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It’s All Relative Premiere Recap: It’s a Light-Hearted Funny Show!

Its All Relative Family

It’s time for the premiere of Lisa Remini’s new reality show on TLC.  Leah is married to a very attractive man named Angelo. He runs their family diner. The have a daughter named Sofia. I’m just to the opening montage and I love it already. The Remini’s are having a party to celebrate them leaving Scientology and the friends that still support her. The theme is old Hollywood. I think Leah is very brave to be discussing getting out of the cult. There are many friends and family members who must shun her now because the are still Scientologist’s.

Angelo wants to get rid of the swing set to get room for the party because Sofia is growing up. I don’t think she is too old for a nice swing set, it’s large enough for adults to use. Angelo’s has an ulterior motive though because he wants a basketball court in the back yard.

Leah was raised in the Church of Scientology since birth. There are a lot of their family members still in the Church and they are not allowed to speak to the Reminis who escaped. Continue reading


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