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The Walking Dead Recap: Not Tomorrow Yet


By Contributing Writer Lady Cocotte

Desperate housewife Carol has made a reappearance on The Walking Dead. Blissfully unaware of Rick and Maggie’s promise to kill Negan and the Saviors, she shops for food items no one else wants (water chestnuts, beets, etc). She collects acorns in the forest and tut tuts the walker blood on her blouse from a necessary kill. She even pulls out the librarian outfit she wore when she was trying to convince the Alexandrians that she was no threat. Who is she trying to hide from now? From the happy look on her face as she bakes tray after tray of cookies, I’d say she’s hiding from herself. Carol makes the rounds, passing out cookies to all of her neighbors. At Tobin’s house there is some interesting chemistry. They do a back and forth dance about her beet and acorn cookies but it’s just a cover for covert smiles and flirty looks. Their romantic comedy is interrupted by the return of the Rick and crew. There’s only so long they can forget the world they live in. “Rick, what’s going on?” Carol asks. “We’re going to have to fight,” he explains. And suddenly Carol remembers who she is. It’s not a happy reunion. She has one cookie left. She leaves it on Sam’s grave.

All of Alexandria convenes in the church to discuss the promise to Hilltop. Rick explains that eventually the Saviors will find them. Just like the wolves did. Just like Jesus did. Without the Hilltop food, Alexandria might not be strong enough to protect itself. “This is the only way to be sure. As sure as we can get that we win.” Morgan looks uncomfortable. Rick acknowledges that it has to be a group decision and asks if anyone objects. Morgan stands up. He suggests negotiating with the Saviors. “If we try and talk to the Saviors we give up our advantage, our safety,” Rick responds. “No! We have to come for them before they come for us. We can’t leave them alive.” Morgan tries again but Rick won’t budge. Instead of encouraging a peaceful solution, Morgan’s arguments seem to push everyone to Rick’s side. Finally Aaron stands up. “What happened here, we won’t let that happen again.” And that settles it. “We don’t all have to kill,” Rick summarizes. “But, people that are gonna stay here, they do have to accept it.” They’re going on the offensive.

Carol has a hard time sleeping. She pulls out her journal and updates the list of people she has killed. 18. It makes her cry. Since she can’t sleep, she takes a midnight stroll. She walks by Tobin’s house and finds him on his porch. Deciding to kill people has affected everyone’s sleep tonight. Tobin is worried about the next day. “You going?” Carol asks him. “No. You are.” He tells her that she can do things that terrify him. She wants to know if he understands her motivations. “You’re a mom…” he explains. “It’s not the cookies. Or the smiles. It’s the hard stuff. The scary stuff. It’s how you can do it. It’s strength.” He goes on to explain that she protect the town like a mother does her child. She asks if she’s his mom too. “No,” he answers. “You’re something else to me.” And they kiss. “Well, it’s not tomorrow yet,” she coyly tells him.

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The New Normal Cancelled After One Season

The New Normal - Season 1It’s sort of a mixed bag for Nene Leakes this week. The New Normal, has been cancelled after a borderline season. I though perhaps Ryan Murphy might be able to eek out one more season, but alas, it was not the case. Glee, on the other hand, I believe, for reasons no one understands, has two more seasons! I could not believe that when I read it and I am still not sure it is true. Since the primary cast graduated, the show has been filming things in NYC with them as well as the new kids in the high school scenes. Nene is on that occasionally for a hot second. Once Glee had the split in locations, Nene’s already small role was greatly reduced. It remains to be seen if she will even be on the next two seasons, but given Ryan’s gay crush on her, it is likely she will be making at least limited appearances. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Models for GAP Holiday Ads

Now to balance out our Nene coverage with some good, positive news. Nene has joined her New Normal castmates in print ads for GAP. The holiday themed ads focus on all the different types of love…the New Normal cast was chosen to portray “family love.”  It’s sweet and Christmasy let’s hope the comments are too!


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene Leakes



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Nene Leakes on Wendy Williams

This morning Wendy Williams a played a great clip from The New Normal before bringing out Nene. Nene’s acting is really improving on that show. I’m still not sure the show will make it, but if it doesn’t it won’t be because of Nene. She’s holding her own in a cast of serious actors. Nene looked stunning in an orange dress.

The two talk about Wendy’s short wig and Nene says her hair is not a wig although people think it is. Wendy asked why Nene wasn’t in the second episode of The New Normal and Nene says she was shooting RHOA at the same time. She assures everyone that she is “a regular” on the show and we will see a lot of her this season.  Nene has been telling everyone who will listen that after being on Glee, Ryan Murphy wrote the part of Roxy on The New Normal just for her. Now she has a whole nuther story. Apparently, when she first read the script she thought Roxy was a white woman. She called her manager and he told her she is supposed to read the script with “no color.” She still thought her character was white, so she called Ryan and he promised to fix it.  This story is interesting only in that it is the opposite of what she has been saying all along. But it really doesn’t matter either way. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Vogue Photo Shoot With Cast Of The New Normal

The New Normal has been getting an insane amount of press. Now the cast has a photo shoot for Vogue? This is very interesting.


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