being honest. It’s refreshing and fun to read. You are the ONLY blogger that seems to care more about the content then pleasing everyone and allowing a bunch of bullying crap.

  45. meredo

    I have a question I hope you can help me with if you ever can find the time to do so. Here it goes, why is it that when I comment, sometimes it shows up as “meredo” and sometimes it’s “Meredith Rosa”? I don’t know why this is happening. Did I sign up twice maybe? I don’t know how to figure this out and I prefer to show up as “meredo” and not the other one which is my full name. Sorry to bother you, But I hope you can help a computer imbecile such as myself to fix this! Thanks!

    • User error. AKA something you are doing on your end. I have no access to your WordPress account so I can’t help. Sorry.

      • meredo

        OK. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I’ll try and see if I can fix it!
        Just want to let you know how happy I am to have found your blog. You are amazing at what you do and you have the most intelligent commenters ever! Sometimes I am intimidated to respond and I don’t consider myself anyone”s fool, lol. Love you, love you, love you!!!

  46. Salazar

    Absolutely love #4 among all of the others ! So happy I found a blog not run by a 14 year old

  47. Hope I didn’t break the rules. I’m new & love this blog!

  48. missy

    Hi Tamara Tattles,
    All above rules seem fair. However, I came across one of your posts elsewhere, whereby you say you love Caroline. I don’t, does that mean my negative posts regarding her will be deleted?

  49. Please read the commenting rules.
    No links. No telling me how to do my job and more..

    This is my house.

  50. Patti R.

    Hi Tamara,

    I read your rules and agree with them totally. As you said it is your blog. Hopefully I didn’t offend you. I will just read from here on out and not insert my two cents worth.
    Take care, Patti R.

  51. Dyan

    Oh, Happy Day! I found you! Where have you been? I am sick of reading blah blogs……….yours is fresh and topical………….today is a good day!

  52. Hello! First time commenter.. hahaha! Love Love Love this blog~ and I don’t follow ANY.. but I watch most of the shows you talk about so carry on!~

  53. Hello, I posted about a year ago and never since. Wanted to stop by and thank you for keeping me informed every day on the shows I love. Have a Happy Hump day!

  54. RomaReads

    Sorry for breaking the rules! I’ll do better..

  55. Deb

    Okay Miss Tamara, I have read your rules and will abide by them. Thanks for the Tre and Joe coverage. I was at work during sentencing and finally I realized stop going everywhere to find out what was going on and just pull up TT’s site. Thanks for delivering the goods. I visit your site daily and read most all the comments too. Very enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

  56. LiLoLa

    This is the first blog I have ever read, but as all Bravo pap is my downtime guilty pleasure, I came across TT in a search about the sentencing. Someone called this site their “reality show rehab”, and that is a great characterization! I concur.

    I will have to go back and read all the commentary on Amber. I no longer proudly tell, when asked, that I am a Columbia alumna. Her malapropisms are legion, I cannot understand how she managed to finagle an advanced degree.

    Anyway, I read all your rules and look forward to visiting often. Thanks for helping me balance things out a bit, I’ll binge here as well.

  57. Toni Lee Gildea

    Love the rules! Found your blog last night and spent the next five hours reading and laughing.

  58. sdufern

    BUT i LOVE Neigh Neigh as her name. :( K I will abide. Love your blog.

  59. My first comment: I’ve always viewed Nene as “passive aggressive”. These are the worse kind of friends to have, as you never know how they will be manipulative and secretly sabotage you. I started looking at RHOA during the 2nd season and when everyone loved her, I saw her ways. She likes to have control over people and you have to be her “puppet” to be her friend. Last night, she talked over Cynthia, and frankly Cynthia should’ve walked out since she didn’t allow her to talk-but that is her style. She likes to out-talk people with her loud responses, in her mind she “wins” and most people just let her talk-they give up. Nene has a lot of issues, she is very insecure and it further showed when she was on “The Apprentice”. Cynthia will NEVER have a real friend in Nene.

  60. T D

    Enlighting TT Kandi stop enabling/validating/excusing your mother’s hideous behavior two thoughts for you to ponder
    Do unto others… beauty is only skin deep but ugly is to the bone (dorian grey/joyce)

  61. T D

    Ready “Mama (not James) Joyce” and referncing Oscar Wilde. Tamara you are the ealray eritasvay. Hope I’ve not broken the rules. Heartfelt Thanks.

