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Changes To WWHL Schedule

Andy Cohen

Last night Andy Cohen said the reason for Kim Richards last minute cancellation was because she has landed “a really good TV role.” No one has mentioned the show, but Kim says she was filming one of her favorite TV shows in LA. So congrats to her for landing a nice part. Also Seth Rogan and James Franco have cancelled all of their press appearances to plug  The Inteview  and basically Sony seems to have pulled the entire picture. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Since when to we give into hackers and terrorist and crazy people? Do you agree that the movie should be shelved?

So Andrew called up his BFFs Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa to fill in for them. I love those three together. They are all friends and have the dirt on each other.

Click through for the updated schedule.. Continue reading

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WWHL Guest List Updated!

andy cohen

Tonight was supposed to be Kim Richards (and a player to be named later) but she is not coming.  I immediately thought of Monty but I don’t see anything from Kim or Kyle to indicate something is going on. I have heard rumors about Kim but I am not going to  go there since there is no way to verify. So tonight we have Vicki Gunvalson!

On Sunday we have Phaedra Parks…. But you will not BELIEVE who they paired her with. Continue reading


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WWHL With Porsha Williams

WWHL Porsha

Well, it seems they finally found someone to be on WWHL tonight with Porsha Williams. That unfortunate seat goes to Laverne Cox from Orange is the new black.

First of all,  Porsha’s boobs look so much better. They seem to have finally settled and are no longer up around her neck. I love Porsha’s tan dress. It is slit up to her armpit on one side, but she manages to pull it off. I also take back every nice thing I said about her hair on RHOA because Lord have mercy what is that thing on her head? It looks to me like she has shave her whole head a plonked a wig on it only the wig is set about two inches behind her hairline. You can’t tell it in the picture really but the right side she has hair swooping down over her face but on the left side… I mean what is that?

We begin talking about the fact that Sharon has passed. Porsha says she got to know her when she was in Kandi’s play. Porsha talks about her in the present tense.

They talk about Cynthia. Porsha makes no sense. Laverne says that it seems that Peter influences Cynthia’s opinions on Nene. Imagine that a wife who listens to her husband and values his opinion rather than emasculating him on TV. Continue reading


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WWHL With Stassi Schroeder and Todd Chrisley

WWHL Stassi and Todd

Todd is already irritating me by his lack of love for Kristen.

Stassi has finally gotten a job of sorts. She has put her name on a line of statement necklaces.  She apparently doesn’t wear them herself as Andy has pointed out.

We are half way through the show and there has been nothing to report.

A caller called in and asked Stassi, “What is going on with your fashion sense tonight? You’re like an old lady with shoulder pads on!” Stassi says she looks fab tonight. She doesn’t. The dress is fugly.

Andy played a game where every time they got an answer wrong (which was a lot) she had watch romantic clips of her with Jax.

Kristen tweeted in a Haiku for Stassi

I’m truly sorry.
Olive branches slowly grow.
Grapes become Sauv Blanc.

Poll Question: Should Katie and Schwartz break up? No 53%


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WWHL Guest Lists for December (New)

Andy Cohen

New guest list is out for December… Are Porsha and Kim Richards really doing one on ones? I don’t see how that would be possible. Neither one has enough going on to hold down a show buy themselves. I’m going to assume they will be paired with someone eventually. Right? RIGHT? Continue reading


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News! WWHL With Kim Biermann and Nene Leakes!

Nene and Kim

Oh my god… It literally took me three hours to make it through tonight’s RHOA. I really am not up for this.  But here we go anyway.

This is already ridiculous. There is no contest between Kim and Nene.

Okay Kim brought her own solo cup to the show. I want to turn this off now. This is not news. I can’t

Andy mocks Nene’s wig on The View and says she was channeling Kim. HA! I LOVE HIM NOW.

