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Vanderpump Rules Season Three Premieres November 3rd

Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules is back.  While most of us aren’t particularly over-joyed by that, the show brings in a whole slew of young folks who we should prepare to be nice to. Or nice ish :)  Plus, season two sort of won me over a little bit. To me, it is much more palatable to see young, or at least younger people acting like fools on TV than it is to see grandmothers snatching weaves and having meltdowns in Bali. Plus, if we can try to forget about all the evil deeds of our once beloved Lisa Vanderpump, and go with the script, it will be fun to see her opening PUMP. It will also be interesting to see if there is any mention of the listing of Villa Blanca for sale.  Also, we will see the pay off for Scheana’s supportive statements on the witness stand. According to the PR below, she is “Queen Bee” this season.  As if she was not, last season when she got the royal engagement treatment courtesy of Lisa.  The season will end with her wedding and the trip this season will be to Miami for her bachelorette party. Because, free trip.

Ariana and Tom Schwartz got a billing promotion and a pay raise for Season 3.

NEW YORK – October 14, 2014 – Bravo Media’s “Vanderpump Rules” returns for season three with yet another explosive wave of shocking betrayals, bold confrontations and petty grudges on Monday, November 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Lisa Vanderpump is once again flanked by SUR staffers Jax Taylor, Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, Scheana Marie, Tom Sandoval and former server Stassi Schroeder, along with Ariana Madix and Tom Schwartz. Lisa is looking to expand her empire with the opening of PUMP, a swanky lounge in the heart West Hollywood, but she has to work harder than ever to ensure that both PUMP and SUR succeed. While Lisa has been putting the finishing touches on her new hot spot, her current and former SUR staffers continue to lead entangled lives. For a sneak peek of what’s to come, please click: Continue reading

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Looks Like There May Be Drama At Pump Tonight! Or Not. :(


I’ve been told that there is an Emmy party being filmed at PUMP tonight.  It is assumed that all of the housewives including Brandi will be there.  But word on the street is that two other guests will be there as well. And Brandi will not be happy to see either of them.

Ever heard the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend?  Well that seems to be coming into play on the west coast tonight… Continue reading


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Scheana Marie From Vanderpump Rules Gets Married.


Bravolebrities turned out to celebrate Scheana Marie’s marriage to longtime boyfriend Mike Shay, yesterday. Gretchen Rossi, Joyce Giraud and Golnesa Gharachedaghi arrived dressed to impress.  But Slade needs a haircut and a shave.  And yes, you can expect to see it on Vanderpump Rules. Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap Part 2

PumpRules Kristen Crying The Vanderpump Rules Reunion picks up right back where we left off, with everyone hating Kristen. These people are way over invested in Kristen’s relationship with Tom.  Scheana  says she is finished with Stassi because she is a horrible friend. Kristen misses the camera and returns to the scene to demand that Tom stop holding hands with Ariana.  She is refusing to look at that! Make them stop!  Oh God. I’m only two minutes in and am over this show. Yet, I will struggle on. Andy asks Tom if he regrets staying in the relationship for so long. He says he just hoped she would change. Tom says that he thinks Kristen has Borderline Personality Disorder. He wants her to get help. Kristen says she is happy, happy, happy with her new relationship. Scheana is crying. Why? There are a whole lot of people crying while saying they are happy.  Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 1 Recap

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Freedom Tatoo Shirtless

How stupid is it that Andy grew a beard and then had to film the Vanderpump Rules Reunion? If we didn’t already know now it incredibly obvious that this was filmed before Kristen and Tom were on WWHL and it seemed like they were intimate in their hotel room the night before! Wait, I just checked and Andy had the beard then too. Kristen tried to make it seem like she and Tom hooked up the night before. I’m still thinking the WWHL show on January 14th was after the reunion. I’ll know more after I watch this.

I am not going to give a blow by blow of this as all of the attention whores have a lot to say. They are talking about their hair so, um whatever. Lisa said that everyone is working there still except for Stassi who Lisa says just disappeared with no notice. Stassi has moved to NYC. Jax says he likes coming to work with Stassi gone.

Stassi and Scheana bitch. Lisa tells Stassi she was not a good friend to Scheana. Stassi is no longer going to be a bridesmaid for Scheana.

Jax says he is done with Stassi. Lisa calls him a liar. Tom says that Jax was gross being so needy toward Stassi. Stassi has Jax blocked on her phone. Andy is asking dumb questions, like what Stassi thought of Jax’s getting her name tattoed. Duh! She loves any kind of attention. This had better get better! We really don’t need to rehash every element of the Jax and Stassi relationship.

