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Shannon Beador Responds to Vicki Gunvalson’s WWHL Interview

Shannon rumors gif

Shannon Beador is NOT happy with Vicki’s interview on WWHL. She feels like Vicki is playing the victim card while knowing all along what was going on.

Shannon is on Facebook saying she has all the texts Vicki sent her starting on September 9th.  Shannon brings up that on the reunion she said she sat at City of Hope for four hours, yet she told Mario Lopez she picked him up from City of Hope.  None of her stories match up. Her WWHL story about walking around outside City of Hope for half an hour and then leaving with no checking out is a new story

Shannon says that we can say she is bitter and hate her all she wants. But she can’t just be quiet about this. Shannon says that Vicki sent everyone an email last week about the guy named Tony who supposedly took Brooks to chemo while Vicki was at Disneyland with Brianna and her kids. Shannon says if her man was having chemo, she would be there and not at Disneyland. There was an email from Tony that said that he stopped over to bring Brooks soup and hang out with him. He mentioned nothing about taking Brooks to chemo. Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Porsha Williams and Ja Rule

WWHL With Porsha Williams and Ja Rule


Porsha Williams is on WWHL with Andy Cohen and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say tonight when Andy shows the clip from Lake Lanier.  I like Porsha’s dress but it does look just like the athletic top she wore on tonight’s show at the track meet. She has a really nice waist cincher on underneath there. You can only see it in the buttock region. Check out the tattoos on her wrists are those new?

Andy asks if it was really water in the Moore Hair Care bottles. Porsha said yes and the other products were cocoa butter. Porsha throws some shade about that, and y’all I can’t even stick up for my girl launching a product with no product.


Is Porsha completely ball headed? Did she run out of weave before she got to the front or is there just nothing left to attach it to?  Sheree has had that issue for years, but it looked like tonight Sheree may have enough to stop just gluing a hair bagel on top.

Andy asked them to guess how many times they showed people fanning at Kenya’s launch party. Ja Rule guessed 22. Porsha with her retard mental strength screams no! 100!  It was 25.  Poor Porsha.

Andy is still trying to milk his viral episode where Vivica Fox suggested 50 cent was a bit light in his loafers. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kenya Moore

WWHL With Kenya Moore


It’s time for Watch What Happens Live With Kenya Moore!   Oh and T-Pain is the other guy. Which is kind of awesome. But I will ignore him like more than others that show up with a housewife.

Andrew starts with TRASHING Phaedra who likes to show up at his place of work with here churren (ALLEGEDLY) tryna keep her spot by showing Kenya throwing shade at her and her felon husband.  Because TELL IT KENYA. Some of us aint going out like that.  We may or may not ever get married but we aint laying up on an air mattress with some fly dude with an ankle bracelet to get knocked up.  ALLEGEDLY.  Because don’t nobody need a man that bad, Phaedra

Kenya blames the producers for catching her in the middle of a makeup touch up for that. Oh Kenya, own that shit, it’s so true.

They show the clip of Kenya and Sheree arguing with autotune. Is that shade at T-Pain? Continue reading


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WWHL With Caroline Stanbury and Tom Sandoval

WWHL Caroline Stanbury Tom Sandoval


Caroline Stanbury is wearing Balmain from H & M. Oh dear, has it come to that? And to make me think even less of her she is starts right on Tom Sandoval asking why he ever dated Kristen. She says Kristen is “stab you in the dark crazy” like guys don’t love that shit.  That’s two strikes for Caroline in the first 90 seconds and I don’t know the rules of cricket, darling but here you only get one more strike, Caroline . So zip it.

Next week on Vanderpump Rules  we delve into Mike Shay’s shocking drug problem.

Caroline says that two of the ladies are not on good terms with Annabelle at the moment and she is one of them. Who do you think the other one is? Julie?

Tom Sandoval skirts the question about Kentucky and Jax staying together. He says he has seen of good side of Jax with her.  You know like that time he got drunk and stole some sunglasses for her and went to Jail in Hawaii. He thinks they could make it. I think they are likely already done now that filming is over.  I’m guessing she took the new twins right back to Kentucky when the season wrapped. Continue reading


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WWHL With Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz

WWHL Jax Schwartz
For some reason the rumors about Andy Cohen and Jax Taylor blew up last night and my inbox was busy this morning. Many felt the nude shower scene of Jax last night on Vanderpump Rul was shot specifically at Andy’s request. That certainly should surprise no one. The casting couch rumors regarding Vanderpump Rules have been around since the shows inception. Even if true, I don’t think there is any reluctance on the part of the male cast. #Shrugs #ConsentingAdults.

The drinking word is an audio from Queen Kristen saying “suck a dick” let’s hope it gets played a lot. Even though my liver is still on vacay so I can’t participate. :(

Jax loves his latest nose.  But Andy and Schwatz like his original nose best.

They play a bit of the new Bravo show Apres Ski which I hope to recap later in the week if time allows. So far, I haven’t heard great things.

Continue reading


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WWHL With Three Manzos and One Scalia

WWHL Manzos and a Scalia

It’s time for WWHL with Caroline, Albie and Chris Manzo as well as Lauren Scalia who has a brand new search tag here at after tonight!

Immediately they start talking about Brooks and Caroline says, “First of all, if you fake cancer…” And Andy interrupts to point out that we don’t know that!  Oh he will get emails for that. I get them all the live long day from rabid, mostly illiterate morons, wanting to know why I am defending Brooks and he is such a horrible person.  I have no idea if Brooks has cancer or not. Therefore, I will not say that the man doesn’t. We’re watching a reality TV show where a psychic proclaimed he didn’t have it and then a bunch of grown women lost their minds. I’m sorry, I’m not joining that witch hunt. It’s not the least bit important to me. As far as I am concerned, if he says he has it, he has it. But there was some pretty damning evidence to support the witch hunt that came out for the first time on the reunion. Dear Lord, the show is over why are we STILL talking about this?

Anyway Caroline says that anyone who fakes cancer has something coming to them. And I agree. She feels sorry for Vicki for having to deal with it all and says Vicki is not that kind of person who would co-conspire. Continue reading


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