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Nene Leakes Interviews Andy Cohen

And she actually asks some interesting questions.  Is she trying to get on Fashion Queens or something similar?  What’s up with this?

UPDATE! Just saw a commercial for this episode of WWHL and ANDY BRINGS UP THE INCIDENT AT THE REUNION!  Hopefully he lets the Porsha freaks understand she is no longer employed so I can stop getting hate tweets and such. :)

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Evelyn Lozada Reads Wendy Williams For Her Ugly Remarks

Watch What Happens Live - Season 9

Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in Happier Times.

Wendy Williams has been a bit messier than usual this week.  On Monday’s show she crossed the line big time when she referred to Evelyn Lozada’s son as a cash register!  Evelyn, who you may recall had a short tumultuous marriage to Chad Ochocinco in 2012 that ended after Chad got violent with her, is engaged to a very wealthy baseball player name Carl Leo Crawford. Over the weekend she gave birth to his son and named him Carl Leo Jr.

Well, on Hot Topics Wendy said, “Evelyn gave birth to a cash register, I mean a baby boy. I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn, girl, congratulations.”  Then on top of that she insulted her fiancé’s looks! Wendy said, “[Carl] is  not a bad looking man, but he certainly wasn’t getting the likes of Evelyn Lozada if he wasn’t playing baseball… take care of your cash register!” She also suggested that Evelyn not sit idly by while raking in the marital dough. She said she needs to open another shoe store like the one she had in Miami.

Really Wendy? What sort of mother insults another woman’s child? Such bad form. Continue reading


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The New York City Talk Show Wars: Wendy Williams Knocks Out Bethenny Frankel


Watch What Happens Live - Season 9

Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in Happier Times.

I’ve been so (good!) busy lately that I have not really told you guys everything there is to tell about a huge drama that has been going on in the Big Apple between Wendy Williams, Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen.  Well today, the battle has been won by Wendy Williams and I am ready to spill all the tea as Bethenny Frankel’s talk show has been cancelled after just one (kinda lousy) season.

Let’s start with Wendy Williams point of view. I’ve been harsh at times with Wendy (even though she has mentioned on her show before #ChateauSheree)  because for a while there she was reporting gossip from a site that shall not be named frequently that has a history of  making up outrageous stories for drama/page views.  But lately, I have found her show to be a really fun watch. Wendy is established in the NYC daytime talk circuit and pulls commendable ratings. She is humble, relates well to her audience and is extremely good at giving advice on the fly during her ask Wendy segments.  She also had a great relationship with Andy Cohen and frequently booked his WWHL guests when they were in town. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Interview Round-Up With Wendy Williams and Bethenny

Taylor on Bethenny

Today we have two interviews with cast from this seasons Couple Therapy. First John Gosselin on Wendy Williams and then,  Taylor and John on Bethenny. This should be good.

John comes out without Liz. Oh. She’s sick. Wendy doesn’t seem to know enough about what is going on with Couples Therapy to ask the right questions. They are rambling on about living in the woods. They talk about Jon firing a weapon when the paparazzi  refused to leave his property. Lots of Kate stuff.  In the first segment we get nary a word about Couples Therapy which is what we need to tea on, Wendy. /sigh

John says he did Couples Therapy for the free therapy and for a chance for him and Liz to get away from everything have some time for themselves.  John reveals that Ghost Face Killah’s name is Dennis. Not a single question about Farrah or Taylor or why he was the last to arrive. Very disappointed in this interview. Bethenny on the other hand goes balls to the wall with Taylor and John. Click through for the tea. Continue reading


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Joyce Giraud de Ohoven on Wendy Williams

real-housewives-beverly-hills-joyce-husband (2)

Last night on twitter, I came across a tweet from Joyce to her husband.  Since I was high on sizzurp for the Mongolian Lung Flu, I perhaps in retrospect went a little overboard with the fangirling out. But y’all know I love me some Michael Ohoven.  Anyway, Joyce was headed to Wendy Williams to film today’s show. And sure enough she is listed as being on. But it is starting to look like they didn’t film. Wendy is talking about it being two weeks until the premiere of RHOA.

Yep, for some reason, Wendy did not go live today. Maybe Joyce dashed home to protect her man from the crazy fangirl blogger?  I might have ruined Wendy Williams. /sadface

UPDATE! Joyce says Wendy is snowed in somewhere and could not get to the studio.  See? TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT!


