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WWHL With Tamar Braxton and the RHONJ Twins Teresa and Nicole

WWHL Tamar and Twins

I feel like I am being forced to watch this stupid show. Andy tries to break the mood with a montage of Milania and Gia modeling. Andy is borderline disturbing with his obsession with those girls.

Andy plays a montage about Teressa being a bitch about Teresa’s sentencing and Rino is in the audience screaming and clapping that he loves that Teressa was a bitch. Andy says twitter is blowing up about it. Teressa said she apologized to Teresa and they are in a good place now. Andy says she saw that clip for the first time on the reunion. Andy says the twins were crazy for pushing Teresa’s buttons by calling her stupid. That is the Gorga switch for violence. Rino continues to shout out answers and Andy is already pissed with Rino because he won’t stop screaming out thing in the audience.

Andy has the certified results of the lie detector test Victoria Gotti took to prove she was telling the truth. She passed it. Teresa says. “I’m a housewife, she’s a has been.”  Nicole says Victoria lied about having cancer. She will say anything for attention and then she says, “Bye Felicia, beeeep!” apparently trying and failing to channel Nene.

Tamar is pretending to be appalled by the twins and asked Andy where he found them. Really, Tamar? You are way worse than those two. Continue reading

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WWHL Listings Once Again Include Odd Pairings

andy cohenAndy Cohen has some interesting bedfellows coming up  on Watch What Happens Live.  Someone is going to need to explain to me how the decision to add Tamar Braxton to a show with the Real Housewives of New Jersey twins happens.  Will she weigh in on Victoria Gotti? Will they talk about the differences between having a lot of sisters and being twins? What will the drinking game be? Seriously, it looks like she was added to the mix after the fact when there are open slots available. Why?

Who is up for tuning in to figure out how Gretchen and Slade ended up on tonight’s show? How do these two manage to weasel themselves into the public eye at every turn?

Click through for the entire schedule. Continue reading


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WWHL With Jim and Amber Marchese

WWHL With Amber and Jim

I’m going to take one for the team and recap this episode. I am warning you in advance I may tag out before the entire excruciating 30 minutes are over if Andy let’s this be an entire show of talking about THE CANCER.  I find it odd that Andy has not tweeted a picture with the guests yet and instead posted a picture of Wacha watching sports on TV.  Oh! It’s up now. Thirteen minutes before air time. I wonder if he was waiting for them to change? WTF are these two wearing? Are they even going to the same function? I’m already annoyed and I’ve yet to see them on TV.

Andy’s first comment is about Amber’s odd ensemble.  He’s like, ” So um what exactly do we call this look?”  Amber thinks it is country. and vintage. Andy nods knowingly and says and kind of ’60s.  Clearly, Amber was her own stylist as well. I’m looking to see if there is a scrunchy in her hair. Andy doesn’t even acknowledge Jim. Seriously, he skips right over him to gush over the bartender. I swear to God this is the show from the twilight zone already. The bartender has made two drinks, one is for Andy and the other is presumably for her. Andy gets up to fetch his and Amber starts whining for the other one. She tells Jim to fetch it for her. Of course he does. The bartender is a singer that Andy likes. She is very patient and kind.

The drinking word, sadly, is not douchebag. It’s Bobby.  Finally, Andy acknowledges Jim and tells him how brave he is to come on the show. Andy says he got thousands of tweets from people telling him to let Jim know he is a douchebag. WHICH IS WHY I SAID THE DRINKING WORD SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOUCHEBAG. DUH. Perhaps Andy is worried we would all get alcohol poisoning. Andy reminds Jim about a conversation they had at the reunion. Andy says Jim is a disaster on Twitter. Andy points out how combative he is on Twitter. Jim says he is flattered by all the attention. Of course he is. Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Giudice Interview with Andy Cohen on WWHL Part 2

WWHL Tre and joe3

It’s time for part two of Andy’s interview with Teresa and Joe!

Andy starts right off by asking about their claims that RHONJ is little more than carefully crafted fiction. Teresa says there are editors and producers on the show. Andy asks if the table flip was scripted she says no. What about fighting with Joe and Melissa. She says she didn’t know they were even coming on the show. Andy points out she did not want them on the show. She manages to even deny that! What is it that chick on Below Deck says? “Deny, deny, deny. Lie until you die?” I think that must be on the Giudice family crest.  Tre says she didn’t like being portrayed as the villain on the show. Andy says that a lot of people think Tre was putting on a show this season to impress the judge. Tre says that is who she really is. She has grown. She is trying to be a better person. She’s learned from her mistakes.

