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Mob Wives Season 6 Double Recap: Mobbed Up Mermaids & Cabin In the Woods Part II

mob wives last stand


I am back in the swing of things with Mob Wives now and remember who I like and hate.  I like Drita, Renee and Big Ang and I hate anyone they hate. But Drita is my ride or die. I love how at the end of the previews you here Renee or somebody casually saying, “who’s getting whacked” in the same tone one might say, ” what do you think of this dress?”

I wish they would have gone back to their old theme song for this final season.


Drita meets up with Renee so she can get downloaded on what she missed at the Mermaid parade. What she missed was Love selling her out to fucking Carla. Drita is pissed that no one stood up for Drita. Drita goes off at the mouth like a gansta at Renee. Renee should not be hanging with fucking Karen and Carla anyway. “Youse are all fake ass mother fuckers!” Drita says. And my mad crush on Drita escalates. “See this is what happens when dumb fucking hoes for a crew!” Swoon. Drita is totally playing up the accent, and I’m okay with that. Drita cusses her way out of the restaurant. Her talking head is full of suggestions that people go suck a dick.

While the dicksuckers and Big Ang are in The Hamptons, Drita works on her book. I don’t like to see sad Drita. Drita says something about not having Lee by her side right now. Where the hell is he?


You know who has probably sucked a lot of dick? Brittany. How is that for a segue? Why do they always have to bring some stupid little girl with a loud mouth on to be a punching bag? It would be great if they would finish her in an episode or two  but they always dragged it out for the whole fucking season. Continue reading


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Mob Wives Season 6 Double Recap: Mobbed Up Mermaids & Cabin In The Woods Part I


Mob Wives is back and the season starts with back to back episodes. I  am going to have a lot to say because it’s been awhile since we saw the show.  I wish they wouldn’t give up two episodes right off the bat! This season is called The Last Stand. Sounds like a final season to me. I guess with Big Ang having cancer, that sadly recently relapsed and numerous others having legal issues, it might be all she wrote.

I either missed a lot at the end of the last season, or I just don’t remember it. That reunion looks epic, I may have to hunt for it on demand. It seems like this show was last on ten years ago and I can’t remember half the girls names or who likes who. I am always ride or die with Drita This could take a while to recap.

Karen Gravano  (Father: Sammy The Bull)

We start on a lovely day outdoors at Karen’s house for a BBQ. Karen is grilling on aluminum foil. Aluminum will kill you people! Don’t do that!  The freshly baptized Karen is the first to arrive. Karen let’s us know she is still on the outs with the stupid chick from Philly, Natalie. Natalie was last seen storming off the Reunion set and the girls think they are done with her.  These two talk about Karen going to sell Mob Candy jewelry at the Mermaid Parade on Coney Island. I want to go to a Mermaid Parade on Coney Island. I have spent a lot more time in Europe than I have in the NE United States. I need to fix that!

Renee goes by Karen’s after their walk in the park. Karen is pissed that Renee won’t let Brittany hang out with them. Karen explains that the way that Renee talked about Britanny personally insulted her because of her situation with her father. So, Renee feels bad and says Brittany can come to the Mermaid parade with her. I predict this will not end well. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Recap: Double Feature

Couples Therapy Season Six

Due to all the Real Housewives of Orange County drama this past week, I am two weeks behind on recapping Couples Therapy. For that reason, I’m going to just hit the highlights of the last two shows.

Joe Budden

The main drama in the first episode will surround Joe’s return. Janice starts the interrogation on Joe the second he walks into the house.  Joe says he doesn’t hit women. Joe is slick as an ice rink. I feel stupid for finding him attractive. Yet, I can’t help myself. They tangle about child rearing of all things.

Things go a bit better with Carmen. Joe says he never said anything to Janice about how they have sex. Joe said the only question he has was regarding Adrian’s sexual orientation. For the record, Carmen says Adrian is straight.