  62. New to your site though I’ve followed you on Twitter for awhile. Your posts made me want to read more, just never enough hours in a day I guess. Reading the rules, almost afraid to post LOL. #5 is my favorite. My grown son has been a stickler for spelling and grammar since about 2nd grade, maybe sooner. He freaks out if someone uses the wrong form of a word, like to/too/two. I used to be quite anal about spelling, I’ve relaxed quite a bit. Now I’m trying to get my son to ease up. He recently made a rude comment to his fiance. When she left the room I tried to hint about easing up. He wasn’t getting it, time to be blunt. “Not everyone is as smart as us, be nice. BTW, I’m not so young anymore. you’ll be correcting me soon.

  63. sheree

    Under the very best of circumstances, it is very hard to live in a blended family. Kandi is always going to stick up for her daughter because that’s what a mother does when she loves her kid unconditionally. It’s a knee jerk reaction, even if she knows the reality is that her daughter is being rude.

    From the outside looking in, Riley seems clearly rude, but I’m sure she feels her role as ‘daughter’ is going to usurped. Todd also rolls his eyes whenever Riley speaks. Everyone protects their own.

    Kandi and Todd have a tenuous relationship that was backed by a harsh prenup. It seems even Kandi knows that which is why I think she wants a biological child with Todd. She wants to give him a reason for staying. just my opinion.

  64. Oceanne

    Found your blog this morning – great work! Love your down to earth attitude..”my house, my rules”..much respect!

  65. amy

    I love you and your blog is my favorite. You are incredibly talented and, even your rules are a “must read” my goodness you are so funny. Thank You For All The laughs.

  66. ginger

    I have been following this blog for about a year and LOVE it!! I’m delighted that your quail dinner was tasty!

  67. Paula

    those are some rules gal…..surprised you have an advisor???

  68. TT, I am truly sorry for the mistakes I’ve made as I blogged what I had seen. I Will make sure that I am more careful at my blogging. This is all very new to me and I’m trying to do the right thing. I truly enjoy your site and I would hate to be that person looking on the outside and not able to be with the rest of the cool kids on the inside. Please accept my sincerest apologies. Thank you.

  69. Dee

    I love your blog! I first found you when looking for information about Bobbi Kristina. I have stayed to read just about everything you write. Thank you for this interesting, humorous blog! Dee

  70. TT, I have read your rules to live by. I’ve read them at least 4 Times, just so I don’t mess up when making a post. I’m probably going to sound like a complete idiot but I do have a problem at times when reading things, I miss understand what is being explained and I tend to turn it backwards I do apologize if this makes no sense to you it’s kind of like being dyslexic when it comes to reading. this is why I am asking you these questions, I just don’t want to sound dumb and post the wrong thing. I enjoy giving MY thoughts to and from others. your site is not like any other, it’s why I enjoy it so much, you keep it on the straight and up. I have read enough postings I THINK I understand what you expect from Me. So if you do have a problem with me please, please understand that I am not trying to be nasty or anything like that and I would be mortified if I have done something that would make you DQ me from your site. “An after thought” Is it alright to use names of people, or would you prefer for us to just use their initials, I know this is probably wasting your time, and I do apologize. I really do respect your rules and what you also expect from others. I am not a mean spirited type of a person and I just want to make sure that as I blog I’m doing things the way YOU would like, whether it be using initials or actual names. I have been humbled by you.I am truly again sorry for the mistakes that I’ve made so I shall go on and prosper, AND SIN NO MORE… God bless:) By the way I changed my display name to something that no longer will show my full name, I did so because I thought about something I had read in your rules about using your real name and that I should not do so. It was shawnpaananen, it’s now and will stay shawnie68

  71. lorene

    This is my first time reading your “commenting page’. It sounds fair to me. Btw, I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  72. Heh Heh: I see you updated to include a reference to that book that should remain nameless!

  73. Ralee

    I’ve read your blog for years, just commented a couple of times recently. Found you way back when I was looking for nosy info on how much the housewives made. I’ve seen a few other blogs but none have held my interest. I like how much you share about yourself. Not sure at this point which I come back for more-gossip/news or keeping up with your goings on! I feel like we are in the same age range and a few other things in common. Love hearing about Banjo(cute name, btw) because my dogs are the only “people” I actually like all the time! I realize I’ve probably pushed your “self-sharing story” rule, but will now try to be more aware! The rules seem perfectly reasonable and sadly needed! Thanks for your hard work. I never thought about or realized how much work actually goes into a site like this!

  74. katiealex

    Tamara, love this site and love the commenters. Insightful, educated and snarky in the best way. This is the best blog site I’ve been on – thanks for all your hard work!

