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WWHL With Ramona Singer & Michael Rapaport

WWHL Ramona


I really don’t want another half hour  of Ramona Singer tonight but Andy Cohen has a different idea.

Ramona’s eyes are like tiny little slits. It looks like she has had more work done. Michael is a huge housewives fan. He gets to ask Andy questions for thirty seconds. Which husband from the east coast would he do. Apollo Nida. What housewife confrontation at a reunion scared you the most? Teresa and Danielle season two, when Teresa pushed him into his seat. Michael says, “Really? More than Kenya?” Yes Michael, more than Kenya. Andy doesn’t really care for Kenya. Plus the THOT wasn’t attacking him. Andy seemed not to care for the follow up question and just said, “that was scary too,”

Andy has a three bachelors behind the bar for her to play a dating game with. Instead of waiting for the game, Ramona says, “I like the one on the far left!”  I’ll take the one on the far right if he is left over. Continue reading


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WWHL Listings For August


August 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015 – CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and MARK CONSUELOS Show 12127

Monday, August 3, 2015 – BILLY EICHNER and JULIE KLAUSNER Show 12128

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 – JESSICA ST. CLAIR and SONJA MORGAN Show 12129

 Wednesday, August 5, 2015 – VALERIE BERTINELLI and COLIN JOST Show 12130

Thursday, August 6, 2015 – TBD and TBD Show 12131 Continue reading


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WWHL With Meghan Edmonds

WWHL with Meghan Edmonds

Okay, I saw that Meghan was dying her hair pink, but…really? WTF? Is she trying to relive her high school years? And I don’t have any idea who the other guest is, but she is first chair? ROFLMAO.  I totally forgot this was happening tonight and I spent three hours watching The Bachelorette and drinking so, be prepared for a really fucked up recap. You know, as if the others are normal…

Andy’s intro is about Wham, Bam, Thank You Man and both guests are married to baseball girls.  Andy is already making fun of Meghan’s pink hair. The bartender is from Quiet Riot and friends with the Dubrows.

Andy then mentions that Leann has died, less than a week ago. And yet the little gold digger is still there.

Next a cunt montage ending with the “classy as fuck” comment.

Meghan plays a word association game about the other housewives:

Vicki: Manipulative (probably the longest word she knows!)
Tamra: Loyal (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA sorry. Excuse me)
Shannon: Kind hearted (WTF? Please tell me Shannon does not make up with this trashbox)
Heather: Ummmm Motherly? ( that is shade according to Meghan. Interesting)
Andy stops the game. Interesting. Continue reading


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WWHL With Melissa Gorga And Luann de Lesseps

WWHL Luann and Melissa

They showed some pictures of Lauren Manzo’s wedding which looked lovely. Melissa was there and said everyone looked amazing.  Andy asked why Caroline wore white to the wedding. Lauren asked her mom to wear white. The other housewives at the wedding were Jaqueline, Kathy and Dina.  Dina was at the church but not at the reception. Who go the drunkest of the housewives. Melissa say she a Rosie drank their fair share. Joe Gorga wore plaid pants.

Andy showed a montage comparing season one Countess with this season’s Luann. Night and day.

Melissa says Tre is doing as well as can be expected. She’s really strong and good at keeping it positive when she is on the phone with the girls. The girls play with her kids a lot. She has requested to visit Tre but she has not been approved yet. She thinks it is a prison redtape issue and not coming from Tre. Andy says she thinks it is Tre and Melissa says something like she was trying to be diplomatic.  Joe has been to see her. Continue reading


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WWHL Listings For The Rest Of July


Watch What Happens Live is finishing the month of July off just the way I like it, with lots of Bravo personalities. I admit I have over half a dozen episodes still sitting on my DVR waiting to be watched at the moment. It’s collateral damage from my Big Brother obsession. I also behind on Dance Moms (don’t spoil me, brah)  and Million Dollar Listing San Francisco and many other shows. What can I say, Big Brother consumes my summers every year. It’s all I can do to  throw up posts like these that don’t require me to stop the live feeds running in the background.

I am excited for Melissa Gorga for a change, because I am anxious to see how she responds to questions about Teresa. I wish that Joe was on with her instead of the Countess.  But the Countess is always fun on WWHL so, six of one I guess.

I’m also looking forward to the guys from Million Dollar Listing San Francisco.

There is one episode I don’t think I can stomach after today.  Click through for listings. Continue reading


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WWHL With Carole Radziwill and Heather Thompson


WWHL Carol heather

We start off already with Dorinda’s tweets about Heather. She tweeted this during the show, ” Dorinda Medley ‏@DorindaMedley 1 hour ago Bottom line: whoever goes on vacation with @iamHeatherT has to bring great earphones, be celibate & sign a release form #RHONY @BravoWWHL” That’s not too serious.  Heather’s response was apparently bleeped. Carole says that Dorinda is strange to say that. What’s a release form?

What is Heather wearing. I don’t get it. It looks like she is sitting there in a very pretty silk bathrobe.

I am already bored. They are just playing a bunch of clips from the show. I feel like I am watching a rerun of  a show I didn’t care for that much the first time. Heather says that Dorinda is really mean on twitter and that she is different on screen than when she is off.

