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Did Usher Get Special Treatment When Voting In The Election?

People just keep wanting to make a story where there is none. There is no outrage in Atlanta over Usher voting. Did he get special treatment? Well kind of. Here is what really happened. In Atlanta, we had a lot of early voting opportunities. Lots of weekend voting stations set up and there were lines. Not long lines but lines. And the news cameras were out in full force showing people taking advantage of early voting. Most of the time the lines were not that long, average I’d say was 30 minutes or less. So Usher needs to vote. He knows if he goes on election day there is no way to know how long the lines would be. So he opts for early voting. Continue reading


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Hollywood Divorce Three Ways

Oliver Rose: I think I can swing this over to the balcony.
Barbara Rose: Stop it! Stop it! stop it!
Barbara Rose: I loosened the bolt, I was gonna drop it on you.
Oliver Rose: Oooh. That’s a good one.

There is a little bit of fresh tea about three couples related to either a previous divorce  (Tameka and Usher and Camille and Kelsey) or an ongoing on-going one (Adrienne and Paul). I figure I might as well just give it to you all at once before I head out into this gloriously perfect Saturday.  So here is the quick and dirty.

Let’s start with Camille and Kelsey because it is basically a non-story I wanted to address one more time. I don’t know why stuff keeps coming out about this divorce. It was a fairly simple one. Despite a lot of animosity, the legalities were simple and undisputed for the most part. It’s a fifty-fifty split with Camille getting the old kids and Kelsey just making some new ones. Before we start, I am not interested in what some of you think you know about the “net worth” of celebrities based on some site that claims to know the financial bottom line on everyone in Hollywood. They don’t. Nor do I. I do know that website, in general, is pitifully inaccurate.

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Tameka Foster’s Attorney Files a Motion to Have Custody Judge Recused From Case

According to HipHopEnquirer who has the best and most extensive coverage of the Tameka Foster custody battle, Tameka’s lawyer, has filed a motion to have Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane recused from any futher involvement in the child custody case brought by Usher. In the motion, attorney Lisa West lists numerous claims regarding Usher’s attorney, John Mayoue. According to the filing, West claims that Mayoue serves on the executive committee to re-elect Judge Lane, raised nearly 83% of her campaign funds in 2008, and has a disproportionately large number of his cases assigned to her including all of his high-profile cases despite the fact that cases are meant to be randomly assigned to judges. Attorney West was on Foster’s original legal team which belies the story by TMZ that Foster was “shopping for new attorneys for the appeal.”  There has been no response from the Judge or Mayoue at this time. Judge Lane recently awarded primary physical custody to Mayoue’s client, Usher after a case that many believed lacked a foundation for the ruling. For an in-depth look at the case, follow HipHopEnquirer on twitter

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Tameka Foster to Appeal Child Custody Ruling

In a move that is surprising to no one, Tameka Foster is filing an appeal on the ruling in he child custody case. The judge’s ruling, giving Usher physical custody, is set to go into effect on September 1st. It is not clear if an appeal will delay the children’s move. I’ve read at SFTA (I believe, I can’t find the direct link but she has lots of info straight from the courtroom) that there were reasons to believe that Usher’s attorney had raised funds for Judge Lane’s election. Today TMZ reports that , “According to the campaign contribution report for Judge Lane, the law firm that  represented Usher raised $1,278 for Lane in March 2008.” There is also allegedly a phone call that Usher made to Tameka claiming he had the case in the bag well before a ruling was made. Clearly, mean-spirited remarks are flying in all directions, still. Sadly for the kids, the battle rages on.  TMZ stated that Tameka is interviewing lawyers for the appeal. This means she likely fired all the ones that lost the case for her.

UPDATE: Hip Hop Enquirer has an excellent article outling the custody trial nearly minute by minute.



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Usher is Awarded Primary Custody in Court Battle with Tameka Foster

Tameka Foster has lost primary custody of her two sons that she shares with Usher. The singer was awarded primary custody of four-year-old Usher Raymond V and three-year-old Naviyd after a ruling by Judge Lane in Fulton Superior Court today.  According to Cherrise Boone,spokeswoman for the Fulton Superior Court Clerk’s office,   “Both parties will have joint legal custody, but Usher will have primary physical custody.” It is unclear what sort of visitation will be allowed with Tameka.

Judge Lane stated in her ruling:

The father shall have final decision-making authority with respect to all matters concerning the children, including but not limited to education, religion, extracurricular activities, health and mental well-being, but he shall first discuss any major decisions relating to such matters with the mother.

In addition, the judge ruled that the parents must attend monthly meetings with a co-parenting coordinator to mediate any issues that arise with regard to parenting decisions.

I’m a bit surprised. I would have expected the court to side with the mother in this case despite the fact that both parties have their share of issues. I’m not a fan of either party, but I can’t help but feel compassion for Tameka. It has barely been a month since Kile’s funeral and now she is losing primary custody of her two youngest boys. I don’t know how she is going to handle this.  I’ll post more when I know more.



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The Fight for Custody of Tameka Foster and Ushers’ Boys is Almost Over

All contested custody battles are ugly. The current battle between Usher and Tameka Foster seems to be taking ugly to a new level Rumors are popping all over town about both sides being underhanded and playing dirty pool. Since the death of Tameka’s 11-year-old son Kile, and the funeral just a few short weeks ago, this whole trial has been nearly too difficult for me to follow. If you are new to the case Usher has taken Tameka to court in an effort to get full custody of their two young sons. Usher claims she is unfit and wants the kids raised by him and his family.  Closing arguments were today and a ruling was expected fairly quickly.

The judge has come back with two things today both rulings were against Usher. First, the judge has ordered Usher to reopen the Saks account that he closed last year. The card has special benefits that she needs to run her business as a stylist.  Secondly, Usher was order to pay for a nanny bill. No ruling has been made on the custody.

Frankly, I’m not sure where the kids would be better off. In general, I would assume that unless some horrific allegations could be proven that the judge would give custody to the mother. Because the joint custody is not working according to both parties, the judge, who by the way is also handling the Sheree Whitfield child support case, has a tough decision to make.

WordPress totally refuses to let me embed this link, but if you are interested, it is here.


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