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Was That Really Whitney Houston’s Grave on Last Night’s Show?

I was trying to wimp out of being the one to say this in the other post, but it’s driving me crazy so I’m just going┬áto put it out there. I felt like that was a staged grave visit. I don’t mean just the whole “hey let’s go visit the grave on Mother’s Day with full camera’s in tow”, I’m saying I am not convinced that was the actual grave. Continue reading


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The Houstons on Lifetime

Sometimes I blog to share some tea or throw some shade and other times I blog just to say, WTF? This blog is one of those times where I am dying to know what you guys thought about a show. Last night, I watched the premiere episodes of The Houstons on Lifetime. I wasn’t planning on blogging it or recapping it because sometimes you just want to watch TV, ya know? The show was so unsettling, I just want to see what you guys thought of it. Continue reading


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Pat Houston and The Billboard Awards Part 2

There are a few interesting updates from the Billboard Awards. First, Bobbi Kris and her boyfriend were gambling at the MGM. Which is fine for the boyfriend but illegal for Bobbi Kris. The main tea is that Pat Houston tried to have Ray J throw out of his seats. Apparently, they were sitting on the same row and Pat was unhappy with that. One of Pat’s body guards (because she’s very famous and needs them) told Ray J he had to get out. Ray J had a ticket for the seat he was sitting in so he just sat there. The body guards involved the hotel security and the police. This was all just before the tribute to Whitney was set to begin. It seems that someone convinced Pat that she was making a huge scene and that cameras were present so she needed to stop.  Pat’s assistant (because she is very famous and needs an assistant)  told TMZ that it was all Billboard’s fault because they suddenly wanted her to move to the seat that Ray J was already sitting in. That would not even be believable if this family had not done the exact same thing to Bobby Brown and his family at the funeral. Ray J was upset by the altercation and had to be taken from his hotel room to the hospital the next morning. He was treated for “exhaustion and dehydration.”

Pat is doing a great job getting that publicity for her reality show.


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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Pat Houston

Is there some reason y’all weren’t telling me about this picture? Because, OH.MY.


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Pat Houston Seems to Be Dying for the Spolight These Days

Tonight’s Billboard Awards will feature tributes to Donna Summer, Adam Yauch and Whitney Houston. It seems that only one of those tributes will be marred by fighting family members. It seems that Pat Houston wanted to edge out Bobbi Kristina from accepting the Millennium Award on behalf of her mother. According to TMZ , the producers of the show asked Bobbi Kristina to make the acceptance speech and Pat Houston is not having it.  Other sources say both women were asked to accept the award together. TMZ’s source is saying this is Pat trying to get publicity for her reality show. Just when you think people can’t get any lower, they always manage to surprise you.


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Pat Houston’s New Reality Show About Whitney’s Death

When Whitney Houston died, and I was reporting along with everyone else all the minutiae surrounding her death, there were those who wished that everyone would just let Whitney rest in piece. While I did feel like things may have gone to far when we were reading her autopsy report which described every square inch of her body, I felt that a lot of people needed closure. When Pat Houston, Gary Houston and Bobbi Kristina did an Oprah interview, I personally felt it was awfully soon. Then others said that it helped give them closure. But the news I got today that  Pat, Gary, Kristina, and Cissy have all been filming a reality show for Lifetime really sits with me the wrong way.  

In an effort to appear as though Pat had a reality gig before this all happened, you will hear that she and Gary were interesting enough people to be selected for a show before the death of Whitney. What you will see of course is a show specifically about the death of Whitney and it will focus on Pat and Gary and their relationship with Bobbi Kristina. Pat and Gary’s daughter, Rayah, will also be on the show. I can’t believe that Cissy is doing it. Okay, I can believe it, I just don’t want to believe it.  Less unbelievable is the fact that Dionne Warwick will appear. Oh and the Winans, don’t forget the Winans. Because don’t family and friends always grieve a tragic death with a reality show these days? Lord have mercy.


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Oprah Interviews Bobbi Kristina Tonight on OWN; Bobbi Kristina Wants to Change Her Name

Tonight at 9 p.m. Oprah hopes to attract some new viewers to OWN with her interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown, Gary Houston (Whitney’s brother) and his wife Patricia. This interview has received the most publicity of anything on OWN since the network began. Unfortunately, it is up against some really stiff competition against Desperate Housewives on ABC , The Good Wife on CBS, Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Family Guy on Fox and Bravo’s most successful show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta all airing at the same time. It will be interesting to see how the ratings pan out for tonight.

In the interview, Patricia, who was also Whitney’s manager talks about the substance abuse, and Whitney’s love life saying Whitney was “looking for love in all the wrong places.” Patricia also doesn’t have anything negative to say about Bobby Brown and says that blaming Bobby for introducing Whitney to drugs would not be an accurate assessment of that situation. Patricia also shares her side of what happened on at the pre-grammy party that she attended with Whitney two days before her death. Patricia says she went with Whitney because she was worried. we’ll have to tune in to hear what she says happened at the party to get her all worked up.

In other related news today TMZ is reporting that Bobbi Kristina Brown, who goes by Krissi, wants to officially change her name to Kristina Houston. TMZ’s source says Krissi has wanted the name change since the divorce to avoid the association with her father, but Whitney refused to allow it. Krissi was 14 at the time of the divorce.


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