Andy says some people think she should not be on the show do to her charges. She says she is a working mom. Everything she does she does for her daughters. Like bank fraud and lying, I suppose.  Joe says, “At this point, why get off?”

Andy asks about them blaming the show for their arrest. They say they take full responsibility. Andy says do you think you would have been arrested if you were not on the show? Tre refuses to answer the question. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live with Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice

WWHL Tre and Joe 2

UPDATE: Jaysus, Despite the breaking news from some other site after the interview aired… there reason that no one was drinking and “there was no drinking word” was because it was taped interview on a serious topic that was filmed during the DAYTIME and Tre and possibly Joe were medicated for stress.  There was no alcohol ban at the reunion. But is was also filmed early in THE DAYTIME.  And their bail would not be revoked if OTHER PEOPLE were violent. What the fuck is wrong with that site? How do I have sources and they have NOTHING? There was beer for football for the men whose call time was 1PM. SMH.  Also I’m hearing Tre had a later call time so the ladies could talk about the sentencing without her there.  Not my usual source, but it does make sense. This way there are less softball questions when Tre is actually on camera.

It’s time for the first interview of Teresa and Joe Giudice since they were sentenced last Thursday. Teresa is facing 15 months in federal prison and Joe will do 41 (one for each count of fraud!) when she gets out.  Will Andy asked why they lied about their assets on the bankruptcy filings? I doubt it.  Will he ask about the strange question Joe Giudice asked production when he first came on the show? I doubt it.

I love how Andy starts off camera by saying “after months of proclaiming their innocence” hmmm maybe he will go hard on them.  Then a clip of Teresa saying “I’ll make this right, whatever right means.” That seemed to be a bit of a frankenbite. Interesting the dirty editing begins…

Teresa says she feels “numb and it is like surreal.” Teresa knows what surreal means? Boy those are some sparkly diamond studs in her ears. Andy reads out all of their charges that the pled guilty to.  Andy asks their reaction to the sentences. Joe says it was devastating. Teresa says, “yeah, I’m still numb.” Joe says he feels like he got hit in the back of the neck with a bat. Andy asked Joe if he was surprised his sentence was on the high end? Joe says he thinks it was a little high, he didn’t think he would get that much.

Teresa looks horrible. She can barely form words. She seems heavily medicated. Andy says there was a lot of speculation that she would not serve at all. Teresa says she was so nervous yesterday. She was shaking, her nerves were pulling (makes sweeping motions toward her arms) at one point she could not open or close her hands. She really can’t talk. She says she had sleepless nights. She was “shock.” I was very unexpected. I don’t even know what to say.

Andy asked Teresa if she has been in denial. Teresa says she needs to read things before she signs them. She can’t trust people to tell her what things says. She needs to full read things. You know those things she testified to in bankruptcy court on the stand. Or she needs to find a contract lawyer that can help her. You know like the one that negotiated this interview into her Season 6 contract. Or the ones she used for her book deals. Or the ones she used for her Fabellini brand. Or the Miliana Hair Care stuff. She needs one of them to help her when she goes to the bank and says she is a real estate agent who makes $15,000 a month. She should have checked with a lawyer first because she doesn’t know that is wrong. She wants to get better at contracts. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live Listings Look Good! Plus Giudice Rumors

June 26th First Appearance of The Ring

June 26th First Appearance of The Ring

Andy Cohen’s guest list for WWHL look good for the next couple of weeks. Carol Burnett on WWHL? Seriously? I’ll watch that. I also like Minnie Driver. I worried about Gretchen and Slade being booked though. Gretchen keeps turning up at RHOBH filming locations lately. What’s up with that?

