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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson and Sonja Morgan

I never go around to recapping WWHL with Vicki Gunvalson and Sonja Morgan the other night and I’m not really in the mood to do a long recap of it now but I really want to watch something on the DVR that is not related to politics. Both ladies look fantastic and attribute their glow to the holistic doctor they both use. Sonja has a new face entirely and could pass for Camille Grammer at this point. Whatever she has had done was very well done.

Andy shows a photo of Vicki out with Luann and Rey. Vicki says Rey was all over her and Luann was adamant that Vicki lay off her man. Vicki says she has no idea who he is and she was not interested at all. She says Luann ended up leaving with Paul Nassif that night.  I don’t know why Sonja is sitting there not mentioning that it was actually HER that left with Paul that night. This was back in May of 2015 when they still did the combined upfronts and the cast from all the seasons would go.

Sonja gave the tea on Luann’s shower. Sonja got the dates mixed up and was at the spa getting a pedicure so she just dashed over to the shower with her feet wrapped in Saran wrap. Jill Zarin was there and got along with everyone. Dorinda was there and Sonja is not speaking to her. Sonja says Dorinda is duplicitous and lied about everything and is a total fake. Sonja maintains that everyone knows that Dorinda does drugs.

Someone texts Vicki to let her know it was in fact Sonja who left with Paul. It was all over the tabloids when it happened.

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Watch What Happen Live With Teresa Giudice



It’s time for Watch Who Lies Live.  I was not up for another half an hour the criminal last night, but I finally got a good amount of sleep after once again staying up until dawn, and I’m having so coffee and ready to do this.  Theresa has a very different face on sitting second chair with Andy. I’m not sure how to explain it and Andy has stopped posting selfies before the show so I’ll pause and see if I can find one for you now.  The photos always look so different from the TV.  Teresa’s foot soldiers, Robyn and Christina, the bartenders. They look much different from their housewives looks on TV as well.

Mindy loved the episode. So did Andy. Andy shares his favorite scenes with Mindy. He enjoyed Joe talking about his erection and Dolores talking about how Melissa and Teresa just put on their drag and showed up like nothing happened the next morning. Teresa doesn’t seem super happy with anything. Andy brings up that a lot of former housewives were tweeting. Teresa says, “Yeah, they all came out tonight.”  One of them called Teresa “a living nightmare owned and operated” by Andy. Teresa just pretends that she likes the comment.

Andy is going through a bunch of scenes quickly asking what Mindy and Teresa think. Right away Teresa basically says that Jacqueline was a stripper. This was a rumor going around with Teresa and Jac were on the same team that Teresa denied but now she’s down with the story.

Andy asks if Siggy was making things all about her. Teresa said she thought it as “cute.” Mindy says she thought it was “a lot.”  Teresa said she never someone cry so much.

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WWHL With Jac Laurita & Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos is there to sit there and look pretty for tonight’s show.  That is always a good thing. He’s also publicizing his new show Pitch. The bartender immediately says he did not like Robyn on tonight’s show. Jac points out that she was laughing at her to whole time, well most of the time really. I really do think that people’s blind hatred of Jac has them overlooking that this Robyn chick came for her on the bus before they even got going defending Teresa in the war on Kathy and Rosie. Frankly, I was thinking, “Who is this new chick and why is she such a loud mouthpiece for Teresa?” Teresa is plenty capable of screaming for herself, and she already has Melissa to be at her beck and call, does she really need another solider?

Mark Consuelos laughs at Robyn freaking out about being called a soldier. Then he does his Juicy impression. It’s not as good as I assume Kelly tells him it is.

I was still hoping for a decent photo from WWHL and looking on social media but there was nothing there.  Jac said that she and Siggy were just trying to have everyone get along for once when it came to Kathy and Rosie. They were both very hurt by Teresa’s choices. She also says things were going on behind the scene that were not shown that caused the issues with her and Teresa.  I knew there had to be something because they were went from fine to fuck you over two episodes.

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WWHL With Melissa Gorga And Bevy Smith; Plus A Fashion Queens Reunion!



