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WWHL With Teresa Giudice Part 2: Teresa Really Can’t Get Past Superficiality

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Episode 13027 -- Pictured: (l-r) Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Bravo)

H WHAT HAPPENS LIVE — Episode 13027 — Pictured: (l-r) Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Bravo)

Last night’s mammoth post about Teresa Giudice returning to the clubhouse last night is still trending at number one as I type this post!Tonight, I expect that Andy is going to be asking a lot more viewer questions. This is what he does when he wants  to distance himself from the hard hitting questions. After Teresa’s answer about the Lexxus last night, where Andy was mortified on Teresa’s behalf (at least according to his facial expressions) when she showed zero insight as to why coming home from prison for stealing FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to a six figure automobile in the drive was in poor taste, I think Andy is going to go a little bit harder than he was planning. He seemed a bit irritated with her for interrupting his closing remarks to clap back at Bethenny as well. I am also bringing you some photos of the orange jumpsuit that Teresa wore. It did not look that orange on my TV it was a good bit redder.

Yep! Andy just said tonight is viewer question night. YAY!

Dorinda Medley and Kyle Richards appear to be the only housewives who tweeted nice things to Teresa during the show. I suspect there are not many housewives that are thrilled that she was rehired and overpaid after being indicted on 41 felony charges and serving time.

When you got home, how long was it before you pounced on Joe? Andy says, it had to be the same night, right? (Andy)

Um…uh… yeah. In the middle of the night.

And we begin with a lie. I have just barely finished my last recap of a Teresa interview and shoved as salad down my gullet before recapping this on. ON the last E! interview which was filmed from her home while she was on house arrest, Teresa gave an elaborate story about the kids all sleeping in her bed and well…if you missed it go read it now. It’s kind of a good post. Way better than the E! Interview Part !

Oh wait, now she is telling the all the kids slept with her story. Maybe they got up and did it in the bathroom that night. Who knows, who cares, why am I typing this?

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WWHL With Teresa Giudice

The last on camera touch before prison!

The last on camera touch before prison!

This is the third damn interview with this woman in the last 15 hours. And I already know Andy is just going to kiss her ass and play montages of her greatest moments on RHONJ. Like the table flip.  And the time he shoved him back into his seat. And…

Oh  we are starting. Andy said on his thirty-fifth vanity project, the radio show, that he was not going to greet Teresa until he saw her on camera.  And her chair is empty. I hope he cries because that will piss Teresa off. Let’s watch.

First a flashback to the last time she was on the show, replete with dramatic music as they held each others hand one final time. (I am not making this up)  And then he tells us how they met … nope I anticipated his next move. On his radio show he said he snuck away to Jersey or somewhere and met her for a very late lunch one last time. before her incarceration. Oh and from her book, Teresa says she sent him a crocheted Jewish star from prison. This is going to be so fucking emo, y’all.

We get a rare look at the emptyish clubhouse as Teresa busts through the door in a red jumpsuit that she fittingly bought with blood money to wear just for Andy. He is thrilled.  Andy says there is irony in the fact that she is wearing a jumpsuit. Teresa says yeah an it’s even close to orange even though they wear a khaki green in Danbury.  Clearly, Andy didn’t air the show early last night to get up for GMA because we have seen the green jumpsuit photos all fucking day Andrew. Already you don’t know what is going on. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kristen Doute and Some Lesser Mortals…

WWHL Kristen


Andy Cohen annoys the hell out of me by constantly changing his mind about what time he wants to do is live show. Tonight it’s a ten. Why? Did Kristen or Katie Maloney or Bobby Moynihan have better things to do at 11? Does he have a Grindr date at midnight on the night before Teresa’s interview? Or maybe he needs to get to bed early to be refreshed for his interview with Tre tomorrow at the regular 11 p.m. slot? What? Why do I try to find logic when it comes to Andy? OH WAIT! I BET HE IS GETTING UP EARLY TO WATCH GMA! That has to be it.

Oh and last night, a source LIVE FROM THE SCENE! :) reported that someone had ODed at PUMP. So I go to check all the Pumpkids TLs to check and see if any of them were around and knew what was happening. Amazingly, pretty much all of them were out of town or just returning from hosting events. But the interesting thing is that Katie Mahoney has me blocked on Twitter. Was it something I said? Seriously, I don’t remember ever saying bad things about her. Maybe back in the orange hair days. /shrugs  Scheana doesn’t have me blocked and we talk about her like a dog here. Ariana also has me blocked. I can sort of see that, as I am a huge Kristen fan.  But I should point out that I don’t follow most of the Vanderpump folks and the only one I’ve ever included on a tweet is Kristen, because, LOVE.  They have had to come here to read the site and then block me from tweeting them. Something I have never done. Weird. Yet validating that they all do show up here. Hey y’all!  Anyway, I never got any further deets on whatever the hullabaloo was at PUMP! last night. I assume everyone is okay.
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WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

WWHL with Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

Andy describes Lisa Rinna as being “Just like a delicious hotdog, she’s made of mostly lips and just the right amount of ass!”  Which is funny. Especially if when you were a kid you found out that hotdogs were made of left over pig parts, like the lips. Is that an urban legend? Am I dating myself ? #BuyKosherFranksBlessedByRabbis

I’m late recapping this because I was all in my O.J. Feelings last night and Spectrum hasn’t been giving me actual information about the TV shows for over a week now, just that the show will be on, with you know, some guests. So here we go.

The bartender is “Groundhog Faye” which is some intern in an animal suit with Faye Resnick’s face on top. Andy is excited that next Tuesday Teresa Giudice will stop by on her book tour. She will be on GMA that morning so he did not get first dibs. GMA must be paying a buttload.

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WWHL With Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval

WWHL with Ariana and Sandoval


Ho Hum… Really Andrew? Ariana and Sandoval? Okay. Let’s see what happens.

Andy shames Scheana for thrusting Shay in front of alcohol and telling Shay not to be a bore. Ariana seems to think that Shay’s drinking was not a problem because there are people on the show that drink a lot more. Because if you drink less than the #PumpRules cast, you clearly don’t have a problem. At least that is what the #PumpRules cast tells themselves.

Andy says that everyone with a brain in their head and some who have no brains love Kristen now, and they are like, oh no, Kristen is Satan. And while Ariana looks amazing, Sandoval is turning into.. well… the picture doesn’t do his hair justice. It’s even worse with the long greasy off to one side thing. It’s sort of Nene Leakes in the sense that it is an asymmetrical mistake. Continue reading


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Kenya Moore and Karen Huger On WWHL

WWHL with Kenya Moore Karen Huger

This should be interesting. Nene is ranting at Kenya on Instagram and Kenya is talking about Kim on Twitter. Cynthia has removed her posts from Instagram from Kenya’s birthday. It seems like everyone is on the outs with Kenya right now. I’m sure shady Andy is going to go hard on Kenya tonight and let a lot of mean questions through. It’s not a good night for #TeamTwirl. And Kenya is in the second chair. It’s starting already. Kenya’s legs are gold for some reason.

Kenya’s boyfriend Matt is the bartender. Apparently, he is 6’7″.  Andy plays a montage that makes tonight’s episode look really interesting. I guess I just wasn’t up for the recap tonight. I also wish this #RHOP wasn’t on tonight. I really can’t stand that show.

Andy reads a lot of negative comments about Kenya’s behavior tonight. Andy asks for her thoughts. Kenya says when she watched the show tonight she was mortified. Kenya says that pulling Kim’s chair back was unacceptable behavior and she apologized for that. Kenya’s face looks a lot wider than usual. Kenya says she is very ashamed by that. Continue reading


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