Stassi is in love with her new boyfriend, Patrick. Lisa says that Stassi was wrong for leaving SUR with no notice to run off to NYC with Patrick. Stassi says she loves SUR but she is so heartbroken about what everyone has done. Really? WTF has everyone done? Why is Stassi always playing the victim? Jax says that he is dating and has no girlfriend.

Andy asks Tom about his cheating with a bottle service girl in Vegas. Tom says at that point he did not want to be in a relationship anymore. Tom says he could not even give Kristen a hug without her freaking out. When he kissed Ariana, it was after Kristen had a three month affair with another SUR employee.  Kristen said they were not happy and they were like roommates at the time she cheated. Tom says they were amazing. Lisa asks Tom why he is in a relationship where he has to pretend everything is okay. Tom says it’s not pretending he just got tired of rehashing all of the cheating. Lisa says Tom looked her in the eye and said he never kissed Ariana. Why does he owe Lisa an explanation? She’s his boss! It’s none of her business! Continue reading


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Tom Sandoval Answers All of Your Vanderpump Rules Questions

Tom Sandoval Vander Pump Rules Reunion 2014

Tom Sandoval has a lot to say about the season finale of Vanderpump Rules.  So recently he blogged his little heart out on Bravo.  He seems…angry.  Let’s just let him speak for himself. All of the quotes are from his Bravo blog which was quite lengthy. I added some questions to break up the length a bit and make it more readable.

Why were you late to the Sur shoot?

I had no desire to do this photoshoot for many, many reasons, but let’s just cover the basics first. My day was a continuation from the day before because I had barely gotten any sleep with the thoughts of this Jax and Kristen scandal playing over and over in my head all night. The photoshoot pics all end up on SUR t-shirts, the SUR website, and a coffee table book that I can’t even got a copy of (which I’ve repeatedly asked  for). I’ve modeled for 15 years and have done countless campaigns, billboards, and magazines. So unless you’re calling my agent and offering a day rate, I’m going to show up whenever I damn well feel. And you better be happy that I even showed up at all, considering that the only way I’m going to see any of these pics is on SUR merchandising.

And now that I have a FULL grasp of what’s happened, Here’s my friend who I have done SO much for and helped who I have starkly realized has monumentally f—ed me over. So as you can see, it’s a little tough to be happy, smile, and look good. The very presence of some of these people makes my stomach turn. Part of me wants to just leave SUR behind, head to Mexico, and escape this whole mess.

Actually, Tom, you signed a very detailed contract to appear on a television show which requires you to show up on time to all the filming and photoshoots related to the program. You got a gig. Quit whining like a baby girl. Continue reading


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Some WTF Moments from the Vanderpump Rules Finale

Vanderpump Rules Lisa

Back in the day, Arsenio Hall had a talk show with a segment called, “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm.” Well over on my dilapidated couch last night, I was going hmmmm and saying  WTF? all through Vanderpump Rules.  It’s been obvious from the get go that Bravo wanted a show like The Hills.  And what they got was, a show like The Hills. But, the problem is after The Hills ended most of the cast came clean that the entire show was scripted nonsense.

As long as there have been fake reality shows there have always been two groups of viewers. First, are “the normals,” people with lives who go to work and come home at night and just want to watch something mindless on TV. Any show about a bunch of fucked up people fits the bill. After a long day at the office,  they want someone to point at to say, well, today sucked, but at least I am not Heidi Montag. Then there are those of us with no lives who have plenty of time to discover that in real life Lauren Conrad moved out of that house months before Heidi’s wedding!  This show is total bullshit. Our joy in these shows is proving that we are not as dumb as we look, dammit!  Over at the network, the excecs welcome both groups with equal Glee. For now. As social media expands, the number of “normals” is rapidly dwindling and fact finders don’t have to look far to find the truth. So how much longer will these sorts of shows last? Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Recap: I Lied!!!


It’s time for the photo shoot and Stassi and Katie go to a fat loss treatment the day before. Who cares, let’s get to the good stuff? #fastforward

Tom and Kristen meet for lunch. Kristen asks about his fun day at the beach yesterday. Wait, don’t they live together? Are we pretending that they are having this conversation for the first time? Oh. Okay. Kristen says she did not text Jax, she has shown Tom her phone. He says she could have deleted them. She says she knows that but she didn’t.

