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Big Day For Nene Leakes on TV!

Nene Leakes was on a couple of shows today. First Wendy Williams, then Glee. Let’s discuss. This morning my damn yard guy shows up RIGHT DURING THE NENE INTERVIEW!  le sigh.  So I had to take enough time to say, “yes, please do everything”  (well we know that is not what I really said, but anyway, it all got done). So a few of you wanted to know what I thought about Nene saying that “Kenya Moore is not a new housewife” on WW today. So here it is. She didn’t say that. Nene continued with her whole “I don’t know her” thing which is a lie. Then she said ” I still haven’t seen her” in response to WW asking if she was on the show. None of that is important. My source is golden. My source says that Nene has been campaigning for Kenya for ages. I have never been let down by this source. Also, I know other sites are saying filming has started, but  … I don’t think much if any shooting has happened. I’m still saying you will see Kenya who just very recently followed and is followed by Nene on twitter. Y’all believe what you want.

On Glee tonight, Roz had a short scene with Sue Sylvester but what really impressed me was seeing her name in the opening credits of the Glee finale. I’m not “team anyone” but it did irk me that WW referred to Nene as a “guest star.”  She is not a guest star, she has a recurring role which is way better. Sometimes you need  to just recognize. I think WW is jealous of Nene and I was surprised that Nene came bearing gifts and being all professional considering how WW seems to slam Nene when she is not around. I honestly think that Nene not copping to the Kenya Moore thing was her getting back at WW. We shall see. At any rate, it’s clear that Ryan Murphy loves him some Nene. Nene said on WW today that she did not have to audition for the role of Rocky on The New Normal and I do believe that. Nene’s acting still needs a bit of work, but there is no better way to do that than to be on yet another primetime show. She just needs some experience and a bit of coaching. I’m not convinced that she will be a Hollywood star, but she is, and that is half the battle.


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene Version

I’m gonna need someone to explain this to me.


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How Much Does Nene Leakes Make On Glee?

I know some of you have been wondering how much Nene Leakes gets paid to be on Glee? It’s been a hot minute since my last Nene Leakes post so here we go again! Part of the reason I am posting so much about Nene lately is that I have great west coast sources. I know the Nene fanatics think she is getting rich off her Glee episodes. My theory was that she was just happy for the exposure more than the pay. That said, a source told me today that she is making $7,260 per episode plus airfare, accommodations, etc. That is SAG scale pay, or minimum wage. Another source previously told me that she had no outrageous riders on her Glee contract and made no diva demands. That is a little bit surprising, but Nene does not really have any credentials to bargain with as a serious actress so it makes sense that she start on the first rung of the ladder. It was smart of her to snap that pay up and not try to negotiate. Also, she makes $10,000 per episode of RHOA so that seems about right. She was paid $4,538 for her appearance on The Game because it is a half-hour show. Also, if you recall I reported that Nene brought in $16,000 for her role on The Apprentice which would have been two weeks and a couple days at that time. As a side note, that is the approximate amount Teresa Giudice will be paid on the upcoming season of The Apprentice.  No one is getting rich off of that “Trump check”. In fact, many celebrities opt to donate that paycheck to the charity they are raising funds for on the show. So now we know the latest tea on Nene’s income.

Tonight on Watch What Happens Live Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss will be joining Gloria Estefan to share their personal stories about Whitney Houston.


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Nene Leakes on Glee, What Happened to Her Hello Kitty?

So what did y’all think of Nene’s performance on Glee tonight? I thought she was good. However, it seems that the scenes were shot several times from the front and the back and many of Nene’s lines were spoken from angles where we could not see her mouth moving. This means she did lots of voice overs.  Also, in the advertisement for the show, Nene says to Sue regarding her pregnancy dream, “with whose Hello Kitty?” yet on the actual episode tonight she said, “with whose vagina?”.  I wonder what caused that edit?  All I can imagine is that Sanrio threatened legal action against the show after viewing the promo? So that explains at least part of the obvious voice overs and awkward editing.  It is weird that the version with “Hello Kitty” is still running on the website. We will probably never know what happened there. So what is your opinion of Nene’s performance tonight and why do you think the Hello Kitty reference was pulled at the last minute?
Updated with gifs:
Because I saw these and these and wasted time watching them. I felt compelled to share.


