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Cissy Houston on The View

cissyhoustonbookLess than three months after Whitney Houston died last year on February 11th, her brother, mother, daughter and sister-in-law were filming a reality TV show and interviewing with Oprah Winfrey.  I remember being surprised that Cissy Houston would agree to do a reality show before the official autopsy results had even come back. But now here we are a week later and despite protests from Krissi, Cissy has written a tell all book about her deceased daughter and is on a book tour one year to the day after her death. It sure doesn’t take people long to start picking at the corpse does it?

Cissy says she is getting through her grief by writing a book  because it is God’s will and there is nothing else she can do. It seems to have been decided that Sheri and Whoopi take this interview, and let’s just say Sheri is in a bit over her head. Whoopi finally asks, “What made you write the book?”  Cissy says that everyone was writing a book so that was what made her want to do it. Wait everyone was writing a book within weeks of her death? Maybe so,  but they weren’t her grieving mother, Miss Cissy. She wanted everyone to know that Whitney was nothing like people thought she was, she was a great person. She had a few little faults like everyone else. Continue reading

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TamaraTattles Year in Review (February)

Aretha Franklin Makes a Statement Regarding Whitney Houston's FuneralThere were several interesting posts in February which seemed to revolve around death (Russell Armstrong, Whitney Houston) and arrest records (Marlo Hampton, Chris Brown). Russell’s ex-girlfriend gave up the true tea on Taylor as she was being bombarded on twitter and in the press. We were watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Orange County. I was preparing for the Shahs of Sunset by interviewing Asa Soltan Rahmati. We had our first glimpse at her fabulous house on Venice beach. Also two Real Housewives of Miami were sued. Again, there are some formatting issues because these posts were made on Blogger, but if you were not reading Tamaratattles in February, there is good tea here that is still interesting today. Click through for all the drama. Continue reading


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Engaged Couple Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon Are Good Samaritans

Whitney Houston’s daughter Krisi and Nick Gordon were in a strip mall parking lot in Roswell yesterday when they came upon a young man in distress. The two joined half a dozen people who were administering aid to the man who was apparently unconscious.  No info is available on what was wrong with the guy or his current condition. On Friday a rep for the Houston’s Lifetime reality show gave a statement refuting rumors that Krisi and Nick are engaged.  The rep suggested we will see it all play out on the reality series including a surprise ending involving Krisi’s relationship with her father.

Are you going to watch?


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Trustees of Whitney Houston Estate Go to Court

Cissy Houston, along with the other trustees of Whitney Houston’s estate, have filed a petition in Fulton County court to restructure payments of Bobbi Kristina “Krissi” Brown’s inheritance. Krissi’s behavior has been somewhat erratic since the death of her mother, Whitney last February. The petition states that “(Krissi) is a highly visible target for those who would exert undue influence over her inheritance and/or seek to benefit from respondent’s resources and celebrity.” In other words, they are worried about the influence Nick Gordon has over the 19-year-old and are using legal means to protect her assets.  The basis of the request is that the plaintiffs feel that the current distribution schedule will result in a conflict with the will’s “intent to provide long-term financial security and protection for her child.”  And that “Compliance with the provisions of the trust would defeat or substantially impair the accomplishment of the purposes of the trust, which were to provide for the proper maintenance and comfort of the respondent, and to prevent the wasting of trust assets, as evidence by the trust’s spendthrift provision.”  In other words, they want to keep any substantial payments from occurring until Bobbi gets her head on straight and is out of from under the influence of her play brother/boyfriend Nick. the intention of the petition is not to cut off payments but to delay any substantially large payment beyond the current payment schedule.

Let’s hope the courts agree to do this. I fear this situation could go terribly wrong is someone does not step in and start providing Krissi with some direction.


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Bobbi Kristina Brown in Serious Car Crash

Since Whitney Houston died, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, has been under the scrutiny of paparazzi. The mainstream media and blogs alike have been reporting on some pretty disconcerting behaviors in the nearly seven months since Whitney’s death.  At first, reports indicated that Bobbi wanted to be back in the Atlanta condo that she once shared with Whitney. We were told that Warren Boyd, the guy the show The Cleaner is based on, was with her at all times acting as an interventionist and sober coach.  This was believed to be a temporary measure designed to get her to agree to an in-patient rehab. Well, it was a temporary measure, but Krissi never agreed to go to rehab.

Then came the Oprah interview where Pat Houston seemed eager to take center stage. We did see Krissi who seemed to be getting through things the best she could. Even that interview was rather awkward as Orpah interviewed Krissi standing around a kitchen counter in a not very relaxed setting. But at that point we figured the family, you know the family that could not even allow Krissi’s half-siblings to sit together with their father at the funeral, anyway, we figured that family had her back. But we were wrong. Continue reading


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Pat Houston Seems to Be Dying for the Spolight These Days

Tonight’s Billboard Awards will feature tributes to Donna Summer, Adam Yauch and Whitney Houston. It seems that only one of those tributes will be marred by fighting family members. It seems that Pat Houston wanted to edge out Bobbi Kristina from accepting the Millennium Award on behalf of her mother. According to TMZ , the producers of the show asked Bobbi Kristina to make the acceptance speech and Pat Houston is not having it.  Other sources say both women were asked to accept the award together. TMZ’s source is saying this is Pat trying to get publicity for her reality show. Just when you think people can’t get any lower, they always manage to surprise you.


