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WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

WWHL with Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

Andy describes Lisa Rinna as being “Just like a delicious hotdog, she’s made of mostly lips and just the right amount of ass!”  Which is funny. Especially if when you were a kid you found out that hotdogs were made of left over pig parts, like the lips. Is that an urban legend? Am I dating myself ? #BuyKosherFranksBlessedByRabbis

I’m late recapping this because I was all in my O.J. Feelings last night and Spectrum hasn’t been giving me actual information about the TV shows for over a week now, just that the show will be on, with you know, some guests. So here we go.

The bartender is “Groundhog Faye” which is some intern in an animal suit with Faye Resnick’s face on top. Andy is excited that next Tuesday Teresa Giudice will stop by on her book tour. She will be on GMA that morning so he did not get first dibs. GMA must be paying a buttload.

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WWHL With Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval

WWHL with Ariana and Sandoval


Ho Hum… Really Andrew? Ariana and Sandoval? Okay. Let’s see what happens.

Andy shames Scheana for thrusting Shay in front of alcohol and telling Shay not to be a bore. Ariana seems to think that Shay’s drinking was not a problem because there are people on the show that drink a lot more. Because if you drink less than the #PumpRules cast, you clearly don’t have a problem. At least that is what the #PumpRules cast tells themselves.

Andy says that everyone with a brain in their head and some who have no brains love Kristen now, and they are like, oh no, Kristen is Satan. And while Ariana looks amazing, Sandoval is turning into.. well… the picture doesn’t do his hair justice. It’s even worse with the long greasy off to one side thing. It’s sort of Nene Leakes in the sense that it is an asymmetrical mistake. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore and Karen Huger On WWHL

WWHL with Kenya Moore Karen Huger

This should be interesting. Nene is ranting at Kenya on Instagram and Kenya is talking about Kim on Twitter. Cynthia has removed her posts from Instagram from Kenya’s birthday. It seems like everyone is on the outs with Kenya right now. I’m sure shady Andy is going to go hard on Kenya tonight and let a lot of mean questions through. It’s not a good night for #TeamTwirl. And Kenya is in the second chair. It’s starting already. Kenya’s legs are gold for some reason.

Kenya’s boyfriend Matt is the bartender. Apparently, he is 6’7″.  Andy plays a montage that makes tonight’s episode look really interesting. I guess I just wasn’t up for the recap tonight. I also wish this #RHOP wasn’t on tonight. I really can’t stand that show.

Andy reads a lot of negative comments about Kenya’s behavior tonight. Andy asks for her thoughts. Kenya says when she watched the show tonight she was mortified. Kenya says that pulling Kim’s chair back was unacceptable behavior and she apologized for that. Kenya’s face looks a lot wider than usual. Kenya says she is very ashamed by that. Continue reading


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WWHL With Michelle Lee and Eileen Davidson

WWHL Eileen Michelle Lee


Okay, I love Eileen Davidson, but this is NOT THE NIGHT TO HAVE HER ON WWHL! Gawd, Andrew. Can you do nothing right? This was a Kyle night. Eileen was not even in the country when this whole BBQ went down.  WTF does she know? Kyle and/or Rinna needed to be on together with an early time call and very strong drinks!  Also, I’d like to be pissed about Michelle sitting in Eileen’s seat but I have a feeling Michelle just plonked herself there as she seems overserved already. Eileen looks to be miffed and trying to hide it. On the other hand, Andy is a big Knots Landing fan and if it is her first time, we might actually have Andy to blame for violating seating code.

He introduces Eileen saying that she is having real life drama and she thinks Lisa Vanderpump is partially to blame. Eileen groans as he says it. But first more discussion of spreading her sister’s ashes.  Andy announces that Lisa Rinna’s father had passed and so has Monty Brinson. Eileen didn’t know about Monty.

Andy plays a montage of Rinna stirring the pot. Andy asks what one should wear to a RHOBH BBQ. Eileen says whatever Kyle tells you not to wear. Eileen is really upset that Faye Resnick is getting slammed on social media right now. I haven’t had time to read comments here yet, but I imagine it is happening here as well. Eileen and Michelle both say that Faye is a lovely person,. Continue reading


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WWHL With Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards: Two Sexy Things

WWHL with kyle and camille

Can someone explain to Andy that he needs to stop trying to sing on live TV? It’s not cute. And I already get the feeling we are going to spend all our time recreating the dinner party from hell, was that in season one? Andy points out that Camille had an estate sale last month and sold the dining room set from the dinner party from hell. (Are you noticing a trend?) Andy and Kyle both claim they wanted to purchase it. I’m guessing Andy’s apartment has to be finished by now (he bought the apartment next to his and blew out some walls). I don’t understand why there hasn’t been an article on it yet. Someone needs to get on that, I want to see if it is still decorated in Adolescent Couture. Camille and Kelsey finally sold off all of their properties. Camille then bought her own retreat in Hawaii.

Camille and Kyle are practically BFFs now. #AnythingIsPossible Today is Kyle and Mauricio’s twentieth anniversary so we get a sweet montage. Mauricio sent a gift for Andy to give Kyle since she would be gone for their anniversary. Kyle says they celebrated early this year. DEAR GOD!  He sent GINORMOUS FLAWLESS DIAMOND EARRINGS! Camille and Kyle both gasped. Kyle said these are the earrings that Bella wore at the Lyme Gala when Kyle filmed for RHOBH and she loved them so much. I bet she did. And now they are hers and she is jamming them straight into her ears. Obviously. They are stunning. Continue reading


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WWHL With Jax Taylor


No traditional recap for WWHL this time. But here is what you need to know:

  • Michelle Collins, the supertall comedian from The View was on. She is not a fan of Jax or James but she is a Bravo superfan
  • The  bartender was a very convincing drag queen dressed as Raven Simone. Every time The View is mentioned on WWHL lately shady Andy just loves to bring up the fact that there is (was months ago) a petition to get Raven Simone kicked off the show
  • Jax informs us that the suntan lotion bottles and tampons were actually flasks they sold in Hawaii to smuggle alcohol onto the beach.  Michelle explains that vodka soaked tampons would be easier. Something tells me that Jax and the Toms are no strange to that trick.
  • Jax apologized on behalf of the Pump Rules cast on behalf of Lala and James and their behavior on WWHL.  Jax doesn’t care about their spurious allegations about him.
  • Jax says that Britanny is pissed about what she saw on the show tonight but they are still together “thank God.”
  • Jax and Kristen are still good friends
  • They showed a still shot of Jax on the toilet. The seat was clearly down.

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