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The Walking Dead Recap: Start to Finish


By The Lady Cocotte

It’s the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead! Our last new episode until Valentine’s Day. It’s bound to be a doozy. A tower fell, taking down some of Alexandria’s wall. Walkers are flooding in. Home is no longer safe. Jessie’s youngest son Sam has barricaded himself in his room, drawing pictures of someone tied to a tree as walkers attack (ie: what Carol threatened to do to him earlier in the season). Ants are invading his room, swarming a cookie he left uneaten. While Tiny Tim sings “Tiptoe Through The Tulips,” the ants reenact what the walkers are doing to Alexandria right outside the window. Rick screams at everyone to get into the houses. He starts shooting and we quickly realize how ridiculously outnumbered the humans are. Deanna tries to get Rick inside but when that doesn’t work, joins him in attack. She’s a terrible shot but she’s finally fighting. Damn, that’s a lot of walkers. It was scary enough when they were outside the walls but seeing them in Alexandria is downright terrifying. Continue reading


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The Walking Dead Recap: Always Accountable


By Lady Cocotte

Tonight’s The Walking Dead Episode focuses on Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. While everyone else returned to Alexandria to help fight the wolves, they continued to lead the horde of walkers away from Alexandria. Sure, some walkers got off-course and ended up outside the gates (20 deep, by Rick’s estimation) but the rest have been lead 20 miles away by our intrepid threesome. Now it’s time to bring our friends home safe.

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham abandon their horde and cruise through a small town on the way home. They’re finally out of danger and we can relax. Oh, crap! Someone’s shooting at them. I forgot that you never get to relax in the zombie apocalypse. If the walkers don’t get you, the humans will. It’s a well coordinated attack. Sasha is veering all over the place and Daryl just lost control of his bike. Daryl gets going again but he’s separated from the others. Sasha barrels through a wall and slows down her tail. Daryl is chased right into a herd of walkers. Sasha and Abraham are out of their vehicle (apparently cars don’t like driving through walls) and they shoot up the car that followed them. So many bullet holes. But not enough for Abraham. He wants to keep shooting but Sasha stops him. She doesn’t want to call attention to their position and she finds Abraham’s lust to kill off-putting.


Daryl loses his tail by driving into the forest. A short way in, he collapses in exhaustion. You don’t often see Daryl in a position of weakness. The forest has been burned and is littered with burnt skeletons, some still walkers even though they have little flesh. The makeup department loves creating walkers in new states of distress. These skeleton walkers aren’t as gross as some we’ve seen but they definitely send a chill up my spine. Even after their flesh is gone, the hunger to feed remains. Daryl removes his jacket to check for injuries (thank you for that). He hears someone coming so he hides his bike under brush. The burnt forest is like a black and white film except for Daryl. He’s the only living thing there so he’s the only color. So far the visuals are amazing. He comes across two girls who raise their hands and plead, “You found, okay? Here we are. We earned what we took.” Uh, okay. Their eyes look to the right and Daryl turns just in time to be knocked out by a blonde guy. Continue reading


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The Walking Dead Recap: Now



By: The Lady Cocotte

Last week The Walking Dead gave us Morgan’s fascinating backstory but I’m looking forward to finding out where everything stands in the present. Hopefully this episode, titled “Now,” will bring us some answers. Alexandria is still reeling from the wolves’ attack, Glenn was last seen under a pile of walkers and most likely (maybe) dead, and Rick couldn’t get the RV started as the walker horde descended upon him.

Deanna surveys the damage at Alexandria. She’s a mess. She’s still mourning her husband and seeing the destruction the wolves caused is beyond her abilities right now. Michonne tells Maggie about Glenn. We can’t even begin to ache for her because someone is shouting. A horde of walkers is heading for Alexandria. And Rick is two steps ahead of them! Only Rick could outrun that many walkers in cowboy boots. He makes it inside the walls and at least one of our crew is safe.

Alexandria is now surrounded by walkers (20 deep, according to Rick). The Alexandrians haven’t had to deal with anything like this before. They’re freaking. Rick gives an inspirational “Rick” speech. He’s confident that Sasha, Abraham, Daryl and Glenn will make it back. Aaron stands up for Rick but then admits that his backpack is what led the wolves to Alexandria. No, Aaron! I know you’re feeling guilty but don’t tell them now. Everyone’s too upset to not hold it against you. Deanna stumbles away in a daze. Their leader has fallen.


A riot is brewing at the storehouse. Knowing they can’t forage right now, food is being rationed. The freaked-out Alexandrians don’t take that very well. They figure they’re going to die anyway so they might as well eat. People start grabbing what they want. Deanna’s son Spencer tries to stop them. “Doing this will start us down a road where nothing matters. Where no one else matters. And then we’ll all look back at this moment right now as when we destroyed this place.” He makes everyone think. They return the supplies. He’s definitely Deanna’s son. She overheard him and even through her grief she’s proud. I can’t help but think that the right son died. Continue reading


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The Walking Dead Recap: He’s Not Here


By: The Lady Cocotte

Can we handle a 90 minute episode of The Walking Dead? Bring it on! This week’s “previously on…” takes us back to the season 1 story about Morgan’s wife and son. Then we see crazy Morgan from season 3. So this is going to be the Morgan episode. I’m game, as long as they clear up the “did he or didn’t he” death of Glenn.

The screen title reads: “NOW.” Morgan is talking to the camera, as if he’s talking to the wolf he met last season. The wolf I thought he killed at the end of the siege on Alexandria… “You said you liked talking. You remember that? Little chats with a stranger by the fire. You said it was like the movies. And you said that you want everything that I have. Every last bit. Well, here it is: Every. Last. Bit.” The screen title switches to: “THEN.” We’re back to crazy Morgan. He’s a mess. Pacing, talking to himself. His walls are covered in scrawl. What I can read says: “You’re not there. Here’s not here.”