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Nene Leakes on Glee, Indefinitely!

Behind the scenes of Glee
 with Nene and a Cheerio

Nene Leakes did not break Glee after all. In fact, her Roz Washington character has gotten such good press that she is on for the remainder of the season. My EXCLUSIVE SOURCE from the set says that her role was being tested out for public reaction and that Nene passed that test with flying colors! So, she may not be on every episode but she is recurring this entire season (after the hiatus). It seems like all of her appearances on shows like The Talk and Rosie really paid off. Nene will be in L.A. filming Glee all week and will also be co-hosting two episodes of The Talk. I don’t know who is handling Nene’s bookings but whoever it is, is doing a fabulous job!
But that’s not all, word from my insider on the set is that Nene’s role is likely to be extended into next season. There are also rumors that next season may be Glee’s last so Nene may be there until the end. It sounds like Mrs. Leakes may have found her niche. The cast and crew are simply over the moon about her. Kevin McHale (Artie) saw tonight’s episode yesterday and tweeted, “Whoaaaaa. dear , u are amazing in the new GLEE ep! This woman needs to be on every week.” Chris Colfer and Lea Michele are also very vocal about their love for Nene. The crew also loves Nene because she didn’t come in with a big rider with lots of demands like other guest actors tend to do. It would seem as though Nene Leakes does actually know how to behave! Good for her. The plot for tonight’s show and some of Nene’s zingers are behind the jump.

Nene Leakes and Jane Lynch
on the Glee set.

On tonight’s episode, Nene will be coaching the Cheerios!  Since Sue Sylvester is busy trying to buy some um…”baby juice” from the boys in Glee and Mr. Schuester, Nene steps in with the girls. In what I think will be the best line of the show, Nene responds to Sue’s announcement that she wants to give birth by saying, “with whose Hello Kitty?” Lines like that are going to force me to become a Nene Leakes fan, get a lobotomy and STAN for her all over the damn Internet. I’m just sayin’. Nene also gets into it with Sue telling her that at her age she will give birth to a grandchild, and that she has old wrinkly boobs. The poor Cheerios  do not escape the wrath of Roz Washington either. Roz comments on the girls “donkey booties” during practice.  You would think that Roz battling with Sue, and Sue trying to get herself knocked up by the boys, and the girls (mostly Santana) making smart remarks about Sue’s vagina would be a great enough show. But wait, there’s more, this is the Ricki Martin episode! Ricky sings Madonna’s  La Isla Bonita, a Spanish duet with Naya Rivera, that is already stirring up a lot of positive feedback and it hasn’t even aired yet. Tonight is going to be good y’all. Glee airs on FOX tonight at 8 p.m.


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Nene Leakes on The Game Tonight

So last Tuesday on Glee, we saw Nene’s first scene in her big role. Literally, it was one scene. While following Nene on twitter, I noticed that she was running her lines quite a bit. From the sound of things she was memorizing some major lines. She hired an acting coach in LA to help her get into character. Then we saw a brief scene that was basically neck-rolling Nene spitting insults.  She was filming that scene all of one day and half of another. So after show, I decided to wait to discuss it until the Michael Jackson tribute episode which airs next Tuesday. Maybe she has more lines that show her abilities as an actress then.

In about half an hour, Nene will be on the game, playing herself for the most part. In the show, she has a clothing line coming out, but it will be the same ole loud mouth Nene. It comes on BET tonight at 10 pm. Go watch it and come back and tell me what you think.