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Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams


Kenya Moore is talking about her mystery man that she calls her African Prince.  I am not sure I trust her sense of geography enough to believe that they guy is African. I still think she is probably tricking in Dubai. It’s all the rage for D listers  right now.  Wendy asks her if one day she will get married and have children. Kenya says absolutely. I always feel that when someone says “absolutely” rather than “yes” or “of course” they are lying.  Kenya is too old to start a family now. Sorry but that ship has sailed.

Kenya talks about her mother giving her away at age 16. She says he mother made the decision to pretend that she never existed. She has seen her at family functions and her mother just pretends she is invisible. That is sad and explains why Kenya will do anything to be noticed. Continue reading


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Kyle Richards on Wendy Williams

This is an old photo, not from today's episode.

This is an old photo, not from today’s episode.

First of all, Kyle has added extensions to make her hair longer than Joyce’s. I find this hysterical.  She does look fantastic, but it is so transparent.  Wendy starts by asking about Baron Hilton getting his face bashed in while at the same party Lindsey Lohan attended.  Kyle says that she was not there so she can’t say but she implies that her family has told her Lindsey was behind it.

Moving on to Brandi’s alleged alcoholism. Brandi has made some public statements lately that when the boys go to Eddie’s house, it’s still very hard for her and that is why she drinks. Or the show makes or drink. Or whatever the excuse of the day is.  I have my own list of excuses.  Yours may vary. Kyle is skirting around that issue too.

Wendy says that Lisa Vanderpump is meaner than ever this season. Kyle says it has been rough. These are things she has seen before but the audience hasn’t. Everything gets softened with an English accent. Continue reading


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Porsha Stewart on Wendy Williams

I'm sorry, but If you are married to this....

I’m sorry, but If you are married to this….

Porsha Stewart is on Wendy Williams today talking about the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Porsha begins by giggling about how her mother gave up her master bedroom because she knows that Porsha is used to having lots of space and nice things. Wendy goes in on her right away telling her that her behavior is less than smart.  Wendy tells her that Porsha needs to get it together and live on her own. She has been spoiled by her mother and Kordell and she needs to grow up. Porsha says that sometimes when someone knocks you so far down your family and your support system is who brings you back up.

Porsha says that Syre’s mother “you know, moved to LA” so he came to live with them right after they got married. Porsha says she was an independent business woman before they got married and she gave it up to focus on Kordell and his son. Um, how old was she when she got married and what sort of business empire can someone run who thinks there are 265 days in a year? The divorce will be finalized in 30 days. Porsha has decided to keep her name. Continue reading


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Andy Cohen Talks Teresa and Joe, Sean Avery, Housewives News on Wendy Williams


Andy Cohen was on Wendy Williams this morning  to promote the upcoming interview with Teresa and Joe Giudice.  Andy said, “As you see it’s no holds barred we really went there, and it’s interesting to hear. They are at a very serious point right now. ”  “They seem to be facing it with strength together.” Andy says  It’s interesting to him that Teresa maintains such a strong exterior. He asks her when does she allow herself to be scared and if she allows herself that. And do they think they are going to beat the charges. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore Calls in to Wendy Williams

Artist: David Gilmore

Artist: David Gilmore

Kenya called in to the Wendy Williams show this morning tell her side of the eviction story. She says that she never received service letting her know about the court date so that ruling will be thrown out and there will be another court date . Kenya says that she paid her rent for May and June and that her lease is up in three weeks anyway. Um, there is only one week left in the month. Kenya’s numbers didn’t add up very well. She says she has paid “nearly $52K” in rent plus she has a $6k security deposit. If the rent was $4k and she paid a full year that would be $48k. It seems as though Kenya was trying to say that the difference of whatever she owes (despite the numbers she provided make it seems like she overpaid) could have come out of the deposit. Continue reading


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Wendy Williams Goes in on Kenya Moore

wendywilliamsThis morning on Wendy Williams read Kenya’s denials about Walter simply playing the role of her boyfriend on the Real Housewives of Atlanta which TooFab scooped yesterday. Then she proceeded to say she didn’t believe a word. Before reading the statement she referred to her as “that girl on RHOA.” So you could tell Wendy was not feeling her before she even read the statement. But Wendy made herself perfectly clear after she read the statement… Continue reading


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Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams

It’s time to see what Kenya has to say to Miss Wendy Williams this morning. Kenya dropped by the studio yesterday to tape her interview for today’s show. According to her twitter she seemed to be feeling some kinda way about Wendy making fun of her skin during a recent hot topics. Unless Kenya got herself some Proactive, she may not be able to open her mouth about it. Also, because the interview is prerecorded, there will be editing involved. Kenya walks out in a stunning yellow bandage dress, looking good. Her boobs are too big for the dress but that is typical. Continue reading


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