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Wendy Williams Was Completely Rude To Luann de Lesseps



Wendy Williams was a total bitch to Luann de Lesseps today on her show. That is pretty much my entire take on the subject. Apparently, part of her deal with Bethenny last week included being extremely rude to Luann.  Wendy announced her by mentioning her fiance cheated on her before she ever came out. Luann says the show was filmed eight months ago and she has to keep reliving the cheating scandal over and over. Wendy would ask a question and then interrupt her every time. Then she asks questions and doesn’t let her answer at all.

Wendy tells her odd version of the events at the Regency.  Wendy has apparently watched the season, that she claims she is not watching. And she constantly interrupts. Wendy tells her that she signed up for a reality and she expects to see everything on TV. Luann tries to explain that her issue is not with Bethenny telling her, it was that she told everyone else first. Wendy snaps at her, “I know, we saw that episode!” I would have walked out of this interview. Wendy said “It was so entertaining!” When Luann is talking about finding out. Luann said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was very hurtful.”

Wendy starts asking a question but instead goes on a soliloquy about Sonia and how terrible this must all be for her. I just can’t believe what I’m watching.  Luann tries to respond and Wendy cuts her off again and says, “Luann! Let me explain….” Why did she even have Luann on? Why not just trash her in hot topics if she is not going to let her speak?  Luann laughs and says, “Okay, I’ll explain it to you after.” Wendy just talks right over her about shit she knows nothing about.  Wendy goes on to talk about Ramona and says, “We don’t know whether Ramona slept with him or not.” Finally, Luann gets a quick interjection in to say, ” We do know. She did not.”  Wendy made some rude comment that I listened to three times and did not get and the audience laughs again. I should point out that after every mean thing Wendy says, the audience is cued to laugh. Finally, Luann says that the bottom line is if he wanted to marry one of them he would have asked them. He asked me. And the audience applauds.

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Wendy Williams Has Bethenny Frankel On Her Show; Is This A Talk Show Truce?



I have been waiting for this Bethenny Frankel interview since we found out she was coming on last week. Not because I care about any of the shit coming out of Bethenny’s mouth but because there has been a deep rift between Wendy and Bethenny ever since Bethenny stole a few key members from Wendy’s staff when she got ready to start her own show. This also is the reason she stopped covering the housewives and had a falling out with Andy Cohen.  You really do need to read that link to understand this post.

So Wendy comes out right away mentioning that Bethenny is going to be on the show. She says ” So Bethenny Frankel is here today. (Big applause from audience. HUGE. Like Bethenny bought the tickets and hired the audience loud.)  So I must say I was out of watching the OC housewives and I was also out of watching the New York housewives because  there was nothing that was really exciting to me. And then all the sudden the OC became exciting because you know, some of those casts of characters went off the rails (it’s obvious she has no idea who is even on the show) which is always fun to watch and then in New York,  Bethenny is back and she made for good TV! So I can’t wait to talk to her about the housewives, her divorce…he’s finally signed the papers!…and her new life with her new man, Dennis.”

Okay that is some happy horseshit right there. These two women hate each other. And the audience is really odd today. We can see the clapping every time she says “Bethenny” and they sound super loud, but when they show the audience their faces don’t match the enthusiasm of the large crowd. This is all so suspicious to me already. What is going on?

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Antwon Jackson, Emmy Award Winning Stylist to Wendy Williams, Has Died

Wendy Williams Antwon hoodie

One of the worst parts about running a website is deciding when to post a rumor and when not to post a rumor.  For silly things, like who is sleeping around for a lease on a Bentley to drive on a reality show, a blind item does the trick. But some rumors are serious.

The Internet is knows for starting rumors that someone has died. When Prince died, I got a lot of flack for putting the information up before TMZ, because no one wanted to believe it. I continue to be a huge Prince fan, and unfortunately I had seen sufficient information to know it was true. I rushed to put it up, not to be first to share the terrible news, but because I personally needed someone to grieve with. I was devastated.