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Nene Leakes Talks About Her Role on Glee with The Insider

Hey y’all. My website is experiencing a few more glitches than usual lately. If you are using IE (like me) you may have some issues on pages with a jump break. This is effecting the ability to comment. I’m working on it and hope to have full functionality restored soon.

Meanwhile, there will be no jump breaks so that you can all comment on Nene’s latest interview with the Insider. If you see any weirdness here with the layout, please keep checking back. My HTML skills are well, not very skilled. : )  Thanks!


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Behind the Scenes of Glee With Nene Leakes

Jane Lynch, Iqbal Theba, Nene Leakes

Nene tweeted this picture on Tuesday night from the set of Glee.

I’ve had no direct contact with my favorite Nene source on the set today, but I did find out that the Michael Jackson tribute episode that is set to air on January 24th is not completely in the can yet. The boys are still doing some work in the studio on the last song.

Last Thursday and Friday Ricki Martin was on set filming a scene where he is the Spanish teacher.  Nene was not out there yet so I think she missed him. Although there was another scene filmed this morning with the Spanish class, so maybe he is still there? Not sure.
Also, is Will not the Spanish teacher anymore? Sorry, die-hard Glee fans, I sorta lost track of the show for awhile.

Naya Rivera just tweeted (8:10 p.m. ET) “Headed to the gym with to shoot a scene! BAM!” Looks like it will be a late night on the set!  Since the school(s) they use as set are actual high schools, filming has to go down on weekends, holidays and after the school closes to students. Naya, like lots of the Glee kids is a huge Nene fan. You know Nene is loving being loved rather than the villain.

So to wrap up this very disjointed update. it looks like Nene has scenes in the Principal’s office today with Sue Sylvester and Principal Figgins, then it was off to the pool to film with Santana and the boys. This time next week we will be seeing her debut on Glee. I am actually pretty excited about that. You can bet I will be blogging my opinion! :) Note to set source: Email me!

Leave me a comment, please!


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Nene Leakes on Glee: A Link List for the Gleek Guests

Nene Leakes as Coach Roz Washington

I think we may need to clean up for some company y’all. When Andy Cohen Makes the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on WWHL tonight the Gleeks may be dropping by. Here’s a link list for the newcomers starting with the oldest info first.  Thanks for reading and I hope you will keep checking back for updates from my exlusive source on Nene Leakes on Glee.

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12/7 Nene Leakes Still Filming Glee  (Grease Episode)

12/9 In Depth Day by Day Guide of Nene’s First Week of Filming.

12/13 Nene Leakes Return to Shoot Second Episode (MJ Tribute)

12/15 Nene Leakes on January Promo Reel

12/16 Nene Leakes Role on Glee Could be Recurring Role


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Nene Leakes Character on Glee Could Be Ongoing

Nene Leakes’ appearance on Glee may be a recurring role, or even a full-time role. According to my source on the set, taping has stopped until January for Christmas Break and all the actors are back home for the holidays. As I previously reported in what I am sure is soon to be a MediaFakeOut WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! (/giggle)  Nene has filmed scenes for two episodes, one is the Grease episode set to air January 17, 2012 and the other is the Michael Jackson tribute episode set to air on January 24, 2012. Her character, Roz Washington is the new synchronized swim team coach. Chord Overstreet’s character, Sam, joins the team to try to impress Mercedes Jones.  After Sam joins, other Glee members also join the team.  Glee producers have previously stated that 2012 will see several new characters appearing in the cast. Say what you will about Nene Leakes but I have a sneaking suspicion that Roz Washington will bring the ratings! This could be an ongoing role for her.

THANKS SO MUCH TO HUFFINGTON POST  and CNN for linking back to this post!

Links to all the NeNe posts for the new peeps!

12/7 Guess What Nene Leakes is Filming?

12/7 Nene Leakes Still Filming Glee  (Grease Episode)

12/9 In Depth Day by Day Guide of Nene’s First Week of Filming.