Before I even start, I have to comment on Melissa’s face. She has lost a lot of weight, and I have no idea where she had to lose it from, but her face is sunken in because there is no fat there.  These women who want to be a size zero no matter what their height are going to age horribly in the face with no fat smooth out the wrinkles. What they don’t seem to understand is these collagen injections they have shot into their face, “fillers” as they refer to them, are necessary because the natural fat in their faces is all gone.

Andy starts right in on Melissa with the hard questions we all want to know. “Why did she love Kathy and Rosie last season when they stood up for her, but this season she has dropped them like a box of rocks? “ Well that is an interesting mixed metaphor, but Melissa doesn’t seem to care for the question.  She says “why do you think I dropped them like a box of rocks?”   Then she gives the “we just grew apart” speech. Followed by the “they’re like family to us” before realizing that they are family to her and changing her wording.

“Why did Joe tell Teresa what Rich said? Was he trying to stir the pot?” No. She was going to see it anyway.

In a hilarious moment, Andy asks Bevy what 2016 fashion trend needs to end. Bevy says the off the shoulder look. Then looks to her right and says, “Oh, except for you.” #ShadeByBevy #TruthMoment

Someone calls in with the most ridiculous cross between a Jersey accent and a valley girl. She sounds fifty. And she says she is just “Sooooo over it” with Teresa being shady A F with the Rosie and Kathy drama.  I think her question was when will it stop?  Melissa says that Teresa feels they are not genuine and it’s for other reasons. Bevy says she would want people to reach out if she was in prison. Andy points out that they weren’t on her list. Melissa says she wasn’t either but she wrote a lot of letters and sent a lot of pictures.  Really?  I’m not sure I believe that. Didn’t we see her talking about not having any contact with Teresa until she got out?

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WWHL With Kim Biermann & Jeff Lewis


They look much better in this photo than they did on TV.


TamaraTattles won’t be able to recap tonight’s premiere of Don’t Be Tardy until Saturday due a million scheduling conflicts. I hope they push this and do it back to back with Manzo’d.  Half hour shows totally mess up my schedule.

I’m going to have to try and get through of this as quickly as possible because…..miles to go before I sleep.

Oh my God. I was adding tags and categories and listening without watching. I looked up and what the hell is going on with Kim? I have never seen her look this ridiculous? What is that thing on her head? Nene has better wigs than this? I cannot believe what I am seeing!

Andy asks if there is a name for what is happening on her head. Well he says wig, but oh my GAWD. She says she wants him to name it. It’s a brand new wig. Andy is now in a bind and probably wishes he’d never asked this. I would call it sheep dog.  Brielle is the bartender. She is 19 so it’s a milk bar. She has an unrecognizable face and tons of spackle on her face.

Andy tries to get Kim to admit she has a new nose. She won’t her top lip is huge. I am sad to see it’s come to this.  Continue reading


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WWHL With Countess Luann de Lesseps and Kate Chastain




This is going to be a long, long post because there are two Bravolebs tonight. So forgive me if I try to make it as short as possible and don’t feed you every detail. Please fill in any interesting things I leave out in comments for those who can’t watch the show.

Andy is dying to know if Kate is still a lesbian. She says “I’m single right now. And I’m not really preferential right now, it’s just about the person”  The good news is she got some gay moves down pat before she goes to prison, should it come to that. 

I can answer all the dumb wedding questions that Andy is asking Lu about the wedding. The Count and Jacques are both invited. They have met each other.  Randy Raum will be doing her three wedding dresses. She is not going to register because they have everything they need. Donations to charities and American Cancer Society instead. She will be on a yacht for her honeymoon.

Luann’s dress needed a bold steam and looks a bit matronly, I think it might be the necklace. She needed to bust out one of her fabulous statement necklaces. I blame Amy Phillips for the lack of statement necklace tonight. Damn you Amy Phillips! I actually have a peridot and amethyst one I could have loaned her to compliment that burnt orange.

Luann hopes that she and Bethenny will be friends again. WHY? Luann, why????  Luann’s sister Renee is in the audience. She is wearing a statement necklace.

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