In the second episode, Joe and Kaylin have a deep conversation. Kaylin tells Joe that when he walks out on her it feels just like when her own father walked out on her. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Recap: Joe and Kaylin Return

Couples Therapy Season Six


Who is ready for more Couples Therapy! Not me.I was just thinking I could go to bed because nothing was on and DVR fired up. I ran like 3 hours of errands today, mostly in the car and I came home exhausted and feeling headachy and blah. I have really got to stop blogging 24/7 and get some walking in. I have no stamina these days. Anyway, tonight Joe and his not exactly girlfriend come back in the house.


Janice is already stirring up Adrian to go after Joe when he gets back. Because, Janet. Meanwhile, today’s Group Therapy is also a shit stirring session. Dr. Jenn asks them to call out who they think is not engaged in treatment and who is not opening up. Each person has to call someone else out.  Carmen says she wants to hear Big Ang discuss the good qualities about Neil. Dr. Jenn asks Rocky (who is the Neil in his relationship) what he thinks and he says he is repulsed by all the negativity and he found out that Neil handles all of Big Ang’s social media and clearly he is a good guy. Big Ang went off and said that Neil helped her with social media for a very short time and he stopped doing it. Gee, I wonder why. Now she hires someone to do it. Big Ang is really awful to Neil which is what Dr. Jenn points out. Dr. Jenn asks Big Ang if she wants to her to give her scissors so that she can just cut his balls off now. Big Ang cries and apologies to Neil. Wow, Big Ang and Neil have a very sweet moment. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Recap: Texts, Lies and #TamponGate

Couples Therapy Season Six


It’s time for Couples Therapy again! Oh wait, it was actually time for it last night but I fell asleep during Empire and didn’t wake up until 15 hours later. I’m still exhausted but I want to see what foolishness I missed before napping. First, I have to copy everyone’s name over to the tags section, because I still don’t really know who these idiots are.

So as I was doing some formatting, I stopped the DVR and it landed on the shopping list. It sure looks to me as if this shopping list was all written in the same handwriting. On that basis, I say that #tampongate is completely producer driven. Who is shocked? Dr. Jenn comes to mediate the whole situation.  Apparently, the way to handle the problem is to approach each of the ladies and ask them if they did it. If it was a joke, why would they not ask the guys if they did it?  Why do we have know which females in the house are cycling and which are not?  And of course, Janice is very offended that anyone would do such a thing. Which is a pet peeve of mine, being offended on behalf of someone else.  Kaylin is the last person we ask, because, made up production storyline.

Kaylin and Joe don’t know, so how could either of them be the prankster? Kaylin did write tampons on the list, but the only reason it under Carmen’s name is because it was at the bottom of the page.  Again, all storyline. What chick goes to live in a house for a week or two and does not bring alone some tampons. Such a ridiculous storyline, and production themselves is calling attention to the transgender person in every episode because  transgender is the new drag queen.  So now of course Carmen wants to discuss things in group so she can tell Joe. Continue reading


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Couples Therapy Premiere Recap: Who Are These People?

Couples Therapy Season Six


It’s time for a new season of Couples Therapy. Let’s meet the new couples!

Big Ang and Neil Murphy

Big Ang is one of only two people I know this season. If you don’t know her, she’s from Mob Wives. She and Neil are the first to arrive. Big Ang is not thrilled to be there even before she gets in the house. They’ve been married for six years. Ang seems upset that her husband is a garbage man, he’s lazy and he lies.  Their story seems to be that Big Ang is an abusive wife and Neil is the victim in the relationship

Scott and Jaclyn Stapp

Scott is the lead singer of CREED. Jaclyn is his wife. Scott has had a very serious issues with drugs. He had a drug relapse last year and had a total break from reality. Jaclyn filed for divorce. Scott was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He is really trying to stay sober.


Carmen Carrera and Adrian Torres

Carmen Carrera is transgender. Because transgender is the new black. Adrian has two daughters from a previous relationship.  They are married. She did not start to transition until after the marriage. Prior to that she was living as a man by day and her female self at night.  Adrian is apparently freaked out that she is transitioning and growing breasts. Wait, I thought he was a straight guy. What straight guy doesn’t like breasts?  He cheated when she began transitioning.  I think Carmen was on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  That may mean I can get Lady Cocotte to do these reaps. Carmen is nervous that people will find out she is transgender and judge her. Continue reading


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