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Nene Leakes Co-Hosts The View

Nene On The VIew

Oh god. I knew I should have made coffee today. I was minding my own business moderating comments and The View started blaring in the back ground. There was loud dance music and Rosie O and Whoopi were dancing it up and the Republican chick, Nicole? and Madea were dragging ass across the stage. Then I realized it was not Madea. It was Nene Leakes. I’m not kidding. I really thought Madea was there for a Christmas movie or something. Apologies.

Nene’s wig. God it is horrible. I’m one of the few people who kinda likes the finger waves, so my bar is very low, but it’s bad. Okay no it is not. When she literally dragged ass across the stage in the matronly black dress it looked bad, but up close from the front it’s okay. I wish she would realize that blond is not a good choice for her. Even when she wears the white face makeup, it still doesn’t work for her. But, at least it is longer, nearly shoulder length, she is in for Rosie Perez. Whoopi made some big deal about Rosie Perez rumors about her leaving are not true. Those are not the rumors, the rumors are that O’Donnell is out the door. So that was weird. Anyway. Nene’s lumbering may mean she is sore from the Broadway workout. She is not losing any weight yet. She didn’t lose any on DWTS either did she?

Meanwhile everyone is chatting about Nicole’s interesting night at home last night full of catastrophe and Nene is just like a tennis tournament spectator. Nene is annoying me and all she is doing is smiling and nodding and preening her wig. I’m really trying to be nice. It’s not working. Nene is out of her element sitting at a table talking about politics.  She is literally sitting there with her hand on her chin going “mmm hmmm” no matter who is talking. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes, Sherri Shepherd Both Land Role on Broadway

Real Housewives of Atlanta Nene Leakes Episode 15 Season six news


This is something I did not see coming.  When Nene Leakes and Sherri Shepherd were both rumored to be up for the same part in the Broadway production of Cinderella,  the initial rumors were they were angling for the part of the fairy godmother. In that story, to me the most important point was that Nene was so butthurt over comments made by Wendy Williams she was finger-painting  “Wendell” on pocket books with nail polish.

As it turns out, both Sherri Shepherd and Nene Leakes have gotten the part of Cinderella’s mother to be played across from Keke Palmer. Cinderella has been on Broadway since January of 2013 with a predominantly white cast.  That will all change next Tuesday when Sherri Shepherd and Keke Palmer take over the roles of on September 9th. Shepherd will  be the first African-American woman to play the evil stepmother on Broadway. She will play the role through November 22.  Nene Leakes will take on the role on November 25th presumably playing the role until the curtain falls for the last time January 3, 2015. Continue reading


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Sherri Shepherd Doesn’t Want Surrogate Baby!

Photo: ABC

Photo: ABC

Things in the divorce between Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally continue to get worse by the minute.  Back in May, when I first reported on their divorce,  Sherri’s camp seemed to indicate that Sal was not working and had not worked for the entire marriage and Sherri was on him to get a damn job.  At that time I found it odd that Sal was the one who had left their NJ home and gone back to L.A. to file for divorce.  He also filed for custody of an unborn child we found out about that the couple was having through a surrogate.

Then a week later, it hit the Internet that her first husband, Jeffery Tarpley, had gone to court asking for an emergency modification of his custody agreement regarding his son, before Sal had filed his case. The judge did not grant an emergency hearing but instead set one to happen sometime this month. Tarpley said that Sherri was working too much, and leaving Jeffery with unqualified nannies and it was affecting his developmental skills. Also, it was interfering with his ability to see his son.

Now TMZ is reporting even more shocking allegations from all sides. You may need a drink for this.  As you recall, Sherri had a difficult pregnancy with Jeffery and he was born premature which caused him to have some congenital issues regarding his development. So, “they” decided to use a surrogate. Continue reading


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Sherri Shepherd In Danger of Losing Custody of Both Children?

Sherri Has Removed Her Wedding Ring

Sherri Has Removed Her Wedding Ring

Sadly, Sherri Shepherd’s relationship woes and custody issues continue to escalate as TMZ is reporting today that not only is her current estranged husband, Sal suing her for custody of their unborn baby, but her ex-husband is also suing for full custody of their son Jeffrey.  The bombshell of the story is that her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley filed for custody of Jeffery BEFORE either Sal or Sherri filed any paperwork, according to TMZ.  This does not bode well for Sherri.

That said, the reasons that Jeff Tarpley lists as needing an emergency modification of their custody agreement seem a bit flimsy. Jeffrey was a premature baby who had to fight for his life when he was born. I am not aware of his specific special needs but Sherri has spoken about them on many occasions. He has overcome so many odds to develop into the kid he is today. It is unfair of his father to suggest that Sherri is a bad mother because as his paperwork suggests Jeffrey “can’t tie his shoes” or reads “at the second grade level.” Children with learning disabilities to not progress at the same rate as other kids. There are plenty of 9-year-olds who read at the second grade level that do not have his congenital issues. He also suggests that his hygiene skills are lacking. Perhaps there is more too it than that, but having taught 9-year-old boys, I can tell you that a lot of them have poor hygiene. It’s called being a nine-year-old boy. His case is best made by pointing out that Sherri works a lot and according to him leaves him with “unqualified nannies.” Continue reading


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Sherri Shepherd’s Breakup with Sal Is Even Sadder Than I Thought

ABC's "The View" - Season Fifteen

It took me a while to warm up to Sherri Shepherd when she first came on The View. But during her tenure there, she has grown up a lot. She even understands the earth is round now. She’s endeared herself to me with her reality gossip updates and because of her BFF, comedian Bone Hampton, who I got to know on Twitter when I first started blogging. I try to keep my distance from the people I blog about because it just makes it easier for me to be objective. The situation with Sherri is so personal, it feels weird to even blog about it. So I am going to ask that your comments be respectful on this post.