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Pat Houston’s New Reality Show About Whitney’s Death

When Whitney Houston died, and I was reporting along with everyone else all the minutiae surrounding her death, there were those who wished that everyone would just let Whitney rest in piece. While I did feel like things may have gone to far when we were reading her autopsy report which described every square inch of her body, I felt that a lot of people needed closure. When Pat Houston, Gary Houston and Bobbi Kristina did an Oprah interview, I personally felt it was awfully soon. Then others said that it helped give them closure. But the news I got today that  Pat, Gary, Kristina, and Cissy have all been filming a reality show for Lifetime really sits with me the wrong way.  

In an effort to appear as though Pat had a reality gig before this all happened, you will hear that she and Gary were interesting enough people to be selected for a show before the death of Whitney. What you will see of course is a show specifically about the death of Whitney and it will focus on Pat and Gary and their relationship with Bobbi Kristina. Pat and Gary’s daughter, Rayah, will also be on the show. I can’t believe that Cissy is doing it. Okay, I can believe it, I just don’t want to believe it.  Less unbelievable is the fact that Dionne Warwick will appear. Oh and the Winans, don’t forget the Winans. Because don’t family and friends always grieve a tragic death with a reality show these days? Lord have mercy.


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Bobby Brown Says Bobbi Kristina is Doing Just Fine

Finally getting around to watching the Bobby Brown interviews. I really want to be supportive of Bobby but a lot of what he says flies in the face of what we have seen. Things like Bobbi making out with her play brother, and reports of her having a drug problem, and her not speaking to him. He basically says the two are besties who talk all the time and she is just fine. Thoughts?


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Whitney Houston Prescriptions from Detroit Pharmacies Investigated

One of my commenters informed me of this story out of Detroit tonight. I googled it and came up with what appears to be the NBC affiliate in Detroit. I even went to the NBC website to make sure it was an actual affiliate because the site seems sort of weird. But apparently, it’s legit. They are reporting tonight that “investigators” are looking into the prescriptions written to Whitney Houston by four doctors while she was in Detroit filming the movie Sparkle. This is the only report of this information and the meat of the story is quoted below. Make of it what you will. Thanks to Trouble in Mind for the heads up. 

Behind-the-scenes footage shows Houston on the Detroit set of “Sparkle” this past year. She spent nearly two months in the city in a swanky suite at the Westin Book Cadillac. While she was in Detroit, Houston also was having doctors call in prescriptions for Xanax and antibiotics. According to a recently revealed autopsy report, 90 generic Xanax pills were ordered for Houston at a Walgreens at Mt. Elliot Street and Jefferson Avenue.A week before that, another prescription was written by a different doctor at the CVS Pharmacy on Woodward avenue, two blocks from her hotel suite. All together, four different doctors called in prescriptions for Xanax and antibiotics to pharmacies in Detroit, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Investigators recently contacted the Detroit pharmacies and interviewed medical staff who worked on the set with Houston. [Source Local4News Detroit

In other news, residents of Newark, NJ are displeased at the $187,000 overtime bill for police services related to the Whitney Houston funeral. The private funeral police expenses for Michael Jackson’s funeral were paid by the estate.


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Final Autopsy Report on Whitney Houston Released Today

The coroners report on Whitney Houston’s death has been released and the cause of death has been ruled as drowning due to heart disease and chronic cocaine use and a possible overdose on “a narcotic substance, prescription medications, over the counter medications and alcohol.” Whitney’s body was found by her assistant face down in the bathtub and she called the body guard in to help her pull the body out of the water to attempt to resuscitate her. According to the report, nearly every flat surface in the suite had prescription bottles, open alcohol (beer and champagne) and blister packs of various over the counter medications. On the bathroom sink there was an ashtray, a coke spoon, a rolled up piece of paper and more prescription bottles. In the top drawer of the vanity there was a mirror with what tests showed was cocaine residue and more cocaine residue in the drawer.  In addition to the collection of “a plethora” of prescription pill bottles, the coke spoon, the residue from the drawer and counter tops, fingernail samples, hair samples (both head and pubic hair) and a rape kit were taken. There were three empty Xanax prescription bottles from two different doctors . One was a prescription for NINETY one mg tablets the other was for 15  the third was for a total of 90 dispensed 15 at a time all were empty.  That’s almost 200 mgs of Xanax prescribed between November 1st and January 20th. There were also an awful lot of antibiotics. a total of 12 prescription bottles were taken into evidence.


