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WWHL With Dorinda Medley and Paula Abdul

WWHL with Dorinda Paula Abdul
Andy’s tie is the wonkiest it has ever been.  It looks like while Dorinda was doing her twirl in her shiny jumpsuit for Andy, someone made him try to straighten it. It is back to being the normal amount of wonky now. Does this drive anyone else crazy?

Andy plays the dog pooping on Dorinda’s rug repeatedly. He is such a gross person. Andy says that next week is one of the top five epsiodes of housewives of all time and the entire thing takes place over two and a half hours at Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires

Despite the Twitter war between Dorinda and Ramona  after last week’s episode, Dorinda says that she and Ramona have “moved on.”  I really don’t think their friendship will ever be what it was before Dorinda came on the show.

The preview of next week shows Bethenny being a raving lunatic toward Luann and accusing her of not owning up to all the billions of people she has slept with. First of all, Luann copped to fucking Rey this week. So she is owning up to it. Secondly, why does Luann have to disclose all of her lovers to Bethenny or anyone else?  Who the hell constantly wants a running tally of their friends sexual escapades? If Luann wanted you to know, she would share them with you. Perhaps the reason she doesn’t is because you are so damn judgmental, Bethenny.  Luann should berate Bethenny about who she is sleeping with.

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WWHL With Reza Farahan and Luis D. Ortiz

WWHL Reza and Luis
I actually fell asleep before this show aired last night and slept until 8 a.m. so I didn’t have time to recap. Thank the gods that I may actually be back on a regular sleep schedule. I actually had breakfast and everything this morning. Three cheers for getting on normal people’s schedules!  So today I was not going to recap this, because Reza, but Luis is on and I love him so here we go! .

WOW! The second the show goes on air we hear Reza off camera call someone a “psycho bitch” before Andy, whose tie is even more cockeyed than usual, can do his introduction. Seriously, we are not two seconds in and Reza is calling someone a bitch and Andy looks like he has been swung around the room by his necktie. This may be better than expected.

Adam is the bartender.  He is wearing some bizarre type of getup that I cannot begin to explain. Perhaps I will find a picture later. The big news is that Adam has changed his name to Farahan effective yesterday. Wait, how can any legal matter be “effective” on a Sunday?  OMG! Andy has out come out from behind the bar to show off his interesting ensemble and it is a vile, very deep necked, crocheted jumpsuit. I have no words for this. Clearly, Adam is into humiliation. NTTAWWT.

Reza explain that he and Adam have their actual Cartier love rings and the estate sale ring was just a little something on top. He shows us his own ring finger and we see he has the love ring with another ring on top too. I will refrain from public remarks speculating about the meanings of the second rings.

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WWHL With Countess Luann de Lesseps

Luann getting glam for RHONY

Luann getting glam for RHONY

I had a lot of things I would rather be watching than Bravo tonight, and I paused to recap RHONY but this jackass  that was on with Luann was just not worth the interruption in my schedule.  Let me see how this all went down.

Before we even start, Andy and his cockeyed tie introduces the jackass as someone who has been in a “twitter war” with Kenya Moore. Um noe. He’s a misogynist loser who attacks women on Twitter frequently. He’s introduced as a guy with a podcast and a lot of rabid fans. Meanwhile, Kenya is the reason people tune in to Bravo’s most watched series. That said, Andy’s misogyny is so extreme that he is going to continuously call this guy to be on his show to trash his moneymaker. Because, Andy.

Yesterday was Luann’s birthday. Her man apparently threw her a surprise party.  Ramona was invited, but then disinvited because it rained and the party had to be moved inside.  Luann says that since it was a surprise party, she had nothing to do with the invites. She says she thinks that the reason Ramona was cut was because Dorinda and John were going to be there.

Andy makes Luann do a rundown about her current relationship with the other girls. She she’s fine with everyone with a few exceptions. Carole and Luann appear to be in a slightly better place. Luann says things were great with Ramona until she saw the screener for this episode (the real reason she was disinvited from the party) and Bethenny and Luann are “up and down.”  I think Luann really wants to be closer to Bethenny and Bethenny doesn’t really want to go there.

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WWHL With Mariah Carey

WWHL Mariah

Sigh. Why does Andrew have to randomly screw up my viewing schedule?  Because I have this random weird half hour to wait for Tour Group, I suppose I will stare at Andy’s crooked tie for a half an hour. She is late so he is talking to himself waiting on her to show up. Or not.

There she is! He has also put Mariah in his chair. You know, Andy, the one who says the chair placement and the game prizes mean nothing.  Mariah wants the other side. Andy informs her that she does in fact want the side she is on. Because, Andy.

Wow. Mariah is really dumb. Like Teresa Giudice could teach her a things dumb. Who could marry this woman? I have listened to her for 10 minutes and I need  to visit a monastery or something.

Why does Andy feel the need to bring J-Lo up every single time. I have heard the “I don’t know her” story ten times on WWHL. Andy is now worried that Mariah doesn’t “know” him. He is so afraid of her rambling answer he cuts to commercial.

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WWHL With Kenya Moore and Wendi McLendon-Covey!

WWHL with Kenya Moore RHOA


It’s very odd for Kenya to be on WWHL in the off season, so I am expecting some major announcement!  I hope that she brought pictures of the house or is announcing a bun in the oven or something!

Matt is there with Kenya and is sitting back stage enjoying the bar.  Kenya has moved into Moore Manor. Chateau Sheree remains incomplete. Kenya is thrilled that Kim Fields will not be returning. She has not spoken to her since the reunion.

She has not been to Nene’s stand up show, but she was invited and is very supportive. The Nene and Kenya alliance next season should be AMAZING if they can stay in a good place that long.

All Kenya will say about Peter and Cynthia is, “They are having some issues that may not be resolved.”  I have a strong feeling that Cynthia has already filed for divorce.  I feel like it is more about Apollo’s relationship with Peter and not Peter’s cheating. I think Cynthia really needs to distance herself from Peter and make sure to tease their finances apart as quickly as possible.

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What is Andy Cohen Looking For in a Partner?


Andy and Wacha Enjoy the Hamptoms
Because Andy doesn’t get nearly as enough time to talk about himself on WWHL, his radio show, his tours with Anderson Cooper, his weekly “Ask Andy” online segments, His Then & Now shows, his Snap hat, Instagram, Twitter, constant periscoping or the aftershows,  he is now getting his WWHL guests to interview him from time to time.

The interesting thing about this brief segment with Lisa is not about his desire to be swept off his feet, because I don’t see that happening. I firmly believe that you could remove Andy’s date for any event or dinner and swap them out with someone completely different and he would never notice the difference.

What is interesting to me is the fact he is still renovating his apartment. I actually have a source who is very familiar with his building who told me a couple of years ago at least that Andy had purchased the apartment next door to his and was going to open it up to be one large apartment.

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