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Kim Biermann is Furious With Wendy Williams

In hospital with three perfectly places ECG leads

In hospital with three perfectly places ECG leads

I used  to love Wendy Williams and relied on her for all of my reality tea. That was before I started blogging. Once I started blogging I realized how incredibly misinformed a lot of her hot topics are and the sites she uses for her topics are often two of the most questionable on the Internet. Then she contacted me to use one of my photos and mentioned on the air. And I kind of started to like her again. I try to give her a bit of a break because she doesn’t do her own research she is just the face that dispenses it to us. Also, I really like how much she loves her job and takes a moment in every show to soak in the audience applause and be grateful. She could teach quite a few housewives a little bit about gratitude.

So when I got up this morning, Wendy was the first talk show I watched while sifting through my emails. There were no celebrity guest today and it was a full hour of hot topics. As someone who also seeks out the latest hot topics everyday, I know that over the weekend not much is leaked until Monday and her show is live at 10am so it was a really bad day to try to fill an hour.

So what she did was jump on the “Kim Biermann is faking her mini-stroke” bandwagon. I get it. We have had a lot of dramatic medical exits from Dancing With The Stars. Marie Osmond, Bill Nye, and Lisa Vanderpump immediately spring to mind and I don’t really watch the show that much. Of all the people who left due to medical reasons, Lisa Vanderpump is the only one I recall anyone questioning. She fainted on camera in such an elegant manner that it made people (ie her cast mates on RHOBH)  question her. Continue reading


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The latest News on the Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams Drama At the Expo

RHOA nene fail

So this is what went down at the Atlanta Expo.  I have heard several reports that Nene said something about Wendy’s speech about 10 rules for life or whatever it was.   Nene took the stage after Wendy and insulted her speech and then proceeded not to give one at all.

Read on for what went down and for what Big Kevin allegedly did in response. Utter foolishness on both sides. Continue reading


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Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes At the Atlanta Women’s Expo

The last time Nene was on Wendy William (2012)

The last time Nene was on Wendy William (2012)

It was mention on WWHL tonight that there was an altercation between Nene Leakes  and Wendy Williams and her husband at one of those silly “Women’s Expo” things which are basically giant arenas for people to push their products at people.  They have “Keynote Speakers”  which just goes to show they don’t even know what a keynote speaker is.  Everyone is a Keynote Speaker  and they are all there to push THEIR products. It’s all a bunch of bullshit, but people go and spend lots of money, so they will be around for a while.

There is a history of vitriol between Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams.  When Andy Cohen decided to put all his business decisions behind Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show to the detriment of Wendy Williams, the divide began. Once Bethenny poached Wendy’s talent booker for her show, Wendy was done giving publicity to Bravo shows. She quit discussing housewives shows all together and only mentioned the women who made news for other stupid reasons.  Nene got all butt hurt over Wendy talking about her fingerpainted pocket books.  And these two have had nothing nice to say about each other ever since. Continue reading


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Check Out Wendy Williams After Show After Kenya Moore Was On!

I keep forgetting about Wendy’s After Shows. Some of them are really good and have more tea than the actual show!


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Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams


Kenya's Winning Task

Kenya’s Winning Task


Before Kenya even comes out, Wendy has already stated the obvious about Kenya tweeting from Vivica’s  phone.  Although Kenya’s hardcore fans are in some sort of deep, DEEP, denial over the situation, it’s abundantly obvious that is what happened.

Kenya comes out looking stunning in orange. Wendy asked her if she had anything to do with the whole menopause thing. Kenya says “absolutely not.” Um, Kenya you brought up menopause in the boardroom and you tweeted about it after the fact.  So that’s a lie.  Kenya says she finds the whole thing quite ridiculous.  Kenya says she was a strong player who did not need to resort to such ridiculousness to win. But she did.  Kenya says the show is a meritocracy and people should win on their own merit and she brought a lot to the table.

Wendy says to Kenya, “You were a very smart player but I don’t believe a word you are saying.” Kenya just laughs and laughs.  Kenya says that people are entitled to their opinions. If you want to believe it you do, and if you don’t you don’t. She says she was made a scapegoat on the show. She says they tried to fire her the week before and she fought her way out of it (Not quite, she played a dumb girl that managed to talk herself into getting fired. Now that was GENIUS.)  Oh wait last week was when she got Kate Gosselin fired.  That was pretty good boardroom maneuvering too.  She just took it way too far this week with the phone incident and gave Vivica her rightful place in the final three.  She fucked up. Continue reading


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Things I Should Have Blogged About, But Didn’t

Shahs of Sunset Season 3 2014 Final Episode

There were some minor things that happened last week that I didn’t get around to blogging, mostly because none of it by itself seemed to warrant a blog. I’m cleaning out my post suggestion emails today and I thought I would just list some of them here briefly.

Shah of Sunset premiere has been pulled indefinitely. The premiere was set for October 13th but the post production crew has walked out. A curious thing has been going on with reality show production workers.  Primarily in New York and California, production crews on reality TV are pushing to join the unions that normally represent scripted  television.  The whole reason reality shows became so popular was a writer’s strike by scripted writers many years ago. During the strike, networked hustled to find new things to put on the air and a variety of reality shows, game shows, and singing contests hit the airwaves. Production workers then began to work in reality based TV that was not unionized. Now that reality shows have script writers and production works long insane hours, they are not wanting to work as independent contractors anymore and to be covered like normal employees with medical benefits and sick days. Shahs is produced by a subsidiary of Ryan Seacrest Productions and they supposedly open to negotiations but nothing has happened yet so post production is walking the picket line.

Wendy Williams returns tomorrow.  She has promised to literally eat crow on the episode after promising that she would if Kim and Kanye lasted over 72 days. I know she is often wrong about her hot topics, but I still sort of miss her show when it is not on. Will you be watching? I’m hoping this helps me to get up earlier in the mornings and stop staying up all night. Continue reading


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