They each had to choose plead the fifth questions for the other.That is news!  One will be on the aftershow. Let me know how that goes. I am so wanting my Christmas movies I ONLY HAD AN HOUR AND A HALF OF WORK TONIGHT!  I am missing Christmas movies for this news…not news! Continue reading


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WWHL With Kyle Richards And Gabrielle Union

WWHL Kyle Richards Gabrielle Union

It’s time for WWHL with Kyle Richards. Kyle really is very pretty.


Kyle, how are things with Kim since the whole incident with the dog?  Kyle says her daughter is just now able to return to school after a month of recovery. She says their relationship hit a bump in the road but they are going to be okay.

Kyle, what did you think of Brandi trashing your white party in her blog?  Kyle says I never said it was on par with The Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Brandi just looks for any chance to trash anybody. That’s just what she does.

Kyle, do you think Lisa will ever give a full blown apology or will she continue to skirt around the issue? (Side note: I really need you Branditards to explain to me what you want Lisa to apologize for???)  Kyle says because Lisa is a perfectionist it is hard for her to admit fault. She says she is in a good place with Lisa right now and wants to stay there so she will leave it at that.

Some drunk chick tries to ask about Kathy’s rudenesss at the wedding dress…  Kyle says that since they lost their mother and Kathy is the oldest she often plays the mother role.

Brandi tweeted in and compared her situation to Cynthia and Nene in Atlanta. She is like Cynthia and has stood up for herself and no longer wants to be anyone’s sidekick.  Oh Brandi, you wish you were Cynthia Bailey.  She also said she will never win a Bravo poll. Tonight’s poll was whose side are you on Brandi’s or Lisa’s? Lisa won with 75%.


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WWHL Listings! Nene Leakes & Kim Biermann Next Sunday


There are some new matchups for WWHL this month. I love who Brandi Glanville was paired with! Cant wait to see how that goes.

Click through to see all the guests! Continue reading


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WWHL Listing For November 30 Thru December 4th

Jax hanging in the old office

Jax hanging in the old office

Andy has gone a bit nutty again with his WWHL pairings. Click through and tell me what you think! Continue reading


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WWHL With Kandi Burruss and Lisa Wu

WWHL Kandi and Lisa Wu

I’m not overly excited about this pairing but maybe we will get a feel for how things really are between Kandi and Phaedra. The Bartender tonight is Andy’s doorman who is featured heavily in his latest book, Surfin Percy. Andy refers to him as his “moral compass.” Kandi responds with “He’s your what compass?” Andy repeats himself and Kandi gives an “Oooohhh” the way one does when they have no idea what something means. Um, scary? Surfin Percy knows all of Andy’s dirt.

Andy asks how Kandi feels about Claudia. Kandi says she likes her a lot but she will read your ass. She reads like a queen! Andy pretends to be shocked. Andy asks if she can give him a preview, like who specifically does she end up reading. Kandi says she doesn’t want to say. I’ll say. It’s Nene Leakes. Claudia reads her for filth on the Puerto Rico trip. Probably why she didn’t want to go to the Phillipines. Continue reading


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WWHL With Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof & Taylor Armstrong

WWHL Adrienne, Camille, Taylor

Really? Has it come to this? The thirst is real y’all. Y’all know I am obsessed with the seating order. For the record, Camille got first chair followed by Adrienne and then Taylor. The drinking word is Brandi. Let’s hope they say it zero times. The game was Hot Po-Titties where they had to try to say something nice about Brandi. It did not go well. Someone commented today in a post simply, “Ho Po-titties”  I was reading via email and was like, WTF? Now I get it. Brandi tweeted assuming we all care about her situation with these three. She said she is great with Camille, she’s working on it with Adrienne and she is indifferent to Taylor.

Click through for my assessment of the three. Continue reading


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WWHL Guest List For Remainder of November


I cannot believe this year is over. It seems like it just flew by! It seems like just last week I was setting my blogging goals for 2014! It’s been a record setting year for ! I’m not sure if there will be a sow on November 30th, but if not, there are only four more episodes and then the next shows are in December!

Click through for the final four show listings for this month. Lisa Wu is coming on WWHL! Continue reading


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