Time for the photoshoot. Kristen has been excluded from the photo shoot. Tom is late because he worried about his relationship.  Tom stupidly talks to Stassi at the shoot. Why? Why do these tools talk to Stassi about their relationships. Stassi gives Tom the dirty details but she can’t look at him while she is twisting the knife. Tom says he doesn’t want to take Jax word for it. Stassi is trying to force Tom to break up with her.  Tom doesn’t want to be around Jax. He doesn’t get how Stassi can be around him. Tom tells Stassi that his relationship problems are his to decide.  Tom needs to work on his left pec. It’s a half cup smaller than the right.


Tom and Jax have to do a two shot. What producer came up with that plan?  Lisa and Guillermo are looking on. Lisa talks shit about Jax to Guillermo and then Jax walks up and Lisa says she has no idea why Tom has not just knocked him out.  Jax says he should have satisfied his woman and he would not be having this problem. What an asshole.

Lisa and Tom talk and she asks him if he believes that Kristen and Jax had sex. He says no. She says it’s all bullshit. Lisa tries to tell him it’s the most logical option available.  Lisa tries to throw Kristen even further under the bus. Tom does the fake cry. Lisa straight up says Kristen is lying to him. How does Lisa know? Shut up, Lisa. What is wrong with you lately? After the photo shoot Lisa pushes Jax in the pool.

Kristen and Tom are getting ready for Scheana’s engagement party. They are talking about yesterday’s photo shoot the next day as if they didn’t talk about them the night before.  Tom says the texts came from her phone. Tom says that if Kristen will not admit it then they are done.  Kristen sticks to her story.

It’s time for the party! Lisa corners Stassi and tells her she has to apologize for slapping Kristen as soon as she sees her. Stassi is pissy about it.  Stassi puts on gold lame hot pants jumps up on the bar and sings her single. Stassi even endorses it in her talking head. (She’s lying) Vanderpump wine placement everywhere.

Kristen and Tom arrive. Stassi follows Lisa’s orders to apologize and invites Kristen and Tom outside to do so. Kristen starts crying immediately and says she can’t even look her in the eye. Kristen is a good fake crier. I bet she is leaving the show because she got an acting job. Stassi says, “I can’t even cry over you anymore, Kristen.”  OMG! There it is! Kristen admits to having sex with Jax, to STASSI. Tom is sitting there next to her. His jaw drops. Kristen says they did it one time. Stassi goes in her of course. Kristen told Tom before they left the house that Kristen and Jax had sex.  Jax is there for her and sticking up to Stassi for Kristen. Tom tells Stassi that she is not the victim.  Stassi getting no attention from these two goes inside to play the victim. A small crowd of brainless minions gathers as Stassi tearfully relates the horrors of what just happened to her outside. The minions coo at Stassi and mutter support. It’s hysterical TV.

I am still not sure I believe it. I think Tom and Kristen are setting everyone else up.  Tom takes Jax outside for a bro moment. Tom is looking for some sort of remorse from Jax. That ain’t happening. Kristen admitted it to Lisa just now. So I guess it is true. Lisa is going in on Kristen. She has never really liked Kristen anyway. Jax tells Tom he has no remorse, it doesn’t bother him. Tom goes back inside.  Lisa tells Kristen that if she quits she would be doing her a favor.

Swartz doesn’t understand why Tom is madder at Jax than Kristen. Lisa makes a toast to Scheana  in an effort to move the topic back to the engagement party. Tom is pissed that everyone is ostracizing Kristen and him since they were invited guests.  Tom beats the crap out of Jax and leaves with Kristen. The crew does not jump in so clearly it was staged. Jax had a lot of ketchup on his face but no cuts. Bloody nose you say? The ketchup was all over Jax’s forehead and cheeks.  Scheana fake cries that she got knocked over and she just had her teeth fixed that day! Stassi gives a ridiculous speech about how she is a good person and she just doesn’t know why bad things keep happening to her. Lisa gives a ridiculous closing. I miss the full preview for the  reunion next week but it appears that Tom and Ariana are together.  At least that is the storyline. Didn’t Tom and Kristen hook up on their WWHL trip? Yes, yes they did. And that was on January 14th. Were you surprised by the finale?


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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Bitch Slap

Vanderpump Rules

UPDATE: This post is getting a lot of hits tonight. Just wanted to let you know the NEW RECAP of the FINALE is up HERE!

Also WWHL Recap from tonight is up HERE!

