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WWHL With Jill Zarin and Rebecca Romijn

WWHL Jill Zarin

Andy Cohen does himself no favors by changing the time of his show every other day. Especially on #TGIT! But I’ve put off HTGAWM because I desperately need a new and interesting post tonight and I’m counting on Jill Zarin to be ridiculous. Didn’t she just get in a car accident?

First of all, Jill looks AHH-MAZING. Seriously, this is the best I’ve ever seen her and she is really beautiful tonight. Andy of course starts by playing all the trash that Bethenny talked about her on the 100th episode of RHONY version of WWHL.

Jill says that she feels really bad that Bethenny feels the was she does about her. She did not have any intentions of doing anything to sabotage Bethenny. It hurts that Bethenny still seems angry. Jill says she misses Bethenny and wants to rekindle the friendship. Jesus, Jill, I am not missing out on HTGAWM for you to take the damn high road. Get in the mud! Continue reading


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WWHL With Shannon and David Beador

WWHL with Shannon and David

I’m  so over today.  But apparently here we go with more child abuse from Shannon and David Beador.I already know I can’t transcribe this shit show. I can only react.

This is the shittiest thing Andy has ever done. And definitely the shittiest thing these parents have done to their kids.

Andy asked why the fuck they would do this and David says that it is because of social media (that’s us) and how people said she deserved to be cheated on… (um, she’s certainly shown herself to be an emasculating bitch this season and this is coming from one of her biggest supporters last year). Apparently, all the backlash has come on Shannon, because she is being a fucking bitch!  David says it is wrong that everyone sides with him. No, no it is not.

Shannon says the affair started the day after the first day of the show. David is begging for his Father in law to forgive him essentially. Continue reading


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Shannon and David Beador’s Appearance on WWHL EXPLAINS EVERYTHING

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.  After the whole attack on Brooks all season, the second least favorite thing I want to see is a whole episode of WWHL devoted to Shannon zipping David’s balls (and penis) into her tiny little evening bag.

I’m predicting that Brooks breaking up with Vicki after the season ended was because he was over the bitches but Andy allegedly told Vicki she had to film with Brooks to return. So he said, if you have to film with me I’m staying at your place during filming but that it.  Brooks who is not paid by Bravo unless Vicki shares her cut, was likely uncooperative with production, as in he has cancer to deal with and can’t be bothered and only did it for Vicki. Then after filming was over Brooks dumped Vicki at her function in Miami because he has shit to deal with. Maybe his cancer was in remission before the season aired and he wanted to drink. Maybe it wasn’t and he wanted to drink. He is not a Bravo employee. This is Brooks third round with cancer. Maybe it happened in the off season and that is why Bravo forced Vicki and Brooks to be on this season to make it look like it happened during filming season. But he has cancer and he doesn’t need this shit.

Sorry, off on a tangent. I just feel like Andy wanted Brooks and Vicki and he got Shannon and David instead. Brooks is always saying he is over the #editedfortvversionofevents and that is what I am beginning to think.  What if he was in remission during filming and they made him reenact shit so Vicki could get paid? I dunno I’m just saying.

But wait there’s more video ….

Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Annabelle Neilson and Heather Dubrow

WWHL Heather and Annabelle


It’s time for fancypants Heather to meet posh Annabelle on Watch What Happens Live. This should be an interesting bit even if you tards did spoil most of for me in other comments. Please don’t do that. If I haven’t recapped it, I haven’t seen it. Don’t be a spoiler!  It’s rare for a housewife to be bumped to second chair for any other Bravo show.

Why am I not surprised that Andy has Clay behind the bar. If there is a hot guy out there he will drag them to NYC. Shocking to see he is with Audrey behind the bar and not Shelli. Clay says that he and Shelli are still together and that they are working it out to see if they have they connection they had inside the house, outside of the house and we’ll see where it goes. Andy says, “It seems like you don’t.”  Why must you be so shady, Andy? Andy completely ignores Audrey.

Heather says she was sent the screen grab of Brooks “mockuments” as she calls the medical records seen on the show. Seems she is going straight to cunty without any sort of buildup tonight. Brooks is the drinking word. Which means they are going to rail on him all night. Ugh. I’m really not up for another half hour of that. Continue reading


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Meet Sonja Morgan’s Newest Boy Toy

Sonja does have a thing for Pirates in her booty...

Sonja does have a thing for Pirates in her booty…

If you watched WWHL with Shannon Beador and Gretchen Rossi the other night then you know that Sonja Morgan showed up and Andy Cohen ribbed her for showing up with a 22 year old.  He was not shown and so we had no idea who the new boytoy was until today.

According to Page Six,  his name is Tommy Maksanty and he’s a model. Or a landscaper from West Virginia who wants to break into modeling.  He showed up just before New York Fashion Week where he walked in multiple shows and has apparently been shacking up with Sonja in her townhouse for about to weeks.

“Morgan and Maksanty met at a party for her Social Life magazine cover with Dr. Christopher Calapai. She’s been taking him to gay bars around town and the pair has been spotted at the Rainbow Room, seeing Lady Gaga’s bandleader Brian Newman, where Tommy didn’t have a blazer — as mandated by the dress code — and was forced to borrow one from a waitress,” the Page Six article states. Continue reading


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WWHL With Below Deck’s Kate Chastain and Amy Johnson

WWHL Kate Chastain and Amy Johnson Below Deck


Might as well get another WWHL recap up. Yesterday’s WWHL with Shannon and Gretchen from RHOOC was so full of tea it took way longer than an hour to recap. Hopefully this one will be a little easier.

The very first thing that Andy asks about is Kelly, Amy’s brother whose privates were posted all over the Internet (by him) and Andy has been in love ever since. Amy says that Kelly worked as a first mate on a boat recently and quit is and is newly single. Then Andy moves on to a practically pornographic montage of Emile. Who really is hot. But both girls says Emile is really a dim bulb.

Then a montage of the hottest guy on the boat, Captain Lee.  Then a montage of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The girls really don’t seem to like Rocky. They are both still in touch with Kat. Continue reading


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