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Tonight is WWHL Five Year Anniversary Show !

andy cohen

On tonight’s WWHL five-year anniversary show, Jeff Lewis will host and Andy has no idea what is going to happen. Because Jeff is all sorts of awesome, it should be a hilarious show. I expect Jeff to sort of roast Andy. :) I’ll be watching if I can stay awake. I did (mostly) fun things in THE WORLD for five hours today and I am exhausted!

Also, Teresa will be on WWHL Sunday night! #FelonsbyBravo That is another one you should put in your date book.

Click through for the rest of this week’s schedule. Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kimye Wedding Edition


Dammit, I have made it through the entire Kimye ordeal without posting a word, but you have to see this picture making the rounds of Twitter today. See anything interesting? Real or photoshop?

To see all the weird pictures on click on  the What’s Wrong With This Picture? Category tag below.


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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Shahs of Sunset


I am not sure if I am emotionally ready for Shah’s of Sunset to return. Long time readers here know that when this blog first began, I did stories on Shah’s before anyone else even noticed there was a show. Because I was raised in Libya, I was quite fascinated with how Bravo and Ryan Seacrest would paint a show about exiled Iranians living in the US.  Of course the first thing they did was ditch the word Iranian in favor of the antiquated and not synonymous at all, Persian.  Because American’s would rather think of Disney characters than you know, terrorists seeking nuclear capabilities.  Reza has stated many times that he is American and doesn’t keep up with Iranian politics. Continue reading


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(Updated) What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene and Phaedra Filming Season 6 Version

RHOAnenephaedrafilmingSome dude on twitter who goes by the name “Male Fatale” snagged this picture of Nene and Phaedra filming for RHOA a couple hours ago in downtown Atlanta. Why do they both look like they have swallowed something nasty? What is this all about? Can we talk about that handbag on the table?  Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Bert and Ernie Version.

bertErnieWell, to most of us, I am sure the answer is nothing. But there is always some moron who takes on the role of thought police. In this case it is some wingnut conservative Christian named Bryan Fisher. He takes issue with this upcoming cover of The New Yorker before it is even on the news stands. Continue reading


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Why is Sheree Whitfield Going to Be on WWHL?

ShereedragqueenSo everyday sometime in the afternoon I get all the press releases in my inbox from NBCu. There usually nothing particularly earth shattering in there, but today I gave it a quick once over for the WWHL schedule for May and whose name should be on it but Sheree Whitfield. That’s right boys and girls. Andy will be interviewing Sheree her She by Sheree line, wait, that never really happened. Maybe he will ask about Chateau Sheree …I doubt she will let the fact that she doesn’t own the place stop her from lying about it. I mean if you will perjure yourself in a courtroom, making up an interesting story to tell Andy after knocking back a few drinks should be easy. Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene and Kenya



April 27, 2013 · 2:16 pm

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Aviva Drescher

Aviva ???Um… look closely. Found this on the web. WTF?


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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Phaedra and Apollo

phine-body-vol-2This reminds me of the time that Kelly Bensimon was on the cover of Shape.


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kim Kardashian in Kuwait

Um, Kim…I know you are pretending to try to learn about the Middle East on your current Millions of Milkshakes Middle Eastern Tour, but when you are told to keep your shoulders covered in public, it is presumed that you already know to keep your breasts, and private parts covered as well.

Oh Lord, just saw video of this. Click through for the video…

Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? MJ’s Kids

Um, for the clueless, From L to R Prince Michael, Bodyguard, Blanket…

I continue to be worried about Michael Jackson’s kids. Especially, Blanket.  He is perpetually sad and nervous in pictures.  In this one he looks like he has a black eye. Can no one brush his hair? Or Prince’s hair? Buy them some decent clothes? This distresses me.


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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all! And What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What exactly is Oprah trying to perpetrate in this picture she just tweeted? Sweet potatoes with freshly picked rosemary? WTF?  I sure don’t believe she is making that herself in her pretty cashmere sweater dress.  Clearly, her chef is making multiple pans of it and she’s just tweeting a photo. But I refuse to believe Oprah is going to forgo traditional southern sweet potato casserole replete with marshmallows and or sweet potato pie for this ridiculous yankee fancy pants restaurant chef version. Say it ain’t so, Ope!

I’ve been roasting beets for over an hour and they are still hard as rocks! They are the biggest ones I’ve ever roasted. I’ve got three baseball-sized ones in the oven. Tomorrow, I’ll make an organic salad with beets and goat cheese and two pumpkin pies and then my contribution will be done. Continue reading


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