I can’t believe he only got an hour’s worth of interview out of Teresa and Joe that will be spilt over two nights, tonight and Thursday.  BTW, y’all can stop freaking out over the TMZ post today. Basically, all it says is that Tre and Joe were paid for their interview, which we knew. It was in Teresa’s contract for Season 6. There were payouts included for the first post sentencing interview with Andy. It she got jail time, there was a higher appearance fee to insure she showed up. I do not think that TMZ has any idea how much they were paid. all the salaries you see reported are much higher than what people are actually making. If the number of housewives who get evicted or  file for bankruptcy can’t convince you of that, I know I won’t be able to, so believe what you must. I am sure Tre was paid well for the interview. Of course, if they do what they are supposed to that money will go to restitution toward the government fraud.  As to Tre being late to reunion filming, I’m sure she was despite Andy tweeting that no one was late and everyone was professional. I don’t think anyone believes Andrew on either point. As for the rumor about Tre and Joe arriving in separate cars, the men have a later call time. Sometimes they come with the wives and other times they go in hours later for just their part. They both left together in a much less glamorous car than the Mercedes. It wasn’t even a Bravo limo.  I guess they are practicing humility.

Anyway, click through to check out the latest WWHL Listings! Continue reading


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WWHL With Caroline Manzo

WWHL with Caroline

I’m hoping this was taped after Teresa’s sentencing. I hate how this “Live” show is never live. I haven’t watched SNL since the 1980s and so I have no idea who the other guest is. Or the bartender so let’s pretend like they aren’t there.

Andy asks Caroline what she thought of the boys calling her the red angry bird. Caroline says she’s really not that familiar with Angry Birds. Andy tells her she does sort of look like the red bird. Caroline pretends to be hurt. Andy says it’s a compliment. Then Andy brought up a frankenbite from tonights RHONJ where Dina says she is “the Caroline of the trip.” I don’t believe Dina said that for a minute. I think they could have pulled that bite from her previous seasons. Caroline says she’s not sure if she mean she was boring or a bitch, but she is happy with Caroline.

Oh I know who that chick from SNL is not that they played a montage. Continue reading


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WWHL With Rita Wilson And Jacqueline Laurita

WWHL rita jac

I’m irritated as hell by that episode of RHONJ. I feel like I almost have to defend Jim Marchese. Sure he was being a little bitch but he sent Bobby into the bathroom to hide for the whole episode?

I may not say much about this episode. But I wanted to give you guys a place to comment.

Andy points that the new Wakile house has a turret as do most of the RHONJ homes. This seems to be a real housewives thing. Chateau Sheree’s is pretty much all turrets are not many rooms in the whole monstrosity that are not circular.  And Kim Zolciak’s house is a turret fest as well. Clearly these people have never tried to decorate a round room. It’s a PITA.  One round room is fine. 17 round rooms is a problem. See my walk thru of Chateau Sheree here.

Continue reading


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Newest WWHL Guest Updates

Andy Cohen

I’m already irked by the Below Deck people. Just because I know Andy is not paying enough attention to this show.

And there are a lot of Bravo people on so click through. Continue reading


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MDLLA On WWHL: Andy Is Moody, Flagg Cries, Brits Get No Respect


I just remembered something happened to my DVR on Tuesday I don’t have Dance Moms (sssh don’t talk about it I am going to on Demand it, maybe next, but I am everso tired…) and I may have missed an episode of MDLLA. I swear Comcast sucks ass when it comes to recordings.

Anyway that eye brow guy from the Singles Project is the bartender. I haven’t watched that mostly because Comcast sucks and if I knew when it was on I would tape it. I’ve caught a random episode here and there and it looks decent. I liked eybrow guy with the first guy he was with that was sort of swirly middle easternery. I don’t know why they are not still together.  Also, Andy is offering up Josh Flagg to eyebrow guy. I must have missed what happened to Josh’s BF too.  The gay male relationship world moves fast if you are not paying attention.

Moving on. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live Listings September 17th Through September 25th

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic.... ShadeByAndy

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic…. ShadeByAndy

The new guest listings are out for WWHL. Is it me?  Or are we in a lull? I’m starting to think I just have a stank attitude this week. Everything just seems very ho hum with nothing exciting going on… What do y’all think of the new updates to the guest lists. Also, do you think Tara Reid regrets bailing on her episode with Joan Rivers a month or so back? She would have likely gotten trashed but it would have given her a lot publicity. Continue reading


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WWHL Guests Updated Through September 18th

andy cohenBravo announces the guest line-up through mid-September. I’m down with Tyson Beckford and Connie Britton and Craig Ferguson.  It’s kind of odd that the only Bravolebrities for the next two weeks are from MDLLA.  Why no RHONJ after the Florida trip? Continue reading


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