Crazy Morgan is hunting. He makes a huge pile of dead walkers and sets them on fire. The fire draws more walkers to kill. Whack! One day he notices people following him so he kills them too. Strangles one with his bare hands, staring into his eyes as he dies. Every night he burns what he killed. When he’s not killing, he’s talking to himself. It’s not much of a life. Then he hears a goat! Before he can snatch her, a voice calls out: “Will you step away from the goat? She’s not yours. I still need her. I’m still figuring out how to make cheese.” Morgan starts shooting because, kill. The voice asks him to put the gun down and join him for falafel. Crazy Morgan just can’t relate. The voice keeps telling him to lower his gun. Suddenly he’s hit by a stick-wielding man. I think we may have met Morgan’s sensei. Continue reading


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The Walking Dead Recap: “Thank You”

Walker - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Walker – The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3 Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

By The Lady Cocotte

Are you ready for a new episode of The Walking Dead? The wolves have been dispatched but that doesn’t mean the survivors are safe. We’ve gone back in time to the horn blaring. The crew that was leading the walker horde away from the quarry are reacting to the sound. They know something bad is happening at home but they don’t know what it is. On top of that, the walkers they’ve been leading away are being called straight to Alexandria. They’re panicking. They’re running, trying to stay ahead of the horde. The Alexandrians in the group are falling apart, literally and figuratively. Rick makes a plan to get the RV and lead the walkers back on track. He asks Glenn and Michonne to take the Alexandrians home. He pulls them aside to say that they should do whatever it takes to get themselves home (even if they have to sacrifice the others). Pre-Morgan Rick is back. Heath overhears the conversation and makes a stink face. Before he can throw a fit, another Alexandrian gets attacked by a walker. They’re dropping like flies, people.


Rick takes off. Glenn and Michonne continue leading the Alexandrians home. One girl already injured her foot. They come across a group of walkers and go to take them out. One Alexandrian is so scared he ends up shooting one of his own people in the leg and then runs away. Shit show. Then someone else gets bit. So our group is now Glenn, Michonne, Heath (who has a bad attitude about Rick), Nicholas (who previously tried to kill Glenn), the girl with the injured foot, the guy who got shot in the leg and the guy that got bit. Glenn and Michonne should just dump those losers but you know they won’t. Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are still leading part of the herd according to the original plan. They’re 5 miles out with another 15 to go when Daryl decides to return to Alexandria to lend a hand. Sasha and Abraham aren’t too pleased but there’s not much they can do about it.

The bit guy knows he’s dying. He tells Michonne about meeting his wife after everything went down and how she brought him back to human. “Finding her in all of this, that was everything.” Romance in the zombie apocalypse. They stop in the town where Nicholas and Aiden abandoned their crew (before we met them) to take care of the injured. They find the guy that ran away earlier in the episode, being eaten, of course. It’s all too much for Nicholas. He starts losing it. He’s a very troubled man. The town is full of walkers that wandered off course so everyone hides in an old pet shop. Glenn decides to start a fire to pull the walkers away from their route home. Michonne doesn’t want to separate but Glenn is insistent. Nicholas suggests burning the feed store and offers to go with Glenn. I don’t like that. I still don’t trust that guy. Before they leave, he tells Rick the plan over walkie talkie. Rick is fighting walkers and either cuts himself or gets bit, it’s hard to tell. Glenn lovingly calls him dumbass (which is what he called Rick when they met). Continue reading


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The Walking Dead Recap: Wolves At The Door?



By The Lady Cocotte

Last week’s premiere of The Walking Dead left us with a huge cliffhanger. Who is attacking Alexandria? Will Rick and his crew reach home in time to save everyone? And who the hell is honking that damn horn? Hopefully all of those questions will be answered tonight.

We start with Enid (Carl’s girlfriend) in an SUV. She’s scanning the area for walkers as two others try to get the car started. Oh, they’re her parents. We’re finally getting some Enid backstory. She sees walkers and screams for them to hurry. The next thing we know, she’s sitting in the bloody car, watching her parents get eaten. No wonder this girl has issues. She’s by herself, out in that world, for quite a while before she finds Alexandria. She keeps writing JSS over and over. What does JSS mean? As usual, the writers give us new questions before answering the old ones.

Carol is in the storeroom with other ladies, keeping up her Suzie Homemaker charade. Mrs Niedermeyer brings up wanting a pasta maker again and Carol finally snaps. She offers to teach her how to make pasta without a machine, as long as Mrs Niedermeyer promises to stop smoking inside the house. “It’s just a disgusting habit. And it kills you.” I love it when Carol gets bitchy. She returns home to find Jessie’s youngest son, Sam waiting for her. Carol built a relationship with Sam when she threatened to feed him to walkers if he told on her. For some reason he comes to her with all his problems and it drives her crazy. Carol has lost too many children to go down that path again. She shoos him away by telling him, “Your dad used to hit you and then he got himself killed. It happened. Now it’s done. You live with it or it eats you up. Go home.” Ah, motherly love…

Jessie tries to give her oldest, Ron, a haircut as a way to bond with him. He’s a very angry boy. She asks if he blames her for his father’s death. “Raise your left hand above your head. You can’t. Tell me why.” He refuses to admit that his dad hurt him. Instead he turns his anger on Rick. Dude, Rick isn’t the problem here. Sure, he killed your dad. Sure, he wants your mom. But this isn’t Oedipus. This is the zombie apocalypse. And some day soon you’re going to realize that life isn’t all pasta machines and mom’s haircuts. Continue reading


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