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The New Normal Cancelled After One Season

The New Normal - Season 1It’s sort of a mixed bag for Nene Leakes this week. The New Normal, has been cancelled after a borderline season. I though perhaps Ryan Murphy might be able to eek out one more season, but alas, it was not the case. Glee, on the other hand, I believe, for reasons no one understands, has two more seasons! I could not believe that when I read it and I am still not sure it is true. Since the primary cast graduated, the show has been filming things in NYC with them as well as the new kids in the high school scenes. Nene is on that occasionally for a hot second. Once Glee had the split in locations, Nene’s already small role was greatly reduced. It remains to be seen if she will even be on the next two seasons, but given Ryan’s gay crush on her, it is likely she will be making at least limited appearances. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Models for GAP Holiday Ads

Now to balance out our Nene coverage with some good, positive news. Nene has joined her New Normal castmates in print ads for GAP. The holiday themed ads focus on all the different types of love…the New Normal cast was chosen to portray “family love.”  It’s sweet and Christmasy let’s hope the comments are too!


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene Leakes



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Nene Leakes on Wendy Williams

This morning Wendy Williams a played a great clip from The New Normal before bringing out Nene. Nene’s acting is really improving on that show. I’m still not sure the show will make it, but if it doesn’t it won’t be because of Nene. She’s holding her own in a cast of serious actors. Nene looked stunning in an orange dress.

The two talk about Wendy’s short wig and Nene says her hair is not a wig although people think it is. Wendy asked why Nene wasn’t in the second episode of The New Normal and Nene says she was shooting RHOA at the same time. She assures everyone that she is “a regular” on the show and we will see a lot of her this season.  Nene has been telling everyone who will listen that after being on Glee, Ryan Murphy wrote the part of Roxy on The New Normal just for her. Now she has a whole nuther story. Apparently, when she first read the script she thought Roxy was a white woman. She called her manager and he told her she is supposed to read the script with “no color.” She still thought her character was white, so she called Ryan and he promised to fix it.  This story is interesting only in that it is the opposite of what she has been saying all along. But it really doesn’t matter either way. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Vogue Photo Shoot With Cast Of The New Normal

The New Normal has been getting an insane amount of press. Now the cast has a photo shoot for Vogue? This is very interesting.


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The New Normal Premieres Online to Mixed Reviews

Nene Leakes latest sitcom venture The New Normal has been embroiled in controversy from the outset. There were the usual whackdoodle bigots who apparently think gay people should not be on TV. The same group that had a hissy fit when Ellen Degeneres became the spokes person for JCPenney tried to raise a fuss, but apparently they are just a handful (not a million, not even a dozen) shut-in hausfraus from Florida. Now the morons want to get in on the act. The Salt Lake City NBC affiliate is refusing to air the show even before they have seen a single episode. Ellen Barkin, who plays the conservative, bigot mother on the show has offended many people, not limited to republicans, by wishing death on attendees of the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Barkin retweeted a fan who said, ” “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC.” Not a good look.

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Nene Leakes Makes The Wall Street Journal

Just when I though Nene’s notoriety could not surprise me any more, it does. Guess who was written up in….wait for it……The Wall Street Journal! I am not kidding. This video is a conversation between two Wall Street Journal journalists discussing Nene Leakes unprecedented leap from reality shows to mainstream TV. Sure they equate it to a porn star breaking into mainstream cinema, and yeah, they mention that she only plays herself and is sort of a one-note Betty, but the goddamn Wall Street Journal is talking about Nene Leakes!  I fear the whole doomsday end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it prediction for this December is probably actually going to happen now. I need to book a fancy vacation between now and then.

And there is plenty of tea in their story! Click to page 2 for all the spilling.


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Nene Has a New Bra, But the Same Old Do-Boy

Nene Leakes is in LA promoting The New Normal at the TCA Summer Press Tour 2012.  Nene has been photographed several times lately showing off this black bra. Apparently she is quite proud of it. As usual, Gregg is following in her wake fetching and stepping like a good little do-boy.  According to The Hollywood Reporter while speaking with the press on sectional sofas, Nene summoned Gregg over to her, said something and he returned quickly with a pink Cosmopolitan and faded back into the woodwork. In true Nene go-getter fashion, she was one of the very last people to leave the event working everyone in the room. The New Normal is being boycotted by the same crazy homophobes that boycotted JCPenney for making Ellen Degeneres a spokesperson for the chain. I don’t understand why people don’t just turn the channel if there is something on the TV they don’t like.


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Trailer for the New Normal Check out Nene!

OMG. Is it me or is this show looking like it’s going to be good? I know it is too early to call, but it looks like Ms. Leakes may have a hit show.


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Nene Leakes at NBC Up-Fronts

Nene Leakes is in NYC this week for NBC Up-Fronts. Nene has won the role of Rocky on Ryan Murphy’s comedy, The New Normal,  that has already been picked up for the new fall line up. She’s pictured here with Jimmy Fallon. Click through for more, with the Donald.


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Nene Leakes Lands New Role on NBC Comedy Pilot

Now we know what the new role is that Nene scored while in LA filming for Glee. It seems Glee Co-Creator, Ryan Murphy continues to be a Nene fan! Here’s what had to say:

NeNe Leakes, who has been recurring on the current season of Glee as rival cheerleading coach Roz Washington, is re-teaming with Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy on his NBC comedy pilot The New Normal, about a blended family of a gay couple and their surrogate. On the project, co-created by Ali Adler, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star NeNe will play the heavily recurring role of Rocky.

This show was just green-lighted for a pilot for a potential spot in the fall 2012 lineup.  It’s about a gay couple and their relationship with the woman they chose to be their surrogate. Ellen Barkin was just recently cast to play the role of the surrogate’s mother. Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells play the lead roles and Georgia King will play the surrogate. The cast is still being formed and changed around a bit. No word on what Nene’s role as “Rocky” will entail. My guess is she is the loud talking black woman brought in for comic relief.  That said, if this show gets picked up it would be great for Nene. This is a nice get for her.

Source: Realitytvgifs


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