  75. oceanblue

    I accidentally came across your site and it started off as a peep show. This started off as a love hate relationship. I would peep in ever so often to read your blog and get updates about shows I would not dare confess to friends I watch. Then we passed the first stage, and our relationship grew. I found myself logging in more and more, especially as I started to watch more and more reality TV. I chuckled, shrugged, laughed and cussed with you. Our relationship grew. I grew more at ease, I relaxed. I signed. I felt like we really knew each other. I love your sense of humour, your candidness. So, I am finally taking the next step and making this permanent. I am going to start commenting. There, I’ve said it. This is real Tamara. What prompted this. The Hozier article. I love creativity, art, ballet, music and hot men! We are going in for the long haul. I have always read how you chastised readers about your commenting rules and I have never once ventured here. I did it this morning, whew! It’s not that bad. I can be flexible in this relationship. So, I’m taking the plunge 6.6.15. Sadly though with this commitment to you, I just realized it is one sided, much like, most of my past worthless heterosexual encounters. C’est la vie. If I can survive those, I can survive ours. At least I can vent about things we may have in common. So excited for this new chapter in my life. Waiting for us to blossom. Woo hoo!

  76. cc101

    So I have a rules question which I need to ask so I don’t get sent to the WL section. I understand about not posting links or talking about what you have read on other blogs. Does this apply to Twitter? For example, let’s say you have posted a BH blog and we are discussing in the comments. Is it appropriate to say, ‘what is Lisa Rinna talking about on Twitter today?’. Or should Twitter comments by housewives not be mentioned? thank you!

    • ​It’s fine to talk about what people are saying on Twitter. In fact it’s helpful because I don’t have time to keep up with Twitter as much as I would like.

      Thanks for asking!


      On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 7:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Oh and I just saw your email addy. HAI! :)

      On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 9:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

      > ​It’s fine to talk about what people are saying on Twitter. In fact it’s > helpful because I don’t have time to keep up with Twitter as much as I > would like. > > Thanks for asking! > > tt > > On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 7:38 PM, Tamara Tattles> wrote: > >>

  77. cc101

    Okay…great! Just wanted to check.

  78. supaslim

    I wish your voice was my conscience.. lol
    And I wish I could hire you to read my sister-in-law.

  79. Amy

    Best rules ever! You tell ’em!

  80. Stephanie

    How long are people kept in the WLS?

  81. captain eel

    Last two comments went to moderation hell. This one, too, with probably land in the lake of fire too. Hell is a bitch.

  82. Dee

    Bravo reality shows are my guilty pleasure. I randomly found this blog. I love it! I really appreciate your POV. Finally!!! Someone who has fun & insightful comments! I look forward to coming again and exploring your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  83. Annienonymous

    I have to admit, you scare the crap out of me Tamara but I love this blog. At the very least I live in fear of becoming a window licker and at the most I live in fear of spending too much time commenting. I often have much to say but my fear keeps me from posting. A win/win for both of us.I posted as AnneFlanigan the other day but this is my nickname if I post again. Unless i change it it for specific post references. See?… this is hard. I cry ( or lick the window )

    • tamaratattles

      A healthy fear is a good trait.

      • T D

        True courage isn’t the lack of fear but the ability to feel it and still run straight into what you fear most. Yep TT can put the fear in one but I know a good heart even when they’re telling you to eat paste.

  84. I hope you arw having a wonderful Christmas T. And your writers covering for you are doing great!!
    But I MISS YOU GIRL & your unique ” tattles”. Can’t wait to hear from YOU soon. Happy New Year.

  85. DutchTulip

    I just live for your PURPLE PEN!

  86. Matzah60

    Thanks for all you do to entertain and enlighten. I always enjoy reading your posts. I know I am one of those that was oversharing and posting too many comments on the same posts, but you notified me of that and I have tried to stay on topic and not unload all I know or think I know about something.

    I am genuinely impressed with the amount of time and research you put into this blog. Some days I notice you put up three or four posts on different shows. You must work into the wee hours of the night and I appreciate it. I am particularly amazed at how your post for a show literally comes out within 10 minutes of a show ending.

    I wish you continued success!!

  87. Lil Tex

    Your clap backs give me life. Keep up the good work. Love ya, Tamara!!

  88. jen

    I love it here! Thanks for letting me hang out!

    • Dee

      I also love it here, thanks for updated rules!! Your the best! I hope you love your new hair cut and color. I had no idea it took over 5 hours. Smooches lol

  89. Dee

    Tamara, can the WLS see your site? Just curious, I don’t want to visit

  90. Sweet T

    I love the meme. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from a band called suicidal tendencies

    “And if I offended you, oh I’m sorry…
    But maybe you need to be offended
    But here’s my apology and one more thing…fuck you!”