I’ve been reading the rumors for days and they are varied and mostly wrong I imagine. On site said that Sherri was divorcing Sal because he has not worked since the marriage. I found that hard to believe. I know that Sal was very close to her son and I think Sherri would probably put up with a lot before taking the father figure out of her son’s life. I don’t know what is going on for sure but it must be bad. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes on The View

Real Housewives of Atlanta Nene Leakes Episode 15 Season six newsApparently, Kandi and Mama Joyce and Todd were on yesterday. Mama Joyce continued to lay into Todd, Kandi was crying and they are all still talking about it today. Apparently, Whoopi told Mama Joyce to mind her own business and have a seat. I have to wonder if any of this is real. Why would you go on national TV with your mother and your boyfriend when you know full good and well your mama is going to trash your man. On the other hand, why would you allow it as a fake storyline either?  RHOA is just a hot mess these days.

By the way the Friday shows are the View are filmed after the Thursday shows on Thursday so it is likely that Nene ran into Kandi and Todd and Mama Joyce backstage.

They start with Nene’s crappy speech at the charity ball. She is wearing a black cocktail dress and her Johnny Tremain/ George Washington with that seems even bigger than usual.  Sherri starts by asking her opinion on Mama Joyce and the whole Kandi situation. Sherri ass what she has to say about that situation, Nene says, “Nothing.”  Oh so it is going to be one of those “interviews.”  Sherri ass again if she thinks Mama Joyce should let Kandi make her mistakes.  Nene says, “She should let Kandi make her mistakes.” Why is everyone so sure Kandi is making a mistake? Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville on The View

No fun to be sober

Gif by RealityTVGIFs TKyle MacMahon The best source 4 Real Housewives GIFs

Brandi Glanville was on The View today shilling her new book Drinking and Dating. Jenny started the questioning with Eddie Cibrian and his affair with Leann Rimes.  Jenny says that Brandi recently stated that it was all her fault. Jenny wants to know why she feels that way.  Brandi says, “Well, I think that as a woman you always have to trust your gut and I knew in my gut, something was wrong and I just didn’t do the investigating I should have done. I just wanted to believe that I was crazy and jealous and….”
Sherri interrupts, “So you completely trusted him is what you are saying is your fault.”
Brandi, “I did.”
Jenny, “Do you think there were previous affairs?”
Brandi, “Oh yes, there were.”
Jenny, “Do you have proof of it?”
Brandi, “Do I approve of it? Oh yeah, have a lot of affairs! Oh proof. Yeah.” Continue reading


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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaves The View to Join Fox & Friends

I have been a fan of reality TV since the very first episode of the Real World aired. When the first season of Survivor aired I was so into the show that I would participate actively in an online “spoiler” group. It was in fact because of us, and groups like us that Mark Burnett and crew began sequestering contestants who were voted off the island. I was beyond over involved in the program. I was a huge fan of Elisabeth the tiny blonde contestant that was the first in my recollection to be called “America’s Sweetheart.”

I was not particularly interested in The View until she gained a hosting position. She remains one of the few reality contestants to go on to a long-standing career in television. I can’t believe it’s been ten years. Continue reading


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Is Barbara Walters Angry That Her Nefarious Plot To Fire Elisabeth Hasselbeck Backfired?

elisebethhasselbackRemember when we talked about Joy Behar leaving The View and the rumor that Elisabeth was getting the axe? It was very strange that Elisabeth just sat there and said nothing during Barbara’s grand denial. Yesterday The New York Post ran a short story on Page Six claiming that Joy and Elisabeth were both to be fired.  Joy apparently went with the moving on to other things (after 16 years at age 70) story and I sort of bought it, but Elisabeth seemed to be uncomfortably silent in a segment that was about her.  Continue reading


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Who is Leaving The View?

joybeharToday on The View the women addressed the rumors about who is leaving and why. Joy is leaving to pursue other career opportunities (reportedly at CNN).  Barbara said that the stories about Elisabeth being let go for being too conservative are false. They have no plans to get rid of her. Elisabeth however did not say anything. Barbara said that she is always supportive of anyone who wants to take their career in a different direction. Then, in an odd segue, Whoopi talked about Lisa Ling’s ( a former co-host) new baby. She said to Joy AND Elisabeth, be careful leaving the show or you TWO could wind up pregnant again. Way to muddy the waters there Whoopi. I suspect that FOXNews has been making offers to Elisabeth for quite some time.  We shall see if The View ponies up to keep her or not. Personally, Joy and Elisabeth are my two favorite hosts. I love how they balance each other out. The show is called The View because it embraces lots of different viewpoints. I think losing both Joy and Elisabeth would be bad for the show. What do you guys think?