On Monday, one of my favorite RHOA sources, who I trust told me that Antwon Jackon, Wendy Williams hair stylist and “wigologist” had passed away. I believe I was told he died on Sunday morning. I investigated the source of the rumor and found it not to be one I would find credible enough to report a death. As more and more sites posted about the death, I continued to hold out hope that it was an Internet hoax, because there was no legitimate news outlet reporting the news.  Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Addresses Rumors of Unprofessional Behavior on Fashion Police, The View, Wendy Williams and More

nene on fashion police

So while I was doing some recapping Tuesday night and trying to sneak in watching The People v OJ Simpson, B. Scott, owner of entertainment site,, was on the phone with Nene Leakes, catching her for an exclusive interview fresh off her latest meltdown.

Be sure to check out the full interview at because is loaded with tea. I don’t want to step on anyone’s exclusive so I’m just going go give you a tiny taste and we can chat amongst ourselves after you check it out.

On rumors she’s a diva on the ‘Fashion Police’ set: “‘Fashion Police’ has really disturbed me. For people who know me, I’m a worker bee. I work my ass off. I really enjoy working. I’m not one of those people who’s lazy. I’m a go-getter. I’m a hard worker. I’m not one of those girls looking for a man to take care of me. I enjoy having my own coins. I enjoy being independent. To have someone consistently putting out a bad report about me, I feel like it’s coming from someone on the inside — and I’m sad about that.

This is a point that I can agree with Nene on. She is a hustler. She has a very strong work ethic. Unlike a lot of housewives she fought to stay on Dancing With The Stars which is the most physically demanding celebrity reality show there is.  She also did two grueling winter break stints on Broadway and we never heard a thing about her professionalism there that I recall.  There was the RHOA scene with the beleaguered costume designer, but I’m sure he has worked with plenty of different types of personalities. But even as I was giving kudos to Nene for her first Broadway role, she was trashing every single person on RHOA as well as Sherri Shepard who go the same role as she did. Sure she shows up to do the work, but she belittles everyone around her.

I do think she shows up to Fashion Police serious about her job. The problem is her social skills suck. If she ever had a shred of humility, it disintegrated as soon as she felt like she had won something by being the sole survivor of the originals on RHOA.  She seems constantly worried that she will be outted as an imposter and hugely over exaggerates, and outright lies about things like her financial situation and her perceived “status” in Hollywood.  She’s a big fish in “black reality.” Make no mistake that Bravo and VH1 have gone to great lengths to segregate the housewives franchises and reality in general for exploitative reasons. When this sentiment is expressed to Andy Cohen he makes it seem as though there is not a single black woman in all of NYC, LA, or Orange County suitable and willing to do the show.  Apparently there are no white people in Atlanta or the Potomac either. Don’t even get me started on Potomac.

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Kim Biermann is Furious With Wendy Williams

In hospital with three perfectly places ECG leads

In hospital with three perfectly places ECG leads

I used  to love Wendy Williams and relied on her for all of my reality tea. That was before I started blogging. Once I started blogging I realized how incredibly misinformed a lot of her hot topics are and the sites she uses for her topics are often two of the most questionable on the Internet. Then she contacted me to use one of my photos and mentioned on the air. And I kind of started to like her again. I try to give her a bit of a break because she doesn’t do her own research she is just the face that dispenses it to us. Also, I really like how much she loves her job and takes a moment in every show to soak in the audience applause and be grateful. She could teach quite a few housewives a little bit about gratitude.

So when I got up this morning, Wendy was the first talk show I watched while sifting through my emails. There were no celebrity guest today and it was a full hour of hot topics. As someone who also seeks out the latest hot topics everyday, I know that over the weekend not much is leaked until Monday and her show is live at 10am so it was a really bad day to try to fill an hour.

So what she did was jump on the “Kim Biermann is faking her mini-stroke” bandwagon. I get it. We have had a lot of dramatic medical exits from Dancing With The Stars. Marie Osmond, Bill Nye, and Lisa Vanderpump immediately spring to mind and I don’t really watch the show that much. Of all the people who left due to medical reasons, Lisa Vanderpump is the only one I recall anyone questioning. She fainted on camera in such an elegant manner that it made people (ie her cast mates on RHOBH)  question her. Continue reading


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The latest News on the Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams Drama At the Expo

RHOA nene fail

So this is what went down at the Atlanta Expo.  I have heard several reports that Nene said something about Wendy’s speech about 10 rules for life or whatever it was.   Nene took the stage after Wendy and insulted her speech and then proceeded not to give one at all.

Read on for what went down and for what Big Kevin allegedly did in response. Utter foolishness on both sides. Continue reading


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