    When I get offended the first thing I do is examine myself and why I am offended. Perhaps I am overly sensitive and get over it.

    I also remind myself that other people opinions don’t matter and they may have an ulterior motive or maybe they are just mean bitches.

    Some people say I act like I don’t give a fuck. But I’m not acting.

  91. Miguel

    Your posts and your commenters would make any rule bearable – I love it here; consequently, it’s the first, and only blog, I’ve ever chimed in on!!!

  92. jennbug

    I am a frequent reader, but I very rarely comment. Mostly because people have already said/typed what I was thinking and probably in a more witty and concise way. Anyhow….I did comment the other night (at like 3 a.m. & after a drink or 3 ?) and I put a different name in than I normally use, same email address though. I’m sorry! It wasn’t intentional and I’ll follow all the rules from now on. Promise!
    There’s no rule against commenting late night & tipsy, right? I don’t know if I can pinky swear to that. Love the blog!

  93. Jelley

    I normally approach rules insisting they were made to be broken, but I’ll make an exception for you (because I don’t want to be stuck outside with the window lickers).

  94. jane

    Oops, I forgot to use a full name when talking about Lisa Vanderpump. I am so used to typing LVP instead.. I apologize for my blunder.

  95. Lori Cardoza

    I just find your blog accidentally. You are freaking hysTERical!!!

  96. Stacye Johnson

    If I had $100 for every time Jules said “like” while TRYING to talk to Bethany I would be the richest housewife in America.
    Did that drive anyone else crazy?
    I also see her as a one season wonder. Very unlikable …especially the “old money” comment”. That one made me cringe.

  97. reelaxalready

    Vet, would you please outline what you wrote in your letters to J. Beam, Production and Bravo? I am compelled to send letters too but am concerned that the letters could be misinterpreted as just more bad press and any press is good press.
    I too think that Bethenny is an angry farce and the show is suffering. Have grown weary of her tall tales. Her whole jaded truth and nothing but her truth is, to be kind, boring.
    This little Napoleanette should give us all a break and go away quietly for a year or so.
    This is my maiden comment but have enjoyed reading Tamara’s blogs and everyone’s comments for years. Merci’

  98. reelaxalready

    WTF I entered the comment on the wrong page. 1,000 pardons. I know that I am not supposed to re-send/post but how will the comment reach the RHONY page? Duh, yeah I need prayers.


    Where have you been all my life?I happen to be catching up on some of the crap I tape and one of my favorite shows Flipping Out was on and it was the episode where Jeff and the gang go to Chicago to work with Walter E.Smith.I just happened to be trying to multitask by doing some much dreaded housework and heard the meditation tape by John Healey.Oh My God,where the fuck have you and Jason Healey been all my life? I absolutely loved the meditation tape and have showed it to ever person that will be patient for five minutes and made them listen to it.I’ve made it my anthem and I’m thrilled that I have found your blog while looking up the information to get Jason’s qtape.Tamara,I to am a women with a backbone and have been known to offend people with my “Don’t give a fuck attitude also.”I believe it’s the only thing that hasn’t changed about me since high school,class of 1989.I’ve read alot of blogs but I must say “hats of to you!”I have found my new home.Please keep up the good job and since I’m watching the episode as I comment to you,I take…”a new beautiful breath of FUCK THAT.”

  100. TiosBlankie

    I found this blog just this year when reading the history of posts on Phaedra’s court shadiness but commented today for the first time on the Burke Ramsey Interview posts. I rambled a bit and I mentioned the AMA I had read that you also mentioned reading as well as some books I would like to read concerning the case that others had mentioned. I hope my comments didn’t break any rules. Thank you for covering things like this as well as reality TV. I don’t know all the facts of the case and am catching up with it all, so tried to speculate on parts that I felt I could comment on, but if there was anything wrong with my posts I apologize.

    Is swearing allowed in comments? I’m not referring to swearing at another poster or leaving a pointless comment made up of only a string of those words; I guess I’m just asking how careful I need to be in censoring every word that I type.

  101. Stella

    So glad I found this blog, I love the recaps and you always have the BEST tea! Thank you!

  102. Jools

    Reading through your Catfish recaps, and skipping to the comments on the older ones. You are the Queen of the Burn. I made a tiara for you and everything. Not really but just pretend like I did and wear it with pride while I snort and chortle at your comments.

    • tamaratattles

      LOL Thanks and welcome. I’ve gotten way too behind on other crap to do much Catfish stuff lately. But I love it. It’s like my dirty little secret on the site that I share with random Internet Googlers who usually don’t read my other stuff. I love a good tiara!

  103. Little Arizona

    I’m sorry.

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