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2012 Julien Hollywood Legends Auctions Features Pieces from Whitney Houston

Several pieces of clothing and two sets of earrings belonging to Whitney Houston sold this weekend at an auction in Beverly Hills bring in around $80,000 dollars. The majority of the pieces were lost to auction by Whitney in 2007 when she was unable to pay the storage fees. A rhinestone encrusted bustier with pearl beading sold for$19,200. The velvet gown Houston wore to the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party with Bobby Brown in 1996 sold for $11,520. Two sets of earrings and a vest worn in her 1992 movie The Bodyguard were put on auction by the set designer as a single lot and sold for $8,500.

The items were part of the Julien 2012 Hollywood Legends Auction which feature over 800 items from Hollywood legends such as Clark Gable, Judy Garland,Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and many others as well as general movie memorabilia from famous movie classics.


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Whitney’s Autopsy Report and Crazy Leolah Brown & Co.

A preliminary coroner’s report was released yesterday regarding the autopsy of Whitney Houston and the results were released by TMZ.  I am pretty much a kool-aid drinker when it comes to TMZ. Their reports have a very high rate of accuracy. What bothers me is that I cant’ find a copy of the actual report online. It seems that every major news outlet is using the TMZ article as the basis for their reporting. Where is the report? The ABC video above has a copy of the report and  video of the coroner’s office official statement. It’s the closest to the original source as is available at this time.

Here is a statement of Craig Harvey the spokesman for the coroner’s office, “We had approximately a 60 percent occlusion in the arteries — in the narrowing of the arteries,  so that condition complicated by the chronic cocaine use all combined to result in her drowning. The final cause of death has been established as drowning due to atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use. Other drugs were identified in toxicology; However, their levels were at either a therapeutic or sub-therapeutic level, therefore, they are not believed to be contributory to the death.

The other drugs listed in the report were marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril (muscle relaxant) and diphenhydramine (benadryl).  Apparently the reason they are not considered contributory is that the levels found in the body indicate that the medications were not active in her system at the time, rather they were residual amounts from prior usage.  This is something I wanted to understand because sites were reporting that the drugs were all found in her body as if she had taken them in close proximity to her drowning. This was apparently not the case.

Another interesting thing to note is that the video shows the official report stating under the category How Injury Occurred  that Whitney was “found submerged in bathtub filled with water; cocaine intake.”  We’ve heard so much about where Whitney was when the paramedics came. Supposedly she had been moved onto the floor and the body guard attempted CPR. So when the report says that she was found in the bathtub is that based on the word of the first person on the scene or was she still in the bathtub?

Dr. Drew just can’t stop interviewing people about Whitney’s death. First it was Monique Houston, ex-wife of Whitney’s brother Gary.  She has not been around Whitney in years. What does she have to offer? And then last night it was Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah. Good lord that woman is crazy. The stories spinning from that interview are even crazier. You can see the interview on Youtube here(strangely I could not find it on the HLN site). Dr. Drew has barely said hello before Leolah says that Ray J killed her.  She also says that Whitney told her that Ray J was not a boyfriend of hers and that Ray J is just running around telling everyone that. Then she goes on to blame Pat Houston for letting Ray J be around Whitney and bringing her drugs.  Leolah who was not there, and apparently doesn’t realize that Ray J was not there until after she died. Also Ray J has always denied his relationship with Whitney was more than a friendship. I don’t believe him, but he is definitely not telling the press he was her boyfriend as Leolah suggests.

Then two guys who are listed as “Bobby Kristina’s cousin’s” show up to bad mouth Pat and Gary Houston for packing up Whitney’s things and getting them out of there.  Apparently, they are Leolah’s kids but “Bobby Kristina’s Cousins” has a better ring to it.They seemed pissed that Pat and Gary took Whitney’s jewelry in particular. Um, should these random dudes have gotten Whitney’s personal effects? I mean they are her nephews from a previous marriage FFS compared to her BROTHER who was there.  Also, Leolah says she is Bobbi Kristina’s legal guardian. Leolah’s eyes are closed through the entire story where she claims that years ago Whitney signed over parental rights to her for Bobby Kristina. This seems very important to her despite the fact that Krissi is an ADULT. Hmmm  wonder why? 

Another one of the cousins weighs in on his vast understanding of Whitney’s personal finances saying that she had off shore accounts. Then we go to commercial and when we come back yet another cousin appears and says he thinks Whitney was murdered. Suddenly, Leolah is saying that Whitney did not get in hotel bathtubs. This is just comical. Leolah goes back to talking about how Ray J was Whitney’s “runner boy” for drugs and that they never hung out. Really? Has she not seen all the pictures?

Meanwhile today a spokesman for Ray J tells TMZ that he had no idea she had returned to drug use. Which is of course as crazy as Leolah’s statements.

It seems every time someone dies the bottom feeders come out. It’s just sickening. I don’ know what is worse, these people being willing to come on TV and disrespect everyone around Whitney or Dr. Drew for letting them.


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