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Teresa and Nicole Responds to Victoria Gotti’s Comments

NIcole Just Tweeted She and Bobby are headed to Vegas!

NIcole Just Tweeted She and Bobby are headed to Vegas!

So, some mafia princess goes on national TV and says your husband once slept with your mother. How do you respond?  Would your response be louder if it were true or if it was not?  This week, Nicole and Teresa got their blogs up early. Both were a single page, way less than they usually are. There was no gratitude or shout outs to twitter friends. It was, pretty much the least they could do and still blog. Here is what they had to say. What they DIDN’T say may be more important. Continue reading


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UPDATED! Big Brother 16 Houseguest Caleb Reynold’s Spool of Lies

This picture is from 8/2/14

This picture is from 8/2/14


Two seasons ago we were blessed with a self-absorbed pathological liar who never saw a mirror she didn’t like. He name was Danielle Murphree and I wrote her autobiography here based on stupid shit she said on the live feeds. It’s a good read even if you are not a big brother watcher. This season, we have Caleb Reynolds who is a pathological liar of Danielle Murphree proportions. I wonder if she is seeing anybody. Can you imagine a Caleb and Danielle showmance? Danielle’s imaginary cancer was something to behold. How do these people pass the psyche eval? I assume there is some one question test. Do you have mental health issues? No? Okay fine, welcome to the Big Brother house.

I’ve been keeping up with Caleb’s lies since the beginning of the season. This thread is a compilation of Caleb’s lies since the first day. I will update them as more arise. I figured it was time to finally group them together and get something up because, I think Caleb’s time on Big Brother 16 may be nearing an end.

So grab some popcorn and enjoy the many, many, lies of Caleb Reynolds. Continue reading


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Adrienne Maloof Confirms She’s Dating Sean Stewart and Swears He’s a Peach!

Original artwork by David Gilmore,

Original artwork by David Gilmore,

Okay remember yesterday when we talked about the ridiculousness that is Adrienne Maloof’s new boytoy?  You know, yesterday when we were wondering what someone in the middle of a child custody case was doing hanging out with a guy whose biggest claim to fame is being a heroin addict on Celebrity Rehab, and a wild little man child on some reality show even we didn’t watch? That guy with no actual job that anyone knows about who was arrested just five years ago for assaulting a married couple with a brick?  Remember now? Well forget all that.Adrienne, in a rare …oh wait, Adrienne, who has TMZ and Radar Online on speed dial has called up Harvey Levin over at TMZ to set us all straight on the facts. Adrienne tells TMZ that “she met 32-year-old Sean very recently through a mutual friend. Sean had wanted  to pitch her a business idea and the two just hit it off.” Oh! So, Sean is a bidnizman now. And Adrienne, whose financial empire is collapsing all around her, is entertaining young men whose businesses need financing. Apparently, we were misled about Sean and he is really hiding an acute business acumen from the general public. Continue reading


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WWHL Recap With Kandi and Mike

WWHLOn WWHL Mike seems to be trying to avoid the discussion of where exactly the diamond is in what Andy calls the big vat of Diamond water. Mike seems uncomfortable so Andy goes right to Kandi’s engagement! He asks if they have a date in mind and he asks if she would like to share. She says she doesn’t want to say it outloud because she doesn’t want anyone to steal her date! Andy laughs saying you are referring to Kim stealing your baby name. Kandi tries to pretend she was kidding.

Mike looks even hotter than usual tonight in his LA scarf indoors look. He says that everything is going great with the new girlfriend (On tonight’s episode of Shahs he took her home to meet his mother and it went better than expected. I just decided not to recap it.) Andy seems to have noticed the girlfriend wore a leather dress to Shabbat dinner. It didn’t catch my eye. Even weirder Mike is saying it was a two thousand dollar dress. Why would he even know that? I suppose it was a Bravo wardrobe job. Look I know plenty of rich people and they are not wearing two thousand dollar dresses to dinner with the boyfriend’s parents. Ridiculousness. Ah Mike is now saying he bought her the dress because Persian men take care of their women. Mike is that guy you know is schmarmy but you just can’t help but like him. Continue reading


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RHOA Recap: I’ll See That Donkey and Raise You a Stallion

RHOAseasonfiveI watched the first 15 minutes of RHOA earlier today and I have to say if the last 45 are not more interesting, we’ve got a problem. I am tired of Kenya, I am tired of these women talking about their asses every week on national TV.  Cynthia’s talking heads were so rough edited I can’t believe anything they say. Are they just chopping her words together to make it look like Kenya has an ally? I find this new fast friendship between these two hard to believe. How much of a bonus did Cynthia get for pretending to put up with her.