12/13 Nene Leakes Return to Shoot Second Episode (MJ Tribute)

12/15 Nene Leakes on January Promo Reel

12/16 Nene Leakes Role on Glee Could be Recurring Role

Leave me some comments! And stick around! I still have a source on set! sssshhhhhh!


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Nene Leakes on January Promos for Glee!

Oh ye of little faith, I told you so! But you have to look fast. She has her back to the camera in the gym at the very end. :) YAY FOR GREAT SOURCES!
See my exclusives here and here and here.

For those of you having trouble seeing it…

This picture shows what Nene was wearing on the shoot. She shows up at the very end after the Shocking Attractions part. Just after the girls outside jump up, and right when the word “splash” is spoken it’s like a half-second clip in the gym. Three people are facing Nene, she has her back to the camera. But it’s her. :)

I’m very excited! It was a pretty HUGE EXCLUSIVE! :)


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Nene Leakes on Glee and Her Week in L.A.

Nene Leakes takes some time to party before Filming Glee

I’m getting a lot of questions about my EXCLUSIVE! (I feel so MediatakeOut, lol)  story on Nene Leakes being cast for an upcoming episode of Glee. So here is the full recap of Nene’s trip to the west coast.
Nene flew out to L.A. last Saturday saying she was going to work for the week in L.A. and told us she would let us in on the secret later. Nene was SO UPBEAT on her tweets from the moment she got there. On Sunday she tweeted:

NeNe Leakes
Working out here n LA! I’m So glad I get 2 work n a positive environment oppose 2 the negative 1
Everything you want to know is after the jump, please click the blue link to continue reading.
Nene grabbed this post from
and posted it on her twitter feed
This of course fuels the rumors she is growing weary of playing the villain on RHOA and enjoying a more friendly work environment. Everybody knows that a hostile workplace can make even the sweetest person turn into an ogre so you have to give Nene a bit of slack about her behavior on RHOA. She is working on a set in Atlanta where no one wants to film with her except Cynthia. 
On Saturday Nene went to Kyle Richard’s house for a Christmas party with lots of the Beverly Hills and Orange County Housewives.  Oh and Patti Stanger was there.
On Sunday, Nene worked with acting coach Leigh Kilton-Smith to prepare for her comedic role as Roz Washington, synchronized  swim coach. (Later that night Leigh Kilton-Smith ended up in the ER at Cedars Sinai because her husband was having serious back pain). Leigh sends her a supportive tweet Tuesday morning.
On Monday, Nene posted her Bravo blog and may have visited the Glee set. She did her primary filming on Tuesday and Wednesday by Thursday evening west coast time she was already on a plane back to Atlanta.  Also on Wednesday she took some time to appear on The Talk where she made no mention of being in town to film Glee because the episode is under wraps until filming ends.
As for the episode itself,  Chord Overstreet’s character, Sam joins a synchronized swim team as part of some hair-brained scheme to get him in a speedo win back Mercedes’ affection. Nene’s character, Roz Washington is a smack-talking funny coach to the team.  During filming, Nene wore LOTS of dark body and face makeup which was obvious when she appeared on The Talk. You could see her shoulders were very dark but there was a tanksuit area on her upper body that was not as darkened. It looked like she was wearing body makeup for a swim team type swimsuit. Since she was filming Glee around The Talk, that would make sense. Her choosing to wear one of her numerous strapless tops did not. It just looked weird. It does seem to indicate that she did film in a swim suit on Wednesday instead of the tracksuit she wore on Tuesday’s filming.

Despite the fact that Glee’s ratings are falling, this will be a very popular episode of Glee since Gleeks have been wanting an episode with songs from Grease for a long time.  The episode is said to be scheduled to air on January 17, 2012.
So that’s the tea y’all. Nene has been really quiet on twitter since she got home.  Glee is a hard and long filming project so I bet she is worn out!  Leave me a comment.


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