Stassi is going off at lunch with Katina and Kristina telling them that Jax admitted to sleeping with Kristen twice. Once at her apartment with Tom in the next room asleep and once at his place. Stassi says she is going to ruin Kristen’s life. Um why? How does this affect Stassi in any way? Stassi says she wants to drown an dildo in acid and give it to Kristen so it will fry her insides. This is not normal behavior. Stassi thinks she is being cute.

Kristen is brushing up her resume. She is sick of working at SUR. She doesn’t want to be working in a restaurant a year from now.

Stassi tries to get Lisa to fire Kristen. Lisa says that Kristen wants whatever Stassi has. Lisa says that Kristen will just deny it.  Lisa warns Stassi not to bring herself down in the process of going after Kristen.

It’s Jax’s Birthday. The guys take him out to The Palm for steak and lobster. Swartze gives Jax a t-shirt that he can give to the girls he sleeps with. It has his picture on the front and says, “I got Jaxed and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt! :( ” Cute. Kind of . Not really.

Stassi highjacks the guys birthday party. Stassi says that Jax does it to her all the time.  Stassi confronts Jax about sleeping with Kristen while professing love for Stassi. Mind you they were not dating at the time. She had dumped him and he still was pining for Stassi. Stassi wants details from Jax. Stassi wants Jax to show up at an event Stassi is planning to have in order to humiliate Kristen. Of course he will do whatever Stassi says. Stassi tells Jax she is going to destroy Kristen.  Jax agrees to do whatever she wants. Stassi leaves. Continue reading


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Did Jax and Kristen Have Sex When The Last Episode Was Filmed?

Vanderpump Rules Jax Stassi

Before I launch into “My Theory” I have to confess it is not “my theory” at all. It’s something I thought about after reading a comment from  Norma  here and in conjunction with a comment from JoJo I the same place. Let’s review some Vanderpump Rules facts or at least what has been presented on the show, on WWHL, and on the casts twitter and Instagram.

  • Andy Cohen has been hard core promoting the rest of the Vanderpump Rules season as unbelievably shocking.  He keeps saying we won’t believe what is about to happen.
  • One the last episode Kristen went into a rage again. She found out that Tom had kissed Ariana in the pool at the Golden Nugget 3 years ago and they have been “friends” ever since.  It seems to me that when I guy admits to one thing, there is usually more there he is not admitting to…
  • Kristen was furious with Tom.
  • Kristen was furious with Stassi… Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Til Death Do Us Part

Kristen needs to remember who the boss is!

Kristen needs to remember who the boss is!

Everyone is back from Cabo. Kristen did not break up with Tom. And Stassi and Katie are furious with her for not doing so. These two have one mission in life and that is to destroy relationships around them. Oh god. Kristen is ugly crying AGAIN. I am sick of this couple. Kristen just wants to go home to her mommy in Michigan. Tom goes to work and struggles to get through his shift. Meanwhile, Stassi, Katie and Jax are out back talking trash about Tom and Kristen.  Tom confronts Jax.  Jax still sticks to the story.

Pandora is helping Mike Shay propose to Scheana Marie. He is going to do it at Lisa’s house. Scheana arrives thinking she going to a photo shoot. Mike’s proposal was adorable. She said yes.

Stassi, Katie and Kristina are sitting around gossiping about Kristen. Kristen was tweeting her love for Tom before she even got on the plane. They all decide to hate Kristen and take Ariana’s side! Continue reading


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Watch What Happens Live With Kristen Doute and Tom Sandoval

Nothing gay about this picture!

Nothing gay about this picture!

Well this should be interesting It’s Watch What Happens Live with Kristen Doute and Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules! Dr. Jenn from Couples Therapy is the bartender! Andy starts with all the Tom on Tom makeout session from the spin the bottle game that I did not recap. He says I love how upset you guys pretended to be. Tom says, “There is a lot of pretending, we have to go back to those acting classes.”  Hey Tom, way to throw shade right back Andy about his fake reality shows!

Wow Andy has footage of these two on something called 23 Minutes to Sunrise acting together. Andrew, is it really wise to tell the casual viewers who may still suspend disbelief and think this show is reality that everyone on the show is a wanna be actor? No, No it is not.

Sidenote: Both Tom and Kristen look STUNNING on this show. I have never seen either one look so attractive. Then again, it’s Monday and I have been blogging or working on blog projects for more than 12 hours straight so I am delusional. Don’t mind me. Continue reading


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