Seriously, I just can’t recap tonight if it is all about fat butts. Ah, the Runway Red charity event! This should at least be interesting. Phaedra of course thinks that Ayden just has to walk the runway. Ayden ain’t having it. Phaedra needs to put 12 birthday cakes at the end of the runway and watch how fast that boy learns to walk. Ayden seems a bit um… let’s say he really seems to favor his mother. Cynthia is saying she is using ten models from her agency and the rest she got from an open call. In the real world this is a celebrity kids fashion show. The term celebrity is applied very loosely, but that is the whole point of the event. Outside of the modeling practice, Phaedra just starts slandering the heck out of Kenya saying she has a drinking problem, a chemical imbalance, she is bipolar and needs Lithium. Dang Phaedra, you liked Kenya two episodes ago. You may have been late to the Kenya bashing party but you are going big.

Photo Credit: Talking With Tami Twitter

Photo Credit: Talking With Tami Twitter

Now we pretend that Kenya has a production designer in Atlanta. Oh and we pretend that he did four weeks of pre-production on the Donkey Bootie video. sigh. I am so tired of pretending. The poor production guy is just standing there watching Kandi and Kenya argue about the booty video in front of a giant black butt.  I think Bravo production is laughing at all of us for watching this crap.Apollo and Phaedra go to meet with an actual producer. The producer says he thinks the whole donkey bootie video is hilarious. Phaedra is name dropping Jane Fonda.  Both producers are laughing about the donkey bootie name. They are name dropping back. Phaedra and Apollo cannot afford these guys. They will end up using Todd. Apollo demonstrates the video moves and it appears they are making a porn. The male producers seemed at once appalled and aroused.

Phaedra, Porsha, Nene, and Kenya front row at the Runway Red Fashion Show

Phaedra, Porsha, Nene, and Kenya front row at the Runway Red Fashion Show Photo Credit: Prince Williams

These shows are turning into 55 minutes of boredom with a five minute staged fight at the end. I’m trying to anticipate this week’s fight. I guess a Phaedra and Kenya showdown. Meanwhile Phaedra and Porsha are at a teahouse talking about Kenya. Yawn. This is the most boring recap in the world because this episode is snoozeville.

At the fashion show, Apollo ends up carrying Ayden down the runway on his shoulder. Kenya is screaming about twirling and then reverting back to her usual sour puss. Apparently this i because Porsha and Phaedra are having a good time together. After the show, Nene seems to be supporting Kenya. How long until Nene sees the light, y’all? Phaedra walks up on the awkward conversation and we get our Phaedra and Kandi confrontation.











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Reza Farahan Really Is Having a Gay Life Crisis

ShahsREzagaycrisisWhat the heck is going on with Reza Farahan? I realize that he has one of the worst cases of Seasontwoitis we have ever seen, but he seems to be totally spinning out of control.  Reza was well received by all during season one and that positive attention seems to have gone to his head. There was some foreshadowing for Reza’s behavior in season two. Remember during the finale of season one, Reza was quite harsh with MJ and lacked compassion about her mother issues, despite him being estranged from his own father. Which brings us to this season, where it seems that Reza’s mission in life is to bring down MJ. This has resulted in his popularity crashing to the ground and it seems he is having a hard time dealing with it.  Reza has now blocked me on twitter, I assume because of something on this site he did not like. I like Reza, but I can only report what we all or watching. There is just no way for me to put a positive spin on his behavior. I keep hoping for Reza and MJ to either make up or for Reza to stop being so obsessed with her. Sadly that does not appear to be happening. He has paused the war long enough to give stories to major blogs. Continue reading


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