The poll question is, “Did Heather and Carole break the girl code?” Of course they did. Andy asked if Heather overreacted.  She says no.  Heather and Carole bring up the married man Luann slept with. The two guys are Scottish and Andy wants to track them down. Continue reading


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WWHL With Jenny McCarthy and Vicki Gunvalson

WWHL VIcki Gunvalson Jenny McCarthy

I am excited to hear Andy mention Jenny’s PTSD from The View, I love me some gossip about The View behind the scenes catfighting. Jenny says they got it right wit Raven Symone. I hate Jenny’s jumpsuit. Vicki is wearing a black tank dress, not my favorite but fine.  Andy’s mother is behind the bar with his sister who I have never seen before. It’s her first time in the clubhouse. That is interesting.

Vicki has giant dimples. Has that always the case?

Jenny Questions:

Best and worst moments on The View? Best was her birthday because they let you pick your guests. Worst was the day Barbara Walters came to her dressing room and accused her of not flushing her tampon, and it wasn’t hers. Jenny says there is only one bathroom on the floor for all the ladies and guests. Barbara came in and inquired if she was the culprit. Wow. Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville Loses Her Request to Have Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit Dismissed

RHOBH Brandi 2

In case you missed it, Joanna Krupa has filed a defamation lawsuit against Brandi Glanville for comments Brandi made on Watch What Happens Live on November 11, 2013. Click here to see the hysterical letter Brandi received from Joanna’s lawyers.   I just can’t imagine suing someone for saying that you slept with someone who was married and that someone said that your lady garden didn’t smell like flowers and sunshine.

It’s almost two years later and the only time I hear about Joanna Krupa is when someone is covering this lawsuit. Or when Brandi brings it up. This would all be long forgotten if these two didn’t keep it in the news. Continue reading


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WWHL Returns Sunday, June 14th With All New Guests!

Andy sexy

Andy Cohen has been taking some time off, but WWHL returns this Sunday. Check out the listings and tell me what y’all like! Or don’t like. :)

June 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015 – QUAD WEBB-LUNCEFORD and DR. HEAVENLY KIMES Show 12097

Monday, June 15, 2015 – JENNY MCCARTHY and VICKI GUNVALSON Show 12098 Continue reading


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Bethenny Frankel Interviews Andy Cohen About The Housewives

Andy Cohen


It’s time for the whole Bethenny and Andrew Debacle. Bethenny was actually good at interviewing housewives on her show because she was appalled it had come to the point where she had to have them on. And she resented them; however, I don’t have very high expectations for this.

Q: Do you feel like you had a lot to do with the creation of housewives? Like were you there from the very beginning?

A: I was there from the very beginning with a very creative people at Bravo. When on season two, of RHOOC Jeanna and her husband began to divorce he knew it would be big.

Q: Do you honestly think that reality TV has contributed to so many of these breakups? (um, DUH)

A: I think it has accelerated marriages that weren’t working. He says he has talked to Tamra about it, he’s talked to Vicki… (He plays a scene of Tamra crying on WWHL telling him how much she has done for him. I’m vomiting a little in my mouth right now. As he seems to be saying these women are thanking him for destroying their families.) if they were in a relationship that wasn’t working, they somehow saw it replayed on TV and they were like “wow this is really bad! And they had a chorus of people saying ‘Dump him! Dump him!’ and they actually had the balls to do it. Wow.  Andy is Sonja delusional. Continue reading


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WWHL With Fredrik Eklund And Washed Up Actress Vivica Fox

RHOA Kenya stop being so bothered

Oh I see Andrew has decided to have Vivica Fox on tonight. Really, Andrew? You are so disappointing. So he introduces her as being know for Independence Day and Kill Bill from like the 90s and her new movie, Chocolate City. For fucksake, bitch was in Sharknado 2.

And is already praising the fuck out of Vivica. He must have told her three times in the introductions how good she looks. Really, Andrew. Sell out much?  Robert Ri’chard is the hot bartender also in Chocolate City.

The first game is would Vivica invest in these housewives products. Asa’s Diamond Water?  Yes (with a finger snap), Kenya’s production company? Absolutely not. She makes a snide comment. Something about her mother? I could not hear and I listened three times. Phaedra’s Phine Body video? Yes. Her mortuary business? No.  Brandi’s Podcast? Yes she loves Brandi. Vivica says that she and Brandi became good friends on Celebrity Apprentice. Of course they did. #Cunts Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Nene Leakes and Cecily Strong

WWHL Nene yellow hot pants

After the last few minutes of the reunion with Nene SCREAMING at the top of her fucking lungs, I am really not up for another half an hour of her stupidity. I am going to try to make this as quick and short as possible while still giving my international readers who don’t get this show a taste of it.

While I love a bright color on a dark-skinned woman, that electric yellow is a bit much,  I could live without watching her pick hot pants out of her twat for half an hour and you do not to grease yourself up like a pig in pig catching contest to keep the ashyness  at bay. I like this wig better than most that she wears. She is wearing the same necklace she wore on the reunion.

Moving on.

Andy is talking about how Nene’s entire left boob was out for the entire 18 hours of reunion filming. Cecily points out that Porsha’s left boob was also out.  Nene says, “Didn’t you love it?”  LOL. Oh, Nene never change.  No body wants to see all that,  dear.

Steve Wilkos is the bartender. Woot! Continue reading


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