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Nene Leakes Co-Hosts The View

Photo Credit : Yvonne Villareal Twitter
Photo Credit : Yvonne Villareal Twitter

The was ecstatic on twitter recently for landing a co-host spot on The View today. Nene wore a deep plum long sleeve dress with two sleeves! and he hair was …that different way she does it when she is all “Hollywood.”  She looked good, but a bit matronly. I must compliment her on her beautiful diamond studs. So much better than the huge earrings she normally wears and perfect for the outfit, or any outfit really.

As soon as they sit down, Whoopi asks her why she is going to remarry Gregg.  Gregg is in the audience grinning from ear to ear as Nene responds, “Because I love him!”  Joy asks why they got divorced in the first place and Nene basically says that Gregg had problems handling her success. Gregg is miked in the audience and Sherri asks Gregg how they will deal with their problems differently this time and about how being filmed during those times makes things worse. Gregg says they are doing “the remix” and from now on they will focus on where they want to be rather than where they are. Sherri says. “Oh so that is like being present.”  Um, not, Sherri. It’s not. Joy says to Gregg that Nene makes it sound like you were jealous of her success and then asks the leading question. “You weren’t were you?”  Gregg says he wasn’t jealous of her success, he prayed for her success but when she got it and he was no longer the primary provider it was strange for him and he felt “out of pocket.” Continue reading


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The View Goes All In on Teresa Giudice

There has been a lot of gossip (one of our favorite things!) surrounding today’s episode of The View which was taped on Wednesday. On the show today, Sherri Shepherd began the interview with Teresa by saying that Teresa refused to be on the same segment with Melissa and Kathy. Teresa acknowledged that she has not spoken to Melissa or Kathy since the reunion show and she thought it would not be appropriate.  I guess it is only appropriate to argue with family on your own reality show, not on a talk show.  Elisabeth asked  Teresa why so many people are saying bad things about her? She goes so far as to say, it would seem like it is you that is the problem, then she softens the blow a bit saying Teresa seems to have good intentions.  Joy jumps right in and asks why everyone seems to be saying that fame has gone to her head, and requested her response to that. Teresa launched into her preplanned script about her Nephcure charity for The Apprentice.  Teresa knows the Nephcure contributions are her best press right now, so she tried to shift the conversation to her accomplishments rather than how they may have affected her attitude.

Barbara said that she needs to keep the drama going or she won’t have a show. Barbara admitted to not watching the show, so she just kept interrupting with questions about next season and who is coming back. Barbara needs to take a seat. Sherri  asked why she thinks she should come before Melissa with regard to her brother. She said she doesn’t feel that way. Sherri asked if her brother and Melissa knows that because it sure comes off that way on the show. Everyone went in on her. Even Whoopi. Whoopi asked if she is willing to walk away. Teresa basically says no, I was there first. Teresa appealed to Joy saying that her family came on the show without talking to her first. This is one of the first times I have ever seen The View ladies gang up on a guest. There was not a single Team Teresa person sitting on the couch. At one point Teresa appealed directly to the studio audience for help trying to get them to say she should not be the one to leave the show. As far as The View interviews go, this one was rather brutal. They seem pissed that she refused to be interviewed with Melissa and Kathy.  Sherri, who is usually pretty laid back, seemed especially irritated. So they went to a break sort of abruptly.

When we returned, it was time for Melissa and Kathy. Elisabeth asked if they went behind her back to sign up for the show. Melissa said that’s false. She was interviewed on a Friday and told Teresa on a Sunday. Kathy said that they were called in for an interview and after being offered a role they needed to discuss it with their families first. During that time Bravo mentioned it to Teresa and Teresa lost her mind. Barbara suggested they reconcile and then come back and just fight on the show. Barbara is annoying.

Melissa found out on  Tuesday that Teresa was refusing to sit with them on the couch. Melissa said she has no problem sharing the spotlight with Teresa. Melissa brought up the apology by Teresa in the press. She said that she didn’t ask for an apology or for Teresa to support her music. She simply wants peace in the family. Melissa said she tries to bite her tongue when it comes to Teresa for the sake of her husband. Joy asked if they are jealous of Teresa. They said no. Barbara kept asking if they want to come back on the show.  They both said they did. Barbara asked if there will be another season and Melissa said she thought there would be. Melissa promoted her new song. Joy says Teresa is angry because she now has to share the family spotlight. I think she is right. Teresa doesn’t want to share the spotlight on the couch on The View.

There was some gossip from an “anonymous source” claiming Melissa was heard threatening to confront Teresa on the show and that is why Teresa backed out. It made no sense. It was supposed to have happened on the set of The View but Melissa clearly stated she was notified the day before the show taped that Teresa did not want to be in the same segment. To me it seems obvious that after the taping Teresa’s people knew it went badly for her and they put out the negative gossip on Melissa themselves. Melissa also denied the allegation on twitter.

That’s my take on the situation. What do you think?


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