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WWHL With Kim Biermann Recap

WWHL with Kim Biermann

I’m not sure when the WWHL was taped, but I’m pretty sure Andy is already on vacation at the beach somewhere. I’m also not sure why Andy uploaded such a small photo. I had to hunt on Instagram for a normal sized one.

In other news, today was KJ’s first day of school and Kim is not handling it well. He was screaming when she left him.

Back to the show, Brielle is in the audience. Kim is drinking out of a solo cup. She says she does that because she is a germaphobe. I almost get that I don’t particularly like drinking out of bar glasses at restaurants but I think growing up in a third world country gave me all sorts of immunity to things. I am strong. Like camel.

Questions for Kim:

Andy asks if Sweetie is still working for her. DID HE NOT WATCH THE SHOW? She says Sweetie met someone and ran off and got married. Hmmm that is a different story than the one from the show. They are still in touch.

What do you think about Nene leaving RHOA?  It’s probably the best thing she could do for herself.

Has Kroy’s family warmed up to you yet?  Um…no not really. We really don’t communicate with them that much. I don’t think it’s about warming up to me. They just haven’t gotten to know me. Continue reading


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Guess Who Crashed the WWHL After Party Last Week?

BRavo Group NYC


Remember when Vicki was on WWHL with Jeff Lewis and Tamra was in the audience?  I remember when Vicki was asked about Nene she gave a positive response that seemed sort of strained to me. Now I know why.

When WWHL guests are put up in NYC the often stay at the Gansevoort in the meatpacking district. For some reason, Nene stopped through NYC on her way back from her clothing line show being aired in Canada. So when the gang all went out before (and perhaps after) the show, Nene showed up for a bit!

The black guy in the middle is a former model who lives in NYC. He seems to spend a lot of time taking instagram photos (MsVictoriaHilton2) at all the celebrity hotspots.  His Instagram is full of shots with celebrities that seem very fanboy. I could be wrong. Maybe all y’all know who he is.  To me he looks like a coat tail rider.

Continue reading


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WWHL With Bethenny on Finale Night

WWHL Bethenny Finale


Bethenny needs to fire her stylist.

Bethenny is supposed to give five minutes of therapy to whoever flashes on the screen.

Luann: When you say “be cool” is that a menopausal thing? Are you going through the change? (Heh at 44 Bethenny will find out how “uncool” this comment is very soon. What was that reap what you sow comment again?)

Tamra: So you’ve now found Jesus, but how come you haven’t been able to find your right cup size?

Kelly Bensimon: So I’m wondering when you told me that you’re up here and I’m down there, was that really you projecting? (Did that make sense to anyone?)

Ramona: So this whole toddler stage you are going through? When are we ever going to get to the adult stage?

Kenya: All these props and these fans and these blowhorns and things…so do you not get enough props? Is that what is happening? Continue reading


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WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson and Jeff Lewis

WWHL with VIcki and Jeff

This should be good, but I wish Shannon was on with Jeff since they are friends in real life and share similar crazies. There is no way I will be able to recap all the funny stuff these two say, so I’ll just give you the highlights.

Tamra is in the audience. I guess Vicki and Tamra are close again. Brianna is the bartender. I wonder how much Vicki had to pay for that to happen.

I am so behind on Flipping Out. I swear Big Brother takes over all of my viewing. People send me videos and I’m like ” I can’t watch videos! Must watch BB feeds!” In fact, they are running in the background right now.

Wow. Andy just stepped in it big time and asked how her mom is doing. Um, she’s still dead, Andy. Whoa.  He meant how is the family doing since her mother passed away. Vicki says her house just sold and so the estate is finally settled. It’s been a big void and harder than she ever imagined. Jeff breaks the awkwardness by saying we should whoop it up in her honor. Continue reading


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WWHL With Sonja Morgan

WWHL With Sonja Morgan and Jessica

Okay, I just went over to Andy’s Twitter to swipe the picture from tonight’s WWHL  and I was shocked to see no Sonja Morgan. I don’t know either of these two ladies, so I can move on to the BB live feeds for a few and go to bed early since I’ve been up since around 3 a.m. Oh wait. Is that one on the left Sonja? Dear God, she is literally unrecognizable she’s had so much work done.  That tacky tuxedo? Now THAT I think I have seen on her site.

Andy says that Sonja is trending on Twitter. I blinked and must have missed that. Sonja does not look good on TV.  Now I don’t think she has had any work done. My next random speculation is that she may have lost weight and has been drinking a lot. Bitch! I’ve gained weight and have been drinking a lot.

Sonja Questions:

Who do you want to say, “I told you so” to? She doesn’t answer. She just rambles on about making her kid proud.

Where is the headquarters? 1400 Broadway. Continue reading


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WWHL With Ramona Singer & Michael Rapaport

WWHL Ramona


I really don’t want another half hour  of Ramona Singer tonight but Andy Cohen has a different idea.

Ramona’s eyes are like tiny little slits. It looks like she has had more work done. Michael is a huge housewives fan. He gets to ask Andy questions for thirty seconds. Which husband from the east coast would he do. Apollo Nida. What housewife confrontation at a reunion scared you the most? Teresa and Danielle season two, when Teresa pushed him into his seat. Michael says, “Really? More than Kenya?” Yes Michael, more than Kenya. Andy doesn’t really care for Kenya. Plus the THOT wasn’t attacking him. Andy seemed not to care for the follow up question and just said, “that was scary too,”

Andy has a three bachelors behind the bar for her to play a dating game with. Instead of waiting for the game, Ramona says, “I like the one on the far left!”  I’ll take the one on the far right if he is left over. Continue reading


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WWHL Listings For August


August 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015 – CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and MARK CONSUELOS Show 12127

Monday, August 3, 2015 – BILLY EICHNER and JULIE KLAUSNER Show 12128

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 – JESSICA ST. CLAIR and SONJA MORGAN Show 12129

 Wednesday, August 5, 2015 – VALERIE BERTINELLI and COLIN JOST Show 12130

Thursday, August 6, 2015 – TBD and TBD Show 12131 Continue reading


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