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WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Ben Robinson

WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Ben Robinson


Rinna has buckled to the pressure and changed her hair. I have always loved her hair. She admits it was partially because everyone on social media kept talking about how her hair never changes. I’ve kept pretty much the same hairstyle for the last 20 years too. I don’t see the problem. I do think about hacking it all off or shaving my head here and there, but that is when the crazy sets in. As women we all know a drastic hair change is the sign of some sort of mental instability cough Yolanda cough.  LVP has had the same hair for forty years and no one really cares.  Rinna’s hair is darker and combed back, I hope that when it is not combed back it just settles back to a similar style to her previous ones. That combed back look cough Yolanda cough gives me a lesbian vibe. NTTAWWT.

Andy compares Hannah from Below Deck Med to a mix between Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence. Um, NOE.  I think her face looks like cross being a chew oatmeal cookie and a doughnut.  Is it just me?

Andy basically tells Rinna everyone hates her (actually it is simply a rabid group of LVPlunatics) and he has lots of things for her to answer to.

Was this all to insure your spot on the show next season? No she is there to do her job. Andy asks what her job is and she says be authentic and react to what is going on in the moment.

Why be the victim of LVP’s manipulations rather than taking responsibility for your own actions? SERIOUSLY? HOW MANY TIMES MUST THIS WOMAN OWN HER BEHAVIOR? She simply wants LVP to have the same integrity. That will never happen.  Rinna says exactly the same thing. Because, it’s a very simple fucking concept.

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WWHL With Leeane Locken and Cecily Strong

WWHL Leeanne Locken


Tonight’s #WWHL is not live tonight because Andy is at the Met Gala Ball. Leeanne looks great tonight. Has she had work done? Oh Andy asks her about it and she deflects. She has had major work done. Andy then asks about her blush issue. She acts like it was a one time issue at the Mad Hatter’s party but it was not. She is constantly Mary Kayed up to look like a tart.

Leeanne wants us to know she is not jealous of anyone.  Then he plays a montage of people trash talking Leeanne. Ouch, Andrew. Isn’t this her first time in the clubhouse and you have her sitting second chair. Leeanne claims she is not in menopause. She’s 48 though so she’s getting close!

Wow in a clip from next week, Leeanne goes batshit crazy and starts attacking the crew! Like seriously, attacking them!


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WWHL With Carole Radziwill and Ryan Serhant

WWHL With Carole Radzi and


I totally forgot about this show today.  I’m going to hit the highlights because it is ShondaLand Thursday.

Carole doesn’t think Luann was jealous about her dating the chef, she just thinks she was in a bad place in her life and took it out on her.

I know I watched the first episode of MDLNY but I don’t remember Luis firing his entire staff. Maybe that happens tonight?  And why is Ryan’s fiancée butting in to Luis’ business tonight. I do not think I will like her this season.

Carole says she didn’t say bad things about Luann, but she did retweet a lot stuff that her fans said about Luann when Luann was  mean tweeting her. I missed all of this back and forth but even recently I think Carole was mean tweeting someone.

Carole thinks that John and Dorinda are in many ways a good match. It does seem they have lots of things in common.

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WWHL With Thomas Ravenal and Cary Deuber

WWHL Thomas Ravenel
I just realized that Cary Deuber from RHOD is on tonight. I haven’t had a chance to watch that tonight because it took me so long to recap the hot pink hootenanny that Patti threw on Southern Charm tonight.  I guess this will take a while as it is much easier to only cover one person. Apologies if Cary gets short shifted.

Andy says that Kathryn has been tweeting a lot tonight and says that Thomas knows what to do and what to stop doing to see his children. Thomas has no idea what she means by that to hear him tell it.

Cary’s dress is gorgeous!  What kind of pants is Thomas wearing? I just wasted a lot of time looking for the name of the old man brand of pants they used to wear back in the day. I don’t think it was Haggar. Anyway, the joke would not be funny enough for the time investment at this time of night. Sansabelt! It looks like Sansabelt old man pants!


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Craig Conover on WWHL

WWHL with criag conover


You guys have the patience of a toddler on Twitter sometimes. When I don’t do the #WWHL recaps right away I get tweets during the show saying, I’m patiently waiting for your reaction to…. <insert spoilers here>.   Which is really fine because it let’s me know I should prioritize the recap early my day. Which is apparently 2 p.m. today.  Whatever. I was up all night again because I think I am becoming a vampire when all I really want to be is the cute old lady who gets up early and drinks coffee while reading the newspaper as the sun comes up.  Sort of.

Anyway, Andy the host of a talk show with over a thousand episodes still can’t be bothered to get the pronunciation of his guests names before starting his live show. I’d feel more comfortable in mocking him for this if I did not just recap Real Housewives of Dallas without any idea who any of the people were. I have been experiencing Real Housewives Fatigue  and wish I had insurance that would pay for me to go away to a nice all white institution with lots of wind chimes and be treated for exhaustion and dehydration. It’s hard to recap a new housewives franchise when you don’t know their names and haven’t figured out which of any of them are

in any way likeable.

We have a montage of Craig replete with the fake check signing scene with JD. The other lady on the show, Ellie brings up the stupidity of the whole grown man “buying a promise ring” and compares it to a “purity ring” and Andy jokes that he has a purity ring that he is going to keep on until he finds the right guy.  Remember the big DRAMA I made over Andy’s ring when it showed up like right when gay marriage was legalized in NY?  I still say something is up with that. But what ever it is doesn’t stop him from going on  Big Fat Gay Vacations where I presume all sorts of  lewd and lascivious behavior occurs.  Anyway, Craig struggles to explain the promise ring situation without saying, “Hey, this  jewelry store wanted to be on TV selling a cast member a ring and so we all drew straws and I won and so Naomie got a ring!”  Because, fourth wall. By the way, I think this whole fourth wall thing is ridiculous. That is an acting term.  They are not supposed to be acting on a reality show. The whole show is supposed to be breaking the fourth wall, because there isn’t supposed to be a wall. This is not Shakespeare. Craig says he has to wait until he learns how to ask Naomie’s dad in French for her hand in marriage which will probably take him a least a year.  Because learning stuff be hard, yo.


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WWHL With Mike Shouhed, Drunk.


Why are his hands so pink?


It’s WWHL with Mike Shouhed and one of those women from Potomac. Is that show still on?  Do we drink every time she brings up race in random conversation?

Right away Mike is slurring his words and is clearly wasted. He also is dating someone. What the hell is wrong with women? What about Mike could possibly be on your checklist for men worth your time?

Why does Andy’s tie ALWAYS hang like a bent penis?  Every single night.

Oddly, the RHOP lady is talking about someone always being drunk on camera during filming while Mike is trying not to sway in his seat.

Andy calls out Mike for playing with his hair while looking at his reflection in the camera lens. Mike says the divorce is in the six month “cooling off period” they have in California. He says he and Jessica are in a cordial place. They were together for five years and met when she was 21. That is a lot of cheating. And she still married him. She is not seeking spousal support. Because he has no money anyway. Jessica gave the ring back. I presume to the jeweler who got the advertising. Mike says he doesn’t care who she is dating because, ” Look at me! They’re lining up!”  So charming this one. Mike seems to be saying that she gave the ring back so he could use it to pay off the wedding. Why the hell did she give the ring back? They got married. It was not a broken engagement. The ring is hers.

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